Denzel Curry - SPEEDBOAT (Official Music Video)

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Director: Jaimie Sanchez
Producer: Jermaie Anglin
Production Company: Black Pro
Editor: Sam Leinen
Director of Photography: Sam Brave
Camera: Daniel Murphy
First AD: Indian
First AC: Davin Duran
Steadicam: Jorge Bustamante
Key Grip: Andres Vietto
Art Director: Bryant Tavarez
Audio: Dre Brown
Gaffer: Julian Sanz
Assistant Editor: Lauren Richardson
VFX: Shawn Anderson
Re-Recording Mixer: Francois Blaignan
Video Commissioner: Nia Andrews
Stream ZUU: found.ee/DC_ZUU
Spotify: found.ee/DC_ZUUSpotify
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iTunes: found.ee/DC_ZUUiTunes
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Music video by Denzel Curry performing SPEEDBOAT. © 2019 PH Recordings, LLC., Under exclusive license to Loma Vista Recordings. Distributed by Concord.


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Nov 19, 2019




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Comments 60
Fresh Air
Fresh Air Day ago
keep opening eyes.
Anti 3 days ago
Best cinematic music videos other than NF’s 🤔🤔
RIcardo Castro
RIcardo Castro 6 days ago
This song reminds me about living in Pacoima. :):
JESSE CHARLES 6 days ago
Wtf he cut he's hair!!!!
JägerMK3- 7 days ago
Where the fuck is the speedboat
Just a human
Just a human 7 days ago
This, America, is what the communist revolution looks like. We are at war, and the Democrat/Media/Antifa/BLM alliance is NOT on our side. This comment is exactly what is happening in the world as of now i'm glad you commented this. And american's are waking up. Please subscribe too my channel as i will be uploading daily, once i feel i have the confidence too tell america what is really happening, i am very scared of what will happen if i speak out but i feel as an american i have too say my share of what i have heard and seen with my own eyes with year's of wondering why do i really live in this what is my true meaning, and i'm urging all people and all citizen's to please listen too me before it's too late or i commit "suicide" i will be hiding my identity so i won't have to worry looking over my shoulder. i will be putting the pieces together for people like us that do not totally understand and are trying to learn in a more simple way. Please watch my first video i just posted as it explains little as of what's going on not even including the sex pedophile ring going around witch i will get too in another video. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, Denzel curry listen too me and find someway too reach me, I am doing what no other american is willing do to and that is tell the truth.
zander Brumfield
zander Brumfield 7 days ago
Nobody: denzel how many times do u want to switched your verse Denzel: yes
Saucy Basketball
Saucy Basketball 8 days ago
They need to make a movie, and make him the lead actor frfr.
vaxanth 8 days ago
if your here you have a great taste in music
Asher Parrish
Asher Parrish 8 days ago
This is probably the best music video I have ever seen
Ben Ja Min
Ben Ja Min 8 days ago
I think he’s confused. Use boats not cars dude.
Thomas Shelby MGTOW
redbarron59, Paragon MOBA and Shooter Content
Too me man. Speaking to you Denzel, this is one of the deepest, most raw exposes on what it is to be one of us poor hungry shits
Dantes 21 day ago
Bulgantamir Bulgantamir
He s goat repper
webstersrevenge 25 days ago
bro this is a movie wtf💀💀💀
Stabinq 26 days ago
whos the girl walking at 2:24
Arian Amini
Arian Amini 27 days ago
Alexis Smith
Alexis Smith 28 days ago
Love them 💫
Tayo Santisteven
Tayo Santisteven 29 days ago
this should have a movie
WILLIAM Guerrero
Aayu Modi
Aayu Modi Month ago
Why the dread mannnnnn noooooo
Robert Williams
Robert Williams Month ago
"Put'em on the Apollo, wooooo, I'll be the Sandman."-TIP. DE is not a good weapon unless it's your preferred. The rounds are to expensive, it's too heavy. 9 is my preferred because I can shoot on target all day. To the beat of raps. It's scary! Lol. 🤘🇺🇸
kumar Samaksha
kumar Samaksha Month ago
gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang : 1billion view wtf
Juice sas Animeuzbek
YEAH bro your music is in my heart
Marion brazell
Marion brazell Month ago
Yo bro your shit osbgod mode dude hey I've got some ideas would yould like to meet and work on some stuff with your flows the way you change up is good but I'm thinking I'll lay down a couple riffs for you and telle if you vibe with them I ain't trying to make money or nothing just create and plau
Marion brazell
Marion brazell Month ago
I need a classical guitar I've got a steel one but for working on lyrics or singing it's better I'm trying to start as band Ned bipolar like the me?
trinity pasta
trinity pasta Month ago
2:23 girls insta???
Doe Ray
Doe Ray Month ago
Jaime Sanchez that was fye. Curry y'all killed it.
andreew Month ago
someone knows the name of the opera in the beginning?
Ismaila 901
Ismaila 901 Month ago
“My dawg didn’t make it past 21 I have to make it past 24” R.I.P X 💔🖤
inspire. 3 days ago
Christian it is about X genius.com/Denzel-curry-speedboat-lyrics
Christian 13 days ago
Not about x but ok buddy
The Bungy Project
i dont think people are quite able to comprehend the level of genius we have all just witnessed. both Denzel and Jaimie, alongside whomever wrote the screenplay, have crafted a piece of art that so realistically portrays something that happens all the fucking time. JEALOUSY. we all get it, why i think the song was called "speedboat", who knows? maybe its because its something we could of all be jealous of. could also relate to how he was living in the fast lane or how quickly the video was jumping to different time lines. who knows, just one guys opinion. but ohhhh no i aint done yet, we aint even gotten to the juicy shit yet. lets talk chord progressions, lets talk saucy 808's, how about lyrics so wholesome they'd make the devil cry. not to mention Curry's effortless flow, the man jumps between beats like sonic the hedge hog, too damn fast for you lot. from pre production, lyric writing, music composure, top class mixing and cleaaaaaan mastering. the song was class. then the whole drama behind it, in under 5 minutes this production shows so much story. the kind that takes blockbuster movies to show in 2 hours! just watch it again but focus on the visuals, really understand what time line your in with respect to how the character is different. sure maybe i just smoked a joint an hour ago but i know amazing art when i see it, and this is no exception. Think any one who is serious about pursuing something within the music industry can learn a think or two from this man. if you actually took the time to read this then i thank you for your time, hopefully i was able to show you something new. im only 1 year into learning different DAW's but the more i learn the more i can recognize really impressive creative decisions in there final form. was a pleasure watching this, hope everyone has a good one.
brian4480 Month ago
I am a fan just because of that vette.
cow man
cow man Month ago
cant believe rappers say the same thing over and over
I like Youtube
I like Youtube Month ago
I’ve had a minimum wage job for almost 2 weeks and this still hasn’t happened So that was a f***ing lie
Allen Krasnobrodsky
why does Denzel carry a shield of david , is he jewish?
Alveary Month ago
The moment the bass kicks in and the sounds of the 2 cars... wow
Michael Rhodes
Michael Rhodes Month ago
DC underrated 🔥🔥🔥
Unknown Vagabond
We need a movie
Thommy Jacobs
Thommy Jacobs Month ago
Great video to go with the song. So much symbolism in this. U can tell a lot of thought went into the storytelling. I love it. The scene at the end (beginning) in the convenience store speaks volumes. The female character is just one aspect. Yeah, she's drop dead fine. But she's only there because of the paper dude left on the counter.
WhatPlayzz Month ago
Now I want to watch this damn movie
Six Paths Of Susanoo
IDK- Once Upon A Time “Might cut my hair off and take some LSD.”
en prinsen
en prinsen Month ago
Fax fax
Ruan Nunes
Ruan Nunes Month ago
so this is a trailer for TENET??
Czakó Gergő
Czakó Gergő 2 months ago
Szia tdanny
Secondous Sagoe
Secondous Sagoe 2 months ago
Ive said this, one i will sau it again. This man is underrated 🇺🇸
tod kington
tod kington 2 months ago
🔥awesome 🔥
trvp wxzy
trvp wxzy 2 months ago
Stevlyn Hendrix-nepia
sending love and power from new zealand to you all in america fighting for things to change, we got your backs 100% revolutions coming just like denzel said, and our generations gonna kick that shit off !!!
N U L L 2 months ago
It’s called Speedboat because it’s about him hustling
Sanch3z X18
Sanch3z X18 2 months ago
What’s the story behind this?
MrTrueflame MrTrueflame
This shit deep
Squirt gaming Channel
Jake Mei
Jake Mei 2 months ago
Bruh removed those dreads he going for a new image a truthful Denzel I respect that his game for flows is pretty much truthful
Latonya Davis
Latonya Davis 2 months ago
WE SAY YES. let the haters talk.
Marqueso Da Goat
Marqueso Da Goat 2 months ago
this manz needs to make a movie onG
Sandy NINJA 2 months ago
C9ll 9s 9p ×h9n yo9u n336 the K9
Vestra 2 months ago
That AMG GTR would but BUS LENGTHS on that stingeray zero cappage
Luis Rojas-Rosas
Luis Rojas-Rosas 2 months ago
denzel is underrated
Royal Indigo
Royal Indigo 2 months ago
Can Denzel Curry make movies already
Jeremy 2 months ago
Ethan Bonneson
Ethan Bonneson 2 months ago
I’m so fucking confused
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