Demi Lovato DID a WHAT?! - YouTube Admits MASSIVE OPSIE 📰 PEW NEWS📰

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Demi Lovato does unspeakable, 21 savage is UK person, YoUTube admits rewind was opsie
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Article 13

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Feb 7, 2019





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Comments 31 352
Jerry D.
Jerry D. Day ago
Watch all of his videos with captions
Jerry D.
Jerry D. Day ago
The captions tho
TheDiamondBoy 4 days ago
Congratulations 2019 Rewind This better happen or fricken idk
TheDiamondBoy 4 days ago
Will YTR 2019 include T-Series and PEWDIEPIE
TheDiamondBoy 4 days ago
Some famous people are jerks
WhyThoStudio k
WhyThoStudio k 4 days ago
Poppy Gloria did an oopsie It says here that she was mocking Gloria Borger, " I think we all know who covers the ACTUAL news", Poppy was reported saying live on Pew News
Sighberia 5 days ago
I honestly find the jokes where someone starts a sentence and then transitions into something they’re reading so funny
Jonnas3000 5 days ago
Generation Cube
Generation Cube 6 days ago
And PewDiePie didn't do a oopsie!!! XD
Adrian 7 days ago
3:38 okay, proof
Logan Hates Life
Logan Hates Life 7 days ago
2:44 your not supposed to give your opinion
Hypno Toad
Hypno Toad 8 days ago
Who the hell says latinx it’s Latino
Anthony Manto
Anthony Manto 8 days ago
Anyone see the face in the TV at 2:26
Darkness 11 days ago
Wait I can't find Susan comment. I remembered it was pinned
Lilly 11 days ago
so, no one is gonna mention that he has 420k likes?
Comb_Gamer 11 days ago
420K likes my man
central intelec of Denmarc
justin bob
justin bob 12 days ago
This vid is at 420k likes
marvin marvin
marvin marvin 13 days ago
what would ya do if i pewd on your shoes?
Utopic Mania
Utopic Mania 14 days ago
Wait is RUvid in debt?
Niki Hagan
Niki Hagan 14 days ago
CaYlYa 16 days ago
Demi lovato is kinda a hypocrite
J PD 20 days ago
I find it hysterical that ICE is deporting turds who don’t care about becoming citizens. Don’t care about the families, BYE BYE!
Maisie King
Maisie King 22 days ago
It's not 21 savage anymore. Its sir savage the 21st
Annsofie Artang
Annsofie Artang 22 days ago
I’m literally so confused why she got backlash it’s just a meme guys wtf
EnderSlayer 99
EnderSlayer 99 24 days ago
4:10 Gloria said her and pewds were the same person?!? Conspiracy?
Nick moo man
Nick moo man 24 days ago
monstersince 25 days ago
bit of a fuck up wasnt it. arrogance or greed. the laws we're passed. power people stay in the shadows
Rose Gold Equestrian
Lol watch this with english auto captions
SpamIsGucci Gang
SpamIsGucci Gang 28 days ago
he never said in red tho
Red Cheeze
Red Cheeze 28 days ago
90 *clap* 8 *clap* MILLION
Jack Harris
Jack Harris 29 days ago
This video is currently at 420k likes Nice.
Flagilament Brand
Pewdiepie: * Doesn't do oopsie for a week * * Pew News come out * Media: *LET'S RECHECK DAT*
Maiko Minako
Maiko Minako Month ago
Petition for pewds to be the director for rewind 2019
Socks FN
Socks FN Month ago
I got a tuber sim add
Sya Sya
Sya Sya Month ago
What did Brad try to say when put arrow point at Poppy when she said Pewdiepie...
Karam Hamam
Karam Hamam Month ago
8:27 * thinks that he passed 10 mins * 8:31 * realises that he didn't *
Master of Casets
I want Microsoft to do another Opsie.
Tactical Crocs
Tactical Crocs Month ago
its in the halftime pewds
Adrian Freeman
Adrian Freeman Month ago
if you are a true fan you will get another account and sub on that one too. DO IT
Anya Dolson
Anya Dolson Month ago
Why does the color correction make the red on the chair look orange?
The Chivalrous Zech Reeder
Get back in the dungeon brad2
1107 Nebula1107
1107 Nebula1107 Month ago
Her meme wasn’t harsh. People need to chill
KingOfGames Month ago
I hate the premiere feature. I hate it when I click on a video in my feed excited to see a new video from a creator that I like and NOPE it’s not out yet and then it gets buried in my subscription feed so I can easily forget about it
Dina Alvarez
Dina Alvarez Month ago
Sir savage the 21st
Lyle O'hanlon
Lyle O'hanlon Month ago
0:29 Wrong Flag there mate! The UK flag contains a red stripes in the white cross after Ireland joined the UK Long story...
Annisa Kusumawardhani
What song is on the backsound 1:00
Bauer CA
Bauer CA Month ago
What’s the background music at 8:18
Buffalo Billy
Buffalo Billy Month ago
8:24 -amazing Sive 1... amazing
Gaming 4 life
Gaming 4 life Month ago
The OG pew watchers wont be able to watch him thanks to article 13 Sweden are in EU
Ben Coffman
Ben Coffman 2 months ago
why was this recorded in 240p?
Elizabeth Zelinka
Elizabeth Zelinka 2 months ago
But we love your edgy humor!
Everything Technical
I'm not supposed to give my opinion BUT.... Pew News is the most reliable news source on RUvid
M W 2 months ago
I hate people who add jokes in the subtitles. I hope you die.
crafty unicorn
crafty unicorn 2 months ago
sorry brad 2
Mars V
Mars V 2 months ago
I miss Gloria Borger
John Richard
John Richard 2 months ago
And plz no political bullshit at the end of last rewind and no fortnite emotes. CRINGE
Keika-Chan 2 months ago
11:47 PEWDIEPIE DID AN OPSIE (hey Pewds..... new Pew News ideeaaaaaaaaa: GLORIA BORGER=PEWDIEPIE????)
Grant McGill
Grant McGill 2 months ago
Susan deleted her comment what a hoe
DJBATMANGOLD 2 months ago
1:24 *iz rewind tyme*
Teen Vegeta
Teen Vegeta 2 months ago
Um... it is spelled oopsie, not opsie.
Almighty Gekido
Almighty Gekido 2 months ago
7:47 I love how much he stands out
yeet yeet
yeet yeet 2 months ago
its another NOOSE related video people
beano boy
beano boy 2 months ago
'A toxic behaviour person' I respect that 👊
Mike Adkins
Mike Adkins 2 months ago
Congratulations on not doing an oopsie
Nina 2 months ago
But Brad- I mean, Sive!!! I enjoyed calling you Brad 2. :(
Rika — Chan
Rika — Chan 2 months ago
Felix: *posts meme about Demi Levoto* Demi Lovato: :O Demi Lovato: *makes meme about 21 Savage* Felix: :O Everyone Else: :O
Mia 21 day ago
Rika - Chan she didn’t even make the meme-
official kpop stan
official kpop stan 2 months ago
you’ll be remembered 😔
Sanjida Sunbi
Sanjida Sunbi 2 months ago
You are remembered Gloria Borger 🙂
Aryan NK
Aryan NK 2 months ago
Good old days with GLORIA BORGER... What has MARY HAM done to her?
Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga 2 months ago
Brad 2 wants to be called sive 1 now? Ok Brad 2!
The Dare Bears
The Dare Bears 2 months ago
Just make a 2nd Channel , CrudePewds where the videos are meant to shorter and a little more edgy.
Lance Watts
Lance Watts 2 months ago
Pewdiepie: *talks about 21 savage being British* Ads: *british voice*
Nerdy Empress
Nerdy Empress 2 months ago
When 399 people have liked a comment and you like it as well. I’m the 400th like!!!
Joe Hannon
Joe Hannon 2 months ago
I just got an ad for news4 on Pew News! Wtf RUvid
Blap Wakah
Blap Wakah 2 months ago
Kardz22 2 months ago
Lol making a difference
Bob Duncan
Bob Duncan 2 months ago
Rip Gloria watching over her old videos😭😭
Lenny Summers
Lenny Summers 2 months ago
Article 13 comes Does that mean I will be getting copystriked by the dictionary
Hanz Choi
Hanz Choi 2 months ago
i miss her already
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