DeMarcus Cousins VERY BEST Highlights & Plays Throughout His Career!

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Check out the best highlights, plays & moments by DeMarcus Cousins from his NBA career!
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez 2 days ago
DeMarcus Cousins is an injury prone BUM. He makes his teams worse not better.
Nathan De Mel
Nathan De Mel 3 days ago
I miss Boogie 😔
King K
King K 8 days ago
I will always love watching DeMarcus Cousins, one of my players of all time
Torera Famuyiwa
Torera Famuyiwa 11 days ago
Cousins was beyond ruthless
Damani Allison
Damani Allison 12 days ago
Him and John wall when healthy would make ah deadly duo fr
Afteral 15 days ago
he's the shaq of this gen
antbanks415 28 days ago
smh. The kings waisted his talent......
Mark Millares
Mark Millares 28 days ago
hope the lakers will sign him again
Common Sense America
He is going to make an big comeback.
ryu_hayabuka Month ago
why does he look so small @ 7:56
thecerealgawd Month ago
Brittany Griner said she'd beat this guy 1v1 😬
joeman Month ago
I miss seeing this emotional lesbian play :( all my homies hate injuries
durugin ang china
When Cousins is healthy he is better than joel and better than jokic
durugin ang china
Cousins like's to murder Lopez Brothers
김병준 Month ago
i miss you boggie
Bryson Land
Bryson Land Month ago
Still not as good as Anthony Davis
Babis V
Babis V 2 months ago
Yea but Brittney Griner can beat him 1v1
Pennywise 2 months ago
i pray we see this boogie next year with ad and lebron
kuoz 2 months ago
0:44 “gimme that shi” 😂
Mostafa Bakhtiari
Mostafa Bakhtiari 2 months ago
One of the Wnba players said she is better than this player? The Trump virus is spread though every body
prabhjeet singh antal
I thaught there would be two of them
PanchitoKush Reyes
PanchitoKush Reyes 2 months ago
This foo reminds me of Shaq.
C C 3 months ago
so good. all those foul calls he never got either. sheesh
GgG 3 months ago
Wouldve been great to see cousins, embid and jokic going at it!!
samzza 3 months ago
Im just hefe comparing this to the wnba players highlights😂
Pennywise 2 months ago
imagine missing the 'r' and accidentally pressing the 'f' and being too lazy to edit it again
Ronnie Crownover
Ronnie Crownover 3 months ago
Damn beast
John Thompson
John Thompson 3 months ago
Here because the Lakers waived him 😭
Carlos A.N
Carlos A.N 3 months ago
Someone send this to Britney Griner
Charles Grogan
Charles Grogan 3 months ago
You came here from All The Smoke
Bert Hall
Bert Hall 3 months ago
NBA fans so dramatic lol if he comes back at even 70% he’ll be fine
Josh 3 months ago
The league is dead if he looks ANYTHING like this next year on the Lakers
Daniel Wilkie
Daniel Wilkie 3 months ago
Hopefully he can get back to this one day 💯 or atleast half of this for the playoffs this year
Steven Larson
Steven Larson 3 months ago
One of the best highlight reels I've ever seen. RIP Boogie.
Schrandy Curry
Schrandy Curry 4 months ago
0:44 'gimme this'😭😭
Gnostic One
Gnostic One 4 months ago
This has nothing to do with the video but I just realized Demarcus Cousins looks eerily similar to Marvin Gaye.....you decide.
Matt Pattison
Matt Pattison 4 months ago
I wish we would’ve gotten him some help. Still my favorite player in the league.
Bobby Alipour
Bobby Alipour 4 months ago
Could dribble, play make, score, shoot 3’s and mid ranges, was athletic, was nearly 7 foot and 280lbs, was a great defender too. Would constantly have 40-50-60 point games with 20-30 rebounds. He was unstoppable.
Killer Nubz
Killer Nubz 5 days ago
@antbanks415 yes, thank you 😂
antbanks415 28 days ago
@joeman or jokic is the white cousins.
Karl Rokicki
Karl Rokicki Month ago
@joeman facts
joeman Month ago
Black jokic
Sergio Next
Sergio Next Month ago
@OneBar I only hope he can return to %50 of what he was
PAVAN CHELLAPPA 5 months ago
It makes me so happy that cousins is such a boss. He be smashin on them boys in the paint☠️
Tay K
Tay K 5 months ago
It’s crazy how quickly ppl forgot how good this was.. he was for sure the best Center in the league pre injury💯
万能的夜 5 months ago
man I miss healthy Boogie
Don't Matter
Don't Matter 5 months ago
we won't see these type of direct dunks next decade. he was the last of this kind.
Trey Maine
Trey Maine 5 months ago
Once the best center in the league easy for a couple years
할든제임스 5 months ago
I want to his comeback
Jerry 5 months ago
He always angry
Joseph Balasolla
Joseph Balasolla 5 months ago
imagine if he could 0lay with teams that are good. like if he joined John wall on the wizards
pinkyringstunna -
pinkyringstunna - 5 months ago
i always wanted to see that duo 😢 but they both bout to be washed now
NBA大学 5 months ago
Caanan Nethken
Caanan Nethken 5 months ago
I wish he was healthy so he could face Embiid, I hate the ego of Embiid
Jesse Diaz
Jesse Diaz 5 months ago
DeRozan ALMOST got shitted on......
溫雲強 5 months ago
Lakers need he back
K y o T o 京
K y o T o 京 5 months ago
Cousins was good in SAC
Makanaky love
Makanaky love 5 months ago
imagine this boogie cousins,AD +lebron on the Lakers 😭😭
Brian Cho
Brian Cho 5 months ago
I hope he gets to some percentage of what he showed in this video. 60% ? 70% ?
pinkyringstunna -
pinkyringstunna - 5 months ago
nba champs
Lucky You
Lucky You 5 months ago
boogie fight davis boogie fight mcgee boogie fight lakers and boom boogie join together
Chen Anysius
Chen Anysius 5 months ago
He is more powerful than embiid😳
Ashley Chan
Ashley Chan 5 months ago
That’s what he gets for being a snake ring chaser
Will.G 5 months ago
He got traded by the pelicans lmao.
El Jefe
El Jefe 5 months ago
Stfu he gettin a ring this year pussy
aabdo aabuharbeed
aabdo aabuharbeed 5 months ago
This videos title should be renamed to Demarcus Cousins 15 minutes of fame 😂😂💀💀
Anne Roth
Anne Roth 5 months ago
aabdo aabuharbeed this joke is so laaaame I’ve heard it a thousand times Y’all haters don’t have any new ones?
Havaianas slipper
Havaianas slipper 5 months ago
i dont see jumpshot and 3 all dunks🤣
Relax 5 months ago
11:13 nigga did a momentum dribble
OTL ONLYtheloyal
OTL ONLYtheloyal 5 months ago
Guess what if he come back 100 and be doing all this nba in trouble lakers can qin all
I LOVE PLANES 5 months ago
Favourite center of this decade
Gunkfunkulous Munktrunkulous v.2
8:11 he just got cancelled!
Dean 5 months ago
1:01 gawd damn
Avery D
Avery D 5 months ago
bruh why do i keep getting nyc consent ads
EastTheBeast 7
EastTheBeast 7 7 months ago
Just saying Britney Griner would slap him
almighty kapalot
almighty kapalot 7 months ago
My favorite center of all I hope he bounce bacc🤒
Manon Jean Philippe
Manon Jean Philippe 7 months ago
Demarcus We believe on you Get up
s1r1uz 8 months ago
He should recover slowly with no pressure, to come back stronger and then go back to the KINGS! They have a bright future with a amazing young core. Probably a Championship contender in the next 3-5 years. Mark my words. Boogie is just 29 and if he learn how to treat his body right for his age and his limits, he still has a few years to play. Everyone and their mom miss Kings-Boogie. He could be a really important part of a future winning kings-team, help them grow and maybe he get a Ring in his last active days with SAC. Imagine that.. What a great story that would be...
GhettoDemon 8 months ago
*Demarcus has so much potential in the NBA smh
King K
King K 8 months ago
Boogie can not get a break
isaac 8 months ago
OSkqcker 9 months ago
"i CoUlD bEaT dEmArCuS cOuSiNs In A 1v1"
Erich Montalvo
Erich Montalvo 3 months ago
Britney Griner missed a dunk on camera...so...where do we go from...here...
DarkMartinez 15
DarkMartinez 15 9 months ago
I was hella happy knowing he signed with the lakers because I'm a huge lakers fan I hope they make the playoffs this year but damn it sucks that he won't be playing because of his ACL injury he got ):
Marcus Bledsoe
Marcus Bledsoe 9 months ago
LET IT FLOCK 9 months ago
30 FOR 30
David Cobb
David Cobb 9 months ago
Here to show my respect
LeBROW Dynasty
LeBROW Dynasty 9 months ago
I Hope the Lakers Dont waive Boogie i believe he can return i pray for his fast recovery in his ACL
Zaqo 9 months ago
This man was one of the first bigs who was able to shoot, really paved the way and inspired other big men to work on their jumper, sad he has to end up like the Tracy McGrady of this era. No one deserves both an Achilles tear and an ACL injury individually, let alone he has to deal with both. Prayers up for Cousins man smh.
Peter D
Peter D 9 months ago
How quickly they forget.. Best big man by far if healthy, can bully ANYONE in the league. Used to stay until late night (I live in Europe), to see him play in SAC and drop 40 or 50 every other game. Then the amazing season in NOLA where he had some 45/25/10 nights. Man.. And he turned 29 just now, having sat out nearly 2 years from his injuries. Imagine what tf could've been this year, with him, AD, Rondo and Bron in LA, damn. They all forget so quickly, just what happened with DRose or John Wall, or anybody having a major injury..
Gabriel Hunt
Gabriel Hunt 9 months ago
I miss Kings Boogie......
Cyril Sneer
Cyril Sneer 9 months ago
Why looks every NBA-Player here, like a mud-Basketballplayer? 🤔
Isaiah Redd
Isaiah Redd 9 months ago
How can you not love this guy. #prayforboogie 🙏♥️
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