Delonte West RESPONSE After CRAZY Incident On The Highway (Former NBA Player)

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Delonte West RESPONSE After CRAZY Incident On The Highway (Former NBA Player)
*This video is not to condone or promote any violence or drugs. Rather it is here to shed light on these types of situations that sadly exist in our current society. Hopefully this video will help bring attention to Delonte West & people with similar situations so that they can get the help they need. 🙏
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Jan 21, 2020




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meesalikeu 24 days ago
whats sad is when people look at this they don’t know the nice guy delonte is underneath the mental illness. try to also seek videos of him speaking when he was lucid and normal and you will see. btw unless hes effed up on something this is more than bi-polar - looks like adult onset schizoprehnia, which is very serious but treatable with a lot of support.
Johny Myers
Johny Myers 6 days ago
Crack and meth
Yuki James
Yuki James 17 days ago
Schizophrenia to a certain point isn’t treatable. The person’s mind is just gone
Ucky Booki
Ucky Booki 7 days ago
Friends crumbled as money goes...
you tuber
you tuber 9 days ago
Why you choose to upload this person in this point of his life? You're a fucking degenerate.
Michael D
Michael D 10 days ago
I won’t make fun. But I will laugh at Labron. His moms fucked this guy. China said shut up black man and dribble. He did !
Scotty Stremy
Scotty Stremy 11 days ago
It's deeper than what yall think. Delonte slept with Lebron's mother and all of a sudden he ends up in this situation.... very strange 🤔. We should all know who Lebron big bosses are and who he worships.
DortmundBVB22x 13 days ago
Warrick 14 days ago
I've had a tragic life (Born in December 1999) sometimes I feel like this will be me one day, this tragic mental breakdown my life is a total dysfunction and my whole life has been a tragedy
tgcburn 21
tgcburn 21 15 days ago
schizophrenia... I have a big brother with the same issues. Smh he definitely need help and I mean from someone that qualifies (doctor, therapist etc.)
Special Club
Special Club 15 days ago
Free Spirit
Free Spirit 17 days ago
Stop showing people ehen they are struggling!!!!!
Based Diablo
Based Diablo 20 days ago
Mental illness is nothing to play with, I'm ashamed of his team for not stepping up to help him.
lil bleus
lil bleus 16 days ago
they did
Jabuty Ismail
Jabuty Ismail 20 days ago
Our lives can change in the blink of an eye either for good or bad.
BORITHROX 18 20 days ago
Did he really slept with Lebrons mom?
Axel Henderson
Axel Henderson 20 days ago
even on homeless people theres concept like he is not just a homeless he is a famous homeless
Kim Burn
Kim Burn 21 day ago
Someone please help this guy how has he got to this something wrong
Nx Doyle
Nx Doyle 21 day ago
There's no proper safety net in America. If you fall, you land hard. If America gave up on its selfish frontier mentality, it would be in no danger of losing its place at the top of the tree.
Kody InmyCup
Kody InmyCup 21 day ago
This man has demons not mental health
Kody InmyCup
Kody InmyCup 21 day ago
I pray for him
bee boo
bee boo 22 days ago
Delonte Mahomes
Maurice Battle
Maurice Battle 23 days ago
My opinion: they made him sick. It was through a doctor visit or medical staff. The doctor is just the middle man. I was silenced for two years I just want you to listen. Look up phenol on CDC website. New look up Hitler and phenol on wikipedia. The human body can't get sick only mimic a disease. I know this sounds like bullshit, but all I'm asking you to do is look! Comes in three different forms liquid, powder and solid. Under different names in majority of everything we eat and touch! Everybody is getting this different doses at a certain age you get different disease. Your nerves run the body! GOD is not getting paid! Phenol causes all not some "All" disease's. Just look don't be scared!!! You don't know what you don't know. Jesus Walks
The713Sonic 23 days ago
Most people here are saying to help him. Are you guys stupid? He is homeless and there is a pic of him with a blister on his fucking lip. Do you know what is the underlying issue? What else might have he contracted. I’m not about to get fucking blood on me or risk getting scratched, vomited, bit etc. I do feel sad for him and every person that go through these kind of situations. You have to be strong minded and understand society to survive those temptations. Many times in my life I needed money. Did I rob a bank? No. I want to get high. Should I call my dealer? I have school and work tomorrow. I’ll just wait.
Me !
Me ! 23 days ago
He needs a good ole ✂️ haircut and hug. Bless
Talisa Ross
Talisa Ross 24 days ago
God bless and help him.
Nat Jac
Nat Jac 24 days ago
One of the main reasons why more and more young people in this country have mental health issues ( more than any other time in history) is because of drug use. Drugs don't just effect you immediately after use but effect you over time. It fries your brian, ruins brain cells, which then either creates new mental illness or perpetuates it in those who already have underlying mental illness. So, people need to stop looking at this by saying he is not taking his meds ( which he infact may not be) but also look at this as the way you could turn out if you do drugs. Stop taking your cues from rappers taking about popping pills, sipping purple stuff, taking such and such to the head etc. Stay clean and rap about that.
Theresa Reese
Theresa Reese 25 days ago
I'll be praying for him......Lord take his hand and lead him in your way. No weapon formed against his mind shall not prosper I claim him to be Victor years in God. Amen 😥
Jasper Rains
Jasper Rains 25 days ago
This I sad bro help this man
antonio montana
antonio montana 25 days ago
So sad 😔😔😔
Chaunsey Billings
Chaunsey Billings 26 days ago
He need his medicine
Vision Philoś
Vision Philoś 26 days ago
What thats beat called at the end? Also I hope he gets well, he has a unique talent that one dreams of having ⛹️‍♀️
Nicole Daniels
Nicole Daniels 26 days ago
Mental illness is REAL folks. Idk what happened in this incident but mental health should be #1 priority!
HONDA JITZ 27 days ago
Can’t believe this dude outlived Kobe...
Kobe4life 8KB24
Kobe4life 8KB24 27 days ago
I know this is a different topic but thats why alot of bad/sad things happen. It’s so stupid for Service Canada, can’t claim my employment insurance. They only count a certain time frame, Catch me on the worst time frame. Oct 21 2018 to my last day work is 482hrs and need 700hrs for E.i claim. If they count just the time frame doing delivery, I would have 700hrs + OR when I started working for the agency until last day. Bad news after bad news loading up, know wonder a lot of people does bad stuff. Basically what they also told me was if you worked at a job for 10 years and want e.i claim, they only count the 10th year time frame. So if you have 700hrs or more on each of those 9 years it doesn’t mean shit unless it’s your 10th year. Thats how they screw people in life and NOW no claims, Back to struggles
chuck lacey
chuck lacey 27 days ago
Sounds like a South Park character
April 28 days ago
Oh my 🤯
Patrick McWilliams
Patrick McWilliams 28 days ago
How this dude outlive Kobe? 🤷‍♂️
Jon Thomas
Jon Thomas 28 days ago
Goes to show how a persons life can make a complete 180 turn
Pontiac Bobby
Pontiac Bobby 28 days ago
Sad...Why don't our politician's do anything about the mental illness crisis?? Oh, all they have time for is protecting us from prez trump for 4 yrs! We dont need their help, maybe if they worked with him we can get things done to benefit society! These so called politicians need to get off their azz & start doing something that matters! Maybe just maybe we can start spending money on things that matter? Instead they live in fancy homes on the taxpayers dime while the taxpayer lives in f up neighborhoods and they sprinkle a few pennies down to appease us. Why shouldn't we too have nice neighborhoods. Get to work politicians!Mental health, jobs, safe neighborhood's, crime, helping the homeless??
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez 29 days ago
Yo that’s maryland wtf
Tripleblade 82
Tripleblade 82 29 days ago
Delonte always had a rep for being a hot head and a gangsta wannabe. Why are people so shocked that he ended up this way? At least he's still alive.
Just Timm
Just Timm 27 days ago
@Tripleblade 82 One because deep down inside you know the truth when you hear it beginning with my first response to you. 2nd because you are bewitched through religion and God and no where do I give any indication I'm a part of either.
Tripleblade 82
Tripleblade 82 27 days ago
@Just Timm Tell me why I knew you would respond like that?
Just Timm
Just Timm 27 days ago
@Tripleblade 82 Ah nah not the good Lord. That's a deal breaker; now I know you won't reason with sound logic.
Tripleblade 82
Tripleblade 82 27 days ago
@Just Timm There's always a chance. Esp with the good Lord on your side.
Just Timm
Just Timm 27 days ago
Not necessarily true. Sometimes one can go too far, and to turn around is no longer an option. Or one maybe in so much incurable pain that death is welcome. It's many examples I could use to show just existing is not living.
Vicious Tech Music Official
Gotdangucrzy Month ago
What would ever be funny about this? People need to chill and take care of your community y’all wanna be hard and take your life for granted ..see you at rock bottom hope someone spits in your face like they did his
realniga 301
realniga 301 Month ago
Why u kobe Bryant why not him
YourEXTRA Month ago
I dont wish death on anyone but RIP to a legend
burnedwhite bread
What's fucked up is muthaphukaz will go far and beyond to stop fools from burning a god damn flag but a man getting his brains stomped out no one does shit. Crazy backwards ass world
Life Love 1 Me K.T.
Maaan it’s some cruel people in the world . Some of the comments across social are terrible... I don’t know Delonte. I’m from Maryland and have never seen him out and about during my travels . But I’m praying for him ... If some of the rumors are true about his past . God is a forgiving God. And the people he hurt should have that same forgiving heart . It’s hard to forget ,but forgiving should always be an option we should work on doing . It’s not easy . I know .. Delonte I 🙏🏾pray you can recover from mental illness and anything else that’s going on with you .You got to want it tho .. Help that is . HE HAS GOT TO WANT IT !! . It’s never too late . This isn’t funny. It’s real .. I suffered from depression and anxiety . And had meds for a while . It made me feel worse . I don’t take meds of any kind anymore. Because I was able to get my episodes under control . I put God first , I read and prayed . Joel Osteen books and program played a big part in my life . I rarely have anxiety and I haven’t been depressed in years .. Delonte you’ll make it .. His is more intense than mine was. But he’ll make it .Sometimes you gotta go through to get to . 🧎🏾‍♀️🙏🏾 ! Prayer changes things. And no it’s not because he was a NBA player that I care . I care because he’s human .
Ricardo Masvidal
Were gonna bleep what he says but show him getting kick while he's down
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown Month ago
That’s messed up how the police only got suspended not fired smh
Yung Faness
Yung Faness Month ago
DeLonte West Doesnt Be Doing Drugs He Never Did Drugs Before.Say No To Drugs.Can He StiLL PLay NBA BasketbaLL?
M T Month ago
He got caught slippin cant win them all champ champ
Can’t spell Triumph Without TRUMP
He’s in cuffs for getting his ass kicked. I’ll wait to hear the entire story before doling out fake internet sympathy.
Can’t spell Triumph Without TRUMP
LeBron took his anger out on this man and let his mom off the hook like a true simp.
AzazelTheOne Month ago
that’s what you get for fuckin Lebron’s mom.
CL Harris
CL Harris Month ago
Delonte will be fine. I believe he is going thru things because he is rejecting Gods call, and its conflicting with his spirit which is causing all these incidents. 2 years from now West will be a reformed person, converted christian, and motivational speaker.
edson dacosta
edson dacosta Month ago
Hollywood is one helluva drug
Willy Stroker
Willy Stroker Month ago
lol I hope he kicks the bucket homeless ppl are all shit
Chaunsey Billings
I don't give a fuck acholol everday fuck Trump I like that shit
dee120 Month ago
Choose basketball, choose going 1 and done in college, choose individual stats, choose the fadeaway under 2 man pressure rather than cutting it to the open man, choose leaving your assignment to get every fucking rebound going, choose big fucking cheques over rings, choose big ass instahoes over girl next doors, choose playing until you've broken Vince Carters bastiding record, and when its all said and done choose all the fucking drugs in the world cos Stone Cold said so. #Lustforlife
Sparta 4life
Sparta 4life Month ago
But mental health funding keeps decreasing.....
Koba TheDon
Koba TheDon Month ago
😪This is what happens when you sign a deal with the devil & you dont follow the rules & go along with the plan. What a Shame. God have mercy on his #Soul 🙏🕊🔥
Honey Comb
Honey Comb Month ago
Such a sad story I hope he get the help he needs soon being bipolar is something very serious he constantly will need to be monitored to ensure his well being and he has a son this is a lot n sad
Prince Newkirk
Prince Newkirk Month ago
First one to make fun of him remember Karma is a Bitch...... With her period too you reap what u sow remember. Sending the universe my energy to help this man 👋🏿☄☄🌍🏀
Chaunsey Billings
I feel sorry for him
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