Death Stranding Review

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Death Stranding reviewed on PlayStation 4 Pro by Tristan Ogilvie.


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Nov 1, 2019




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Hoodie 2 hours ago
Welcome to walking simulator
T-Spin Triple!
T-Spin Triple! 11 hours ago
Is the reviewer not aware that you can just hold down both shoulder buttons to automatically balance your cargo instead of pressing either when prompted?
J3R3MY W 14 hours ago
A 6.8 really by far best game in 2019
Fritz 21 hour ago
People complaining about the game while I always walk through the landscape with the left trigger only slightly pushed forward to enjoy the hike
Sure the entire game is a glorified fetch quest. I don’t think anyone here will deny that. But it’s not monotonous like a fetch quest. The experience feels different and when you actually make the delivery you feel validated as if you’ve achieved something. You just survived climbing a ghost infested mountain with rain that will kill you to deliver a pizza. It’s silly and fun and the feeling you get when you see an S rank with all those like is a pure dopamine rush. Maybe next time focus less on what you’re doing and more on what the experience of what you’re doing brings you.
RoachdoggJR 2 days ago
It's. really. F*cking. *B o r i n g.*
T Bone
T Bone 3 days ago
The likes and dislikes are supposed to be for this video, not the game being reviewed in it. Pretty funny.
GREK64 3 days ago
Is it true that he didn't finished the plot?
Kieran 5 days ago
this game is like marmite, and although i hate marmite, i love death stranding
Cole Erickson
Cole Erickson 5 days ago
You look Really bad at this game...
biosor ss
biosor ss 5 days ago
Terrible review
lee taylor
lee taylor 6 days ago
Death Stranding is clearly one of the greatest games ever made. Unfortunately it is quite complex, and requires an intelligent player that is also patient enough to allow themselves to be gently immersed, and there are few of us about. So I conclude that the question isn't if or not Death Stranding is a superb game, but if or not you are capable of tackling it.
Error 9 hours ago
Ah, yes. Only an intellectual can like this game.
MC Shibe
MC Shibe 6 days ago
Death Stranding really makes you FEEL like a mailman - IGN
Rpg Gamer
Rpg Gamer 7 days ago
People are basically defending an interactive movie/walking simulator. Since when does that actually qualify as a video game??? The only reason people are defending it is because they wasted 60 dollars on a game that's gonna drop 40 percent in value less than a month after it comes out because it's such a bore to play.
Real Gamer Review
Guys you make great reviews but I think you were a bit harsh on this one, this game definitely deserves more than 6.8!
sprogg11 7 days ago
Terrible review. Nothing other than opinion. Very little about the actual game
Razziel Martínez
This reviewer didn't like the game so he gave it s low score, i can understand that, but the review lacks of objectivism and factual analysis. Even if you don't like the game you have to judge it for what it is and no for what you expected it to be. The game is great as it is, is not for everyone and definitely is not perfect but i wouldn't change anything in it, sure some mechanics could be improved but aside from that i greatly enjoyed it once i got use to the pace and mechanics. It's a game in which you will spend a lot of time managing and gathering resources, building structures and planning routes, but also has a fair amount of stealth, shooter, survival and other genres that actually makes the game a complex experience added to a compelling and surreal story and a lot of simple but powerful statements that makes you wonder...
The Meme Channel
The Meme Channel 9 days ago
And people say that just cause 4 is bad...
#Swag DaSlik
#Swag DaSlik 9 days ago
Graphics look great but managing that inventory looks annoying. Check me out please ✌ open.spotify.com/track/2yJ6zX1XfrGwbhNatgwq2k?si=W5LqqqvTSFel-M0QlRB5_Q Like the tracks and Follow me💯 thanks! 😎
Mark W. Loughton
Mark W. Loughton 9 days ago
Disagree with this review, the game is an immersive addictive masterpiece. I think the reviewer clearly didn't play the game all the way through. The story is sprawling and epic, the multiplayer element within the single player was a bold initiative. The delivery system and quest always felt like an adventure. The combat, the bad guys all excellent and riveting to watch. 50 to 60 hours gameplay that was never boring. an absolute 10 out of 10 game. Clearly it was a bit too ahead of the curve for the reviewer.
Timmah200 10 days ago
Dude, this guy can't play games. It's NOT THAT HARD. Just play smart...sheesh. And, he fails to mention that the more you level up your categories, the better Sam gets with his balance, weight load, etc. Also, you unlock things to help you greatly as you go on. I think I'm done with IGN.
Vulcan S
Vulcan S 10 days ago
I am just as divided as the like and dislikes, but I keep playing the damn game.
Vrushabh Bhavsar
Vrushabh Bhavsar 11 days ago
Days gone is much better than this🤬🖕
Vladimir Bugarin
Vladimir Bugarin 11 days ago
Why, oh why didn't I watch this review before buying this crap...
Joey Sanchez
Joey Sanchez 11 days ago
IGN doesn't even know how to play Deathstranding. LOL. for me... 200 Hours + invested. I liked it. I liked it a lot. I was zippin all over the place. Best use of a zip line system EVER. But I can see how the mouth breathers hated. heh.
Shawl Tahir
Shawl Tahir 13 days ago
41k likes and 41k dislikes. I see this as an absolute win
Águila701 13 days ago
Mr. Appleseed
Mr. Appleseed 15 days ago
I’m a huge Hideo fan, I think this is a beautiful, addicting, frustrating masterpiece and a must play. This video isn’t a review it is an opinion piece. Viewers want a professional consumer report of the content in terms quality & value. ign has earned their infamous review rep. ACG shows both insight & respect
Blyat with striped adidas
41k likes. 41k dislikes. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
Eduardo Ota
Eduardo Ota 16 days ago
Dude these titles filled with puns 🤣Stand and deliver, stand by me, i'm still standing lol
Jiggz Vegas
Jiggz Vegas 16 days ago
Ok this is probably the most honest review that I’ve seen on this game, I would give this a 7.
FunkyFresh Gaming
FunkyFresh Gaming 16 days ago
I’m intrigued
K B 16 days ago
this guy looks like the deliveroo guy
Blue Planet
Blue Planet 17 days ago
6.8? IGN side with the unimaginative on this one. Those who understand subtlety, detail and appreciate art grade it higher.
redfox2500 9 days ago
they give 9.6 on Fortnite and a 9 on TV show Batwoman 🤣 and Imbd gave 3,5 IGN is a joke
imran ali
imran ali 18 days ago
I don't understand, the likes and dislikes are for the game or for the review!!
Feyad Sahid
Feyad Sahid 17 days ago
The game has mixed opinions. People who love the game and people who think the game is boring or haven't played it but think it looks boring to play. So IGN scoring it low satisfies some people and the people who love the game disagree. So we're split right in the middle. I personally strongly disagree with the review and i love the game. I noticed most of the people hating on the game never even played it and those who played the game fully end up loving or really enjoying it.
rub ber
rub ber 18 days ago
such a boring and and bad game. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
HeroKane 18 days ago
Another piss-poor review from IGN. Lackluster reviews are becoming the norm from IGN.
Your Judgement
Your Judgement 19 days ago
6:31 strand by me xxx My mind dirty
Left Shark DX
Left Shark DX 19 days ago
Perfectly balanced,as all things should be.
J H 19 days ago
Love how the like and dislikes are exactly the same
Annonymus GAMING
Annonymus GAMING 20 days ago
41k likes and 41 dislikes? Wow.. it's balanced af.
Jesús David Hernández Hernández
Totally agree.
Jawn 20 days ago
the monster energy branding should make the game cheaper to buy. Why isn't it?
All About Scary
All About Scary 20 days ago
41k likes 41k dislikes Thanos: Perfectly Balanced
Fram3ByFram3 15 days ago
As all things should be...
Gayman Blaze
Gayman Blaze 19 days ago
All About Scary no
Lazy Tortilla
Lazy Tortilla 20 days ago
How did this game even get nominated for goty
Srimaan Aravamudhan
kojima has friends
Ruben Pedraza
Ruben Pedraza 20 days ago
Bro! Go back and play Plants Vz Zombies. Cuz you clearly missed the hole point of this game. IGN y’all are trash on every game review
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore 15 days ago
It's not about the destination, its about the journey, almost 30 hrs in and am loving this game.
Hornet Gaming
Hornet Gaming 20 days ago
Looks silly ;)
SlamaWolf 21 day ago
Is a little thing for everyone
Johnathan Allen
Johnathan Allen 21 day ago
They got my babiesssssssssssss 😜😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 cool looking game by the way lmaooooo
HomeDeath45 21 day ago
41k likes 41k dislikes Perfectly balanced as all things should be
PlaneUpBeat 22 days ago
Death stranding is one of the most immersive games I have ever experienced. Far enough the gameplay is pretty slow until you get cars and bike but what is the best is the way of being able to use things other people have placed The story is also one of the best I’ve ever played/seen plus the visuals are out standing, no game has had such detail plus it being open world The game was made really for an experiment for the graphics, the physics and just over all gameplay to be honest I would give this game a 9/10 the only reason is that the boss fights get too easy but would probably be to hard with out help
coolboy007666 22 days ago
Kojima fan boys on suicide watch.
Bitchyougottrolled 22 days ago
41k likes and 41k dislikes 😂
Alan Montemayor
Alan Montemayor 22 days ago
This guy gave this game a bad review because he didn't even know how to play the game well. The game gives you the tools you need to not play the way that this guy did. If you don't want to pick up all your items after a fight, place them down first! After chapter 3, I was rarely ever on foot. The game was only really slow for the first few chapters.
Aravin Murali
Aravin Murali 23 days ago
Before i play Death Stranding i trusted IGN’s review. Now I’m playing this game and now I’m totally love Death Stranding. Idk why IGN giving such a bad review for wonderful game.
Raul Hernandez
Raul Hernandez 23 days ago
Nope, I disagree and enjoy all the cutscenes. A review should not mentioned other games, Breath of the Wild or Red Dead Redemption 2. Lets not compare things that are fundamental different.
Cmack 23 days ago
Looks boring....
ThomasEyeThink 24 days ago
this is IGN’s version of “Can we get the same amount of likes as dislikes?”
andjon 24 days ago
This review is hilarious
Ao Chen
Ao Chen 24 days ago
Visuals: 10/10 Story: 10/10 Gameplay: Literally a walking simulator.
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