Death of the Author 2: Rowling Boogaloo

Lindsay Ellis
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I'm so tired.
Death of the Author:
Riley Dennis:

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Jul 6, 2020




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Lindsay Ellis
Lindsay Ellis 6 months ago
Pee is stored in the balls.
Nate DS
Nate DS Day ago
Aanthanur DC
Aanthanur DC 2 days ago
Sue your biology teacher.
Dkyguy1995 14 days ago
I always knew this deep down
ThePottering Month ago
Charles H
Charles H Month ago
Um, okay I guess
Josh Shapiro
Josh Shapiro Day ago
Ideal solution: steal things from Harry Potter world and pirate all the books
Aanthanur DC
Aanthanur DC 2 days ago
You remind me of the lady in Misery. And your critiques are like her ax
ajay 2 days ago
i just thank christ every day that one of my favorite authors, Lovecraft, died way before he could ever spew his bigotry on twitter.
Alpha Royale
Alpha Royale 4 days ago
As long as the reprehensible views of said artist aren't inherently found in their work (or such work is based upon it) then I think you safely make the "separate the art from the artist" argument here, last I checked Harry Potter didn't go around saying "you'll never be a real man/women" so I think you're perfectly fine reading those books/enjoying them etc.
Pagyptsian 5 days ago
I've chosen to keep my books, movies, merch that I already have but I don't want to buy or stream any new stuff or advertise her work within my small sphere of influence. It has been really disturbing how through her influence she's managed to sway law here in the UK... I think you articulated this really well, thank you!
Yola Randrianantoanina
I think it’s really relevant to say too that Rowling’s transphobia isn’t a separate thing from Harry Potter. Rita Skeeter is a transphobic stereotype-the books highlight her hyper femininity juxtaposed with her masculine physical features/the whole transforming into something else to gain access to spaces where she shouldn’t be thing. Not to mention all the other phobias and isms that seep into the work. She’s such a great writer but the whole writing style reaks of lawful evil
KidFlashRX 5 days ago
*Deep sigh* the new game looks so good smh 😓
Elisa Rosales
Elisa Rosales 6 days ago
What is the name of her other channel???
Burritozi11a 7 days ago
Huh. I never knew that Orson Scott Card was a homophobe. And now suddenly the dorm room scenes in Ender's Game make much more sense.
Brenda Tomines
Brenda Tomines 8 days ago
One thing that a do to go against her, it's not watch any of her new series, even fantastic beast that are part of harry potter's universe I refuse to watch. But I already have the books and the DVDs, and everything related, for me to burn or throw in the trash, wouldn't impact anything related to her, because I already spended my money, but out of my personal collection I won't buy anything knew.
Angélica Antunes
I've always been a potterhead, and i got so incredible disappointed on jk rowling..cause the story is all about love and acceptance.. and this... ill continue loving harry potter to the core and re reading it, but certainly wont buy anymore stuff. and as an artist, my desire now is making a fan art of one of the characters being trans any sugestions? (maybe ill tag her) (feeling anarchist today lol)
burnteffigy87 8 days ago
Late to this party but Damn, I was Gutted finding out about OSC. Im Nonbinary and Taino, My path in life was formulated from reading the Enders Series in 7th grade. I literally am working on becoming a "Speaker" in the aspect of being a Death Doula. Thank you for this film and expressing perfectly my turmoil. (Same goes for HP Lovecraft who I adored with as a kid. )
Soundism 1337
Soundism 1337 8 days ago
For people who talk about acceptance you sure don’t tolerate anyone who thinks differently. You’ve all become the thing you hate. Inventing pejorative terms to label and shame someone with a different view. Cutting off your genitalia doesn’t make you a different gender.... it makes you insane.
Yeah, what she is doing IS scary!
Darkriku094 9 days ago
Just go full pirate
Raul Epure
Raul Epure 9 days ago
Oooh! the league of virtous , time to skip the page
ClockFink 10 days ago
I appreciate this and your talk on the topic in the Hobbit Duology on the topic... it gave eloquence to a lot of my thoughts too chaotic to express of late. Tbt, I always hated Harry Potter, so “Boycott it” was so easy for me I almost felt embarrassed saying it, because I’m literally giving up nothing (had the same issue with the fact I’ve always felt Chik-Fil-A’s food sucks). The other day though, I got a taste of what the Potterfans must be going through when I found out and indie game I really love that’s overtly same-sex positive and pro feminism was... apparently developed by a virulent TERF. I’ve already bought the game, the soundtrack, even a tinge of merch... there was really no scenario where I would have given the creator more support (like I know to take down my positive review and never reccomend it again, but otherwise...) and it’s not like I meaningfully take any clout from them by scrubbing their game from my hard drive or taking the OST off my playlist.... so I had friends who were like “So what’s the problem?” Well... I know now. That’s the problem. Can I morally justify someone continuing to enjoy what they already had? I guess. Am I capable of that? Frankly, no. Art is very personal, it’s trading in emotion and we get emotional about it, as you say. I feel betrayed knowing this thing that I used to view as positive and affirming was written by someone hateful. It’s not about “Is it ethically ok for me to enjoy this still?”, it’s “I’m not sure I’m capable of it anymore.” I have never really been able to commit to the death of the author, even if I attempt it as an intellectual exercise, emotionally I process it through a lens of my understanding of the authors intent... so a story about love just became a story about certain kinds of live written by someone judgemental and hateful. That positivity is gone now.
BigA 11 days ago
Why was this is CallMeKevin’s Fallout 4 playlist?
TheAweDude1 12 days ago
This makes me think of more collaborative works of fiction. Literature, and even some films, can have a single all-powerful author, but something like a video game will have many different authors. Character designers, writers, programmers, game designers, community relations, sound engineers, and so on all have an impact on the game as it's produced. How much of the "shit person" needs to influence the product itself before it becomes tainted? There is a new Harry Potter game coming about by Avalanch Studios, and the game looks interesting. However, does JK Rowling's influence apply to the game as well? This isn't going to be like a Hideo Kojima game, where one person's authorial intent runs through the whole work. Does buying or playing the game still promote JK Rowling's brand, or is the massive amount of other employees enough to squash it?
john love
john love 12 days ago
This video UNFORTUNATELY is just a waste of time. There is a thing as "too big to fall". For as long as jk is alive she will have a voice and a mass of followers. Lets look at facts. 1- She is a billionaire,( even if no one buys her stuff she will still be a billionaire(making her one of the strongest people on the planet, money can have that affect.) 2-she has 14 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER TODAY and i don't see them declining at all, do you? 3-The harry potter subreddit has more than 960.000 followers. More than lotr, asoiaf, brandon sanderson subreddits COMBINED. 4-hell just the 14k people who disliked this video would be more than enough to give to any human a huge following. 5-Her new book "TROUBLED BLOOD" which was controversial before its release right now sits at 4.34/5 on goodreads(which is a phenomenal score) with more than 40.000 reviews. Lindsays book in comparison has a 3.89 with 9000 reviews and the most upvoted comments are the negative ones. so in conclusion jk is TOO BIG TO FALL and after all this talk i dont see her influence or following or money decline AT ALL. I could actually argue that all this talk does more good than bad to her, in the end of the day there is no bad publicity. People will buy her stuff just to see why everyones making such a big fuss about them, thats the way it works. EDIT: of course im against jk im just being a realist about it
Thrown Sword Pommel
You're absolutely right, sadly.
Draztiq Meshaz
Draztiq Meshaz 13 days ago
I'm surprised by this position and also not surprised. It would've been great to see this as thoroughly researched and quoted as your dmca vids. It is clear, given your intelligence, exactly which wells from which you drink, and which you take on faith to be poisoned.
Draztiq Meshaz
Draztiq Meshaz 13 days ago
T. errified of E. very R. estroom F. aker
Marimônia 14 days ago
There's lot of fan work and books with similar premises as Harry Potter that don't benefit J.K, you don't need to forget and abandon the HP world just the official part of it...
Paul The Koala Baby
I made wooden wands I was heavily into the lore and the worldbuilding of the wizarding world and this whole thing broke me, I just stepped back from the universe and the author completely. I have so many nerdy obsessions that I can now focus on...but it's still a hole in my heart. What do I do with my Gryffindor sword? Something proudly on my wall? Everything feels tarnished
Synister 15 days ago
I was sent here by overly sarcastic productions and, great video. However J.K.Rowling's misuse of influence seems never-ending seeing as I'm over here five months from when this video was published, and I get SO very anxious about this situation so instead of exploring your channel rn, I'm going to go to my comfort music and listen to some cavetown then come back later lol
Adam Volný
Adam Volný 15 days ago
I don't care about J.K. for several years now. I didn't care about her when she was SJW, I didn't care about her when she was trying to stay relevant with her HP tweets (although they are funny) and I don't care about her now. I still like Harry Potter Universe books and movies though (except Crimes of Grindewald, I hate this one), so guess I did separate her from her art. Also TERFs hate when they're called TERFs, so don't stop calling them that.
JACopeland 15 days ago
“Arguing against a position that nobody actually has” The irony is fulfilling
Pamela Souza
Pamela Souza 16 days ago
I just feel for all the Harry Potter inspired clubs, hotels, camps. I used to have "Teacher in Hogwarts" as my profession on Facebook in 2008.
SamWallace Art
SamWallace Art 18 days ago
My attitude is if you have a problem with someone, tell them to their face and then move on. The de-platform method is passive and doesn’t address the issue directly. Rowling isn’t some problem to be silenced or done away with, she’s a person; just talk to her like anyone else, and the correct mindset will become self-evident over time. Shutting her down or boycotting her only strengthens the narrative. Then again, this is coming from a guy who doesn’t buy Nestlé products because they exploit folk in Africa and pay lobbyists to convince health organizations that water isn’t a human right. So I do have a line, just personally JK is small fish compared to Nestlé. Also, I think transwomen and ciswomen should be considered separately, exactly because transwomen have it worse. I feel lumping trans women into the feminist umbrella does them a disservice. The feminist thought leaders creep me out, but I have no problem helping trans folk once I know their specific issues. I’m just not so quick to summarily dismiss JK; might learn something in the process of talking her through her shitty opinions. My general assumption is that everyone’s wrong all the time, and that even the biggest moron can accidentally teach you something about your own opinion. I don’t think straight boycott is the optimal use of this situation.
AnthSmithWells 19 days ago
"Right now, I am using my relative extreme micro influence" Lindsay with 1.09M subscribers. Close to the being the best quote of 2020
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott 9 days ago
Relative to JK Rowling. Everybody I've ever met knows who JK Rowling is. I've never met somebody, irl, who knew Lindsay Ellis.
Dee 20 days ago
I'm getting every day more and more glad that I never got into Harry Potter (I started reading the first book but thought it was boring and didn't like the writing style when I was like 10 or something) I'm so happy I'm not in this conflict because I'm someone who absolutely can't separate the art from the artist
Bryan Huang
Bryan Huang 20 days ago
As someone who is already a fan, mainly through stuff like fanfiction, I feel like I can stay a fan of the books without further supporting her (which TBH has been made easier from the fact that her recent additions to canon aren't very good)
vili v
vili v 20 days ago
i know u dont read ur comments urself (for a reason) but thanks. this really made me able to let go of harry potter once and for all
youdbettertube 22 days ago
Okay youtube, guess it's time for me to watch this one again 🤷‍♂️
big boss bob ross
big boss bob ross 24 days ago
Your first boss fight with death of the author: JK Rowling The final boss of Death of the Author: Ezra Pound
Niel Wong
Niel Wong 25 days ago
She’s dead to me.
Nixxle 25 days ago
For the past few years I thought death of an author meant "this author is dead to me." So. I have learned something.
Nixxle 25 days ago
For the past few years I thought death of an author meant "this author is dead to me." So. I have learned something.
AK Scraggy
AK Scraggy 26 days ago
Moral of the story: Pirate Harry Potter books and movies because fuck her and whoever works with her.
stg Siel
stg Siel 29 days ago
Here is how I interact with her properties, I had read the books online, illegally and free, while she never saw a money from me for her stuff. Fuck the terfs
The thing is also, I am not sure it matters that much that some people stop buying her stuff now, since she has already gotten so much money and power. For her it's probably not that much of a problem, and you can't unspend money you spent a decade ago. One can argue yoy could still Enjoy the things you have already bought, but not buy more. Though, your mind will probably read things differently, and yes, that will probably hurt.
Final Form
Final Form Month ago
I never understood twitter or facebook per se. It's interesting to converse with total strangers sure, but really though, why? When you have actual friends in life. My peers whom uses these things, when I'm with them, I feel so alienated. They're always talking about whatever is on there, not enjoying the lunch we're having. Needless to say, I have very few friends. Thank goodness for that.
Kanaro Kan
Kanaro Kan Month ago
Boycott her ? hahahaha she's a billionaire she is set for life she won't need any money
ramywiles 29 days ago
It's not about driving her into poverty or anything. It's about decreasing the visible support for her voice, and decreasing her influence as a result.
Movieblocks Month ago
Yeah but that doesn’t mean that we should just give her money.
Marci Turáni
Marci Turáni Month ago
I enjoy the books, but I don't give a fuck about the author to be honest
Queen Apryll M
Queen Apryll M Month ago
Oscar Scott Card still bigot I'm glad didn't buy his book I get why disappointing. JK. Rowling(she's wealthy and influential) annoying me before her pissing off the trans community its hard alot of lgbt+ love and read Harry Potter heck it was part my childhood too. I don't idolise but it's strange to say the least
Joe Hall
Joe Hall Month ago
Great video! I would disagree with the comment about TERF attitudes being more acceptable over here though. I mean it depends where you come from, but many people who are massive HP fans have turned against her due to her comments. In fact, lots of celebrities who have backed those views such as Graham Linehan etc. are all being publicly called out for it. They are actively losing their platform on TV because of it
blood dragon
blood dragon Month ago
I'm okay with still reading the books simply because I've always distanced myself from anything she said or did, even if it was in relation to the series. I couldn't care less what she thought. Saying that Dumbledore is gay doesn't make him gay to me, he has been gay to me since Deathly Hallows because that's how I imagined his relationship to Grindelwald. Who cares if she agrees with me on that one. To me, it's the same thing as when Ridley Scott says in an interview about Harrison Ford's character in Blade Runner : "He's a Replicant". No, he isn't. He's a Replicant to you. Your opinion is as valid as any spectator's. If you didn't say so in the text, it's an opinion, not a fact. So I'll stay distant with the author. And I won't let her transphobia erase what the series did for me over the years. I won't give her any money now, but I refuse to give her the power to take away from me the joy that reading Harry Potter for the 43rd time brings me. Or the fact that it taught me how to read English. Or helped me through depression. No matter how much she tries to tarnish her own creation, yeah, to me it doesn't belong to her anymore. But I definitly won't buy any merch again. Good thing I've never liked the movies anyway.
I absolutely love the trans hogwarts headcannons supporting it and stuff because rowling would die if she read it
Phrophetsam Month ago
Harry Potter is honestly pretty problematic.
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott 9 days ago
@Bauhaus 1 I mean, there are some parts that I honestly don't feel great about now that I'm older. The endless, merciless ridiculing of every overweight character (especially Dudley and Vernon), in this language of deep disgust. Calling the only Asian character Cho Chang. Things like that And I honestly was never satisfied with the S.P.E.W. plotline beginning and ending with "they LIKE being slaves, and Hermione is being kinda ridiculous by wanting to do something about it".
Bauhaus 1
Bauhaus 1 15 days ago
@Yannick DRMDA God you sound snowflake right now.
Yannick DRMDA
Yannick DRMDA 24 days ago
@Bauhaus 1 everything is problematic to snowflakes
Bauhaus 1
Bauhaus 1 Month ago
How so?
Dr. Jmart
Dr. Jmart Month ago
You can still consume and enjoy her work, just pirate it. She lost her privilege to my money when she started TERFing
Ashley Johansson
Terfs: "bUt wAt aBoUt tHe sWedIsH tRanSgenDDr sTudy! It TotaLly dEbuNkeD trAnsgENders!!" Irony: The swedish study actually supports transgenders
ekthallion Month ago
The point about Speaker for the Dead is so true. I remember hearing Orson Scott Card in a radio interview or something and he was going off on gay people and it just broke my brain how that person could have also written Speaker for the Dead. I feel like that was the book that taught me the importance of tolerance and just how wrong you can be about others you don't understand. He seems to "get it" so well but somehow doesn't see it in his own homophobia.
Noah Sundy
Noah Sundy Month ago
Anyone else find this video by going into CallMeKevin's fallout 4 playlist?
Fantastic beasts and how they harass teenagers XD
Alex Month ago
Thank you so much for making this video even though it could put you in harms way, as a member of the trans community it means so much whenever I hear an ally say 'trans rights' (especially donkey kong) and this really helped me sort out my emotions concerning JK. Her current actions have made me incredibly upset, and its people like you that make everything a lot better.
E M Month ago
Learning Orson Scott Card was a homophobe actually made a ton of sense for me, because we read Ender's Game in my seventh-grade English class at an Evangelical middle school, and I was always mystified by how something so cool managed to end up on the curriculum
FumbleSquid 15 days ago
It was one of my all time favorites in middle school (wasn't on any reading list, I just happened to read it). The gutpunch I felt from the twist at the end of Ender's Game did happen to mirror the gutpunch of finding out he was a peace of human garbage in a depressingly ironic sort of way. Rowling's coming out as a bigot mostly just gives me anxiety because she's elevating really harmful ideas at a pivotal turning point.
Wired Lain
Wired Lain Month ago
Step1 Destroy part of my brain that contains Rowling. Step2 ??? Step3 No more bad Author influence while reading Harry Potter. ... now I only need to want to read her books in the first place... you just wait deliberate brain-injury
AmAscension Month ago
I agree with your sentiments but let's face it we shouldn't take advice from people who say they fight for social justice and consume products that cause the greatest amount of injustice on planet earth. Go vegan.
Thrown Sword Pommel
When OP talked about injustice I assumed they were going to say something like "there's no ethical consumption under capitalism". But ok. Veganism it is.
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott 9 days ago
I think this is my first time actually meeting a vegan that's actively and randomly trying to convert people in conversations that have nothing to do with it. With how much people are complaining about it, you'd assume it would happen more often. Anyway, the people were right in one regard I guess: It's very ineffective.
Ginger Luigi With No Moustache
That’s ad hominem. Veganism and Trans rights do not have correlation. Although JK Rowling is absolutely wrong about trans rights, her not being vegan has nothing to do with it. Just because someone makes poor chooses in one aspect of life doesn’t mean we should ignore valid points they make. Should we negate all smokers views on home decoration because tar is bad? No
Thomas Ley
Thomas Ley Month ago
I read the books to my children. They love them. (I like them.) So I have to compartmentalize like crazy. But it is very, very, VERY disappointing.
James Seidler
James Seidler Month ago
Ring light
alexaaragon21 Month ago
For some reason this is getting pushed into my recommendations again and I hope it's not because JK said something stupid (again)
Timo Month ago
If you know most of your fans are young and mostly leftist, sometimes you have to just stay quiet.
57 Year Old James Bond
@Timo Liberal doesn’t equate to leftist.
Timo Month ago
@Sebastián Petruška Nah man just stating that if you have a liberal fan base, it doesn't make sense business wise to isolate said fan base. Though you shouldn't make an assumption on how a black person views race since I live in it and deal with it every day.
Sebastián Petruška
Are you the black conservative every rightoid refers to when called racist?
Ginger Luigi With No Moustache
Johann never learned theta lesson ig
Renuka Bhat
Renuka Bhat Month ago
I'd put off watching this video (and its prequel) for a while because of both the firmness and fragility of my conviction in Death of the Author. So, I've sorta espoused the idea that assimilating the text and the author doesn't do justice to either, but they can't be completely separated either. The way to read "problematic" authors, I figured, would be to download pirated ebooks or copies from the junk dealer. I also kiiiinda liked Pete Davidson's idea in SNL that every time you listen to R Kelly, donate some money to a charity for children's sexual harassment.
Mark N.
Mark N. Month ago
Jokes on you, I never liked Harry Potter. Magic is more than waving a stick and mumbling a couple words.
Mark N.
Mark N. 9 days ago
@Baguette Gott lol you said it
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott 9 days ago
This is the funniest reason I've ever seen for somebody not liking Harry Potter. I know people who weren't into the writing style, who don't care about fantasy in general etc. But people who don't like it because it... trivializes magic? Lol
Ginger Luigi With No Moustache
Homie there is no such thing as magic, it’s up to the author to write their version of magic. Are y’all bout to say dnd is unrealistic because it has magic? No shit
TallManVanitas Month ago
I can acknowledge that Harry Potter as a series of books and films had a huge influence on me growing up and still does to this day, but seeing Rowling go hard TERF has only made me want to disassociate her from the relationship I have with said series. I’ll admit as a straight white male that I can’t speak for this particular group of persecuted people, much less any others, but I can’t excuse her using her history of an abusive relationship and self-imposed authority over her intellectual property as an excuse to spread hate and bigotry. Forgive me if I stepped on any toes with my thoughts on the matter. In the words of BoJack Horseman, “not realizing you’re a shitty person doesn’t make you any less of a shitty person.” And if this is really the hill that Rowling is ready to die on, it’s truly a disappointment that this will most likely be what she goes down in history for as if creating Harry Potter wasn’t good enough.
jackson riviera
jackson riviera Month ago
JK Rowling is a terrific writer and a garbage human being.
Riley N
Riley N Month ago
Yo, new ethical debate, but what about "Robin hooding" new harry potter content? As in pirate relanted media as to avoid supporting JK while still consuming the media?
Andy Semple
Andy Semple Month ago
I don't really want artists like her having my money, so I won't buy their products. They get the royalties after all, even if my money is but a droplet to her. It's why I didn't buy Last of Us 2. The creators are abusive to their staff, so even though I liked the first game a great deal, I no longer wanna support Naughty Dog. I'm fine after the artist/creator is gone though, so they no longer get my money. That's why I'm ok buying Lovercraft. That racist twat is dead.
Usernameping Month ago
A good way to divest yourself from Rowling’s anti-trans BS: check out the Nevermoor series by Jessica Townsend. It’s got a similar premise to Harry Potter, only actually good, and not written by a transphobe!
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott 9 days ago
That's not how is works though, at least not for most people. If you have an emotional attachement to Harry Potter, it's not because it's a story about a young boy wizard and his friends fighting evil and coming off age. It's about the details, that exact world and these exact characters. Any book that doesn't have those isn't a substitute, whether it bears some similarities or not.
SamLazer Month ago
I think people deserve redemption, especially if they are uninformed, not murdered, not committed violent crime or that kind of stuff. I think J.K's just quite naive in her views and hasn't learned to objectively question stuff. Well, these things are kind of individually complicated 😅
Ginger Luigi With No Moustache
Yes, no one can judge the redeem-ability of another person, however JK Rowling with have to come terms with the stigma she’s put on the community, apologize, and shut up about it
ramywiles Month ago
Obviously I can't speak from Rowling's perspective, but I'd argue it's trauma and not naivety at play here -- she wouldn't have brought up her relationship with her father and her experiences with assault and domestic violence otherwise. I think she's speaking from a place of genuinely wanting others not to be traumatized the way she was, but she's gotten sucked into spaces that tell her that the way to reduce that trauma is to do things that cut trans people off from resources they need.
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis Month ago
We’re talking about Harry Potter in AP lit (Byronic hero) and it just feels weird
SR Ponder
SR Ponder Month ago
This video is great!
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson Month ago
Bit late to the party BUT, as someone raised and living in a generally conservative environment the vocabulary and concepts used in this caught me so off guard. I wasnt even aware that feminists could be anti trans but that sort of makes sense. Of course there would be some arbitrary lines drawn between progressive people; same as conservatives. Does anyone know how I might be able to hear more about the progressive world?
Thrown Sword Pommel
Philosophytube, hbomberguy, Shaun, Three Arrows.
Ginger Luigi With No Moustache
Contrapoints, general breadtube
yuna48910 Month ago
This shit is going to age about as well as a first edition huckleberry finn and the word every one used to call jim. when are people going to learn you can't fight progress and civil rights are not going backwards.
musicbyastrid Month ago
Ok but what if we seal the author in a box with a flask of poison and a source of radioactivity and then we don't open the box
LynnaKatriel Month ago
I mean, surely we can still read the books without necessarily supporting JKR, right? I have the entire collection from my childhood, and I have no plans on watching any more of the Fantastic Beasts movies, or buying anything else she publishes. Libraries exist and are a way to consume content with minimal support to the creator (and libraries are institutions that actually need our support)
cdcdrr Month ago
I haven't read a book by Rowling since the Deathly Hallows, and right now, I think I'll hold. While I feel she is more misguided that bigoted, I'd prefer my first read or consumption of a piece of entertainment to not be tainted by niggling doubts about the source in the back of my mind. Maybe some day, that'll pass. But I've no problem turning indifference to boycott.
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson Month ago
Calling Orson Scott Card “an incredible homophobic bigot” is a most unfair characterization of him and I will not stand for this mischaracterization. He is in fact an incredible racist and homophobic bigot.
Ginger Luigi With No Moustache
Damn straight
Kenneth Ferland
Kenneth Ferland Month ago
My biggest complaint with OSC's work is his constant use of a hyper intelligent protagonist to solve all the problems in the story, then on top of that the clear superiority nigh GOD complexes of these characters have. The warning signs were clear that he was another Heinlein type. I recommend Brin both for the creativity of his work and the uplifting political views he holds.
SammyGecko_ Month ago
I mean.. just like Good people can do bad things, people that are bad in one way can do something good in another. Walt Disney shaped family animation and feature length animated films as we know it today, even if he was antisemetic and racist (as was a lot more “normal” for the time I guess) But it’s a lot more easier to deal with those facts when the person of question is dead (as you mentioned in the video) HP Lovecraft? Who’s he?
Juan José
Juan José Month ago
Thankfully the only Harry Potter media I own is the superior years 1-4 Lego videogame, and the copy was uhhh... not original (ill eagle) anyways.
Seph Shewell Brockway
Also, as a trans person, seeing cis people who aspire to be allies continuing to engage with Harry Potter without really acknowledging this tension feels like a kind of betrayal.
Seph Shewell Brockway
Even if you could somehow completely separate Rowling’s works from Rowling herself, she wrote a lot of her bigotry (both transphobia and racism) into her books, so you’re still SOL.
Simon Hylander
Simon Hylander Month ago
I have absolutely no idea what is going on here
Miriam Sanzone
Miriam Sanzone Month ago
I don't know how relevant this is, since most of the authors I read are long dead and gone, but I recently had to come face to face with the bigotry in one of my favorite books of all time, Dracula. I knew for a long time that the book had some problematic elements. It was published in 1897, so of course, it's going to be a little problematic, that's just how things were back then. "Someone from far away immigrates to London to prey on its citizens and strong Western men chase him away" is not a concept that has aged very well. Arguably, immigration is still a hot topic, and I don't think it ever won't be, or at least not anytime soon. I'm a pretty young student, so I recently had to start thinking about college. I'm pretty lucky that I have an idea of what I wanna do: I want to major in Costume Design and use my love of critical thinking and analysis to express characters into art. As a way to display this, I decided to make a set of costumes for the main characters of Dracula, demonstrating not only that I know how to design costumes, sew, and keep track of costs and find ways to make a costume cheaper without sacrificing quality, but also show that I can look at characters and text and come up with my own ideas about how they should be portrayed. I'm extremely passionate about the novel, so it should be easy, right? I ran into my first problems with Lucy. I knew that women in that era were expected to be asexual and that expressing sexual desires and making the first move in a romantic relationship was frowned upon. I knew that this impacted how Lucy was portrayed when she became a vampire, begging her fiance to come into her arms and to "rest with her", which I can only assume is a watered-down solicitation for getting down and dirty. However, when I was designing a costume for her human self and a costume for her vampire self, I realized that I would be perpetuating this misogynistic idea that women can't express their sexuality without it being specifically a tool to lure in men. I talked to some people who suggested that I make Lucy sexy both before and after her transformation, but that still played into a characterization that I hated more than anything: a Lucy who was a tramp that played with the hearts of the three men who propose to her throughout the novel, acting like that friend who has a new boyfriend every other day. The character of a sweet and innocent girl becoming overly sexualized once she is essentially possessed by evil wasn't something I was allowed to write off for this since it directly impacted the art I was trying to make. I also had issues with Dracula. As I stated earlier, he is a man from eastern Europe who poses a threat to the Western world. I'm very very lucky to have a Romanian friend willing to tell me about the country her parents were born in, giving me some excellent insights into the types of traditional clothing that are still important enough for her to have school pictures wearing the traditional embroidered blouses, but I still couldn't shake the feeling that I was either demonizing the culture my friend cared so much about by attaching it to a monster or essentially whitewashing a character who I believed would have been prideful of the country he came from (I used the term whitewashing because I don't know what the equivalent is for portraying an Eastern European and a Londoner). Again, I'm extremely grateful that my friend was able to give me a perspective of how Romanians see Vlad Tepes, the man who inspired the character of Dracula, and she gave me so many references for Romanian clothing, some from her own closet, but similarly to Lucy, I had to think about what stereotypes I was perpetuating by making Dracula's costume attached to a culture that I was not a part of. Of course, none of this really makes an impact. Unless I am hired on a set of a Dracula remake, which would honestly be a dream come true, I wasn't making any additions to the pop culture perception of women with cleavage or the Romanian culture. However, all of this forced me to come face to face with Bram Stoker, making me confront his bigotry in a way that made me essentially have to rewrite Dracula to be less problematic. But if you think for more than two seconds about Lucy or Dracula, an essential part of their character is lost when you make Lucy a horndog before she becomes a vampire, or when you scrub away the culture that Dracula came from. The bigotry, as horrible as it was, is an essential part of a story that I can say with confidence changed the entire way I read and enjoy books. I would not be thinking this hard about the problematic aspects if I wasn't completely head over heels for the story. This turned into quite a rant, so I'll try to wrap up quickly. Bram Stoker has been dead for a long time and doesn't go onto right-wing shows to yell about immigrants coming to steal your jobs, so theoretically, there is no harm in buying his work and enjoying it. However, that doesn't mean that his opinions are worth throwing away under the assumption that Death of the Author allows us to completely disregard his opinions on women or immigration. People still make movies out of his work, and while there are some adaptations that I complain about (I hate the 2020 BBC Dracula series on Netflix with a passion, do not get me started on how they ruined Quincey Morris), some of the changes were necessary, and even if they weren't, things like setting Dracula in a modern-day arguably make the story work for a modern audience. Bram Stoker intended for part of the fear to come from the monster following Jonathan to a familiar environment, so bringing Dracula to the modern world produces the same feeling that readers in 1897 may have felt. Technically, you aren't killing the author when you do this, but it is taking what Bram Stoker intended and using that to make the story work better.
Athena Rocks
Athena Rocks Month ago
I feel like this is a more complex issue than people give it credit for. I see not wanting to support something/someone monetarily (I do that frequently), but I don't think that saying boycott a problematic author/artist's entire body of work (especially very prolific ones) is the right answer either. T1J makes an interesting video about his perspective on this. My general thoughts are to weigh what's important to you when using your money. I feel like I hover somewhere in between where he and Lindsay stand.
Tahrae The storyteller
My aunt is a really big Harry Potter fan. She says she imagines the books arriving fully formed into the world with no author like Athena springing from Zeus's head.
Katherine Church
I don't see any reason not to continue to love Harry Potter as long as you're willing to be openly against Rowling, including not buying merchandise. All you need are the books anyway. That's my hot take, at least.
Katherine Church
@Annoying Fan well, my ancestors WERE pirates 🤔 why not carry on a proud family tradition, lol
Bluebyyou 21
Bluebyyou 21 Month ago
My personal opinion on issue of influence and money brought up in this video: J.K.Rowling's opinions are on her. If someone, anyone, chooses to let those opinions influence them, it is on them. Because it is a choice. With the internet, anyone can choose to research any subject instead of choosing to just adopt their favourite author's opinion/s. There are a huge amount of reputable sites devoted to this and many other sensitive and controversial subjects for everyone's edification. Personal responsibility is a real thing.
Émile Jetzer
Émile Jetzer Month ago
~3:00 I think applying an academic concept to moral and emotional problems is gloablly an okay thing to do. I think often academic concepts come from trying to find a solution to problems that are initially not academic (the development of existentialist philosophy in France comes to mind), and I think it's natural to try to apply old concepts to new problems.
Meine Postma
Meine Postma Month ago
Jeez, she's an old lady
Lloyd Dragon He they fae
as a trans person, and a huge Harry Potter fan, i don't think you have to stop reading or being a huge fan of Harry Potter, and I won't. as long as you aren't giving her money or praising HER, you aren't doing harm. i understand people want to stand up for us but don't ....don't boycott Harry Potter. instead fight for our rights, advocate for the things J.K. Rowling is trying to shut down. don't let her have the power over the masses that she wants. continue to like Harry Potter while actively supporting trans people. tie your support of us to Harry Potter. that will piss her the fuck off. there are better ways to support us than to boycott a series written by a TERF. because my love of Harry Potter was so deeply tied to it comforting me about my dysphoria and other struggles, i see it as a way of admitting defeat to boycott it because of the author's transphobia, and i won't do that. no one can stop me from doing whatever the fuck i want, from being trans AND loving Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling wants to take that away from me, to exclude trans people and allies from enjoying her books, and i won't allow that.
Lloyd Dragon He they fae
as a trans teenager, i loved Harry Potter and it gave me so much hope. i idolized J.K. Rowling and thought if i ever met her i would cry. well now that's ruined for me and if i ever met her i would most definitely punch her (or want to)
Jess Hess
Jess Hess 2 months ago
I seriously love your content. Your video about Megan Fox made me rethink EVERYTHING in media. You have helped me view the world with more nuance. I am thankful that you aren't afraid to talk about sensitive subjects like those in this video - we need desperately to talk about this more! I think this video and your channel in general is so important.
AnJuli NoName
AnJuli NoName 2 months ago
I do not quite see the power of JK R. Apart from the money. Basically, she is children book author with lots of money. Buy instead Astrid Lindgren books, she is dead and will not put anything twitter ....
Giulia 2 months ago
The hp series is dead, the original one. By reading or watching pirated movies of her off the internet is endorsing a dead thing, it does not involve JK anymore or her current beliefs, thats a way of diving into the the material that no longer belongs to her. But.. the new stuff she puts out is another thing, and you can choose to ignore it.
Declan Levesque
Declan Levesque 2 months ago
I say if the author is dead then death to the author
Buttercup III
Buttercup III 2 months ago
I believe it is impossible to separate the author from Harry Potter because the racism and homophobia are baked into the franchise, you just don’t notice it at first glance as a child. Going back and trying to reread it when I was a little older makes the antisemitism and other bigotry very obvious. Adding on Rowling’s bullshit she’s pumped out ever since finishing the books, and she can just fuck off into the sun and take the books with her.
Thrown Sword Pommel
@Buttercup III No, patronuses are ripped off Jojo stands. That's just plain obvious.
Buttercup III
Buttercup III Month ago
@Annoying Fan yeah patronises are definitely just spirit animals stolen from Native American culture
Buttercup III
Buttercup III Month ago
@SicParvisMagna123 the goblins are very antisemitic, and the only Asian in the book has a name that is part of a completely different nationality/culture than her actor
Sorry, what? If these hateful themes exist and are quite distinguishable in the books perhaps you'd like to give examples?
thejoeeffect 2 months ago
Orson Scott Card was my JK Rowling. funny thing is I found his Ender's game and Shadow series littered with overtones of pederasty especially in the descriptions of ender's fight win Bonzo and Bean's victory over Achilles.
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