Dear Shane.

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Jun 29, 2020




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LVNDR BEAUTY 2 months ago
THE COMMENTS IN MY HELD SECTION ARE DISGUSTING. 1.Shane wasn’t my Friend, Shane IS my friend! (I spoke to shane for Two and a half hours ON THE PHONE, about all of this before I filmed my video) 2. This isn’t me canceling Shane. This is me holding my friend accountable. 3. DONT SPEAK ON A SITUATION WHERE YOU DONT KNOW THE PARTIES PERSONALLY. YOU DONT KNOW MY RELATIONSHIP WITH SHANE. You’re speaking as a spectator. 4.This video was so hard for me to make considering what shane has done for me. 5. STOP WITH THE RUDE COMMENTS, they are definitely being deleted and you’re getting blocked.
LVNDR BEAUTY 2 months ago
@anne marie bitch shut up!!! i talk to shane everyday you dummy... you know nothing, youre a spectator.
NotPayton 2 months ago
aura s
aura s 2 months ago
u can do it qween 🤩
Ashley Kutcher
Ashley Kutcher 2 months ago
Happy you talked to Shane ❤
Mikko Jung 🙋‍♂️
It's better to speak up than keeping or hiding your pain. I know what you feeling. It's hard. Haters gonna HATE. Just ignore the Negative comments not good for your health.
Nina Buho
Nina Buho 2 months ago
Lots of support for you, you were so brave to stand for what you believe. His behavior HAS to be punished. I can’t believe he got away for so many years.
Haley V
Haley V 2 months ago
so sorry u were put in this position💜this was truly so well spoken, this topic is hard but u executed it so well 🤍
Chicley Holmes
Chicley Holmes 2 months ago
yes those videos were disgusting but cmon people, cant a person fail at some point in their life? Does Shane have to be arrested or something for people to forgive him? we are all humans, its good that this videos were brought up to show what not do do/how not to behave, but at the end of the day it should be a lesson not a death sentence.
Malakai Waldrobe
Malakai Waldrobe 2 months ago
shesaprototype 2 months ago
Short and to the point.
rightangletree 2 months ago
the power this video holds compared to the 30 minute ones are absolutely uncomparable.
Caitlin McGovern
Caitlin McGovern 2 months ago
You're such a strong person. ,💜💜💜💜
Rosalba R
Rosalba R 2 months ago
Shane keep your ❤strong many people going to be using your name for the most negative way...your true friends and fans love you and know that your have grown positive from your past mistakes....Love you Shane❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
JuustLikeThat 2 months ago
if you are his friend, PLEASE help him get professional help.
Wiki Maz
Wiki Maz 2 months ago
As the fan didn't you saw he's videos? I don't get that.
Kasha 2 months ago
Now this is holding someone accountable speaking your truth without ripping them to spreads because its popular or the views. I can hear the pain & disappointment in your voice & face. It must've been tough to speak out especially when it's someone you care about. Its to easy for people to say cut people out your life or you support them. Hope you find peace with it all.
Gabe Assis
Gabe Assis 2 months ago
girl this looks scripted the house, but go off sis
Sabbath Pinkk
Sabbath Pinkk 2 months ago
love you beautiful
Emily Wallace
Emily Wallace 2 months ago
Just found this channel and this is the first thing I watched and so much respect for you being real.
Abbi Wilson
Abbi Wilson 2 months ago
I love Shane! Everyone has there own opinion xoxo
bethany 2 months ago
this was perfect. thank you for posting this. it was handled maturely and it shows you thought before you spoke. subbed ❤
Savannah Ralston
Savannah Ralston 2 months ago
Speaking out against racism even if they’re your friends or family is anyone’s civil duties. With the events that have been happening around the world I have found myself speaking out against family, against friends and against complete strangers. It’s scary because you don’t know the outcome that’ll happen after speaking out, but you know you’ve done some kind of justice for sticking up for your believes and for what’s right.
tatum lol
tatum lol 2 months ago
When I saw his old content, I was extremely disturbed and shocked. I knew about his racism years ago and was very upset, but, we forgave him, I hadn’t thought there was more. Not sure how to feel about Shane at this point, an apology can’t make up for sexualizing children of making pedophilia jokes as well as black face. I don’t know what to say but I don’t know if I recognize Shane anymore, or if any of us do. The james Charles drama as well, it seems like Shane is in for the money at this point and will do anything to stay in his place, but that shouldn’t be acceptable. He needs consequences for his actions, he needs to actually learn that his behavior was not okay for a 30 year old man to display.
Grace B
Grace B 2 months ago
so beautiful and so well spoken - anyone who says otherwise is wrong and that's it.
Corrupt Vaccines
Corrupt Vaccines 2 months ago
grey The great
grey The great 2 months ago
Just Some Whale With Wifi
And hold up- you're SO pretty and beautiful!!! I honestly don't understand why people think "OH THIS BLACK GUY DID SOMETHING WRONG THEY'RE ALL THE SAME". It pains me to know and see how Humanity have evolved. I am worried for our futur.
Just Some Whale With Wifi
It's ok. I pray for you all from underwater. It'll be over soon. As long as we stick together and y'all stop trynna hunt me we'll be fine.🐳🐳💜💜💜
Chan’s World
Chan’s World 2 months ago
You are a truly amazing person for stating your beliefs and holding people accountable, without ‘cancelling’ them. I feel proud that you have taken a personal step to stop this racist culture that we have been living in for so long now 🖤
Brownie 2 months ago
I agree with every word said but she’s acting like she has like millions or 100k subscribers, she has 8k
Tim Tam
Tim Tam 2 months ago
Why the hell am I pausing this video to play Back and Forth constantly?
Hannah Mei
Hannah Mei 2 months ago
Ah fucking move on !!! He apologised and it was 10 years ago !
Salima Lebni
Salima Lebni 2 months ago
Why they still annoying black people . I mean cmon , black, white, brown, bronz, red, blue, pink We are all humans at the end no one is better than the other And Btw lvndr you are the bravest person ever keep going. Keep defending yourself and our black brothers and sisters I send you my love from Algeria. Thank you
Aaron Bear
Aaron Bear 2 months ago
all of those are valid points but i’m scared for the cat, i think he physically hurt him. 🐱🥺
Taylor Latina
Taylor Latina 2 months ago
Like who the fuck r u? Shut up n go away clout chaser. You sound like a fucking idiot.. are you a man? What the fuck am I looking at? Looking like ceasar in a bad wig. Bout my friend, Shane ain't your friend!!!!
Kanesha 2 months ago
Thank you for speaking up! He needs to finally be held accountable
celestine dcruz
celestine dcruz 2 months ago
yes queeeen go offfffffff
LooksWithLauren 2 months ago
Stumbled upon this video and can’t leave without commenting. I don’t know you but I know it is not easy to speak up when you know not everyone agrees with you, especially someone you care about. It takes strength to speak up and even more strength to stand tall in your message. I hope you feel a sense of peace knowing you made the right decision for your soul. You are a force 💜
Crystal Vargas
Crystal Vargas 2 months ago
Clout chaser 🧐
Andrew Raymond
Andrew Raymond 2 months ago
Iman Wasim
Iman Wasim 2 months ago
You are amazing babe!💕💕
Charles The Dog
Charles The Dog 2 months ago
Very heartfelt and powerful statement 💗
Viviana Zuniga
Viviana Zuniga 2 months ago
Bubbles Awesome
Bubbles Awesome 2 months ago
This whole thing is scary.
Miranda Feehley
Miranda Feehley 2 months ago
Can you please confirm if Shane is doing ok💕
Neena 2 months ago
Thank you for having this conversation.... I was always a supporter of Shane but seeing people have this conversation about him made me realize a lot .... in grade school I was the only POC and SD was big RUvidr . Everyone watched him so when he started saying n********monkey you can very well guess that my brown skin started being associated with that term. Being called it at the ages of 11- 13 was hard. In all honesty I forgot about it... I started being discriminated against solely bc of my skin. I’m happy now that people are finally speaking up about the impact these “influencers” have... But also I feel like it’s been a long time coming...
lydia Rodz
lydia Rodz 2 months ago
thank you.
Kelynn Rose
Kelynn Rose 2 months ago
Thank you for the video xx
Cindy Cruz
Cindy Cruz 2 months ago
Your a beautiful soul 💜💜💜 I hope you can heal from this I know it going to tske time ...😭 I send you good vibes sweetheart
Kelsie Millie
Kelsie Millie 2 months ago
I dont ever cancel anyone but Shane. People all over the world have terrible things done to them and he says it has a joke. Most people get "canceled" over and over again and Shane with and should never get "canceled" again, he should be dropped. now.
Ronneice Mccormick
Ronneice Mccormick 2 months ago
If u know Shane and care about him, why not reach out to him privately I’m confused as to why this was necessary. You should have made a video after speaking with him personally instead of jumping on the bandwagon. You act like Shane Dawson being racist is new he’s been mocking black people and stereotypes since he came out. That didn’t stop u from accepting help from him with your beauty career So I’m confused as to why it’s hard for u to address it now. Please make it make sense
Shinobi 219
Shinobi 219 2 months ago
@LVNDR BEAUTY you fine girl
LVNDR BEAUTY 2 months ago
There y’all go speaking on shit you know nothing about. If you read the pinned comment it says that I talk to Shane for two hours before I made this video telling him exactly what I said in the video so just read
Tiaa Babii01
Tiaa Babii01 2 months ago
Honestly I feel bad that you have to make this video because your “friend” couldn’t watch his actions a while ago😔🙌🏽
Anna Ghol
Anna Ghol 2 months ago
This is my first video I am watching from you. Love you! I just subbed ❤️✨👑
G F 2 months ago
Sending love 💗
Avery Marcellus
Avery Marcellus 2 months ago
You are so inspiring! I wish I could have found your channel under better circumstances. Thank you for putting this out there💜
Dayton Southall
Dayton Southall 2 months ago
New subscriber 💖
Zombie_ Mom247
Zombie_ Mom247 2 months ago
Omg 🤦‍♀️ another sheep.
Braiden Walker
Braiden Walker 2 months ago
Sis you’re taking these comments to seriously like they’re going to hate Shane stans are gonna come for you but you’re working way to hard to delete all these comments just let the haters hate sis
Ariana Blackwin
Ariana Blackwin 2 months ago
see how this is only two minutes long but she made several points, held her friend accountable, and was more mature than 99.9% of these other people coming out. i fully side with you a sympathize for you as one black girl to another, keep your head high queen. you have a new subscriber.
Millsy Kooksy
Millsy Kooksy 2 months ago
😞 I think Shane was used as a child and so he does it to others. You learn to be cruel by living through cruelty. 🥺
Aaliyah Young
Aaliyah Young 2 months ago
New sub ! Love it
Dat Artist Tho
Dat Artist Tho 2 months ago
I understand how hard it is to make this video, especially when Shane is your friend. Hope you're okay and stay strong 💪
Per Goddess
Per Goddess 2 months ago
Thank you for speaking up being in such a hard place. Everyone needs friends who can hold you accountable , educate you & still remain friends and defend you.
try batman
try batman 2 months ago
Not everyone knows what shane did .or how long it was
Ndimuhulu Matamela
Ndimuhulu Matamela 2 months ago
Speak your truth sister💜
kelsey salvatore
kelsey salvatore 2 months ago
I love you bby girl. Stay strong.
Arooj Sadiq
Arooj Sadiq 2 months ago
Wait!!!!! Are people coming to you because you didn’t support Shane? The people are sick. You know what I am gonna support you for standing up. I support you that you had a backbone to speak up. Black lives matter. We will stand by you. The people who don’t, they are bunch of morons anyway.
Joe Vaughn
Joe Vaughn 2 months ago
What a tough position to be in....It all comes down to how compassionate you are? Do you believe people can change? Do you people that people can make mistakes and be given an opportunity to do better? Be better? I think this expose culture./ cancel culture is teaching young people to lack compassion and empathy. Its dangerous.
liliana mendoza
liliana mendoza 2 months ago
Theo's cakes
Theo's cakes 2 months ago
Really you going to kick him when hes down. He apologized and it's not my apology to accept. Why on earth would you add to his drama right now. Hes not a racist. Hes not a pedophile. There are actual racists out there and actual pedophiles out there. We are not our past mistakes we are our possibilities. Please don't speak for shane and act like you still friends because you aren't. Just because he respects you enough to tell you it's okay to make this video doesn't make it right.
a l i s aシ
a l i s aシ 2 months ago
Kelly Dyer
Kelly Dyer 2 months ago
You are so courageous. I can’t imagine the position you have been put in. ❤️
UniQueLyEviL 2 months ago
Were you the one who made those videos with Shane back in the day when he thought it was cool to use racial slurs? Could you please make a video about how "YOU* personally felt during that time? Was it awkward and upsetting but you were in a situation where you felt you couldn't really speak on it? I've been wondering this ever since I saw a black woman participating in his videos.
Amit Takkar
Amit Takkar 2 months ago
DiscoDancerEdits 2 months ago
omg, your name is so beautiful, let me just say that😍💕🙌
IVELINA 2 months ago
You are black, he is racist. How do you support that d head?
Walle Cordero
Walle Cordero 2 months ago
You're the realist.. I FUCKING LOVE and your content. but this rite here just made me love you more. i respect that you put your opinion truthfully and lady like. you did it without inserting yourself into the drama. now people can agree,disagree or agree to disagree ( that's they business) I'm just saying I respect you and how you went about this.💜💜💜
Ariel Pankonin
Ariel Pankonin 2 months ago
I have not been able to see the clips yet but now will. I did not know there were multiple videos out. I’m sorry this has affected you and many others.
Maya Mcc
Maya Mcc 2 months ago
off topic, but your gorgeous 🥺🦋✨
Anastassia Novikova
Anastassia Novikova 2 months ago
People are acting as if he was caught on camera actually jerking off to a picture of a kid.. he was clearly joking. Tasteless and gross I agree, but the joke is highlighting the fact that it’s wrong .. not that it’s okay.. people need to relax
lor__ angel
lor__ angel 2 months ago
I’m not crying you are Also you’re beautiful 🥺🤍
Al Toki
Al Toki 2 months ago
Faith D
Faith D 2 months ago
sending you so much love! You are so loved and worth it 🥺❤️ thank you for speaking up! I am so sorry you had to go through that! ❤️ you have so much purpose in this world. Thank you ❤️
l i n
l i n 2 months ago
i am a middle east asian woman living in europe(austria). I never felt actual harsh racism other than people being against my religion and beliefs. I truly feel so bad and hurt for all the innocent people dying just for their skin color. Our skin is supposed to protect us and not be a shield, it's only a shield for white people who have the privilege. I am proud of you for speaking up on this, i myself was a viewer of his up until recently, i watched him when i was like 10? i'm almost 15 now. I never really saw much of his older actions since it was all covered up with new content. I hope you all stay safe.
Micheal Steele
Micheal Steele 2 months ago
I've known you for over a year now hun, I remember that moment when you got added to JSC PR. I remember watching you soar, and seeing that you're opening you're own business. I've stood in support the whole damn and nothing will stop that boo, trust me. Just in case, it's KrystalKhaos from twitter 💜
BubblyBlondeBrunette _15
This cancel culture bullshit is getting old. People be digging shit up from over 10 years ago and be like this person is a bad! Like excuse you bitch?! I mean if he just did this shit, I could understand, but he did this OVER TEN YEARS AGO!!!! Let it the fuck go.
Meow 2 months ago
Yes but why did u cut it soo many times and it felt like it wasnt u speaking out of your heart
bart 2 months ago
StarsCandyLucy Randomness
Sola Tope
Sola Tope 2 months ago
there is no hope for society, and i dont mean for what shane has done, he apologised for all of this back in 2015 and has been clean since (Im not defending him i dont watch him or care about him btw), cancel culture is too powerful. And the comment section made me lose hope honestly, people bringing up pride????
Nimuae Gore
Nimuae Gore 2 months ago
Why is this video so choppy tho
Nimuae Gore
Nimuae Gore 2 months ago
It's weird that anybody ever worked with him after he did blackface like 8 years ago. I also find it odd alot of people didn't know about his past videos which were all up on his channel until recently. That's the Shane I always remembered and is the reason it's so weird to me that he was so largely supported.
Taylor J
Taylor J 2 months ago
You expresses yourself very well in this video. I see where you are coming from. I just think we all need to expect him to dive deeper into this and make forward progress. I hope because you are his friend you can influence him to do so. Only complaint is the video is choppy from all the cuts. But I’m sure emotions were hard to hold back. God bless.
tam z
tam z 2 months ago
You are incredibly well spoken and it’s beautiful. You are one of many incredibly powerful black woman on this platform who use their voice for rights and justice so thank you for being an example to many young women and men to look up to. I stand with you , all the best and thank you for sharing
shane 2 months ago
I’m so confused what did Shane do? Ps my name is Shane
Ashley Kutcher
Ashley Kutcher 2 months ago
So glad Shane is still your friend and that you forgave him. You're mature and I am glad you didn't have to end the friendship. ❤
Vanessa Toney
Vanessa Toney 2 months ago
we love you ! ur a baddie 🥺 i’m so sorry this has affected you:(. i do not understand, but i WILL stand with you.
Tanisha Thorpe
Tanisha Thorpe 2 months ago
Thanks for not just outing shane and actually speaking about how you genuinely feel about the situation and not just adding too the hate.
Saskia 2 months ago
This is amazing, it’s important that people are held accountable when their mistakes affect others negatively but that doesn’t mean they are unable to grow and change their ways. I don’t if that’s the case for Shane but I sure as hell don’t want to be responsible for “cancelling” people. That’s a dangerous precedent to set. I hope you are able to properly talk this through with Shane as his friend and that yous can find a way to work through what he’s done 🖤
Carla Mulder
Carla Mulder 2 months ago
Honestly everyone is forgetting about Jeffree Star. Wtf?
Dana Yusuf
Dana Yusuf 2 months ago
Kashmira Singh
Kashmira Singh 2 months ago
Thank you for speaking up you’re so strong ily 💜💜💜
Lori Lemon
Lori Lemon 2 months ago
Exactly! I was thinking about this too, if any of my friends made jokes like Shane, of course I’d be like wtf. We are just regular people. Not saying Shane isn’t regular but he’s famous. At least in the RUvid world. He may not be a celebrity but he’s famous. Making videos was him earning money. He did stuff for the shocking value, he didn’t actually what he joked about. I do not condone what he did the willow smith. I agree watching that clip is highly unsettling. But at the end of the day, in my eyes it will always be, Shane did a terrible shocking value video. And he’s now paying the price for it.
Flipper BIG G
Flipper BIG G 2 months ago
I think Shane past was horrible and he should be held accountable and he has and has apologised and if you don’t accept that apology then that’s fine but I think that his past was a wake up call for him to change into a better person that we have seen over the years form his content and kind heart to others
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