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"The worst feeling in the world is when you know that you both love each other but still you just can't be together."
New series - New ship! Gareth Visser (Jack Mulhern) and Sam Eliot (Sean Berdy) from Netflix's The Society. I'm so in love with them, and I really liked the first season of the show. Do you ship Grizz and Sam?
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Comments 80
Most of the Grizzam fanvids I've seen, and fics and posts in general, seem to be Grizz-biased, which is understandable since he's amazing and Jack does an amazing job playing him but I find it unfair to Sean/Sam since he's half of the pairing and equally as important. It's almost like those creators are living vicariously through Sam since they're all in lust with Grizz. So I'm glad to finally find a vid that acknowledges Sam as an individual as much as a love interest. He's such a rich and ripe character (brother, best friend, gay, etc, etc,) and Sean does a great job playing him. His eyes alone are so beautiful and expressive. He emotes brilliantly; they both do.
Pâmela Alves Pereira Brighente 3020
I know that Becca have her reasons but still I think she is a little selfish about Sam, like she knows that he will do everything for her and I know that she say that he didn't need to assume her son, but she didn't say to him who is the father, she know that he is gay, and telling to everyone that he is that father is really unnecessary. Like she never thought that one day he will fall in love for someone and her too? And the people will notice that something is wrong
She didn't ask him to do it; he offered. And as far as she knows, there are no other (openly) gay guys in the society. She's having a kid and trying to come to terms with her effed up life, she's obviously not going to be thinking long term and she's not going to turn away the one person she trusts explicitly. Even Sam wasn't thinking about his own romantic life when he made the decision to support her in that way. Neither of them could've predicted that he would actually find someone shortly after. So no, she's not being selfish. I'm sure if she knew about him and Grizz she might at least allow him to tell Grizz that he isn't the father because Grizz is trustworthy, however Sean couldn't ask her permission because he'd be outing Grizz and that's another secret he's obligated to keep. No one is being selfish, Sean is just extremely *selfless* to the point that he's willing to sacrifice his own happiness for the people he loves but it's not their faults for not understanding what it's costing him when they simply don't know about each other.
Niamh I Sullivan
Niamh I Sullivan 4 days ago
Wait who is the real Dad? Shouldn't he know or is he dead? I can't remember havent seen it in like a year.
Michelly Sousa
Michelly Sousa 8 days ago
I need season 2
Mab's 13 days ago
This really breaks my heart i always shipped them from the beginning and when they first kissed i was literally so fucking happy :')
Megan Gee xó
Megan Gee xó 26 days ago
Americans hate giving gay couples happy endings so please Netflix let them be happy🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Pilu P
Pilu P Month ago
No puedo parar de llorar hace 2 horas por este ship 🥺🥺🥺🥺❤❤❤❤❤❤
Grace R
Grace R Month ago
Okay but I think the most heartbreaking scene, and I don't know if anyone else picked up on it, is that when Sam came to see him, he asked again "do you have everything you need?" and Grizz said yes. Because the first time, Grizz was implying that he needed Sam. Now he's saying he doesn't. Kill me.
Faith Roberts
Faith Roberts Month ago
Yo tell me why my man looks like a frog or like an older version of Mike from stranger things 😂🐸
ashia collins
ashia collins Month ago
When I tell you the hatred that came over me when that girl kept him from going after grizz!!!!!!!!!!!
aviijee Month ago
I'm sad now
Gwen Ig
Gwen Ig Month ago
Am I the only one the who thinks the dhow should build a close friend ship between Aly and Grizz
I’m an undercover cop
I shipped them from the start
Daisy Ireland
Daisy Ireland Month ago
I think grizz didn’t realise he isn’t the bio father he probably thought he was hiding from himself but he was just being a good man and helping his friend raise her baby as the dad and I really hope that baby has two dads and a mum
Minsky Month ago
I think the reason we all love Grizz is because the show made sure we got to know him as a person first instead of the "just gay character" often misrepresented in shows. We fell in love with him for his thoughtfulness and now we want him to be happy :)
Hula._. Hoop
Hula._. Hoop Month ago
It breaks my heart that grizz gave everything to Sam and all he wanted was for Sam to be able to give everything to him too. 🥺
elisa vailati
elisa vailati Month ago
2:13 “okay. congratulations, i’m really happy for you guys” maaaan i was about to cry i can feel the pain in his voice
Tamara Schmidt
Tamara Schmidt Month ago
Whats the name of the movie
imagen a creative name
Everybody in the commentsection : *Had a huge crush on Grizz. Me : But like look at Sam. Such a cutie (and at some point hot)
Majeñta TBH
Majeñta TBH 2 months ago
The Geico commercial after ruined the whole vid😭
Majeñta TBH
Majeñta TBH 2 months ago
2:32-3:38 broke my heart😔🥺
Rostási Roxi
Rostási Roxi 2 months ago
oh my god those eyes
depressed_boi 2 months ago
That moment when you ship two fictional character so hard to the point that it hurts you internally.
Jojo the Pineapple
Jojo the Pineapple 2 months ago
“what about us?!” “I don’t know okay!” broke. my. heart. i need a season two nOw
Nxomi寂しい 2 months ago
I use to like Grizz at first, but now I would die to protect these two. Also, are we going to ignore what a great secret keeper sam is. He is pretending to be the birth father of Becca’s. And even though it did break Grizz’s heart, he still didn’t betray her secret. Also if you have seen the full series, at the last episode, in The tent Scene, Grizz tells someone he’s gay. If Grizz can open up and tell the whole West Ham, that would be amazing. And The part where Grizz goes, “does... she.... know... who... you... are.” Really show’s so much emotion. Not only does Sam feel bad, Grizz speaks the truth. Becca doesn’t know Sam is gay. But no one know’s Grizz is either. And the second to last scene with Grizz and he’s friends coming back from their journey really show’s a lot. Not only does it show you that hope is on the way, but Sam will be happy. This is a really amazing show, and season two is almost here. And if one of them dies, I’m suing the show. But most likely one of them won’t. Because Netflix and the cast has made so many comments or videos off of, “they should be protected at all cost.” So I’m so exited for season 2, and these two are the cutest things ever!
Nxomi寂しい 2 months ago
Paris Samuels True, but she doesn’t know with Grizz.
Paris Samuels
Paris Samuels 2 months ago
寂しいNxomi Becca does know that Sam is gay
공시생Study mian
공시생Study mian 2 months ago
This show still not cancel right?
공시생Study mian
공시생Study mian 2 months ago
寂しいNxomi Thank you I stop at ss1 ep6 waiting for next season
Nxomi寂しい 2 months ago
공시생Study mian No, I think they’re already done recording, there just waiting to airdrop it to everyone.
Sally Parker
Sally Parker 2 months ago
If you watch the society with pretty much its commentary(as I strongly suggest you do) they nicknamed Sam “our best boy” and hot excited whenever he has a scene it’s really cute.
GachaLucifer 2 months ago
This is so fudging sad😭
ll vdb
ll vdb 2 months ago
It really completes their kissing scenes, that u can see Grizz is scared to look into Sam’s eyes when he says ‘how do u say kiss me?’ Really love this video, and this Netflix series
I’m an undercover cop
Dude i swear to god if they kill off grizz and/or Sam in the new season imma sue netflix
Nxomi寂しい 2 months ago
Crusty_Girrafe Same here.
Jailynn Irwin
Jailynn Irwin 3 months ago
I just watched this entire show today and I had seen this video before i watched the show.It is a lot cuter now that I actually know the backstory.
Nxomi寂しい 2 months ago
Jailynn Irwin Agreed.
Dreamy lol
Dreamy lol 3 months ago
Guys I haven't seen season 2 of if there is a season 2. BUT WATCH THE BABY DADDY BE SAMS BROTHER
Abbi Hymer
Abbi Hymer 3 months ago
I had a crush on grizz till I realized he liked Sam then I deceived i protect them at all cost
Edge_lord69 3 months ago
In the beginning I couldn't figure out why I liked grizz so much I'm lesbian so I don't like boys but then I realized I don't want to be with him I want to be him so now I'm questioning if I'm trans. I also really like Sam and grizz together
Nxomi寂しい 2 months ago
Bakugou69 Omg, why do I feel exactly like you. I feel the same. And I want to be him too. Your whole comment is what I think too.
Marcelina Szymańska
Sam and Grizz are really good person for all of them and I love so much a Sam, because he always do right, even that hurts him. They deverse to be happy and loved.
Екатерина Згурская
they’re sooo cute 🥺🥺
Lu Styles
Lu Styles 3 months ago
This made me remembre how much i hate Becca for destroying this ship
•Emilyyy• Romero ponce
Parker Goldflam
Parker Goldflam 3 months ago
I have a whole crush on grizz but at the same time I ship this couple
Bakikhrub 0
Bakikhrub 0 3 months ago
The way sometimes in the episodes Grizz moves his hair behind his ear is so cute. 🥺😍 I need more Grizzam in s2.
John Wilkes
John Wilkes 4 months ago
When does season 2 come out? They need a scene with "Hate to Love" by Stonestreet playing in the background
artistic persona
artistic persona 4 months ago
Why I get more emotional with gays even tho I am straight?!
artistic persona
artistic persona 4 months ago
I want to learn a sign language
Francesca Sassone
Francesca Sassone 4 months ago
I really hope they are together, who cares about the baby! I want to see them together even if at the beginning of the season I drooled for Grizz! I expect a lot from the 2nd season especially this ...😭😭❤
Youdonotneedtoknowmyname period.
Emmett what are you doing here
Kent Asian
Kent Asian 4 months ago
I just started a channel, would you like to take a look? 😊
Telecia Gardiner
Telecia Gardiner 4 months ago
*I'm dying waiting for these two again in season II*
TV HAY.T 4 months ago
Hay quá
A D R I 4 months ago
what is this show?
Aariyanna Crawford
Aariyanna Crawford 4 months ago
A D R I it’s called The Society on Netflix
Josie Frantz
Josie Frantz 5 months ago
This is amazing omg 🥺🥺🥺🥺
03 AI
03 AI 5 months ago
Grizz is the only great character in this show.
M K 5 months ago
If he’s gay how did he get her pregnant?
Giovi Paige
Giovi Paige 5 months ago
wait why were they gonna shot him?
Zamira Campbell
Zamira Campbell 5 months ago
So cute 😭 this show is so good. If they end this show I’m gonna delete Netflix end of conversation. When Sam kissed him on the forest trip I was like yess Sam get your man back
Lillis815 5 months ago
i love them so much :((
Aoife McHenry
Aoife McHenry 5 months ago
What show is this
Aariyanna Crawford
Aariyanna Crawford 4 months ago
Aoife McHenry it’s The Society on Netflix
Michael Savage
Michael Savage 5 months ago
Love Griz and Sam would love be laying between both of them all cuddled up together etc etc mm
Sasha Onedirection
Sasha Onedirection 5 months ago
When Sam had to stand on his tiptoes was so adorable
Erine Rinette
Erine Rinette 6 months ago
J'ai entendu du Billie Eilish j'ai fondu
Chaotic_Tired 6 months ago
Poor them
Chaotic_Tired 6 months ago
He accepted the responsibility, he can't turn back mow On the other hand Grizz may never understand
Lana Mainart
Lana Mainart 6 months ago
Теперь Ноен томбой ?
Cancelled Visual
Cancelled Visual 6 months ago
I haven't watched this, but bruh...on my list now ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
Jaycee Stanek
Jaycee Stanek 6 months ago
I just noticed at 3:30 Sam has to stand on his tippy toes to kiss grizz and that made my heart srceam there so cute
Mia Blondy
Mia Blondy 6 months ago
Shouldn't you be getting ready for this trip? " Yea,but am also getting ready for when I get back" .😭😭😭😭
asia tyes
asia tyes 6 months ago
i still dont understand why he didnt just tell him
Maelia. stranger.things
I love grizz and Sam so much there are so cute ❤️🥰
Why did Anna have to kill Sam :/
Grizz and Bay both used the how do you sigh kiss me line huh
UnDinosaurio 6 months ago
Está fue una de las mejores parejas del 2019 junto al Malec♥️🤭
UnDinosaurio 5 months ago
@Exo tus patrones The society
Exo tus patrones
Exo tus patrones 5 months ago
Como se llama la serie ??? Pliss
FangirlForShips 6 months ago
Everyone just had a crush on Grizz and I'm here thinking he looks like a rubber duck.. always have. always will.
jada Hunter
jada Hunter 6 months ago
This is fucked up. I cried when grizz said "does she know who you are " slow and in his language
Sasha Dee
Sasha Dee 6 months ago
i'm crying
saraely R
saraely R 6 months ago
Sam is a precious little bean 😭😭❤️ I swear and when he speaks it’s so adorable .. I just can’t 💕💕
Анастасия Козел
я реву
ANushkA 6 months ago
منمن الحربي
I’m sorry but he sound like an old man and that’s cringe me
Starr 12
Starr 12 7 months ago
it’s cute i love these two but grizz reminds me of a younger snape and now that’s forever engrained my mind when i see him
Grace Elizabeth
Grace Elizabeth 7 months ago
Okay so basically I saw this video last night.... then when I woke up I binge watched every episode and completed season 1. Thank you kind soul
nobody nobody
nobody nobody 7 months ago
Why you gotta make me cry like this at 3am?¿?
Anonymous _hooman
Anonymous _hooman 7 months ago
‘Does she know who you are’ it’s all just heart breaking 😭💔
Aslan 7 months ago
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