Dead By Daylight - BRAND NEW KILLER, SURVIVOR & MAP!!! (Chains of hate DLC) THE DEATHSLINGER!!!!

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Ohmwrecker: He was sleeping
Toonz: He was AFK
Gorilla: He was playing another game
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Feb 18, 2020




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Comments 80
H2ODelirious 3 months ago
This killer is interesting, Leave a like on the video if you want to see me play as this killer! Also please subscribe if you aren't it helps my dying channel out a lot :P Keep in mind we played this super early and Ohm, Toonz and Gorilla was asleep still!
micahbrixton 23 hours ago
👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I like subscribed and hit the Bell
Chelsea aka Brat
Chelsea aka Brat 4 days ago
I love these videos it's helped me get better at the game! Ty for being an amazing youtuber for me personally your videos helped me through a time where my anxiety spiked and panic attacks came with that but I'd turn on one of ur videos and plug me headphones in and honestly I forgot about everything and being scared. So thank you, you've had a huge impact in my life
dead hater
dead hater 14 days ago
Oh shut up fist time that someone told me this oh how I'm a stupid noob
aj 14 days ago
Dude your a noob
dead hater
dead hater 20 days ago
You forgot the Oni
micahbrixton 23 hours ago
All day I’ve been wearing a bandana and then I just watched this video
Rip Stitch
Rip Stitch 2 days ago
That scream is the same as women falling
An Alien Life
An Alien Life 3 days ago
Radiant Shadow
Radiant Shadow 3 days ago
You're gonna love the new killer on the test build this week, he can hit through fucking walls.
ahsan qazi
ahsan qazi 4 days ago
The new killer came out on public test build it is from silent hill
Tre Da Swavy
Tre Da Swavy 4 days ago
Delirious ur so fuckin funny make more
Chelsea aka Brat
Chelsea aka Brat 4 days ago
We met the like goal woot woot
Jackie Terry
Jackie Terry 5 days ago
Cunt spanker 420 69
With survivors this bad, who needs a killer?
Notmy Name
Notmy Name 8 days ago
Lol freinds in video
ChrisDaBoy866 9 days ago
is it me or does the killer look like Micha bell
Anthony Bruner
Anthony Bruner 17 days ago
dalirious your funy ass hell
Noble Society
Noble Society 19 days ago
Keep uploading ❤️❤️❤️
Bentley Fultz
Bentley Fultz 20 days ago
You should play with vanose
X_I LEGEND IX 23 days ago
Bad friend
revolution gaming
revolution gaming 27 days ago
Add me my gamer tag is fax is dripy
revolution gaming
revolution gaming 27 days ago
Are me fax .s dripy pls I'm a really big fan
Father_Chr1s Gaming
Moreeee dbd
sophia Sucks
sophia Sucks Month ago
You’re only 2 weeks younger than my mum. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY 🎁
Herschell Flowers
Please do it.
Blake Cacini
Blake Cacini Month ago
"The new killer has a cow- *what?"*
Kelley Bozeman
Kelley Bozeman Month ago
I gotta shot gun.
peeps_therealpeep 123
Just watched the vid was funny I have dead by daylight my self it is so fun like if agree and comment if you like to be a surviver or a killer
Chew Month ago
Play more
Jimmy Caracappa
Jimmy Caracappa Month ago
Do you are the best RUvid or in the damn whole entire fucking world
Iced Out
Iced Out Month ago
Little does he know you can equip perks that increase your chance of survival by 100%
Bryan Flores
Bryan Flores Month ago
H2O delirios im about to get the deathslinger on ps4
PriapusV2 Month ago
play more DBD!!!
DOOM Gladiator
DOOM Gladiator Month ago
Are you going play dead by daylight mobile
lupe aguilar
lupe aguilar Month ago
Hahahahaha red herring is da best
Deniro Mcadory
Deniro Mcadory Month ago
Let's run a poll for Noob3 to show H20 how to be TOXIC
Boiii you gay
Boiii you gay Month ago
12:46 😂😂
The rabbetzsquad
Please play more dead by daylight
ForehandBaton 21
Try 360's
Michael Finklea
Michael Finklea Month ago
Delirious: I'm trying to heal my friend. Deathslinger passes by. Delirious pulls down pallet Both Squirrel and Delirious died in the end all because of a pallet
Bernadette Martin
Big fan both my boyfriend and I. We love u buddy
Estrella Flores
Estrella Flores Month ago
Big fan I love it whens he screams XD
Parker Waselewski
h2o doesent deserve that squirrel you dush
Stinn Nja
Stinn Nja Month ago
Jeremey Fowler
Jeremey Fowler Month ago
Is anyone a gun nut like me? If so, is it just me, or does the new killers gun looks like a 1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR).
Ethan Lutes
Ethan Lutes Month ago
If only delicious knew how to juke :(
dragondude ?
dragondude ? Month ago
Delirious:how does he see squirrel BBQ and chili:😢
kc 3182x
kc 3182x Month ago
DEATH because you didn't pay him $10,000 lol!
AnarchRex *
AnarchRex * Month ago
Deathslinger's redemption at 23:19
K A T I E Month ago
please do more dead by daylight and Friday 13 delirious please
Looks like a rip of Jeepers Creepers
Rap Kaution!
Rap Kaution! Month ago
Who got dbd on xbox/ps4???
Kevin Jaquith
Kevin Jaquith Month ago
Francisca Ice Mage
Francisca Ice Mage 2 months ago
Cursed Legacy new killer The Oni is here!
Phizz 2 months ago
Luther Harper
Luther Harper 2 months ago
I heard Jason was going dead by daylight play as him
The anime Girl
The anime Girl 2 months ago
I didn’t know that he did this
Brizingr yeet
Brizingr yeet 2 months ago
wow I didn't know the new killer was a cow
beast gameplay
beast gameplay 2 months ago
Le Monchoi
Le Monchoi 2 months ago
That's just Pesci in a cowboy costume using his Beach Boy stand
Shane Files
Shane Files 2 months ago
Delirious: He didn’t notice Also Delirious: throws down pallet
Andres Mojarro
Andres Mojarro 2 months ago
Im surprised he didn't see the oni yet
Abigelow21 2 months ago
I have the killer if your not good at aiming or anything dont get him i suggested trapper im a pro with him i kill 9 and 3 ranks
Ricecakes boi
Ricecakes boi 2 months ago
If these videos dont get your heart racing there's something wrong with you
Mr Spaghetti Western
I always wondered why people think H20 or Vanoss are funny, now I realize that every video, is them laughing at nothing, and the idiots who actually like this stuff, just like to laugh at other laughter.
nvmxlonely 2 months ago
Please play more DBD
Гы Гы
Гы Гы 2 months ago
Я в армии дилириуса
Itz_Fresh Brian
Itz_Fresh Brian 2 months ago
Can u do more I love this type of vids day by daylight is great I been a fan since I saw u a vanossgaming playing together P.S SUB TO HIM HE GREAT 💞💞
Draven Rodriguez
Draven Rodriguez 2 months ago
Play more dead by daylight pls
Sk8eR DudE
Sk8eR DudE 2 months ago
Delirious plz play more dead by daylight Love u (no homo)
Ryan Gibbons
Ryan Gibbons 2 months ago
Why does he have speargun and not a lasso? He's a damn cowboy not a diver.
Pedrez 2 months ago
can you plis play this game more ?
Paradox파라독스 2 months ago
I love this series! Always fun to watch!
Xtreme Terry27
Xtreme Terry27 2 months ago
Can you please make more dead by daylight videos❤️❤️
DylanPlayz 2 months ago
Hey Delirious pls make a series of DBD
Potatoe RJ
Potatoe RJ 2 months ago
(H)2 o'clock news
im not babi
im not babi 2 months ago
Hey Delirious, can you play the Curtain Call Chapter? With the clown? Only if you want to though 😁 Also, I love your videos, and you to. Especially your laugh, it's contagious. I can't help but laugh when you do. You are awesome. 😊💕
yUnGX !! rIcCh
yUnGX !! rIcCh 2 months ago
3:34 Squirrl: he’s got a gun! *every policeman ever*
Jason Vorhess
Jason Vorhess 2 months ago
Can you pls play as dead slinger?
Lenita Lapasanda
Lenita Lapasanda 2 months ago
1:40 bro delirious ran into him hahahaha
2 Noel
2 Noel 2 months ago
When Is Friday The 13th Dlc Coming?
Dominic Peak
Dominic Peak 2 months ago
Damn he was a nice but brutal killer 😂
Amy Timms
Amy Timms 2 months ago
I want to wonder when the next DLC is going to come out
Nori 2 months ago
that was really funny espicialy toward the end game 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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