DDG vs. Blueface $50,000 3v3 Celebrity Basketball Game!!

PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS
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Jun 23, 2019




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PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS
I'm the best basketball player alive...
Myst_ vxsn
Myst_ vxsn 13 days ago
Can’t even shoot a three
Queen Kelly
Queen Kelly Month ago
🙏🙏🙏Bless Ddg
Andres Martinez Ramirez
Nigga you suck ugly ass mf🤣🤣
Just Jaela
Just Jaela Month ago
PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS no your not
Do- Nathan
Do- Nathan 2 months ago
Your ego is bigger than your basketball skills
Celly ONEFOUR 4 days ago
I Was watching then I seen NLE CHOPPA witch made this a million times better my nigga
CallMeBanks 4 days ago
DDG not a celebrity🤦🏽‍♂️
Danial Shafiq
Danial Shafiq 6 days ago
Blue face was like who the hell is this guy
young lui
young lui 8 days ago
Blueface cant play basketball for life
Kaven Animates
Kaven Animates 8 days ago
Choppa on hoes bruh
Kaven Animates
Kaven Animates 8 days ago
They both solid
Malcolm Harvey
Malcolm Harvey 9 days ago
Clickbait at its finest
Wehoop 4L
Wehoop 4L 11 days ago
Angelo Craft
ddg is pussy he never gave deestroying his money and ur music is ass
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown 13 days ago
You trash at ball 🏀
Tyler Shanks
Tyler Shanks 17 days ago
Blueface schooled ddg
RST SLIME 17 days ago
Cherekaa Rosser
Cherekaa Rosser 26 days ago
I saw trey senia and amari in the background
Carlos Suárez
Carlos Suárez 28 days ago
DDG you asss
bballgod02 veney
Blueface defense had me dead
Jesse Peregrino
Jesse Peregrino Month ago
Your trash
Tezchツ Month ago
DDG got 02 shorts and jersery
Keran K Charles
Keran K Charles Month ago
Finally DDG short to someone #Blueface💪
Erik Ramirez
Erik Ramirez Month ago
Jacob Gruenwald
Jacob Gruenwald Month ago
not a hater, but your jumper bout broke as heck
YouTube/Zerfix X
Dog sucks
Ren, baby, Nyny, augie
Hate to be a hater but y’all fuccin suck, hilights weak as hell
Arvint Thevarajah
ddg ur actuallly sooooo trash at ball
Christvictory adeoye
Just another day for blueface
Bootleg Thurtle
Bootleg Thurtle 2 months ago
Blue face team running all bigs compared to ddg team💀
Ciara Cashaw
Ciara Cashaw 2 months ago
DDG short compared to the other players
Jalyn White
Jalyn White 2 months ago
3:54 I had a 100 points 4:38 airball
cash money
cash money 2 months ago
Where is this shooting and defense playing deestroying
-ace trioo-
-ace trioo- 2 months ago
-ace trioo-
-ace trioo- 2 months ago
-ace trioo-
-ace trioo- 2 months ago
-ace trioo-
-ace trioo- 2 months ago
Revin BOSS
Revin BOSS 2 months ago
DDG: I’m the best basketball player alive.... Also DDG: “Misses the first shot right at the start of the video”🤣🤣🤣 I’m playin it was just a joke DDG actually good though 🔥 ⛹️
Andrew Cordero
Andrew Cordero 2 months ago
You lost against Destroying
Rich Cash
Rich Cash 2 months ago
R3B3L RG 2 months ago
Lol who are any of these folks?
Josch Philogene
Josch Philogene 2 months ago
this nigga blueface was lazy as fuck
Gabriell Lee
Gabriell Lee 2 months ago
You should let me play against you or on the team my guy
Cuauhtémoc Maldonado
Remember when ddg bitch ass ran off with deestroying s money
Elroi Weick
Elroi Weick 2 months ago
No one: Jeremy lin at the finals: 8:10
Charles Verna
Charles Verna 2 months ago
beast king
beast king 3 months ago
Nleee fans like
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez 3 months ago
You can’t even hoop bum ass 😂
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez 3 months ago
What is you doin 😂
Xinu 3 months ago
DDG: I’m the best basketball player Me: @4:39 🤔
Javier Ortiz
Javier Ortiz 3 months ago
Yo u fucking suck !!!!!!! Ur the worst player ever lol ur ass u missed 7 shots back to back dam bruh
Christopher Silvius
Christopher Silvius 3 months ago
U pu$$y pay destroying
vl Saucin lv
vl Saucin lv 3 months ago
Anything for views
Nicholas Clark
Nicholas Clark 3 months ago
the kids that dislike this
Fidel Rodriguez
Fidel Rodriguez 3 months ago
DDG really not that gud bro but he is better then flight tho,but then again who isn't
qyiesha smalls
qyiesha smalls 3 months ago
I’m laughing because he claimed to be the best but missed the most shots
Jgratz 09
Jgratz 09 3 months ago
Ur camera mans pretty fucking shit when it comes to following the ball
glossaboutit mk
glossaboutit mk 3 months ago
Peep armon ex girlfriend and trey
Micheal Smith
Micheal Smith 3 months ago
DDG trash asf couldn’t even pay A dude 10,000
QuesosPesos •_•
QuesosPesos •_• 3 months ago
Stick to football blueface baby
WaVy Ędįtš
WaVy Ędįtš 3 months ago
DDG short
Kelsie Tyree
Kelsie Tyree 3 months ago
DGG a midget NO CAP
Vision Kicks
Vision Kicks 3 months ago
Nigga u ass and u missed a shit ton of ur shots
Keivion Whaley
Keivion Whaley 3 months ago
That shit was so weak😂
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