DDG - Cotton Mouth (Official Music Video)

The DDG Family
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STREAM MY SINGLE "Cotton Mouth" available on ALL Platforms:
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▶️SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/pontiacmadeddg/cotton-mouth
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Video Director: @LewisYouNasty
Produced By: @DevisLit
Sample: @M4hhe
(C) 2020 Zooted Entertainment LLC.

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Jan 21, 2020




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Comments 2 653
The DDG Family
The DDG Family Month ago
Make a tiktok & triller and use #CottonMouthChallenge IM REPOSTING THE BEST ONES!! 🔥🔥
PayDay Rich
PayDay Rich 24 days ago
The DDG Family sign me
unknownK2 24 days ago
I fw u bro 🗣💯
ImDaOne DellyBandz
ImDaOne DellyBandz 25 days ago
This slap
Ysn- Gunna
Ysn- Gunna 28 days ago
this shit fireeeeeeeeeeee
Kam Moten
Kam Moten 28 days ago
Smoking big blunts of that ddg bc that boy fiya💪🏾🔥🔥
Trap Star ENT
Trap Star ENT 3 days ago
It was ok not the best or worst soon
Kroish67 Kro
Kroish67 Kro 5 days ago
This shit hella dope 👑👑👑
Carl Da Boss
Carl Da Boss 5 days ago
Ok ok 🔥🔥🔥
iLLvZN z
iLLvZN z 5 days ago
Why isnt this on the ddg channel?
Fragrance Musiq
Fragrance Musiq 7 days ago
I respect your work bro💯✔
Angel Vazquez
Angel Vazquez 9 days ago
vonie 9 days ago
Unice Wright
Unice Wright 11 days ago
I love that RUvid video who is sexy DDG😍😍😍
Unice Wright
Unice Wright 11 days ago
Unice Wright
Unice Wright 11 days ago
Unice Wright
Unice Wright 11 days ago
6 9
6 9 11 days ago
Bro his music getting better and the new song that gonna come out sounds fire as fuck
Keyro Griffin
Keyro Griffin 12 days ago
Cronos pLm
Cronos pLm 13 days ago
Luke Cage
nicholas wolf
nicholas wolf 13 days ago
You like ganja now huh 🤔
Zakaria Keyse
Zakaria Keyse 14 days ago
This song is💯🔥🔥
Maya Group
Maya Group 14 days ago
Fire song frl but are just gon ignore that he's not inhaling at all
Querencia.tv 14 days ago
Awesome Work 👍
Linda Sosa
Linda Sosa 14 days ago
You smoke ????
James Bond
James Bond 15 days ago
This shit lowkey go crazy
Alexander TheGoatDiamond
I dead ass can't stop listening to this song
Joseph Dinero
Joseph Dinero 15 days ago
solid visuals, I like your style and taste in instrumentals. can't really see a meaning behind the song tho, lack of a story but the lyrics are cool. in my opinion; I like your work tho
RUTV Highlights
RUTV Highlights 15 days ago
Tamara Hopson
Tamara Hopson 16 days ago
Issa BOP! 🔥
Bradley 12
Bradley 12 16 days ago
First time that l saw ddg smoking
Abenzer _s
Abenzer _s 16 days ago
d w . Baltimore
d w . Baltimore 16 days ago
TheBoyPresident !
TheBoyPresident ! 16 days ago
FRAXILLE 16 days ago
shoutout to the guitarist, melody fye ong
Mr.bracewavyy 17 days ago
He doesn’t eve know how to inhale the gas
Rayybandz 18 days ago
Hey DDG I think a lot of your viewers would love to see a video of you going in depth on strategies and tips to building a following on RUvid from zero followers.
famousqueen_k gang
famousqueen_k gang 18 days ago
This is my fav song on god it go hard.🤩😍😍
shamer figueroa
shamer figueroa 18 days ago
stankaa bee
stankaa bee 18 days ago
I like this song tho no dick riding shit
Kaya Drew
Kaya Drew 18 days ago
Natalie Hall
Natalie Hall 19 days ago
Love this song, well done bro 💕 Cotton mouth streamed Spotify 💕 I want the smooooke
Big steppa
Big steppa 19 days ago
I would’ve been smackin tf outta that wood
LugoTheManHD 19 days ago
This shit fire 🔥
Lazae Jenkins
Lazae Jenkins 19 days ago
Gaming with tony
Gaming with tony 19 days ago
Fire as hell
Gaming with tony
Gaming with tony 19 days ago
Really watcha talm bout
Shoota 300
Shoota 300 20 days ago
Any way I can posted on here?🤝
Samson Pihema
Samson Pihema 20 days ago
Underrated asf!!
khema h
khema h 20 days ago
This cud be a hit just need to be longer .... I love it tho I'm just a 4 min girl js
Wiremu Barlow
Wiremu Barlow 20 days ago
dif elfo ficj Ed goe
lmao over three million fans and only got a little over 300k views this song was not it dawg lol some of your songs lit though
Roscoe Realshit1
Roscoe Realshit1 20 days ago
Marchello Christian
שלמה מוגס
Tj 21 day ago
I subscribed bruh where that bread at I need a come up been down to long
Eric Jaramillo
Eric Jaramillo 21 day ago
Yo @DDG This Shit Slapped Iaint even gon lie b this MF a Banger!💯💯🔥🔥
KingzMen 21 day ago
Ts ass dog
Jalen Harris
Jalen Harris 22 days ago
Loc China
Loc China 22 days ago
Poetic Jonnie
Poetic Jonnie 22 days ago
This shit fire. Come to New York.
Poetic Jonnie
Poetic Jonnie 22 days ago
Travis Scott feature???
Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle 22 days ago
This song should already have a million views ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Derek Wilson
Derek Wilson 20 days ago
It does
ishmael hairston
ishmael hairston 22 days ago
Dominique Wilson
Dominique Wilson 22 days ago
🗑 (trash)
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