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It's finally arrived. We're proud to present the very first DC TeamWorks video: Robbie Maddison's AIR.CRAFT. Filmed in a military service airplane graveyard in Tucson, Arizona this short film showcases Robbie's legendary freestyle motocross skills. From Step-ups to airborne shipping containers to backflips over planes, AIR.CRAFT features never before seen stunts. In addition to the film, we're also debuting Robbie Maddison's newest TeamWorks Collection and signature motocross gear, which can be seen at www.dcshoes.com/moto
Watch the behind the scenes here: ruvid.net/video/video-sf-TCjVnDhk.html

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Feb 11, 2013




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Sloppy Hamfingers
I rode little xr 100’s as a kid and would love to jump and ride a wheelie, this video inspired me to buy my first adult bike, Honda crf 450x
James Spradlin
James Spradlin Month ago
If Evel Kneivel were alive and 25 today, he'd shit his pants if anyone asked him to do the things Robbie takes in stride.
Lauren Else
Lauren Else 2 months ago
DC Dudungchanel
DC Dudungchanel 2 months ago
# DC DudungChanel
akkanbullet carati
akkanbullet carati 2 months ago
Any body watching it in 2020
justinmoto929 2 months ago
Axell Hodges wants to be Robbie sooooo bad
Chris 2 months ago
Wow! Freakin amazing!
Samosa Sosa
Samosa Sosa 3 months ago
Evil is smiling !!
tastemysaucer 4 months ago
what a noob
Saggah 4 months ago
Very cool video guys! You do what you love! I take advantage to wish that Jesus, the Name above all names (Phillipians 2) bless you all, and may you feed from His Word and Salvation!
Andrzej Kowal
Andrzej Kowal 5 months ago
Patrick Steven Hinojosa Lomas
Vaya que bueno es...
I like frogs .
I like frogs . 6 months ago
The drop in was pretty speacial !
Karan Arya
Karan Arya 7 months ago
very close at few drop ramps
MOWSHAN HUSSION 8 months ago
Игорь Михайлов
ты мастер без сомнений, но сверхотуры на трамплин больше не прыгай - смотреть страшно и на размазню противно, сам над 50ю метрами по рельсе ходил, как вспомнишь - жуть, не шути.
Brayan Velarde
Brayan Velarde 8 months ago
Creat video Awesome 🔥🔥
Sreejith C.t
Sreejith C.t 8 months ago
Extremely beautifull
Troy Schmitt
Troy Schmitt 8 months ago
Those of you that gave this thumbs down. let's see you do this🤷‍♂️
YZMOTO #80 8 months ago
This is a professional rider on a closed course after drinking 3 Red Bull’s and getting a big check from DC Shoes... Please wear your DC shoes responsibly !
Suprabha Thapaliya
Suprabha Thapaliya 9 months ago
The one who makes Impossible to I'm-possible
Silas Pirschel
Silas Pirschel 9 months ago
This video and Pipe Dream are some of the best motocross videos ever made.
marko starr
marko starr 9 months ago
anyone know what kind of bike he's on!?!??
Redmi 4 Pro
Redmi 4 Pro 10 months ago
DC clown2y
DC clown2y 10 months ago
Juan Batista
Juan Batista 10 months ago
Jesus this guy can ride , that front wheel landing at 2.50 is incredible I don't know how he did that even on a modern light two stroke bike . He is like a skilled circus performer on a bike . The quality and performance of the modern suspension systems makes a lot of this possible now but still amazingly skillful .
gandi alex
gandi alex 11 months ago
mbuu chege
mbuu chege 11 months ago
DC shoes should also make tyres
J Michael Klebba Jr
I want one of the water surfing tracks and ski attachments shown in pipe dreams. How do I build that rear end floating skid plate? What did you use for the ski? I have a TimberSled with a ski a attachment but the ski is probably too heavy for that.
GoatDriver Ram
Wow! That is one talented mind that designed this scooter course.
Mike Year ago
this guy is a fuckin beast
Ilham Agayev
Ilham Agayev Year ago
Elias Silva
Elias Silva Year ago
Robbie Madson Brasileiro 👇👇 ruvid.net/video/video-9aNLlTqH8BY.html
Vagelis Garipis
Twin Tyre
Twin Tyre Year ago
Great video, special work
mik dal
mik dal Year ago
My God this is art this is out of this world thank you thank you
Arbaz Momin
Arbaz Momin Year ago
Perfect raider
Ralph Grant
Ralph Grant Year ago
I know I know but I like it alot
Jaedon Hurles
Jaedon Hurles Year ago
I live when half the video is credits😍
Vishal pratap official
Madison has madness at high labke
Jeff Z
Jeff Z Year ago
My god that last drop from the crane was likely the most dangerous. Taking off from a unstable platform and dropping onto and thin landing strip. Off a little and your hamburger if not dead.
DBZ Kings
DBZ Kings Year ago
Shelly and Chris Stolworthy
So many dc-3s , I have a big respect for airplanes and dirt bikes so to see this many airplanes especially the dc-3 to be in such good condition makes me happy.
Ryan Bradford
Ryan Bradford Year ago
Pawan Betwal
Pawan Betwal Year ago
I love you robie
Johnny Green
Johnny Green Year ago
Aftr watching gymkhana this is ALRIGHT
tremendo video
- Mniak
- Mniak Year ago
Crazy man hahah
Pardeep Kumar 40 Mahadev 40
Pardeep Kumar 043652402+BSF+Army+T+Vishnu+Shiv+Krishna+Ram+Rahim
Ivan Naymushin
Isuzu Bighorn
Isuzu Bighorn Year ago
Like my shoes, for hitting the motocross trails..
mohammad jilani
mohammad jilani 2 years ago
scracer24c 2 years ago
I Love Robbie Maddison BUT, Some of the stuff he does or has done is just wayyyy too Risky! I mean to do that kind of shit when you have a wife & children isn’t fair at all, because if something happens they are left here to suffer. Absolutely NO Amount Of Money Is Worth Making Your Kids & Family Grow Up Without A Father.... 😤😡😢😐🤷‍♂️
J Michael Klebba Jr
It's what he knows! It's his Life, it's his Passion, Not Yours, Don't Worry about it. He's a professional!
Shirlene Northern
Shirlene Northern 2 years ago
jason speratos
jason speratos 2 years ago
Bad ass
Ralf R.
Ralf R. 2 years ago
Absolutly Amazing!
Pablo Velimirovich
Pablo Velimirovich 2 years ago
Este tipo no está bien
CAMERAMAN 2 years ago
Danny Smith
Danny Smith 2 years ago
And puts the peaple first and not himself
Danny Smith
Danny Smith 2 years ago
Now I also look forward to having someone better in the President 's seat that's right
Mike Fu
Mike Fu 2 years ago
he makes it look SO easy.....shit, he's probably talking on his Bluetooth too! lol
Аlex Рокоссовский
классные трюки,молодец
John Adriane Yuipco
I wanna be like you
YzAiLdO Pereira
YzAiLdO Pereira 2 years ago
Alguém sabe qual o modelo e fabricante da moto que ele usa?
Tiago Lasmar
Tiago Lasmar 2 years ago
What is the intro music for the video?
5 años después sigue siendo uno de los mejores films de DCSHOECOUSA ;)
Unboxing de hoje
Unboxing de hoje 2 years ago
Hey guys. I am saving money to buy my first motorcycle, so I just created a "gofundme" account. Help me if you can! Thanks for the support LINK: www.gofundme.com/help-me-buying-my-first-motorcycle
дыма куритель
я в ахyуe
VBOLIDE 2 years ago
Robbie 🤘🇷🇺
King Jesus Forever YHWH
Creative and fresh. Robbie rips!!!
FrostmoonPlayz 3 years ago
I am an aspiring motocrosser. Robbie Mad Max Madison is my hero. Unfortunately, I ride a Kawasaki KX65 .every like is a dollar saved for a Kawasaki KX250f.
Jet With1T
Jet With1T 3 years ago
wawan jet
wawan jet 3 years ago
AIM TO SHOOT 3 years ago
Best dirt bike vid of youtube
Guh Bug
Guh Bug 3 years ago
Lord Wolf
Lord Wolf 3 years ago
this aint motocross this motorparkour lol
Grenzrider 3 years ago
which bike do he use?
Henry van der Burgh
Grenzrider this is a heavily modified bike. On any normal bike the fork and suspension would brake off!
Papa Saint Mark
Papa Saint Mark 3 years ago
sick stunts, awesome production, DC pushes everything way past their own limits and then some. total Gnar-gnar.
Mosa-Von-Doom 3 years ago
Defying limits one day at a time.. 😎
Joseph Melia
Joseph Melia 3 years ago
I'm just here to find Evel's evil twin... This is class...guy's got balls as big as Mars..and sheer skill..
Mary Norris
Mary Norris 3 years ago
Guto 3 years ago
Not Jonas
Not Jonas 3 years ago
There is not a second in this video in which his life is not in danger
lego technic
lego technic 2 years ago
Jugzernaut There is not a second of anyone's life where they're not in danger. I agree the stunts were cool but your comment has no meaning.
Andrea Iacobucci
Andrea Iacobucci 3 years ago
first song?
Го_кач 3 years ago
что за трек в конце? that the track is played at the end of?
Аннет Ко
Аннет Ко 3 years ago
M nighthawk
Glock 211
Glock 211 3 years ago
who wants to see the elderly fall?
Will Riddle
Will Riddle 3 years ago
After watching the one where he drives it on water, I was disappointed when this didn't involve driving out of a plane. That was until I watched that insane stunt at the end.
Zenwork 3 years ago
Paris Russell
Paris Russell 3 years ago
3:23 - 3:26 looks like computer effects...
Danish Ramadani
Danish Ramadani 3 years ago
is mannn the it now aaaaaaaaaaaaa
Mr Tenge
Mr Tenge 3 years ago
что за музыка на 2:00
Orange Monster
Orange Monster 3 years ago
man that jump was awesome
Sam Hatherly
Sam Hatherly 3 years ago
Just so, so good.
John Chang
John Chang 4 years ago
Poetry in motion. What an amazing artist!
TinsoBro 4 years ago
tantricsurfer 4 years ago
simply amazing
i like this
bishducc 4 years ago
I think my penis just turned into a vagina and then it shriveled up to nothing left
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