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DC and Ken Block present Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco.
Shot on the actual streets of San Francisco, California, GYM5 features a focus on fast, raw and precise driving action. Filmed over four days, director Ben Conrad and his team are back to work on their second Gymkhana production and delivered the entire city of San Francisco as Ken Block's personal gymkhana playground. DC Shoes also provided fellow DC athlete and longtime Ken Block friend, Travis Pastrana, to make a cameo appearance on his dirtbike, and S.F. resident Jake Phelps of Thrasher Magazine fame also makes a cameo as Block hoons S.F. in his most incredible Gymkhana yet.
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Jul 9, 2012




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Comments 100
ab ba
ab ba 13 hours ago
Görsel şölen ağzımızın suyu aktı izlerken aq
ajayyadav kasu
Awesome 🔥🔥
Donut Life
Donut Life Day ago
Ken: gets in cars Breaks and tires: please Sir we have kids
Jacob Dirkson
I heard thats a stock ford focus
Jackie Marcucci
Jackie Marcucci 3 days ago
james charles
Eric V.
Eric V. 4 days ago
This video is known to the state of California to cause cancer and should not be consumed by pregnant or nursing women.
Wolf White VIDEO CSS
ruvid.net/video/video-OVPf6khMJuI.html wow driving !!!
cfcfree 7 days ago
Poop town
Wujas _
Wujas _ 7 days ago
he krazy
Ade Muhtadin
Ade Muhtadin 7 days ago
Good video
Aleks Rysskiu
Aleks Rysskiu 8 days ago
Как же ему резину хватило на заезд
Capita K
Capita K 9 days ago
I like his smile while drives it looks like he really enjoys it
chris 1
chris 1 9 days ago
Essex Yobbo passing his driving test !
S K 10 days ago
All this technology and Bullit is still way better..
Mike Henny
Mike Henny 11 days ago
He made it look easy. He's the real DK! But one thing that gets me is he's doing this sll with stick Remember kids, if you're gonna push your car to its absolute limit, you might as well do it in style
Muhammad Alwy
Muhammad Alwy 11 days ago
It is @car ford rs 200.&biycle
Muhammad Alwy
Muhammad Alwy 11 days ago
Wow is @mazing is @drift
Bence Lábas
Bence Lábas 13 days ago
greta crying
HUSSLE AND MOTIVATE With Masonwabe Tshobonga
STILL EPIC.... People who asked me "what would you do with a billion dollars?"... 100 Mill I'd give to charity organisations in my country, the other 900 would be bribe/hush money to the city council to shut it dooown lmao... I'd be bumping Nike Hussle's "Keyz to the City" track going CRAZAAZY bro hahaaa
Ethan 13 days ago
That sent shivers down my spine it was so fucking cool
Sayed Nayeem Shouvon
Great jump!
Qyquyeuwhe Vswhhsjwhe
ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this
Zibirus 69
Zibirus 69 14 days ago
BR marcando presença pq sim
ty gb
ty gb 15 days ago
2:50 videomakers on fire
William Heng
William Heng 16 days ago
Driving like this needs to be in a bond film
Tobey Maguire
Tobey Maguire 16 days ago
He’s the real life drift king
UWaShock 16 days ago
keiichi tsuchiya is
frank silva
frank silva 18 days ago
I find it almost impossible to believe San Francisco would approve this, considering what an uptight politically correct city it is. I can hear them now..."Look at all the pollution they are making." If they had their way, there would be no racing or competition. Every track driver would receive a participation trophy. We are almost living in the movie "Demolition Man."
Japs Santos
Japs Santos 18 days ago
Thicc Mango
Thicc Mango 19 days ago
ooooh the memories hit hard
amiran andronikashvili
Dequarius Tranquavis
Can he parallel park tho
Nathan Brumfield
Nathan Brumfield 21 day ago
I’d love to learn how to drift for a living
Demetri Harlan
Demetri Harlan 22 days ago
Why didn't go through Hunters Point or Filmore??? Lol.
Demetri Harlan
Demetri Harlan 21 day ago
@WiseCrack 1015 Lol, its not as bad as it use to be, lower 3rd St looks like a whole new planet, and they tore down the Hayes Valley projects in the Fillmore.
WiseCrack 1015
WiseCrack 1015 21 day ago
Demetri Harlan wheels woulda been gone
ola Des
ola Des 23 days ago
This is too much. Have to try this one day and see
Alberto Cuevas
Alberto Cuevas 23 days ago
19k dislikes were people who were late to work or school due to the filming of this
*babes18.ru?v=LuDN2bCIyus* 3:57
Cooper Smith
Cooper Smith 25 days ago
6:45 just casualy driving with one hand on the wheel
jake foley
jake foley 21 day ago
U have to to use the e-brake
Kiddboi_ yt
Kiddboi_ yt 25 days ago
Bruno's bay
Bruno's bay 26 days ago
That's as much fun as you can have with your clothes on!
Aron Loffi
Aron Loffi 26 days ago
Al limite en cada curva impresionante.
Gussie R
Gussie R 27 days ago
what model is this car /
WiseCrack 1015
WiseCrack 1015 21 day ago
Gussie R custom Ford Fiesta
Igor Bolev
Igor Bolev 28 days ago
I’ve painted my Ford Fiesta like this but it didn’t help... please advise, what’s your secret?
*babes18.ru?v=LuDN2bCIyus* 1:06
Richochet Month ago
Glad he didn't hit any San Francisco homeless bastards crossing the street ...
Dana H
Dana H Month ago
I live near San Francisco and I know a lot of these locations. This is one of the coolest videos I think I've ever seen in my life.
IP PRO Month ago
Ювелир, в России он был бы Пашей.
MU SAT Month ago
밑에는왜보여주는건데 시발애미디진년들아 좆같이산다 애미디진년들
Los Capital Ben
Los Capital Ben Month ago
thats some forza horizon 4 driving there
Jayan Patel
Jayan Patel Month ago
Tyre ki fat gayi
AR K Month ago
What a delight watching this.....amazing driver, best of the best vehicle....... beautiful course.... I want to buy every product who sponsor them........ Bravo guys
Victor Vivas
Victor Vivas Month ago
Ive came here to motivate me before the driving exam!
Liam Sparling
Liam Sparling Month ago
jump shot city
Liam Sparling
Liam Sparling Month ago
oh did Kurtis Conner edit this??
jengasias Month ago
Drifted the whole freemont st exit. Damn....
Rk Nirvan
Rk Nirvan Month ago
Superb excellent 👍👏 and fantastic
Brenton Simpson
Brenton Simpson Month ago
4:13 missed a stop sign 😉
lolazo RR
lolazo RR Month ago
Meh, my corsa is better
IMPACT skate
IMPACT skate Month ago
bro he blew a red light
Srinivasulu Charupally
what we are getting out of it ????
virtual ghost
virtual ghost Month ago
Like it
神崎ちひろ Month ago
Anthony Bartolo
Anthony Bartolo Month ago
Why do they try to make it look as if his driving is perfect. You can see the tyre marks already there from the countless times that he has attempted the same shot.
rizkyullah rizky01
Bhs inggris semua
British Rally Media
Franky F
Franky F Month ago
One of the best videos on RUvid. Kind of like how I went to KFC this morning.
Mister R
Mister R Month ago
Ken block the best 😍
César Escobar M.
Dos locos en una misma vía. 😳
trùm sủa
trùm sủa Month ago
takumi tofu boi
takumi tofu boi Month ago
when i saw this this instantly became my 2nd favorite gymkhana.
Christopher Frenette
thats how he test drives a car before buying.
Silver 16
Silver 16 Month ago
When u are allowed to do this, u know that u did some things right in ur life
Vincent Hullen
Vincent Hullen Month ago
Nothing! Nothing! Beats a Dacia Logan 💪💪
aaron Jiang
aaron Jiang Month ago
ADiTYA Month ago
3:49 is nobody going to talk about this amazing shot
Saul Valdez
Saul Valdez 27 days ago
Best real jump I've ever seen. Those shots you see in movies usually result in a totaled car. Not in this case. Don'y know anyone that lived in the City that didn't get frame damage after attempting this.
alan damian
alan damian Month ago
De la csmre
danny brownne
danny brownne Month ago
WHen she home alone
Doug Smith
Doug Smith Month ago
Styx- Nice touch.... Amazing Video!
indy Vermeerschen
how did they make the "effect/shot" at 5:44
WiseCrack 1015
WiseCrack 1015 21 day ago
indy Vermeerschen multiple cameras lined up. All taking the shot at the same time and they just post edit to give it the moving effect.
Saga Bergström
Saga Bergström Month ago
2020? Leave a like if it is 2020
Bes Santo
Bes Santo Month ago
Damn that guy can drive!
Shadowz Edge
Shadowz Edge Month ago
Next time I visit San Fran I want Ken Block as my taxi driver.
Oliver Month ago
More videos please
RandomMindz Month ago
What 2020 looked like XD
Batuhan Kizilkoca
hktc buluşmasına giderken bne
Bat Georgi
Bat Georgi Month ago
Imagine staying at home looking out the window and then all of the sudden some lunatic passes drifting 120km/h
Торч Month ago
Безбашеный чувак! Но реально профи своего дела! Уважуха!
P f Kj
P f Kj Month ago
더런 새끼들 오염 다시키네
Christophe Jergales
I will hold my head a little higher the next time I drive my fiesta.
J S Month ago
this guy sure is a good driver
Klocc562 Month ago
When DC was cool
артем андреев
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller 2 months ago
Looks like Baltimore traffic most mornings.
Bryplays77x 2 months ago
Finally my WMMT dreams come true XDDD....
Stas Semenov
Stas Semenov 2 months ago
Ibrahim Abdelfattah
Ibrahim Abdelfattah 2 months ago
Who just g on t this recommended
den20dgo 2 months ago
8 years later, and it's still the best one.
MAVERICK PLAYS 2 months ago
kamron rhodes
kamron rhodes 2 months ago
He’s doing it from undercover brother
SaurabhSharma76 2 months ago
Next videos