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Nov 17, 2018




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Comments 100
Cole Chanlle
Cole Chanlle 20 hours ago
No one Computer: no disc space Daz: let me do my intro world
Sxldier Day ago
When in doubt scream “LINDA!!!!”
Teej Andres
Teej Andres Day ago
Nowadays 300 MB left on your hard drive is not a lot of space. xD That's like, two 480p videos, each one only 10 minutes long.
Belinda MacMenigall
Please follow me on tiktok cartoonsavage_12 please someone
Angomatic 760
Angomatic 760 2 days ago
Me : clicks on video:the video:HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU👁👄👁
baby yoda content
This is how many times people send daz happy birthday songs 👇
itz_typicYT 3 days ago
Btw 300 megabytes is 0.3 GB which is legit nothing
Seth Schultz
Seth Schultz 3 days ago
2:00 it means america
Sera Heritage
Sera Heritage 3 days ago
daniel velez
daniel velez 3 days ago
black santa is the real santa but he eats bad kids not gives gifts to good kids lol
R 5 days ago
I thought you were a nice guy
R 5 days ago
The mail scared me
Sam Cabeza
Sam Cabeza 6 days ago
I don’t know if you’ll even see this but I want to let you know i have been very depressed lately and just watching your videos have made me happy for the first time in a long time i just wanted to let you know how much your content means to me💕💕💕
Soldier CrystalGamer
Daz. At 9:02 with the tracer song it’s mercy by the living Tombstone and I think the reason he made it was so many people are idiots and don’t have support on there team and someone has to fight and this song is a guy that tired of people on his team aren’t getting a support and he’s tired of being on a 1000 losing streak and the girl is just pushing his luck trying to act like a idiot and just like to see gamer boys lose there cool aka like a troll and the reason is most people don’t play any more cuz there most people that don’t pick a support then fight over it then they lose it’s just total bs for people to do that that’s why I was taught to play nice. I’m sorry I needed to vent I love his music but that song pushes my buttons and every song has a meaning to it hidden in the sound and lyrics if ya take the time to listen to it
Araknopop 7 days ago
Thanks so much for brightening my day
sytriii 7 days ago
Apex sound track dats funny xd
night ultima
night ultima 7 days ago
Dear god XD
The ToxicTeddy
The ToxicTeddy 7 days ago
First time ever subing to a RUvidr. DAZ KERP IT UP BROTHER!
Ray Coool
Ray Coool 7 days ago
Me not laughing dazed laughing me hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahaahaaahahaha
LoserAnime Boo
LoserAnime Boo 7 days ago
Some day i think the Low Disc space is going to kill Daz, Daz: IM NOT RUNNING OUT OF DISC SPAAACCCCEEEEE Low disc space: ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘
Sadu Sadu Games
Sadu Sadu Games 3 days ago
*our, low disc space* (☭ ͜ʖ ☭)
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 7 days ago
Luke Petravicz
Luke Petravicz 7 days ago
Badeend 8 days ago
Plot twist. Daz is Jenny!!
Winter Nix
Winter Nix 8 days ago
someone: make a good song tiktok stars: mine now People who hate tiktok: 9:05
Yandel Vigo
Yandel Vigo 9 days ago
Well nice talking about the hard drive soo fun
Yandel Vigo
Yandel Vigo 9 days ago
The beginning of the vid
ITsElexio 9 days ago
Why isn't nanyone asking what movie he's in??? I can't find anything on google :0
ITsElexio 9 days ago
Found it NVM! Brotherhood /Kill Ben Lyk/Eddie the Eagle. For those who were wondering.
Michael Cellucci
Michael Cellucci 9 days ago
Please make another
Silver SoundWave
Silver SoundWave 9 days ago
Daz: I HAVE DISC SPACE, SOTP SHOWING UP! Me: has no disc space and doesn't get told.
DollyStudio 9 days ago
Overwatch made the-
FortuneKitty 10 days ago
Does anybody else find that they normally wouldn't laugh at these TikToks, but because Daz is laughing, you can't help but laugh with him? 😂 For some reason, I only find videos funny if Daz is reacting to them.
FortuneKitty 10 days ago
7:34 to 8:14 I was laughing so much I started crying 😂 my mother just looked at me and said "You're obviously watching Daz." 🤣
low discspace :
low discspace : 10 days ago
Im still here
mega big_bean
mega big_bean 10 days ago
RUvid's subtitle thing puts (dads watches) instead of *daz watches* 🤣😂
Jill Ridlehoover
Jill Ridlehoover 11 days ago
Happy birthday, Jenny!!!!!!!! 🎂 🎈
Рая Маринова
Daz:*laughs * Me :*mind don't laugh!*
Priyal Modhawadia
Priyal Modhawadia 11 days ago
Who’s watching in 2021?
[Aiko] 11 days ago
that girl on the phone sounded like my cousin
Iron Man The Iron GAMMER
And he said in another one of his videos he would never tell some one to die I’m kidding I know what he ment
Brufesplays 13 days ago
Yo I git some drugs cuz I’m sick
FuZi_oN PuLsE
FuZi_oN PuLsE 13 days ago
I don’t find it funny but I’m dying of laughter because of daz 😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
donna mullendore
donna mullendore 14 days ago
hearing daz laugh honestly makes my day :D
Bandz Doll
Bandz Doll 14 days ago
😂 his laugh make me wheeze
Hope senpai
Hope senpai 15 days ago
This video basically showed how a lot of people on TikTok bully others that are trying to stop bullying and that's not funny. I love daz. Hes awesome but like those people suck
Xd JJVG123
Xd JJVG123 15 days ago
Do you know when dad say “how’s I going dazzlers” am I the only one that goes hi daz
Hecking Heck
Hecking Heck 15 days ago
Daz's daughter: in her room doing homework Daz: HOWS IT GOING DAZLERS!!!!
saltyboynice 17 days ago
Dude when you made a vid of people rousting you when that guy said kill your self and you said dont say that to people Look what you did daz you said who ever made that music die today
HexHalo x
HexHalo x 17 days ago
Daz: hows it going dazzlers Sub titles: huskers does lets dust
Christian Bay
Christian Bay 18 days ago
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 clap*
Christian Bay
Christian Bay 18 days ago
Best intro
R Lee
R Lee 18 days ago
When u get the wrong number Oh shit what is this Wrong number
WaltersHotMum 18 days ago
『Lønley potato』
I love it when he says “Linda!!!” I watched it a million times it gets better and better😂
_ SpiritZ_
_ SpiritZ_ 19 days ago
“Known formerly as musically,” *low disc space* *deep sigh
Alexander Banks
Alexander Banks 19 days ago
Who’s Linda?
Phoebe Salerno
Phoebe Salerno 19 days ago
its not always his comments, it his goddamn laugh!
S P 20 days ago
Shit honestly gets less funny as the years pass.
Buff Doge
Buff Doge 20 days ago
British life []*Wake up* *drink tea* *repeat*[]
Jennifer Jane
Jennifer Jane 20 days ago
thanks for the happy birthday Emma we’ll have to get together for a coffee sometime 😭 lmao
Das Kimchen
Das Kimchen 20 days ago
I love daz
Kami Coolest
Kami Coolest 20 days ago
omg i love daz so much hes so funny
That One kid
That One kid 20 days ago
i miss the good old days but i like the clout im getting now sooo
Young_Prada 21 day ago
Someone messages daz: Me: Linda?! Woman says Jenifer: Me: 😅 I thought it was Linda for a second
pandie is weird :T
9:06 everyone that knows it’s the living tombstone that made this song, and their childhood was basically all FNAF: :0...
deadpoolUwU 21 day ago
Ur computer does not like u it happens every time
Beat Making God
Beat Making God 21 day ago
You could take your computer to a shop
M Wolfe
M Wolfe 21 day ago
I got high for the first time in months today and I watched this video and this was the best high of my life
Nyah Gotcha life
Nyah Gotcha life 22 days ago
Stephen Ohara
Stephen Ohara 22 days ago
Me gets a ad of NBA2K21 Someone else out there with NBA2K69
Meme Boys
Meme Boys 22 days ago
Mmmmmm paid my taxes since 2003 i have not... die in shoot out with IRS i shall
Bass and carp101 101
When he raged over his disk space!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kate SunHoof
Kate SunHoof 23 days ago
“ it’s 2018, anything’s possible.” Lol, 2020.
Retarded_pancake 23 days ago
same here
JJH GHOST 23 days ago
9:40 doe
Stephanie Luciano
Stephanie Luciano 23 days ago
*low disc space has entered the chat*
Well Heck
Well Heck 23 days ago
This man needs low disc space merch
Cuddle Time Gacha
Cuddle Time Gacha 24 days ago
allison ladd
allison ladd 24 days ago
Keiran Hooker
Keiran Hooker 24 days ago
It's not funny but his larch is ssooooo catchie
livi. boom
livi. boom 24 days ago
Daz’s laugh just makes everything better 😂🤣
Jeff 24 days ago
Daz: sorry the music i put is crap Me 1 second later shazaming it and vibing to it for the next 2 hours
YT HXUXNXT 24 days ago
Black Gryphon was the guy part of the really cringy song but he didn't write it.
Ariana Pomales
Ariana Pomales 24 days ago
You should totally make a short film called “the ghost drive” like about ur low disk space 😂
Aryjubjub Jadav
Aryjubjub Jadav 25 days ago
The song was by black griphon
The Eraser
The Eraser 25 days ago
The universe was trying to stop him from watching tic tok
Mike G1013
Mike G1013 25 days ago
Brunobloblehache 25 days ago
Well i got youtube premium so i dont see ads
Rav3n 25 days ago
Mya Taylor
Mya Taylor 26 days ago
Daz: LINDA FIX MY PC Linda: if this guy asks me once more about this fucking computer I am going to loose my shit.
Zx0 Rhythms
Zx0 Rhythms 26 days ago
The funniest part of this “TRY NOT TO LAUGH “ video was whenever Daz laughed 😂😂😂🔵
IRaidGamez 26 days ago
Daz watching anything: Low disk space: Im going to ruin this man’s whole career
Scottish Bonsai
Scottish Bonsai 26 days ago
That IRS one was creepy guy need to be in the register no doubt lol
Fun Dip.
Fun Dip. 27 days ago
This video pretty much has the same amount of subscribers Daz has.
Riley Brandon
Riley Brandon 27 days ago
I can finally Tim because like I couldn’t because I didn’t have an account
Bassist 224
Bassist 224 27 days ago
Your channel wouldn’t be the same without low disk space Am I right😂😂
XxCoolCat27xX 27 days ago
Ok.....did he litterally tell TheLivingTumbstone to die...
hungry bread
hungry bread 27 days ago
Daz's laugh is so wholesome
Joseph Stokes
Joseph Stokes 27 days ago
No one Absolutely no one Not a single soul Daz's computer- LoW DiSk SpAcE
ETON 496
ETON 496 28 days ago
Does dad not know what a bona is 😂
michael eastvold
michael eastvold 28 days ago
Happy birthday jenny
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