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Jul 5, 2020




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Comments 100
Marika Kruk
Marika Kruk 53 minutes ago
Daz:WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO LIVE IN A MALL?? Me:because free everything 😎👌
Bob the Minion
Also when u said £130,000 garden it actually said 130,000,000 MILLION GARDEN. WHYYY!?!?!?!?!?!?
Bob the Minion
How do kids even get that rich????
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here 4 hours ago
5:44 imagine changing that light bulb
BOB Jordan
BOB Jordan 5 hours ago
Its not 130,000 its 130 million
lil anxry
lil anxry 9 hours ago
daz is not used to rich. him sayin 130,000,000 as 130,000 proves it lmao.
Vibin RX7
Vibin RX7 10 hours ago
Dude mopeds are dope when I earn money I’m gonna buy a shitbox Miata, most I would spend is 10k with builds and all
kw h
kw h 12 hours ago
The only reason you would make a tiktok about how rich you are is if you didn't thought you needed it justified, or you're a arshole.
Wolfgang Pieper
Wolfgang Pieper 13 hours ago
We drink tap water from the well it’s cleaner than the stuff in town
Tyson Stone
Tyson Stone 13 hours ago
Daz: that’s a $130,000 front yard. Me: oh no, you don’t under stand that says $130,000,000
Edd Gould
Edd Gould 14 hours ago
Daz: You know you’re rich when you laugh like that. Me who laughs like that but only has 3$: Suddenly I’m Rich 💸💸💸
Effect 22 hours ago
Ok daz we gotta talk u said quote "I don't care waht is in ur fridge I wanna eat it" what do u mean... u cannibal.. orrr u eat poo
Jessimoto 22 hours ago
tbh if i had the money i would just FILL a whole house with random stuff like 600000 sticky notes or something stupid like that ~
TJA Burns
TJA Burns 23 hours ago
Leviticus30 Day ago
9:20 ummm That's 130 million US dollars which is 95 million pounds
Jack Wilkins
Jack Wilkins Day ago
I am rich I have a beautiful family
Scooteroll Day ago
Society (1989)
Dude literally just said 130 thousand😂🤣I love you Daz but sometimes you can be really dumb but it’s funny when u r🤣
TheEpicGamer 18 hours ago
He’s dyslexic
Bush Nikster
Bush Nikster Day ago
Who's gonna tell daz that it was 130,000,000 not 130,000
clover cope
clover cope Day ago
Bob: falls Daz: shits himself
Any person (including rappers) that shows off money is just plain annoying. Literally any person. Literally nobody cares about your damn money unless you’re donating it to something good.
Jessica Moise
I don’t like huge houses because cleaning it is going to be a pain
Kristin Maguire
Speaking of your daughter Mabel a special guest
qt_clapz 2010
My version of rich: buying daz games merch and beanie....!!❤️❤️ my idols merch is the best!! I can’t wait for it to deliver on the 25!!!
Ghoul Gaming
Ghoul Gaming Day ago
LMAO The fourth video that was shown was my grandpa's house that he sold. Literally they went to his house and taped it.
Alex Bloxsom
Alex Bloxsom Day ago
People with the most money is the most gayest
Natalia Cantey
Hogwarts is a school
Catoofyt C:
Catoofyt C: Day ago
I’m dying from the sound that daz made it sounded like a dying squirrel
Dillon Younis
Daz: 130 thousand front yard Me: That says 130 million
ChillinCloud Day ago
Click read more to see my opinion on those kids and rich people that care about nobody but themselves and there “money” ⬇️⬇️⬇️ It’s funny when rich people “show off” there things. Most of the items are just UGLY LOL Everything das said I agree with Those kids that show there 20 Lamborghinis I’m over hear laughing my head off thinking how you don’t care about people in need smh Them: RiCh KiD cHeCk ❎ Me: I don’t care check ✅ Brown gold white gray mansion No- just- no- why just just why- it’s so- not machy machy ugly And your holding a stack of cash that is like 10k- ok good for you, now instead of buying your 120th car go give it away, or somthing like COME ON Them: just bought a car, it’s clean. I’m going to clean it Me: 👍🏼 ok coole mic do Them: I just bought a mansion IM RICH HAHA Me: what is that for sell sign then Them: OH OH IM SELLING MY HOUSE YEAH Me: you just bought it you said Them: no take some money and get a memory card Me: I don’t need your money that you should use it to get somthing usefull in life for once Also me: Give it away to charity or something
When bald falls, something pushed it, you can tell cuz if you play the screen back at least 10-20sec. Before it happened, it was standing perfectly still, so there was no wind, no one pushing it, and it was standing in the same spot the whole time
Joel Brown
Joel Brown 2 days ago
It’s 130 million u donut
All of them definitly dont got a VR Headset. LOL, are they poor?!
Jessica Rolls
Jessica Rolls 2 days ago
I love daz but bottled water is filled with a tap so there isn’t much point
tall nut
tall nut 2 days ago
*I respect daz for not being a show off dick head*
trickshot king
trickshot king 2 days ago
I think the mannequin had enough of his life
strawberry milk
strawberry milk 2 days ago
no one needs to show off like thattt 🥱
Dragon Beast 5676
So I was playing games at like 3 am and then some containers fell off the counter scaring the shit out of mw
Dragon Beast 5676
Ell Ayy
Ell Ayy 2 days ago
When Bob fell I laughed too much! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Javier Anguiano
Javier Anguiano 2 days ago
9:46 headshot
O.Owow_dragons_fire_xX Zigler
I hate tap water
REMIX P 2 days ago
the yard was 135 million
Bailey Hunt
Bailey Hunt 2 days ago
NOBODY PICKED UP ON THE FACT THAT HE SAID £130,000 instead of £130,000,000
Alex Love !
Alex Love ! 2 days ago
How many of these Rich bois do you guys think got robbed after posting all that shit on Tik Tok?
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller 2 days ago
Rich people: 20 cars at the least Me: THE FUCK GIVE THAT MONY TO PEOPLE WHO FUCKING NEED IT
ɢʀᴇᴇɴ ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴ
Barry Keating
Barry Keating 2 days ago
Same I probably would like sticking the key in the ignition that’s why I’m getting a Toyota supra 98 and it’s faster
Barry Keating
Barry Keating 2 days ago
Rich kids:drive a lambo or Ferrari or mclaren and don’t look cool Daz: drives a moped and actually looks cool and doesn’t get pulled over and just looks cool
Calvin Shostak
Calvin Shostak 2 days ago
Front yard: 130 million DAZ: why would someone spend 130 thousand dollars on there front yard
NoShow 2 days ago
9:18 Daz, that is 130 million
Julia Christine Teppen
When you talk in that condescending girly voice, you remind me of Louis Litt from Suits
Kinga Maloney
Kinga Maloney 3 days ago
The Jza
The Jza 3 days ago
Bruh I’d be too paranoid to put anything online if I had money, I’d be so sure I was gonna get robbed 😂
Madhatter 3 days ago
Has Daz met Mr Beast?
Vortex Sneaxs
Vortex Sneaxs 3 days ago
i came from the future you dont have a elevator yet sry
Tara Croskery
Tara Croskery 3 days ago
Ay yo, poor people check! 👇
ICanSmell You
ICanSmell You 3 days ago
the second one was cap, because if he was so rich then why couldn't he get a good haircut?
Phoenix 2.0
Phoenix 2.0 3 days ago
You can tell your rich when you laugh like that: neh nuewh neuh nueh hmwa
Cole Cole
Cole Cole 3 days ago
Who needs 5 cars?
Teagan Scorer
Teagan Scorer 3 days ago
nah daz I havnt drank tap water in years😭😭
Matt Calloway
Matt Calloway 3 days ago
Nah I acc wanna see what Dad’s house looks like just out of interest. You don’t look self-absorbed cuz anyone who watches your vids knows you aren’t.
Ashlee Madden
Ashlee Madden 3 days ago
The end when bob fell omg hahaha
asajam 3 days ago
Daz do a tour of ur House!!!!!
Oliver Harold
Oliver Harold 3 days ago
Daz:drives in a Ford Spoilt rich kid:I only drive cars that are like a mirror!
ニックNiikkq 3 days ago
5:52 That's Malay isn't it?
The BRS 4 days ago
Bob said “I’m going down I’m yelling timber”
Sphinx YT1562
Sphinx YT1562 4 days ago
Sticking a key in it turning it and it’s on that’s kinda sus
Nick de Jongh
Nick de Jongh 4 days ago
i dont like big houses there CAN JUST LIVEA BIG MONSTER THAT YOU DONT KNOW .-.
Ethan Field
Ethan Field 4 days ago
Daz, THAT 130,00£ back yard said 130,000,000 million!!!! too much
Ink Ravan
Ink Ravan 4 days ago
Daz: "130 thousand pound yard" Me: looks at the price 2 times... Also me: EEHK thats 130 million...
ix_JXM3ZZ 4 days ago
And you realise it the local car park
Wolf Pack843
Wolf Pack843 4 days ago
DaDdys money Daddy’s money
AUJV_urban 2
AUJV_urban 2 4 days ago
Anybody realised that fax said 130000 dollars instead of 130000000
JD Juarez13
JD Juarez13 4 days ago
Mr Beast is way richer than that
Kyøūka Jirøū
Kyøūka Jirøū 4 days ago
Bibz Tv
Bibz Tv 4 days ago
Ferrari makes cheaper Lamborghinis id rather have that cause its rare
Dinomoo1212 4 days ago
I don't drink tap water straight out of the tap because my water is gunk. We were told the pipes are fine, but for some reason the water is messed up. We do have a filter tho to help, I still prefer bottles.
Tiernan McKay
Tiernan McKay 4 days ago
who else thought bob took a stroke when he fell
eren titan
eren titan 4 days ago
"That is not a school that's Hogwarts" little does he know Hogwarts is a school
CLOUDIEZ 4 days ago
i think ya meant 130 million 9:20
Relaxx Exoticc
Relaxx Exoticc 4 days ago
Bruh Thats All Daddies Money
Freak On Vr
Freak On Vr 4 days ago
Literally none of those kids are rich, its literally just their parents.
Gouhie 4 days ago
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 5 days ago
Spoiled rich kids will grow up and will never appreciate anything
peppa deegan
peppa deegan 5 days ago
I think I'd go insane with a house that big it would just feel so empty
daz you are not the only one who drinks bottled water because where I live there is a very dirty pipe system that leads to the sink so we have to drink bottled water.
Muhammad Ali Ussen
Did anyone else see when the front yard costed 130 000 000 and daz said 130 000 It is like he couldn't calculate or believe the last 3 0s
Nejire Hado
Nejire Hado 5 days ago
I can’t tell the difference between Daz’s shirt or the blue car
Dough dog
Dough dog 5 days ago
I feel Rich on 20 quid
༒ArctiC༒ Fox
༒ArctiC༒ Fox 5 days ago
Me the entire video: DADDYS MONEY
Will Wilson
Will Wilson 5 days ago
When you realise the people in the video rented the cars
Exotic Spring
Exotic Spring 5 days ago
The minute the fricken minute you said hogwarts i was like :0
LaHonda Lerma
LaHonda Lerma 5 days ago
you should do a house toor
bakugou katsuki
bakugou katsuki 5 days ago
I don't like tap water either it just tastes weird and then exactly one right like turns a yellowish color I don't know how people drink it
That One Avocado
That One Avocado 5 days ago
I don’t want a big house cause then I need to vacuum it all
I wonder how they'd feel if their parents kicked them out, and forced them to get a job.
Tyler Long
Tyler Long 5 days ago
I drink both tap and bottled
oPpAr sWeG
oPpAr sWeG 5 days ago
Imagine how lonely they would be alone in a movie theater
oMizu 5 days ago
At least half of these people are faking being rich
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