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Jul 5, 2020




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Comments 100
A liars Funeral
A liars Funeral 5 hours ago
What’s the song playing during the tiktoks
Josh Ronalds
Josh Ronalds 6 hours ago
tbh i would have fun turning that car on
uωu ɓυnnƴ cɧαng uωu
My version of being rich would be: buying food,coffee,pyjamas the chandler looked more like some messed up cake covered in melted cheese
Jonathan Regan
Jonathan Regan 14 hours ago
Oh you got some indonesian tik tok. Greetings from Indonesia
Texas bornfishing
Texas bornfishing 16 hours ago
Daz😀😀😀Bob falls daz😶👁👄👁😶
theOutlaw_ TexasRed
theOutlaw_ TexasRed 18 hours ago
Bruh a 7 hundred dollar strip that s*** is probably made of freakin king cobra leather
Supersoldier 103
Supersoldier 103 18 hours ago
Back when I lived in West Texas, which let me tell you, it's like the old ass western movies you watch, Dust and Dirt fucking everywhere, and the tap water is disgusting, a couple years back there use to be dirt in it, but they fixed it, it's still disgusting though.
GrimKitty NightStar338
I use filtered water UwU
Angus Mahm
Angus Mahm Day ago
Bill gates bought these cards for 13 year olds houses I saw him in the streets on a yoga mat.
Denki Kaminari
winston massey
does anyone else want a house tour now
Melissa Jahn
Melissa Jahn Day ago
This video isn’t daz watching spoiled kids it’s him watching people who like to flex
Just Deanna
Just Deanna Day ago
I’m proud to say I won a solo game while watching this video
Adelio F
Adelio F Day ago
5:10 he’s from Indonesia
Gacha someone?
Gacha someone? 2 days ago
I think tap water is disgusting and I’m not poor or rich
Chooonky Boi
Chooonky Boi 2 days ago
Does anyone else hate tik tok and are happy it’s getting banned
Rebecca Reno
Rebecca Reno 2 days ago
Rebecca Reno
Rebecca Reno 2 days ago
I am poor af and the money I do have I spend on bottled water cause I hate tap
thelma lundström
if i was rich i would give some to my family or people who actually needs it if i wouldnt actually need it
Whitney Wolf
Whitney Wolf 3 days ago
Eat the rich
braedengames56 3 days ago
They may be rich in money, but they're not "rich" with experience or respect. Money does not buy happiness so they're losing out in life. Life has a lot more to offer if you're not just handed things at your front doorstep get out in the world work a little. You learn what community is and people who don't lift a finger to help someone else are no better than the dirt we walk on. This community should be filled with people willing to lend a helping hand instead of trying to show off how much your parents have accomplished by themselves.
William - fausa
William - fausa 3 days ago
Feffe gir meg 100mil når jeg går ut med gutta
i d i 0 t i c m e m e YT
The thing about the modern houses that "rich people" have is, THEY HAVE SO MANY WINDOWS. WHAT ABOUT THE PRIVACY?!
isa mack
isa mack 3 days ago
Bob falling was a great moment!
John Nuttall
John Nuttall 3 days ago
Daz is british, why does he say 'dollars' 'mall' and 'store'?
Honey Hammy
Honey Hammy 3 days ago
Diaz:you can tell the laugh is from a....commercial:Dose your vag**na hurt?Me:😟-😨-😱My beautiful ears!
Darcy Ramage
Darcy Ramage 3 days ago
7:07 I'm dead 🤣💀
Antony Cordwell-Leidelmeyer
I think it's hundred and thirty million 😂🤣
Wolf Girl1029
Wolf Girl1029 3 days ago
keiran degenhard
keiran degenhard 3 days ago
Daz, Love you, Love your channel and I really don't want you get what I say next wrong - But you say a lot in the video about giving to charity. But I reached out a LOT to your PR company Independant Talent when me and my business did a 24 hour gaming marathon for Macmillan, as I was playing ARK for 24 hours which fitted in heavily with your content at the time! I wasn't looking for sponsorship or money but literally like a Tea Party hat or something to put toward giveaways and your PR company were so rude and I literally have an email from them saying Daz only gives to one 'well known' charity a year and this doesn't meet the criteria'. Don't get me wrong, that's fine but that was after like 7 phone calls and 10 emails of being bounced round the office and no one wanting to deal with me. Anyway what's done is done, I still support you but hearing you say so much about charity in this video kinda took me back bro.
demi cunningham
demi cunningham 3 days ago
Daz most of the houses are hotels
NindiePlay 3 days ago
God dammit Bob! Ngl i almost shat my pants when he slightly moved before he fell lol
missy robinson
missy robinson 3 days ago
when daz said isn't the car shiny enough, it reminded me of my second cousin because he bought a new truck but wont drive it because hes afraid to get it dirty so he drives his old one, which is pretty stupid.
Bass and carp101 101
Not 130,000 Daz...130,000,000. MILLION DAZ!!!!
camara Wagner
camara Wagner 3 days ago
0:40 i don't understand why anyone would need so many bags if i was rich i wouldn't buy anything like that if i i was rich i would uses most of my money on anime items 😂😂 i would literally have an anime room and i would be flexing showing off all the things i have 😏
Kari Arnold
Kari Arnold 4 days ago
The famous people: your just jealous
Maddy Oliver
Maddy Oliver 4 days ago
But why though?
Katie Miller
Katie Miller 4 days ago
Daz: that’s not a school that’s Hogwarts Me: *looking down at my new Hogwarts hoodie* Also me: another potterhead 😌
Jacob Midgley
Jacob Midgley 4 days ago
Hats off to their parents
STAY POSITIVE 4 days ago
9:10 The guy strocked his car and in my mind i was like "raWr smxy car~" 😂😂
angie Stewart
angie Stewart 4 days ago
130,000,000 million !!!!!
Millie Fitzgerald
Some rich people are gentle and don’t always use there money but others... OMG DADDY GET ME THE IPHONE 11 RIGHT NOW!!!!
The Moses Sisters
The fact that he is so humble about spending money while he has 5mil subs is incredible 😊
Malika Trott
Malika Trott 4 days ago
The thing is that the children arent rich it’s their parents like the children didn’t do anything for their wealth
every rich person in they're garden : oh yeah you see that grass cost me 1k cuz im not poor
2jzslayer 4 days ago
But money will never buy these kids a personality...
Lazarbeam Fan 08
Lazarbeam Fan 08 4 days ago
Noooooooo bob died
Lachlan Comyn
Lachlan Comyn 4 days ago
meanwhile a poor kid in Afghanistan see's his parents get shot in the back of the head and he gets malaria
Alana Zdraveska
Alana Zdraveska 4 days ago
Daz should play Roblox or fortnite
MangoDragon Christophersen
My version of being rich: Me buying my friend a birthday present with my own money
Lexi Smith
Lexi Smith 4 days ago
The pure fear in Daz’s eyes when bob fell
Ansh Dasari
Ansh Dasari 4 days ago
Do a house tour daz
Daz you dont talk about your wealth to the point that I didnt know you were rich until I watched this-
Teddy Dunton
Teddy Dunton 5 days ago
$130,000,000 front yard. hmmmm. not sure about that one
Jelena Zivana
Jelena Zivana 5 days ago
youre rich if you have a skatepark with no scooter kids
we ufos
we ufos 5 days ago
Tik Tok is being banned in the United States so I think England will still have it though
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez 5 days ago
Y does that guy have so many fucking cars
Aiden Airns
Aiden Airns 5 days ago
(Bob fell down well) 👻👻apparently the ghost have mode in👻👻
Cleetus 5 days ago
Emily Riz
Emily Riz 5 days ago
3:48 The funny thing about mtv cribs I noticed that most of them just had water and/or alcohol in their fridges and I was so confused. Then of course they have their own chefs
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin 5 days ago
in sweden the tap water is as clean as botteld water
Dragonoid 0928
Dragonoid 0928 5 days ago
Meme Man
Meme Man 5 days ago
👁👄👁 hewwo
Potato Queen
Potato Queen 5 days ago
Hi Bye
Storm Alexander Romøren
My friend has a Ferrari spider and a Bentley and a tesla and a Manson
רון פלד
רון פלד 5 days ago
I didn't know that daz rich
team celtsedits.1888
That wasnt 130k that was 130m
Jaelie Fox
Jaelie Fox 5 days ago
When you live in the rez😐
Morejustdoit 5 days ago
Lol I’m early
cool gamer YT
cool gamer YT 5 days ago
130 million*
Esther Miller
Esther Miller 5 days ago
Why would you need so many cars, half of them probably don't get used and a huge house too
The Monks
The Monks 5 days ago
Bod:yeettttt Daz:stopppppppp
Jasmine Werle
Jasmine Werle 5 days ago
Carmen Gilberto
Carmen Gilberto 5 days ago
i started a youtube and i would love if someone could check it out:))
Crowleyspet 4
Crowleyspet 4 5 days ago
Rich girl check! I now have a banana to eat!
AstroXCorrupt_ HaZe
That cracked me up that laugh
Valentina Arias
Valentina Arias 5 days ago
the "neigh neigh" is to funny I almost chocked on my meatball hahaha
Agnieszka Malex
Agnieszka Malex 6 days ago
I hate tap water too 🙃
Trifa Rasuly
Trifa Rasuly 6 days ago
*spits water out* "Is that tap water?!" *laughs in swedish*
lula_animations ÙwÚ
It's all fun in games until they see anime houses
Hug Dispenser
Hug Dispenser 6 days ago
Daz. Please watch a gay tiktok compilation after this.
SECRET AGENT 6 days ago
My version of rich: having £2 iron man glasses
Ellie Bennett
Ellie Bennett 6 days ago
Everyone else is talking about what their idea of wealth while here and can only think about how bob could be possessed
Emo_Peanut :P
Emo_Peanut :P 6 days ago
ᗯᗩK 6 days ago
The Louie Vatton bags are mad from unicorn ass hairs
Coastal Animist
Coastal Animist 6 days ago
"Spoiled Rich Kids TikTok?" You mean, "Normal TikTok," don't you? I've never understood the appeal of masses of accumulated wealth, or gluttonous consumerism. Camper-van, a few changes of clothes, and a musical instrument or two, and I'm set for life. Earn the money I need, share with others what I don't...
The chunk Artumis
compleately off topic please react to sicko mode
小兔子西蒙 6 days ago
It’s a 130 million dollar front yard @9:19
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob 6 days ago
The only way I’m rich is I buy donuts from Dunkin’
Elizabeth Probst
Elizabeth Probst 7 days ago
Now you know that the people who are disliking this video are all of the spoiled rich kids. LMAO! Yeah, he called all of your ignorant asses out.
Rose Bloom
Rose Bloom 7 days ago
Hagwards is a school though😅
Emi and G Gacha Cakes
Daz: I just wanna eat what’s in ya fridge *not even 5 seconds later* Daz: I don’t care what’s in ya fridge! Me: *cOnfUSioN*
squishy pants
squishy pants 7 days ago
Just hearing ‘HOWS IT GOING DAZZLERS’ fills my soul.
Kuro Yuki
Kuro Yuki 7 days ago
9:20 Friend, that was a 130 million not thousand
Halfpipe Lama
Halfpipe Lama 7 days ago
I like how he read $130,000,000 as $130,000
Sherie Campbell
Sherie Campbell 7 days ago
I just saw BOB out my window *runs*
Steampunk Wolf
Steampunk Wolf 7 days ago
Well, they'll die just like everybody else one day, and then it won't matter how rich they, or their parents, were. Also, if I was rich, I doubt I'd spend it on more than two cars, and they'd both be normal cars to drive around, not super expensive ones.
Maddisson C
Maddisson C 7 days ago
Daz:It looks 💕DiSgUsTiNg💕 ✨noNOnONo✨
mrsagirl4768 Sandoval
Daz... I really want Linda and low disk space merch!🙏🏻
Roblox Life
Roblox Life 8 days ago
I made of gold
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