Daytona 500 Pre Race Show

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Join Alex Weaver and as she roams the garage at Daytona International Speedway before the drivers in the NASCAR Cup Series resume the Daytona 500.
The remainder of the Daytona 500 will run Monday, February 17th, at 4:00 PM ET on FOX!
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Comments 33
jtizzy12 Month ago
No more super speedway racing with restrictor plates. Just way to dangerous.
Damien Whitston
Damien Whitston Month ago
S. Roberts
S. Roberts Month ago
Didn't ya have music & driver intros this year??
Metal Mania 3D & The Diecast Workshop
What happened to the live feed??????
Marie Collins
Marie Collins Month ago
I hope joey will win the daytona 500
fear is the mind killer
Daytona should be banned. Power to the People Bernie 2020
red7fifty Month ago
Hey, hold the Fucking camera steady!
C&C Vee
C&C Vee Month ago
Dennis Jaciw
Dennis Jaciw Month ago
Will soon be blocked for Copyright violation.....you cannot watch race online unless you pay! 😝
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver Month ago
@TheFalseKingslayer I was watching it live, I was clicking all over place live streaming had to set up account etc. and I found that one, jus came on, no sign up or nothing, I hope it happens again.
This is the official Nascar RUvid channel. They put every race up about a week after it happens
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver Month ago
Nascar heat 4 daytona 500
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver Month ago
Im watching on fox on my phone didnt have to create a account just came on.
Gabriel Fernandez
La mejor cat del mundo hoy gana Logano vamos saludos desde Lanús Argentina
BigRooster Month ago
I hope running single file around the high line isn’t back because 2016, 2017 and 2018 were boring races because the high line was the only place the cars ran.
David Batteau
David Batteau Month ago
Great job, Alex!! #TRUMP2020 #Infowars #Artemis
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver Month ago
TRUMP 2020
Becca g
Becca g Month ago
Mark Oliver I think President Trump should get two more terms.
eat me
eat me Month ago
Another brainless trumptard
eat me
eat me Month ago
For prison you are a fool
Ric O'Shai
Ric O'Shai Month ago
Mr cameraman, more of the pretty Blonde, por favor .
Ric O'Shai
Ric O'Shai Month ago
@Valerie Bennett , Thank you :)
Valerie Bennett
Valerie Bennett Month ago
Her name is Alex weaver
JimmyLukes Month ago
question: if jimmie johnson wins the champinship this year will he be considered the new "king" like richard petty is considered now?
Steve Coleman
Steve Coleman Month ago
@KDubs.02cnt I agree and with only three drivers winning seven, I would say that it puts Mr. Johnson in the royal family for sure. Different time, different place is all.
KDubs.02cnt Month ago
IMO he'll just be either (SuperChamp,Eight Time, or The Domin888ter, King Richard will always be the "KING"!! Besides JJ has a long way to go reach 200 wins...... That is a record I'm pretty sure you can rest assured will NEVER be broken in modern day NASCAR. If the diff. between the two is only 1 championship by JJ, but Petty has well over 100 more wins even though in different times Richard is still the King.
JimmyLukes Month ago
@Steve Coleman oh ok i was just curious, thanks steve
Steve Coleman
Steve Coleman Month ago
not till he gets 200 wins
Kazuhira Kilmister
In my country they're not showing the race live till 6:30 :/ Damn rain !
Cristian Heal
Cristian Heal Month ago
You still have to wait the same amount of time as us
José Guedes
José Guedes Month ago
Let's go, Ryan Blaney!!!!!
Vladimir Stefanovic
4:00 Eastern time
Robert Dahse
Robert Dahse Month ago
#1,#14,#62 for the win !
Bill Collins
Bill Collins Month ago
Fk i shoulda drove there 40 .miles away fk me
Bill Collins
Bill Collins Month ago
YEEYEE lets go cmon
Andrew McFadden
Andrew McFadden Month ago
Jack Nicholson 2020
Jhan Kline
Jhan Kline Month ago
I was on thee outside looking for a place to park. Im from northeast ohio and i am not paying 80 buckos to park my cat at this race.. Fuuuuuuck that. Im in sebastian for the winter working. I made the drive and all its about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$.
D Month ago
@Jhan Kline ? It's a parking lot that's free and has free shuttles that drive you from.your car to stadium and back to your car...
Jhan Kline
Jhan Kline Month ago
@D you know im not staying there. I got to get up and work in the morning.. Fuck that
Cory Goodman
Cory Goodman Month ago
If all else fails, try the north end of the speedway around the motels. 20 bucks should do it.
Bill Collins
Bill Collins Month ago
Where you from ?, im from lorain county ohio ohio elyria specifically, i live here now 40 miles from the track
D Month ago
Go to Lot 7, its 100% free and it has shuttles that take you to and from the stadium. I was at Daytona yesterday and parked there.
Kevin Skaggs
Kevin Skaggs Month ago
They’re lacing up the Goodyear Eagle’s on “The Beast” as we speak! lol
theplayernkc Month ago
I thought the cars were supposed to stay on pit road during a rain delay? Why are these cars in the garages?
Holy shit, it's a talking muffin
They don't leave the cars out overnight
Joshua Metz
Joshua Metz Month ago
theplayernkc during a delay yes, but it was postponed
Wureys Month ago
What channel for direct tv
Model Trains and Railfanning
@kj warking well it's over now
kj warking
kj warking Month ago
Dish network?
gamingproAddict/gaming dude
Model Trains and Railfanning for me fox is at channel 6
Model Trains and Railfanning
13 for me but it all depends on where you live and what your local fox station is
gamingproAddict/gaming dude
What channel for Spectrum
Eduardo Andrade
Eduardo Andrade Month ago
Como eu queria estar aí ao menos uma vez. Chegará esse dia.
Usagiynami Month ago
45 2020
eat me
eat me Month ago
Trump 2020 for prison dumbass
Bill Collins
Bill Collins Month ago
Ya man
The Big One
The Big One Month ago
Trump will win the 500. Wait, is he with Joe Gibbs, Rick Hendrick or is his other government mates that went with him his crew
John Carpenter
John Carpenter Month ago
@Marc Pilotte How is that at all important work for the President of the United States to be focused on? Despite your toxic vitriol, you and I have more in common with each other than you could ever hope to have with the president or any other politician.
Spikes Inferno
Spikes Inferno Month ago
The Big One He’s with Penske. They are friends, after all.
Marc Pilotte
Marc Pilotte Month ago
@John Carpenter he has business to finish...making liberals cry..MAGA 2020
John Carpenter
John Carpenter Month ago
How so? He didnt even stick around for the green flag.
Marc Pilotte
Marc Pilotte Month ago
He's just about completed 500 miles of wall so lets give him a👍 for making America safer one step at a time
Stone Object
Stone Object Month ago
Seth Hemmen
Seth Hemmen Month ago
Harvick all the way
Marc Pilotte
Marc Pilotte Month ago
eat me
eat me Month ago
@Eric Erickson reject just another Trump flunky a mega maggot
eat me
eat me Month ago
@Marc Pilotte really the only place Trump's going to be in 2020 is prison
John Carpenter
John Carpenter Month ago
@Marc Pilotte Unsure how my statement is construed as crying? But ok, did we not notice I said cults? As in plural?
Eric Erickson
Eric Erickson Month ago
Marc Pilotte
Marc Pilotte Month ago
@John Carpenter please don't cry like a liberal
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