Dayglow - Can I Call You Tonight? (Official Video)

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could you tell me what's real?
Stream or download "Can I Call You Tonight" from Fuzzybrain here: awal.ffm.to/fuzzybrain
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the lovely faces featured in this sensational .mp4 can be known as Sloan Struble and Reece Myers!
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Feb 1, 2018




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Comments 100
•Butterfly Wonderland•
This song hits way different when you’re crying
Nunez Villar
Nunez Villar 30 minutes ago
that baby represents me when i hear this song :)))
camila escudero caceda
a $1 dolar for video clip
Noelle Sung
Noelle Sung 3 hours ago
this is my favourite music video
drew xo
drew xo 4 hours ago
anyone here from clix stream??
𝓿 𝓲 𝓬 𝓽 𝓸 𝓻 𝓲 𝓪
Chills, literall chills
nehej7a 5 hours ago
Green screen isn’t a passion...it’s a lifestyle...
Best Lyrics
Best Lyrics 5 hours ago
Ur a legend of you remember the top comment being: when your parents get you a green screen for Christmas
Anthony Stormy
Anthony Stormy 5 hours ago
Algum brasileiro escutando essa bela canção na quarentena?
SeniorSyndrome 6 hours ago
1 green screen and an 1/8th later
si 6 hours ago
ese no es monche?
Carlos Maya
Carlos Maya 6 hours ago
We're sorry you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel this is in error, please check the number dialed, and please try again.
Redom Khan
Redom Khan 7 hours ago
Love ❤️ this song
Estefanía C. Powers
One of the funniest and most enjoyable music videos ever lmao
Ruby Gamerʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
This is my moms favorite and mine so I looked it up. Im speechless at this MV
Rutabaga Yam
Rutabaga Yam 8 hours ago
This song's kind of sad, once you really start listening to it. I hope his girlfriend or crush called him back 😭
pufka 8 hours ago
This song just fits perfect to any of fifa's. Change my mind.
Jordan Farias
Jordan Farias 9 hours ago
when i listen to this song it feels like i will meet The One that i Will Never see again but will spend a night/ day with as she leaves i feel sad but content beautiful but sad as i stand on the streets watching her go.
hatepirate 9 hours ago
The comment section: "Greeen screeen"
Backpacker Skinny
Backpacker Skinny 10 hours ago
really love this song.
ssoggie _nuggiez
ssoggie _nuggiez 10 hours ago
When they use every special effect I LOVE IT
Evelyn Fritas Cruz
Evelyn Fritas Cruz 10 hours ago
My heart hurts
pufferfishmusic fan
pufferfishmusic fan 11 hours ago
He looks like Chad from Friday the 13th with rtx on
Vikki Luu
Vikki Luu 13 hours ago
scott pilgrim vs the world cũng phải ghen tị với hiệu ứng của MV này :((
Laura Loiola
Laura Loiola 14 hours ago
no one: the end: fnaf
Probal 17 hours ago
Badger, Jessie and Skinny P are on a different kind of crack I see.
itay gandi
itay gandi 20 hours ago
00:44 make me cryyy btw love the song tho
[ Satella ]
[ Satella ] 22 hours ago
when you discover crayons and start drawing anything that comes to mind
Rebel Droid
Rebel Droid 22 hours ago
im So proud of this song that i have it in my playlist, and the other reason, that it was released on my Birthday .💘
Carlão Sensação
Carlão Sensação 23 hours ago
This like my first time when my girl say yes to my love declaration
FakeT Ati
FakeT Ati Day ago
benicio vilani
Daniel Day ago
Editado en Viva video pro v:
chikenblod Macosay
es la cancion mas feliz que e escuchado
chikenblod Macosay
ecselente pantaya berde
D Day ago
I feel bad for those who doesn’t know this song 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sxmmer Lilac
Sxmmer Lilac Day ago
Welcome to 1998
Maurelin Rafael
They spent all the money that they were supposed to use on this video on acid and weed, and let me tell you that's the best thing they could've done
Niña con ausencia paternal Y problemas familiares
jaja que bizarro la musicsa ta buena pero el video wn uff
Romina Lozano
gRapHiC dEsIgN iS mY pAsSiOn 😎😎😎😎
Vikki Luu
Vikki Luu Day ago
A guy sent me this song. Nice song, boy
Vikki Luu
Vikki Luu 13 hours ago
@Sxmmer Lilac he could have taste but he's still che chou
Sxmmer Lilac
Sxmmer Lilac Day ago
your friend has taste
Anh Đức
Anh Đức Day ago
j iu thi cung goi la em :>
Vikki Luu
Vikki Luu Day ago
Eooo. Chị Ngân nha
Anh Đức
Anh Đức Day ago
moi ngay 1 ban nhac tang Ngan
Jose Aguilar
Jose Aguilar Day ago
es mejor escucharlo a velocidad de 1.25
L a w l i e t
Guys what genre is this i need more of this
ACcOunt rAnDOm
The gorvernment:Students will use the online class to study until this pandemic is over Students during the online class:
b k
b k Day ago
Idk but I can't stop smiling while listening to this!
Maya ALLOUCH Day ago
idc what you say I love this music video just because it relates to people's everyday life. if I were to get a greenscreen i would do something dumb with my friends just because it's fun. I really can't explain what mean by this so like iykyk
Siempre cuando escucho esta canción me pone de ánimos
Sxmmer Lilac
Sxmmer Lilac 2 days ago
Welcome to 1989
Colo Nahue
Colo Nahue 2 days ago
Alguien en 2020?
BrosephPancakes 2 days ago
best music video ibve seen
Santiago Caulin
Santiago Caulin 2 days ago
temonnn nasheee
cheese cake is lifeu
элюха 2 days ago
my friend loved this song and played it often and even turned this song into a ringtone. we have a lot of common interests and other cool things, but we had a fight this summer. we were friends for a long time. a very long time. and I don't know if we can make up. I stumbled upon this song by accident and cried Uff sorry for my English guyzz
Pedro Flores
Pedro Flores 2 days ago
When the abortion clinic is closed 4:07
Catia Hernandez
Catia Hernandez 2 days ago
I love his smile when hes on the phone!!!!
riquelme weslley
riquelme weslley 2 days ago
Amo essa msc
Manly Men
Manly Men 2 days ago
more 80's sounding than the 80's itsself
José P. Cruz Cázares
its a great, amasing, i am from mexico
bleach12i 2 days ago
Why did it take me so long to find this song.
Tania Vázquez
Tania Vázquez 2 days ago
Omg how can I live all my life without this song? Haha lol 😂
camila rodriguez vargas
AJJAJAJAJAAJA i love iiiittt
Kevin Perdomo
Kevin Perdomo 2 days ago
This visuals got me tripping, year 3030
miţăcelmare 2 days ago
i luv the video
wes wes
wes wes 2 days ago
I think Harry Styles used to listen this kind of songs for create his songs
sophia salvador
sophia salvador 2 days ago
This is so like aesthetically pleasing to me =P
manaus_ amazon
manaus_ amazon 2 days ago
quality edition 👌
Viswatara 2 days ago
it's crazy how underrated this song is
Hazel Dela Cruz
Hazel Dela Cruz 2 days ago
While I was doing my modules this song accidentaly came, and I can't stop playing this
Teeno 2 days ago
3:28 when your secondlife girlfriend tells you she's gotta go back but it was nice meeting you
Hector Serrano
Hector Serrano 2 days ago
I actually came across this gem thru a RUvid ad...and I’m soo glad that i didn’t skip that time lol
Maddox Moonen
Maddox Moonen 2 days ago
1 Eye 1 Tear
1 Eye 1 Tear 2 days ago
This song gives heavy 90s vibe
DEZ 2 days ago
swear the best part is 03:00 just the way he does it ...
Metroid DC
Metroid DC 2 days ago
Farid Rieee
Farid Rieee 2 days ago
for the backsound the video for the trip is good, especially the video with my girlfriend 😁
nuj studio
nuj studio 2 days ago
I tried to cover this song...!
Gerson GCC
Gerson GCC 2 days ago
Victoria Acid
Victoria Acid 2 days ago
Matt Dupuis
Matt Dupuis 2 days ago
You can’t not dance when that shit drops.
Lindsay Trawick
Lindsay Trawick 2 days ago
Why is this so wholesome
Alya 3 days ago
finally we've reached the peak level of aesthetical movement
Luis Romero
Luis Romero 3 days ago
que genero es ?.... what gender?.....
rudi quispe
rudi quispe 2 hours ago
maryam vxv
maryam vxv 3 days ago
It's really bad but really good
A_C_Unit 3 days ago
Just a couple of white dudes living life.
Jose Sanchez perez
Nms men esta cansion fue una delas primeras desde el 2018 la recuerdo 😭😭😭😭 y me acuerdo de mi pasado amis amigos xdd
Victoria Acid
Victoria Acid 3 days ago
Courtney Kehr
Courtney Kehr 3 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-DsmH7ZSHip0.html&start_radio=1&ab_channel=DonnyElectric if u like this u might like thiissssss
italko iriso
italko iriso 3 days ago
Plexility 3 days ago
i think it might actually be a bluescreen.
Luis Cardozo Florentín
Sí, este es el comentario que buscabas.
Alice Assis cabral
2 years, and this will always be my favorite song thanks dayglow
Mhff Vnccg
Mhff Vnccg 3 days ago
Like si amas esta canción👉👉👉👍🆒
Arwend Mendoza
Arwend Mendoza 3 days ago
Idk but this is now my new ethstetic😏
- lu5c10u5 -
- lu5c10u5 - 3 days ago
Lyrics: [Verse 1] I feel close Well, maybe I'm not, heaven knows It's a spotlight stuck on the ceiling Why are these the things that I'm feeling? There's so much time For me to speak up, but I keep quiet I'll complicate the most of the mantra The power's out and I can't turn the fan on [Chorus] So can I call you tonight? I'm trying to make up my mind Just how I feel Could you tell me what's real? I hear your voice on the phone Now I'm no longer alone Just how I feel Could you tell me what's real anymore? 'Cause I wouldn't know [Verse 2] Voice so low Sneaking around, so it goes I always try my best to listen Picking up things that I can fidget Circle speed Pacing around, watching my feet Batteries drain, I get the memo "I think that I might have to let you go" [Chorus] So can I call you tonight? I'm trying to make up my mind Just how I feel Could you tell me what's real? I hear your voice on the phone Now I'm no longer alone Just how I feel Could you tell me what's real anymore? 'Cause I wouldn't know [Bridge] (We're sorry; you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service) (If you feel you have reached this recording in error please check the number and try your call again) Don't go, don't go so easy Don't go, don't go and leave me Don't go, don't go so easy Don't go, don't go and leave me Don't go, don't go so easy Don't go, don't go and leave me Don't go, don't go so easy Don't go, go [Chorus] So can I call you tonight? I'm trying to make up my mind Just how I feel Could you tell me what's real? I hear your voice on the phone Now I'm no longer alone Just how I feel Could you tell me what's real anymore? 'Cause I wouldn't know
Purple Dog Studios
Purple Dog Studios 6 hours ago
Melyssa De cristo
this song is just perfect!
Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes 3 days ago
Me recuerda cuando mi ex jugaba conmigo👍
Roberto Arce
Roberto Arce 3 days ago
so,can i call you tonight?
Chris Rizer
Chris Rizer 4 days ago
This shit is still fire to this day. Check out my music too.
limona 4 days ago
dame el video más falopa que tengas no no tan falopa
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