DAY6 "Zombie (English Ver.)" Lyric Video

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DAY6 "Zombie (English Ver.)" Lyric Video
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May 21, 2020




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Comments 80
hifscotm Hour ago
türkçe çeviri seçeneğini de görmek isterdim :(
Indri Hapsari
Indri Hapsari 2 hours ago
wow pantes IU suka ma lagu ni,, maknanya keren bgt
WeirdAj 2 hours ago
never listened to the eng version before now and now i just 🥺😔
Holicxxx 2 hours ago
This song doesn't try to push you out under the light, it just sits next to you quietly, closely. It gives you that comfort, makes you shed tears, and feel a step better.
Ketlin Simões
Ketlin Simões 3 hours ago
Thank you so much for this version
Yoonglebear Boy
Yoonglebear Boy 4 hours ago
This songggg omfg 😭😭
Myke ;
Myke ; 6 hours ago
This song hits different when you are lying in bed, not motivated to do anything, feeling unloved, unappreciated and like shit :')
Kirishima is a cinnamon roll
I think that this is the one song where I thoroughly enjoy both the original and English version. I just relate the the lyrics so much.
Looshy hooshy
Looshy hooshy 9 hours ago
I loved it so much..same words I keep saying.. Same ideas I have.. You described everything we'll and into a beautiful song..Thank you.
nindi lukita
nindi lukita 10 hours ago
I love this depression song, make me feel like that I'm not alone
secret. queen
secret. queen 15 hours ago
i love this song... besides the lyrics, it has such a chill beat to it and I love how it ends with only the piano left... so beautiful...
gab 18 hours ago
my mom asked me twice the title of this after she heard me jamming to it, she literally said "I love the beat!"
Kim Lascano
Kim Lascano 20 hours ago
I don't really stan Day6 but this song is just really beautiful
Kai 22 hours ago
day6: "i feel like a became a zombie" me: no you're too handsome to be a zombie
Najiha Nisa
Najiha Nisa 21 hour ago
Same here
811_sunshine Ahgase Emz
Since GOT7 and DAY6 are close i saw this song since the day one it was released but I just ignored and never listened but now i regret for not listening to this song earlier . Now i'm crying , haha this song was the very exact theme song of my city life 😂 .. "city life/zombie life"
SW Low
SW Low Day ago
what if there is chance for collaboration with baekhyun or do kyungsoo.☺️
I've hit the rock bottom because of the pandemic thing and this song is honestly the only that's stopping me from letting go
Kitty Mannequin
this song is just... relatable, man
Chon S
Chon S Day ago
KoraLoka Day ago
This song resonate with my innerself so much. Beautiful. You deserve world, guys
mikro kosmos
mikro kosmos Day ago
Me when i heard this : i have come to the other side of Kpop and I don't regret it.
__ Noelle
__ Noelle Day ago
I just tweeted "I'm back to being a zombie once again" then my friend sent me this song. And now I'm crying because I've been feeling so down for these past few months
Aly Shining
Aly Shining Day ago
Idk why I discovered them so late, I MEAN DUDE THIS GROUP IS SO FUCKING TALENTED AND ALL OF THEIR SONGS ARE PRETTY GOOD! Y'all should not sleep on them, they are really good. I am really not into korean artist before, I usally like grunge, rock, metal etc. That will make my head bang lmao and now I am attracted to young k because I AM SOFT WITH BASSIST!
Aly Shining
Aly Shining 23 hours ago
@Amm Can yes I do watched all of his covers and all I can say that I really stan the right man HAHA
Amm Can
Amm Can 23 hours ago
Make sure u watch his solo covers. Talent pure and simple.
Leader Stan
Leader Stan Day ago
I love the way that this song tells us it’s okay to cry to get sad and depressed .. DAY6 thank you
Icha Patrisia
Waiting for them sing this song live 😭🙈🔥
shiny sharma
shiny sharma Day ago
I hope who wrote these lyrics is okay.. Coz the song feels so straight outta heart ❤
Life's a Beach
Wonpil & Young K wrote this song, and they're doing pretty well thankfully. They wrote it a while ago, they wanted people to know they're not alone in feeling like this.
Nanda Larasati Prahasiwi
My official sunday song 🤭
Honny Demgel
Honny Demgel 2 days ago
Ta' que bonito ;u;
Kha Mora Souvenir
this MV makes me so sad IDK y
k pop lover
k pop lover 2 days ago
Day 6 is so underrated ,as I listened to zombie ,I fell in love with their voices ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Rex King 3.0
Rex King 3.0 2 days ago
Dammmn.this is their first song that i have ever heard.And its hella good.cant stop replaying.👍👍👍👍😤
Zara Miyazakiii
Zara Miyazakiii 2 days ago
im legit sobbing due to the meaning of this song... *its so relateable i love this song :
Elenita Resurreccion
This song hit me so bad that I wanna cry. It expresses the honest feelings of those individuals whose been living their lives in exhaustion. They are physically alive but emotionally and mentally dead. Outside they are smiling but deep within they are crying and dying. They feel like their lives are meaningless having no one acknowledging their best efforts. Always been chasing and working hard for that one dream that also seem to be so unreachable. They are in pain knowing that the only hurtful solution is to close it. Me: It is painfully true knowing the fact that with all of the best efforts we can give many still choose to ignore it. But please do not ever forget that all of these hurtful challenges we face in our lives are significant. They are the means for our growth and strength. I am aware that I have no right to say these kind of things but these are just my honest feelings. Coz, I've experienced it. There have been many times when I've questioned myself as to the reason why I existed, the reason why is it so unfair that I am the only one who must suffer, and the reason why am I still alive. It was a battle against myself. It was so scary that I wanted to end it all. However, after so much thoughts lingering on my mind I found my realizations. To never let such terrifying thoughts overcome me and to never give up. That failing greatly is part of the process towards achieving greatly. I had, then, always hold on to the saying of Rey T. Bennett:"Always believe in yourself and always stretch yourself beyond your limits. Your life is worth a lot more than you think because you are capable of accomplishing more than you know. You have more potential than you think, but you will never know your full potential unless you keep challenging yourself and pushing beyond your own self imposed limits." I have yet to achieve my goals in life and still am experiencing painful challenges but I am slowly heading there with a positive mind. In time, I definitely know I will achieve it.
Farida F
Farida F 2 days ago
i became myday bcs these song😆❤
以V uwu
以V uwu 2 days ago
No one talking about their perfect English? I thought they were American the first time I listened to this song and I was like "I've got to know who sang this song it's so beautiful" 😂😂
04Ammy04 2 days ago
Right? Two are fluent but the two that aren't you can tell worked super hard.
APRIELLO • 2 days ago
It feel like my thought...
eunice 2 days ago
this hit me hard
Ren Mtz
Ren Mtz 2 days ago
Oof instead of the word 'cry' I felt the word 'die' 😔
revemoos 2 days ago
relatable relatable
Elizabeth 2 days ago
this is aptly suited for quarantine
엔터상사 Entersangsa
Day6 B-side song recommendations 🙌🏻 Sung-jin episode!! ruvid.net/video/video-GTCBpuInl5s.html
Aldah Swift
Aldah Swift 3 days ago
Having a regret I only watch this now.The lyrics are fvcking relatable
04Ammy04 2 days ago
Please come back to support!! Glad you enjoyed
Twincle Mae
Twincle Mae 3 days ago
I lovr this!
Chiara 3 days ago
esto representa totalmente mi salud mental xfdsetsrd
Twincle Mae
Twincle Mae 3 days ago
I like their music since they 1st came out but never really paidd much attention to them, i do adore jae ever since i saw him in ASC tho, been a follower on twitter. the last band I stanned was cn blue, been a pure kpopper since 2014 (2ne1,WINNER). That might change after a good few hours of straight sns & youtubing jae and day6.
Estefany Louie
Estefany Louie 3 days ago
today was such a terrible day for me.
04Ammy04 2 days ago
Hope things get better !
NAWAL 2 days ago
Estefany Louie you are doing great don't worry too much its gonna be okay
Sakura Megumi
Sakura Megumi 3 days ago
Wooooaaaahh. This sht hits hard in the guts. Giving me goosebumps
sani 3 days ago
i’ve been listening to day6 for a while but i’m still new to the fandom. the fact that i thought wonpil‘s parts were sung by jae just proves how completely flawless their pronunciation is!! uwu
jenny padit
jenny padit 3 days ago
I love this English version 👏💗
Juan Galvan
Juan Galvan 3 days ago
I just want to say.. this is the most beautiful song I ever heard this year. I feel so many emotions every time I listen to it... Thank you Day6 I cant express how much this speaks to me and to many.
Danilo Tenor
Danilo Tenor 3 days ago
04Ammy04 2 days ago
Come join us!!
Ana Hernandez
Ana Hernandez 3 days ago
JYPE should promote them better this song will be a killer in USA radio
Thu Trang
Thu Trang 3 days ago
I can’t stop listening to this beautiful song 😍
Arte Lho
Arte Lho 3 days ago
My feelings in one song. . sometimes i feel like im alone...but i am not really. . . . and i really love being alone.
Yho Jagung
Yho Jagung 3 days ago
Jae sounds broken :'(
04Ammy04 2 days ago
He is doing better now :)
Dayang Nurul Jannah Datu Kamaruddin
are all their song is in english?
Life's a Beach
Life's a Beach 3 days ago
Although Jae's solo project stuff is in English. Plus nearly all of Young K's covers. Jae's songs can be found on his personal YT channel - *eaJ* Young K's covers are on this *DAY6* channel edit - I recommend Jae's newest track 'Pacman' & Young K's cover of 'Fly Me to the Moon'
M J 3 days ago
no, most of their songs are in korean and about 8% are in Japanese. There are only three songs in english.
Kalibernn 3 days ago
As someone in the middle of being diagnosed with clinical depression after years of struggle, this song hits home and I don't even care for Pop music. Good job, DAY6.
04Ammy04 2 days ago
I'm.glad it did what they intended. They wanted to give some comfort to ppl out in the world who are dealing with hardship. I hope you see brighter days ahead !
Daniela Núñez
Daniela Núñez 3 days ago
shi 3 days ago
you guys are the BEST
paganito7 3 days ago
Honestly this song made me cry
JAEDEN'S WIFE 3 days ago
It's sort of late but i'll post this lol. As I played Day6's Zombie I realized that everyone has a similar life...We may think that some people were lucky to have something that we don't,But remember we have something that they don't have too.It's okay to cry if you think that the world were too harsh;it's okay to cry if can make you feel better.There are many things that we can do... if many people hate you then prove them that you're good...prove them that you're not that bad;prove them that you can do good things..And if the world downs you again then Stand up,Stand still and Fly High!we are human and every person commits failure .No one is perfect and always remember 'TODAY IS NOT FOREVER'
Jaehee Hwang
Jaehee Hwang 3 days ago
*we want Jae contents*
Rolando Garcia
Rolando Garcia 3 days ago
Just by hearing it, I realized that I must stan day 6 from now on.
04Ammy04 2 days ago
Yes !! Welcome
Ana Hernandez
Ana Hernandez 4 days ago
Beautiful song! Totally underrated
Youness 4 days ago
this hits different in lockdown :c
Fanny 4 days ago
Thank you DAY6 for expressing through this song this message, for making music I relate to 😢❤ ps : fellow MyDays~ I did a cover of the english version and it would mean the world to me if you guys could listen to it and give me some feedbacks? please🙏 thank youu in advance~
ᄋᄉ ᄋ
ᄋᄉ ᄋ 4 days ago
I want to kill myself :(
04Ammy04 2 days ago
Please don't. Talk to someone who has spent time with you. Let them know how you feel and I guarantee you they would tell you they don't wanna see you go. We are strangers here and we don't want you to go. Try pick yourself up, you can do it. Things will get better.
a ailee002
a ailee002 4 days ago
I so relate
Kris L.
Kris L. 4 days ago
This song deserves more views.
Clarizza Blanca
Clarizza Blanca 4 days ago
Me: Im okay Also me: Im not okay
NIEN HUA CHOU 4 days ago
It’s me.... :)
Jen Hyewon
Jen Hyewon 4 days ago
Should i start stanning DAY6?
Life's a Beach
Life's a Beach 4 days ago
Absolutely yes.
Maggie Holm
Maggie Holm 4 days ago
I was comparing these lyrics to the translated lyrics in the original mv and they’re both different and similar at the same time. Like these lyrics sound more depressing than the other just because half the lines and verses have been changed. It’s like I’m reading two different stories within the same song. Does anyone else feel like this or is it just me?
Life's a Beach
Life's a Beach 4 days ago
They did re-write the lyrics rather than just translate them. So it does have a bit of a different feel I think.
Raihanah Tsabitah
Rizkia Putri
Rizkia Putri 5 days ago
Melody here. I just find this song and keep repeating all day. This song is my style. Love this song.
that weird lady
that weird lady 5 days ago
Sarah Mohamed
Sarah Mohamed 5 days ago
Iam on love with song and my boys 😂😂 Arab fan
eepeeleepee 5 days ago
why would you click dislike on this video??? im genuinely confused why people did it
Kukku 5 days ago
Actually i am always confused if there is dislike in day6 video
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