Day in the Life of a Typical Japanese University Student

Paolo fromTOKYO
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A day in Japanese college student life in the greater Tokyo area. Follow a Keio University student from morning until evening. This is a day in the life of University student in Japan attending Keio University, one of the top universities in Japan. Japan university student life is much different than the Japanese salaryman life as college students have a bit more freedom to pursue hobbies, especially in their senior year of school in Japan. An average Japanese student in Tokyo may have between 15-23 course hours per week while a Japan University student 4th year Senior will have much less such as 9 hours of course hours per week. Yusuke, 22 year old Policy Management Major at Keio University lives with his parents in a 2 story house which is commuting distance to school via train and bus. Typical Japanese University life outside of class and study, also allows for part-time jobs and also a social life with friends. In fact, many Japanese students take on part-time jobs and find the time to hang out with friends in groups and join Japanese University Circles. Generally, a typical Japanese student’s class semester grade is based on assignments, presentations, group projects and 1 final exam at the end of the semester. But one interesting aspect about the Japanese university grading system is that many teachers don’t let students know how each category is weighted so students can’t calculate what they need to score on their final exam to earn a specific mark for the class. Watch the video and let me know in the comments how this compares to your University Life in your country.
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Dec 27, 2019




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Paolo fromTOKYO
Paolo fromTOKYO 10 months ago
paolofrom.tokyo/ditl - Watch all my Japan Day in the Life videos ruvid.net/u-tokyozebra - See my life in Tokyo behind the scenes on my 2nd Channel, Tokyo Zebra www.tokyozebra.com/merch - Help Support the channel via my Toe-Kyo Merch paolofrom.tokyo/discord - If you have questions about Japan or Japan travels, check out my Discord community
Tamilla Loves
Tamilla Loves 3 days ago
*Only 18+* 👇👇👇 🔞 i60602336.sweetloves.ru
Thapa’s Vlog
Thapa’s Vlog Month ago
I’m watching from Nepal 🇳🇵 Sir I love Japan and Japanese people.
Rosy -
Rosy - Month ago
Like you im arabic and i speek english too lol
Ramesh Chandra Sharma
Hydrostatics maths medium Japanese language
Ramesh Chandra Sharma
Number_5 ReRun
Number_5 ReRun 57 minutes ago
Never get An A+ as it is an Asian F
Aron Uchiha
Aron Uchiha 2 hours ago
As an Indian, this is like a dream. Depressing for me since we dont have these facilities and student life is hard, 9 to 5 classes and even after 4 years of engineering, I am still jobless
Siddharth Verma
Siddharth Verma 4 hours ago
8:00 Is It Rent A Girlfriend........Hehe Nevermind.
Marc JoyCe
Marc JoyCe 5 hours ago
10:45 I hope I have boy friends.
Marc JoyCe
Marc JoyCe 5 hours ago
9:38 Even if there is a major exam coming up, my books will always stay unopened until the night before exam.
Marc JoyCe
Marc JoyCe 5 hours ago
5:24 Others: Taking notes with your PC? Normal. Phil Undergrad studs: You're free to do so? Here in the Philippines, to teachers, doing so is like... being disrespectful to the speaker in front . Bruh HHHA.
Marc JoyCe
Marc JoyCe 5 hours ago
2:00 1 hour and 10 mins? NO I can't do that HHA. I am near my college, maybe just a 15 mins walk but I'm still late at school .
ZeLdris 6 hours ago
I am watching the video and reading the comments and thinking how my life sucks compared to the lives of Japanese people :( Japan is so damn cool
Shyves 9 hours ago
he interacts so much djfef i can't even I'm so antisocial I'd rather sleep in bed
Eddie Okot
Eddie Okot 9 hours ago
Man I really like how polite Japanese people are All the way in Uganda
UDAY 10 hours ago
Damn i m such a lazy ass..compared to these people.
Yee Wern
Yee Wern 11 hours ago
This guy makes a living on stalking people
Sakshyamindra Budhathoki
Bro every person has their own macbook why would they steal others?
Busola Akinyera
Busola Akinyera 14 hours ago
japan is a great company
Ayman Faiz
Ayman Faiz 15 hours ago
Ramen noodles???
GamerX 18 hours ago
Do a video about :a day in the life of a police officer
Zer0 Tw0
Zer0 Tw0 18 hours ago
Who wants to go there
Venomous Viper
Venomous Viper 20 hours ago
3:14 the guy on the right of the background has predicted the future
MashieGamie Day ago
22 looking 16. Japanese people really been blessed on that part
Eunice AJENO cortuna
Trying to promote Rent-a-girlfriend? I see u
Alessio Di Capua
It's so strange in the coronavirus era to watch videos where people walk in the underground with no masks
Hachirun Day ago
Yunosuke : *left his backpack with Macbook inside it While me : AYO WHO STOLE MA PEN!?
Stephanie Citizen
I'm praying for the best for you and your family. ❤️ 👍 Thanks for the video. 👍
yash gurango
yash gurango Day ago
yusuke urameshi
ZeRO TwO Day ago
Having their lunch with his FRIEND?..or maybe GIRLFRIEND
A little razzle dazzle
This guy has it so easy. Very happy for him. In the US I was at school early in the morning and left at night most days. Lots of classes, studying, and working on projects.
Juliet Nippon
Juliet Nippon 2 days ago
To all the Japanese half or not Half Japanese appreciate your life you are so fortunate not all is born to have a comfortable life in their own country i know you guys why you feel toxic sometimes because of your too much accessible comfortable life that you overlooked and take it for granted even in a small difficulty for you is like a hell don’t forget there are more hell countries out there lack of water no proper facilities no proper toilets no proper transportation compare to your abundance easy life you need to appreciate this everyday.
Immanuel kp
Immanuel kp 2 days ago
Kind of students from rich parents lifestyle.. Here in india we bunk college and do part time works and we get all sub standard foods though..
Seoul Gamer
Seoul Gamer 2 days ago
Why Japan life standards is so higher than others Asian country
julian s
julian s 2 days ago
That's not typical at all
Corona Virus
Corona Virus 2 days ago
can someone tell me the name of the manga in English?
BerétBay 2 days ago
That's pretty cool and all, but show me the same with an introvert now.
kamaboko gonpachiro
I see alot of anime so u know how this video felt for me
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 2 days ago
omfg the reporter's face is so ugly which is why I can't finish this video
donk Day ago
ugh your name is so cringe i cant read this comment
Javie Bryan Mediana
man I'm a university student and online class is shit
Sensaye Saitama
Sensaye Saitama 2 days ago
No not all students are like him in Japan don't get disappointed in yourself ok 😂😂😂
Rakesh Singh
Rakesh Singh 2 days ago
You guys experience a very boring life Please see life in iits and iims
TwiceBlinkingInsomniac EverglowingRadishinNeverland
I'm sorry but he do be cute-
John Dickson
John Dickson 2 days ago
Bruh you can buy manga in college? That's surprising
Dinuksha 2 days ago
Just realized he bought rent a girlfriend manga
Tyxles_Xc 2 days ago
Clean vid!
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Clare Claratehia
Clare Claratehia 2 days ago
where is Kuwabara ?
alexiane mamie
alexiane mamie 2 days ago
I feel like a shit now ... Why the cafeteria look like a restaurant ! Why , why ... everything look so perfect ! I want to cry
James White
James White 3 days ago
Watching them turn red while drinking XD
James White
James White 3 days ago
I ship him and his friend!
Billie J. Hargrove
University life in Japan sounds like perfection
James White
James White 3 days ago
hes so cutee
Whiz And Friends
Whiz And Friends 3 days ago
I'm just a beginner learner of Japanese, but I'm pretty sure that's not how you say ryo, the word was too long and that r at the beginning of ryo was an English r.
Kurt Lopez
Kurt Lopez 3 days ago
I'm Filipino. I just can't explain it, but college is is much more exciting.
dont talk to me im awkward
Bruh ,I'm in my bed crying so stressed because I have so many homeworks and a lot to write trying to forget the problems and the issues that caused depression to me and now watching this video of an organized student with freedom and beautiful social life motivates me to kill myself.
VIPUL MEENA 3 days ago
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Peter Pan
Peter Pan 3 days ago
not related at all. Where are anxiety, depression, self problem...?? why are they so happy?? it not allow for a college student :(
golden army
golden army 3 days ago
Japan Life is beautiful
P00rStr94 3 days ago
i can only agree the drinks in japan are amazing 10:34 especially the cans on the top shelf which read "strong" are friggin amazing 3 of em and you feel slightly drunk and have fun with friends xD
An Creation
An Creation 3 days ago
Lucy lawren
Lucy lawren 3 days ago
So basically im now a university student but when I was still in high school I go to school without pen and then after coming back from school 😂 I got like 10 pens in my bag no I didn't steal them I only ask from my classmate and keep a collection of them😂
Ram Jade Pandadagan
Ram Jade Pandadagan
StormLander Z
StormLander Z 3 days ago
You just friendzoned him...
M M 3 days ago
انا احسد اليابانين يحبون العلم نحنا العرب نحب راحه والاسترخاء نكره العلم
Mr Deadbush
Mr Deadbush 3 days ago
I eat a lots of hot pot
Chris 3 days ago
Love his friends jumper
Dominic 4 days ago
Japan is like Europe from a couple decades ago. Everyone is friendly, everything so neat and clean. I mean, leave your macbook in a cafeteria?
Tuchhok Bal
Tuchhok Bal 3 days ago
Europe was never clean. The fuck are you smoking?
jumpmomongaable 3 days ago
Bc japan don’t have much immigrants. It’s easy to keep culture same like always.
EE-16 -43
EE-16 -43 4 days ago
kim63159 4 days ago
You leave you shoes 3:36 like that in India, consider it gone forever
Sanyam Kant
Sanyam Kant 4 days ago
Seems like it's Nice to have friends
Daniyal Kusuma
Daniyal Kusuma 4 days ago
Waseda University are also the best in Japan if you guys don't know Waseda and this Univeraity are enemy
C T P 4 days ago
Bruh ich dachte bei Thumbnail das es der Tik Toker Henry nyegen oder SS...
YR ZM 4 days ago
I see a lot of indian comments cant relate to him, i mean c'mon 90% of the world cant relate 😭😭😭😭
Ash Pawar
Ash Pawar 4 days ago
They graduates and get 100%job In india-; be an engeneer and follow your passion cause no jobs are avilable for you 😂😂
Teofilus Thomas
Teofilus Thomas 4 days ago
i know this guy. he have a youtube channel focusing on karate
Poundsie 4 days ago
My first time in Tokyo I remember going to a donut shop in Shibuya. These girls who were probably in there early 20s just left their purses at the table then walked 90ft away to order. They didn’t look back or check a single time. Now me being from Los Angeles I get my spare tire stolen at target.
meme mcmemerson
meme mcmemerson 4 days ago
i can leave a gun and no one will take it because I'm playing COD with the 1911 i just got gold on
Fels classes admires the Japanese and their☀️ culture. Thank you for such a beautiful presentation.🇮🇳
Jogja Toy Review
Jogja Toy Review 4 days ago
That presentation without any pic on it... Damn.
Mustapha Vlog
Mustapha Vlog 4 days ago
dz !
kaguuki 4 days ago
Professors offering PDFs of textbooks? Not just the students hunting down free books because their financial loan couldn't cover it? Damb The sad reality of this is that if I went into campus for the last year for my school now, I'd be separate from social interactions and only go out solo or with someone I trust. I am not the best socially even with my friends I feel awkward 🙃
puneet arora
puneet arora 5 days ago
Very very nice so much ...fun watching love from india ..I like how students are ocupying there time
Redas Juodziukynas
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Pranav Roy
Pranav Roy 4 days ago
why are you typing random shit
bumticabau 5 days ago
6:56 *happy uncle iroh noises*
ACDamps 5 days ago
That girl is cute
Syam Prasad
Syam Prasad 5 days ago
japanese university: takes notes with laptop indian university: me taking notes on mobile my teacher: takes my phone and throws out of the room
Thanos 2 days ago
@Syam Prasad check it out. Its exactly what you wrote above.
Syam Prasad
Syam Prasad 3 days ago
@Thanos nope
Thanos 3 days ago
Have you seen that video in which the professor smashes a students' OnePlus 🤣
Vegetable Music Channel
after looking the Korea student and compare with japan. It's totally difference world
Emman serrano
Emman serrano 5 days ago
By the way are from Phillipines
i decks
i decks 5 days ago
i swear i saw ruka chan
Emman serrano
Emman serrano 5 days ago
He blurred out other japanese face Respect:100%
FssR 5 days ago
Wow I’m amazed....how everything’s are organised......is there a public college system in Japan were students from less privileged background can learn? ......is the one shown here for rich kids?
Manish Singh
Manish Singh 4 days ago
No it's for everyone
Sean Dimarunsing
Sean Dimarunsing 5 days ago
Finally! A guy with different alarm tone! AHAHAH 0:15
Daniel Alvarado
Daniel Alvarado 5 days ago
Por qué senti la sensación de que estaba viendo clase de elite en este video?
Jacob Lazarus
Jacob Lazarus 5 days ago
Reading all the comments from people in poor countries makes me feel so much better about being in NZ 😹😹
Incredible Tech
Incredible Tech 5 days ago
if this is the life of a typical university student what the hell am I living then ?
Franco Soreal
Franco Soreal 6 days ago
well, he doesn't have a lot of class for a university student...
Cortex Auth
Cortex Auth 4 days ago
Japan universities are easier compared to US. Though highschools are harder. Same in India. Kind of Asian thing. People into research prefer US for same reason, because everyone there will be more focused into the field
Firas Mahdi
Firas Mahdi 6 days ago
This looks like heaven, but im too stupid for heaven :(
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