Davie504 FAKES Playing the Violin!?

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Jul 8, 2020




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Comments 60
ming ming
ming ming 3 minutes ago
Thorsten Gulfer
Thorsten Gulfer 55 minutes ago
OMG IT is very entertaining. Thx.
Ohh SmiTh
Ohh SmiTh Hour ago
.The way they react. awkWard😐😶
SavageViolins Hour ago
TwoSetViolin: genuine Davie504: SACRILEGIOUS
just chillin.
just chillin. Hour ago
*domestic violince-*
Gurditt Singh
Gurditt Singh 2 hours ago
I believe that all musical instruments are equally good, and by now, idc if bass wins or violin
incantation 2 hours ago
quite the foolish war brewing here, disrespecting musical instruments should be the real sacrilege.....well at least it is some good drama lol, up your game twosetviolin, davie's deadpan face is just too much of an advantage
Abu L
Abu L 3 hours ago
Noob dsvie better
Abu L
Abu L 3 hours ago
WAH WAH 4 hours ago
The patience you have before roasting is commendable.
Depressive symptom
Depressive symptom 4 hours ago
You failed boy's , Davie more epic!!!!!
rutip Dashine
rutip Dashine 4 hours ago
bASS Violin NOT EPIC guitar and piano is correct im proove
Jinx3 5 hours ago
Idk if its just me but these guys are kinda annoying
Jamie Films
Jamie Films 5 hours ago
OMG two of my fave youtubers!!! This is gold!!!
Jojo Radieschen
Jojo Radieschen 5 hours ago
Oh and look at his violin strings
Melliey Melliey
Melliey Melliey 6 hours ago
Oh my this is so funny😂
DARK SPARTAN 6 hours ago
If it's very easy to learn bass....why don't u learn bass🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
quite youtube yaalah
Stupid war
Ant Kott
Ant Kott 6 hours ago
Im a davie504 fan
Ryan Ledda
Ryan Ledda 8 hours ago
twosetviolin:why did you do that? domestic violence also twosetviolin:*slapps the shit out of the bass*
Keif 101
Keif 101 8 hours ago
Are we gonna ignore the fact that when he was holding his bow he made it straight so we don't see that the bow is not touching it
Emma Lou
Emma Lou 8 hours ago
his fingers were in the wrong spot the entire time.
Edwin Dalida
Edwin Dalida 9 hours ago
The only series i would approve my kids to watch. Instrument Battle
FREDDIE REAGAN 9 hours ago
It's not Fake
lumberJack_Joe 2134
lumberJack_Joe 2134 10 hours ago
This is legit a better version of Davie504
Sad_street 10 hours ago
Is it just me that came from Davie504s channel and think he is fucked in this battle
Sean Okumoto
Sean Okumoto 11 hours ago
Tbh The show davie did at the end was pretty good tbh EPIC
Colt Mirro
Colt Mirro 11 hours ago
You guys make me sad..
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 11 hours ago
Did he pay somebody on fiverr to play it for him
Zeref Dragneel
Zeref Dragneel 12 hours ago
10:20 i mean yes its not the proper way to play it but you gotta admit it doesn’t sound half bad.
Madr Man
Madr Man 12 hours ago
Davie slaughtered you guys lol
pipe. TV
pipe. TV 12 hours ago
davie is better
ChochoKirashima 12 hours ago
4:02 AHHHH THE BENT PINKY!!!! MY EYES!!! 𝙈𝙔 𝙀𝙔𝙀𝙎!!!!! Bro....davie504 as an 8th grader I know the difference between a SONG and a PIECE!!!!
Justin Leung
Justin Leung 13 hours ago
I checked the footage of davie and twoset playing together. The audio of davie’s part is off. This means davie is out of time and he had to fake the audio.
Kid Busters
Kid Busters 13 hours ago
All Davis saids is checkmate!
BEANS BAKED 13 hours ago
Saga of Time
Saga of Time 14 hours ago
Hah i knew when they saw him use the violine as a pick they would squirm... i fell bad both sides....
Park Pada
Park Pada 15 hours ago
No one: TwoSetViolin: Oooohhhhh..
Nemto 16 hours ago
Ok, I guess the nails thing was kind of an offense to him since is something about his body and stuff but the rest my total respects to twoset
Wim Hof Jutsu
Wim Hof Jutsu 16 hours ago
"he didn't slap the violin" 😂😂
Embersoul Flame
Embersoul Flame 17 hours ago
10:13 You can clearly tell he used editing for that... oml that's so obvious how strings dont even move that way DISCOSTING
I'm honestly just here for Loki.
After being yelled at by my violin teacher many many many times while watching Davie play The Violet I kept the screaming "watch the wrist watch the wrist watch the wrist."
FlxweryDays_YT 17 hours ago
Me:Looks at how Davie504 plays violin :O
I'm honestly just here for Loki.
It's all over when 2Cellos joins the game
Perfectpower123 17 hours ago
Me: sees pick Also me: A PICK *screams*
I'm honestly just here for Loki.
I was laughing until you said he disrespected Paganini We move at dawn
Kitsu Agami
Kitsu Agami 18 hours ago
Chonckbanana NE
Chonckbanana NE 18 hours ago
Viola gang play paganini better than him
Bryson Menashe
Bryson Menashe 18 hours ago
why is it that i came here from Davie's channel and i play bass, but yet am on TwoSet's side? XDDD
MyAmerica120 19 hours ago
Pretty sure all these guys, thedoo, heman li, davie, and these dude are all in cahoots with each other to keep us watching and keep themselves relevant. lol
Alejandro Paredes
Alejandro Paredes 19 hours ago
Dude at less the bass sounds good with the violin , your try is shit men
Tiago Barbosa
Tiago Barbosa 19 hours ago
fake e a cara de voces seus copia
hydro phonix
hydro phonix 20 hours ago
Me coming here to watch the reaction but don't know about any music damm
John Mendoza
John Mendoza 21 hour ago
Ha Ha so stupid
Payne Bryant’s Easy recipes
2set sounds better than davie504
spaz girlz
spaz girlz 22 hours ago
Davie is better broo
spaz girlz
spaz girlz 22 hours ago
We all have to accept the they all played instruments they are not used too
Nylon -
Nylon - 23 hours ago
sara zrnić
sara zrnić 23 hours ago
hmmmmmmmmm im playing oboe...is that counting?
flamingo random girl
Now I feel sorry for play a eletric guitar , who am I?
Chongkol V
Chongkol V 23 hours ago
This nerds can't slap there violin now slap your face ahahahah...
TURN3D 4k 23 hours ago
Next videos