David Harbour's Intense Body Transformation To Become Hellboy

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Though he's no stranger to television, you probably recognize American actor David Harbour as Stranger Things' chain-smoking lawman Chief Hopper. His character in the hit Netflix series is a hero of sorts...but not exactly a superhero. There's one comics-derived role that's perfect for him, though: the cigar-smoking half-demon hero Hellboy. Since the first image of Harbour as Hellboy for the upcoming reboot went live, the internet has buzzed with conjecture as to how Stranger Things' soft sheriff got so swole. Well, wonder no longer! Here's how Harbour shed that extra weight and put on some powerful red muscle...
Workout blues | 0:32
Superhero trainer | 1:09
Boot camp | 1:48
Secret weapon | 2:23
Scary strength | 2:54
He stayed motivated | 3:27
Room to grow | 3:54
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Dec 5, 2017




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Comments 100
Looper 2 years ago
What do you think about David Harbour being the next Hellboy?
HaveIgonemad420 gaming
hands down just ruined hellboy nowhere near as good
Steven Wheat
Steven Wheat 6 months ago
*TWO YEARS INTO THE FUTURE...* Just watched half of it in bits and pieces. Corny in spots. Cool in parts.. I say that he looks more real than the original
Rudz Abboid
Rudz Abboid Year ago
Fucked up shit i watched the movie it was the ugliest mask ever like if it is swollen to the inside, the original hellboy was like it was meant to be for him the caracter and mask.
Jazzy Panda
Jazzy Panda Year ago
David Smith
David Smith Year ago
Just saw the movie. His voice was digitally altered to sound like Pearlman’s Hellboy, which was probably slightly altered too. His onscreen personality, mannerisms and personna nails the previous Hellboy. This movie was just as good and the CG effects were incredibly good... the best Ive seen.
Lawrence Carter
Lawrence Carter 20 days ago
sorry ..but your not hellboy.....Ron is..period
mohit kumar
mohit kumar Month ago
dua lipa
U w U
U w U Month ago
Brooklynn Somerville
Make hellboy out of clay
sah dark
sah dark Month ago
JIM HOPPER !!! you don't fool me, YOU DON'T DIE !!!!!!!!!!!
The King Of Youtube
He had to get buff to be hellboy then get fat and drunk again for stranger things XD
rene villalon
rene villalon 2 months ago
It’s 2020 👎
49s ،
49s ، 2 months ago
Davib harbour
able76 2 months ago
He should play Eddie in a howling reboot
calcadao 2 months ago
Its a f...body suit!!He is FAT!!!!
Daniel 2 months ago
David harbour is probably the worst actor of all time
कालदमन phdns
Need to get in the hellboy shape in a very short time thanks to steroids 01:55
Cuix 3 months ago
Hot take but fat!Hopper is full daddy-mode and hot af
Finicky aman
Finicky aman 4 months ago
David harbours incredible transformation in stranger things for all the skinny guys
Arthur Gonzales
Arthur Gonzales 4 months ago
Whats the name of the background music
kitty harry my love
kitty harry my love 4 months ago
He is so hot with dad bod
Calinescu Alexandru
Calinescu Alexandru 5 months ago
Eli Lee
Eli Lee 5 months ago
I don't care what people say about Hellboy it was a fricking good movie
Eli The Cooldude same
Joel Degala
Joel Degala 6 months ago
He could be next chris pratt from chubby comedian sidekick actor and train to be rip then become bankable lead actor. David has potential to become lead actor in any movie project.
Duck 6 months ago
So he worked out for nothing... Just to wear a bodysuit.
CriosTheSlump 8 months ago
I like fat hopper is that just me
Michele Pauquette
Michele Pauquette 8 months ago
Stranger things big boi
Cornelies Smith
Cornelies Smith 8 months ago
Not a body suit
Bus Town BC
Bus Town BC 8 months ago
So this was pointless to watch..I fast forward through alot of it..that's all we wanted to know...a body suit...and he didn't get big or ripped at all it's all a costume 😂 thank you for waisting my 4 minutes or what ever
Jezza Prime Reviews
Jezza Prime Reviews 9 months ago
Hellboy is a big character and harbour is in shape for the a gory film
MINECRAFTlover 1643
MINECRAFTlover 1643 9 months ago
I think it’s better to be kinda fat like hopper in stranger things 3 because boi he was strong Af
sarah halabi
sarah halabi 9 months ago
I Love you David and Winona!The cover of my Cell phone is you
sumi 9 months ago
Hopper body is so hot tho‥ 🥺💖
andre roberts
andre roberts 9 months ago
Yo wassup hopper
ALEX FERREIRA 10 months ago
Porque não colocaram o msm ator do Hellboy 1 🤔
Wesley Wyatt
Wesley Wyatt 11 months ago
I’ve already purchased tickets to passion. Please stop showing me ads for it.
David Harbour's daddy af
Preston Locke
Preston Locke 11 months ago
He needed to get in shape in a short amount of time...steroids and a body suit
TEMMIE PARTY 11 months ago
Superyan 11 months ago
There was no way he would get in this shape no matter how hard he trained so I thought the secret was steroids but no, it's a freaking suit! So basically he just lost weight so he could fit in the suit...
sup me
sup me 11 months ago
I just didnt like him in it
Random Guy
Random Guy 11 months ago
I think everyone can agree with that when you hear the name David Harbour the first thing that comes to mind is either stranger things or his name in the series Hopper
Thortimus Yorkal
Thortimus Yorkal 11 months ago
I honestly hope he doesn't put on weight for Stranger Things 4. Maybe they could give the excuse he was been getting fit in his prison cell in Russia and had lost weight as a contributing factor.
Jenn Dear
Jenn Dear Year ago
I love how this is filled with clips of RON PEARLMAN as Hell Boy. Hopper really sucks in this role.
Jimmy Vong
Jimmy Vong Year ago
movie sucked
Ting Sai
Ting Sai Year ago
excuse me hopper is not fking fat hes got a sexy dad bod whats wrong with ppl smh
buffbeezer Year ago
At least Ron Perlman had a real frame he took time to build up.
Forget the reboot ever happened & make Hellboy 3
Rockin Harris
Rockin Harris Year ago
All this hard work gone in vain as the movie was absolutel garbage..
Kade Skywalker
Bodysuit. You are welcome
Juice Reviews
Juice Reviews Year ago
There is no after picture that isn't edited, I want some proof of this! Looks too good to be real tbh
lina v
lina v Year ago
so hopper will have a sixpack in season 4?
Michael Holmgaard
All that muscle for a shit movie.... feel bad for him now
William Craig III
I still thought he was hot in ST 🤷‍♂️
ElectriKitty Year ago
I watched it last night, and it wasn't terrible :D I really like the way hellboy looks!
Bull crap, saw him on set, 90% of this heavy lifting was done by his double.
Aurlus Vinicius
I prefer Jim Hopper's body 😅
Jonathan Romeo
Chris Pratt actually looks unhealthy in the last shot Looper used. I'd rather have an extra lb or 2 than look gaunt like Pratt
Adora Flamberg
Test injections or bodysuit. It's up to you, man.
Idk Year ago
This proves it . The Russians have hopper . Ik bc if he is in shape now , then it will look like the Russians are starving him . If he looks starved , he looks kinda weak .
Jared Montgomery
Man if only the hellboy reboot was good.
Prashant Gaming Zone
Who is here after watching strangers things😅👍
Nick big
Nick big Year ago
Naw this movie was straight shit XD
AJ C Year ago
Sticking fat needles In his arse
Azog defiler
Azog defiler Year ago
Still ugly shaped or not fat or muscler !!
But can he transform Hellboy into a movie worth watching?
dude! thatsmycar
The movie was amazing. He looked wayyy scary. Love the movie.
anomaly P
anomaly P Year ago
Should have casted the undertaker for this role
I saw this. It's good. Gory and was well done. But ide like to see Guilermo with Pearlman as HellBoy and do it rated R within the comics context still. Keep I the original version of him also. I habe to say it was cooler
luciaz stuff
luciaz stuff Year ago
See cast from stranger things? T A P . I N S T A N T L Y .
Mad Max
Mad Max Year ago
He’s a beast
steel ssstu
steel ssstu Year ago
Great movie, better than the originals and raped by stupid reviews that have such insane bias towards corporate marvel/disney crap, like many movies these days Hell boy reboot was savaged by vile bias and a bullying approach towards studios that are not disney, most if these reviewers must have a small penis or feel the ugly ducking of the female world because they really are lost,, just look at Alita for God's sake, the best movie of the year and ripped by vile reviews that were just wrong in everyway
Dannyks Year ago
Theo skooky
Theo skooky Year ago
Finaly found trevor from gta5 in real life this is trevor at 35years 😂😂
Jackson man
Jackson man Year ago
Harbour is a disgrace to America and a soy boy lefty tosser plain and simple cant stand this pos harbour
BJ, Halloween Animatronic collector.
Man David is haveing that Sigret everywhere in his out
Bloody Macbeth
Dude is a decent actor, but the only shape he went from is round to sweaty round. Might not even be sweat, probably sprayed him with water.
We are Venom
We are Venom Year ago
I think he did play a good HB but the movie was ultimately disappointing
Nathan Finley Luke Yeadon
Worst hellboy ever. Facts
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan Year ago
Why does he turn me on so much?
Единство Братское
Хелбой стал страшный не такой как раньше причиной было смотреть раньше..
tizo86 Year ago
And then he went back to hopper body? Smh
Vupzy Year ago
We gonna see Harper next season in the Russian prison with a long beard and hair all jacked up.
Aswin Suseel
Aswin Suseel 4 months ago
Long beard and hair.
Josiah English JCPS Account
He just worked out dude...get a real story
Josiah English JCPS Account
Wtf how did i not know they was one in the same
Midari Ikishima
Its Fat Rambo
Isaias Hernandez
Like si hablas español y vienes del 2019
Barbara RhodenF
Bullshit he had no body transformation he wore a suit
Manish Bhatt
Manish Bhatt Year ago
all i remember is, keep the door open 3 inches
NRG ANTO Year ago
After hopper went YEET ?
Amin Haekal
Amin Haekal Year ago
Well...he better not stop if he's playing the Red Guardian in the Black Widow's solo movie
Acacia Sterling
He is a dilf🍆💦
Logic Year ago
Using David harbors fake character eating donuts for breakfast as an example of his lack of exercise/healthy diet in real life....... ok...............
John Blake
John Blake Year ago
This movie was a total flop..i did not bother watching it 😝
BaddieThangz :o
He’s hell boy?? AND I DIDNT KNOW
Stylz-E Year ago
Should have been Ron Perlman
Nick Devita
Nick Devita Year ago
Hellboy reboot was terrible but I really like him as an actor
Gudmundur Thor Karlsson
If had terrible writing it was like they were cramping multiple stories into one movie.
Nick Devita
Nick Devita Year ago
Yep pretty bad
Jazzy Panda
Jazzy Panda Year ago
Jason Valenti
Jason Valenti Year ago
No one cares this guy sucks! Trump forever!
Synthdude Year ago
What's the song you guys used in this video
Adam is the coolest
Do some research before you make a video. He got in shape but he’s wearing a muscle suit. That’s not what his body looked like at all
Hellboy was one hell of movie
Tren hard eat clen
Tan The Man
Tan The Man Year ago
Does this mean hoppers permanently dead?
Bri C
Bri C Year ago
Let him talk we don’t want to hear your voice
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