David Harbour Is (Literally) The Definition Of A Dad Bod

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Stephen asks 'Stranger Things' star David Harbour how he feels about Merriam-Webster 'honoring' his body as a dictionary example of a dad bod.
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Jan 4, 2018




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Comments 546
Lisiswish 16 days ago
Why so hot? WHY? 🤤
Rob Talin
Rob Talin 2 months ago
he s smoky hot
chewyjello1 2 months ago
Wearing all that black tells me David Harbour doesn't have pets....that's kinda disappointing.
Some Guy
Some Guy 2 months ago
It's better when he has penguin backup dancers.
Kathleen Leydig
Kathleen Leydig 3 months ago
I love the beard on him
He looklike GTA5 T
Amanda Baldounis
Amanda Baldounis 3 months ago
He is a very funny and likable guy.
sarah beara
sarah beara 3 months ago
Can we just take a moment to admire his spot-on British accent!
sarah beara
sarah beara 3 months ago
He's not a dad??? But he's such a dad though!
Lou Cazin
Lou Cazin 3 months ago
Reminds me of John Goodman a little
ksa pro savage
ksa pro savage 3 months ago
Anyone noticed 666k views
Javiera Paz Hinojosa Corral
This man is so fuckin hot
light _Reflexd
light _Reflexd 3 months ago
I like HIS beard
Benjamin Phair
Benjamin Phair 4 months ago
Poor guy I think he probably wanted to plug a few of his upcoming projects a little more but got stuck talking about his Dad bod the whole time. He looked a bit confused and surprised at the end!
FIFA4LIFE UNKNOW 4 months ago
3:59 he sounds drunk am i the Only One who think that
Hal 4 months ago
I don't know who is this guy, but his voice sounds like Steve Ballmer's 5:43
James G
James G 4 months ago
Who ? Only reconized him in the Tide commercial with Terry Bradshaw
67th Potato in Town
67th Potato in Town 5 months ago
Why can't we see more dancing?
judacia 5 months ago
I love his socks, and I already knew that he has some serious dance moves.
Changis Khan
Changis Khan 5 months ago
Not sure if I would watch the show without Hopper
Abby Coughlin
Abby Coughlin 5 months ago
"your telling me im to fat to play the blob" lol such a mood
Canadian Paladin
Canadian Paladin 5 months ago
David seems like a drunk version of Hopper lol
Dana Faisal
Dana Faisal 5 months ago
I’m 22 and I’m attracted to this man 💕
Marie Tandy / Astronaut
Don't fight it girl 😊❤️
Pang Xiong
Pang Xiong 5 months ago
My favorite character in Stranger Things.
Julie Delf
Julie Delf 5 months ago
Sexy as
Br1aNn88 YT
Br1aNn88 YT 5 months ago
And ya don’t mess around with Jim! Bum de bum bum bum de bum
Scott Stanley
Scott Stanley 5 months ago
David harbour you’re my boy
Eve Ramus
Eve Ramus 5 months ago
‘I don’t have children’ well David,darling, we can change that...
Baby Grinch
Baby Grinch 5 months ago
2:51 his laugh never fails to cure my depression
Applejuice1952 5 months ago
He's very hot!
Jéhan de Lange
Jéhan de Lange 6 months ago
Is it just me or did the make-up artist mess up his make-up?
Michelle Lamb
Michelle Lamb 6 months ago
I watch stranger things for Hopper, he rocks that dad bod :-D
Private Teletubbies
Private Teletubbies 6 months ago
Stephen's reaction at 2:55 is truly priceless, I love David.
Daniela Granger
Daniela Granger 6 months ago
lo amooooooo!!! 😍😍😍😍
Mubaasim Muhammad
Mubaasim Muhammad 6 months ago
Some people win Emmys,not us......sounds a lot like Endgame
Tomas Cortes
Tomas Cortes 6 months ago
And he won !!
sharon morey
sharon morey 6 months ago
Making Dad bod hot.
Peregrine C
Peregrine C 6 months ago
I don't wanna be a spoiler...But, of my two favorite scenes in the third season was one thing #1 and the other was Hopper being "My Dad" with Mike. Omg. I nearly peed myself. I was laughing so hard.
josakura 6 months ago
Come on, you gotta love THE MAN!
kuribo1 6 months ago
I dont think he is a fat guy he is just a big dude! There is a difference sometimes...
Danny Brockman
Danny Brockman 6 months ago
Love David Harbour!!!!! The man!!!!!
karlee marie
karlee marie 6 months ago
He has a dad bod because he is a daddy... my daddy
Nicole Jackson
Nicole Jackson 6 months ago
The host suggested he had children, he said yeah but they dont let me out of the house.A few minutes later he answered that he didnt have children. It must have been the role. We are so easily misled by this kind of thing.
Alie Smith
Alie Smith 6 months ago
How does this man not have children
Ginger VS Ginger
Ginger VS Ginger 6 months ago
So happy that he didn’t become the blob.
NightFlower 6 months ago
I've never ever in my life felt like using the term Daddy™, and yet here we are.
Littlecoolline 86
Littlecoolline 86 6 months ago
He was too fat to play a blob????
Brittany Michelle
Brittany Michelle 6 months ago
Elizabeth Lent
Elizabeth Lent 6 months ago
whatever you do DO NOT show this video to winona ryder. she will yell at david for continued fat shaming upon himself.
Munirah Alhabshi
Munirah Alhabshi 6 months ago
i wished winona was there during his meeting with that director so she could slap the shit out of him for body shaming david
DamageIncM 6 months ago
He kinda "lucked out" on that first Wolverine movie (which was still OK), but then got the part for the Hellboy debacle. In which he looks great, but apparentely the movie is just ass. - He deserves better, though... The character of Hopper is only the beginning.
patricia schweizer
patricia schweizer 6 months ago
I actually love his character and now him😂
Tony P
Tony P 6 months ago
Long live the dad bod.
Pudgeotto 6 months ago
Damn, he nailed that British accent.
Hannah Lee
Hannah Lee 6 months ago
I just want to say: *daddy*
Hadeel Alshamari
Hadeel Alshamari 6 months ago
So attractive
classygal 6 months ago
Potato Man
Potato Man 5 months ago
Yes they did
StellaR 6 months ago
Maybe it's because I'm a mom but, I find David Harbour and his Dad bod very hot
April Brown
April Brown 6 months ago
Me too
Olivia Lorena
Olivia Lorena 6 months ago
He's the only guy with a dad bod I'd ever fuck.
FrancineHighC 6 months ago
I need Hopper to be alive in Season 4
Faat B
Faat B 2 months ago
I really need that, yes!
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