David Guetta - Hey Mama (Official Video) ft Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack

David Guetta
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(David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort, Nick Van de Wall, Ester Dean, Bebe Rexha, Sean Douglas, Nicki Minaj)
Produced by David Guetta, Afrojack & Giorgio Tuinfort. Co-Produced by Ester Dean
Publishers: What A Publishing Ltd ; Piano Songs / BMG Talpa Music B.V. (BUMA) / Sony ATV (BMI) ; Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI) & Eastman Pond Publishing (BMI) ; Damn Dat Music admin by Universal Music Publishing; BMG Platinum Songs/Kiss Me If You Can Music (BMI) All Rights Administered By BMG Rights Management (US) LLC ; DLG Publishing/BMG Talpa Music B.V.; O. Maraj Publishing Co: Harajuku Barbie Music/Money Mack Music/Songs of Universal, Inc.(BMI).
All instruments & programming by David Guetta & Giorgio Tuinfort. Additional Instruments & Programming by Afrojack. Brass Arrangement : Jel Jongen & Giorgio Tuinfort. Brass : The Jay Horns. Trumpet : Serge Plume. Trombone : Jel Jongen. Recorded by Jel Jongen at Jay Sound Studio Hilversum, Netherlands & by Aubry «Big Juice» Delaine and Daniel Zaidenstadt at MSR studios NYC and EKAS studios Santa Monica, CA, assisted by Dan Fyfe and Todd Bergman. Vocals Engineers: Daniel Zaidenstadt, Ryan Gladieux. Vocals mixed by Rutger «Rutti» Kroese. Assisted by Jeremia Jones. Mixed by Afrojack & Rutger «Rutti» Kroese at Afrojack Studio’s Leersum, Netherlands & Cruise Control Studio’s Amsterdam, Netherlands. Nicki Minaj appears courtesy of Young Money Entertainment / Cash Money Records / Universal Motown records. Bebe Rexha appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc.
(P) & (C) 2014 What A Music Ltd, Under Exclusive Licence to Parlophone/Warner Music France, a Warner Music Group Company



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May 19, 2015




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Comments 80
Werwolf pack roblox gamer
This is how many time you relly this music | \/
שירה בנשימול
Just now i attention that bebe rexha named too in the title of this song, but where she appears in the song ? Somebody know?
Amanda Katrine
Amanda Katrine 3 hours ago
Nicki sua gata😍
legendary music never get old 💪
rehan khan
rehan khan 3 hours ago
When there's ( ft Nicki Minaj ) it's not your song anymore !
miya akesi
miya akesi 3 hours ago
I think the world has crazy why old songs popular again👀
Clown 3 hours ago
hic türk yok
Akash Kaur
Akash Kaur 5 hours ago
Nikki just nailed the song 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤐🤐🤐love from India🇮🇳
Loord Osama
Loord Osama 6 hours ago
Inaya Nkou Mvondo
Inaya Nkou Mvondo 7 hours ago
Nicki Minaj isn't Nicki Minaj without... *a rap part specially for her*
Angela L.
Angela L. 9 hours ago
Classic & 🔥 AF
Unrecorded R
Unrecorded R 12 hours ago
i want to listen to this song i cant.... My headphones arent fire proof
Obsessed christian Jesus for all
Who watching this cause of Nicki minajs verse???
m i k i b i h o n
m i k i b i h o n 16 hours ago
Yes I do the cooking yes I do the cleaning -pinoys knows it
Pawan yadav
Pawan yadav 16 hours ago
One of my favourite song . This song always gives me wired goosebumps.
diegoDISCO 18 hours ago
siempre hacen desnudar al SEXO FEMENINO: HASTA C U A N D O????????'' BA$TA BA$TA PENDEJO$... Y A NINGUN SEXO SE DESNUDA: le ROBAN LA MAGIA DE LA INTIMIDAD DE SUS PAREJAS... POR LO visto N O dicen n a daaaaaaaaaaaaa$$era por Algo?''?????manga de VAGOSSSSSSS MAL EJEMPLOS DEL FUTURO..............basta basta basta......SDS A TODOS IGUALMENTE NUNCA ES TARDE PARA APRENDER...YO siempre aprendo a pesar de mi OFICIO DE METALURGICO¡¡¡¡
chile ball
chile ball 26 minutes ago
No se si a cambiado la cosa de desnudarse pero fue hace 5 años
doppio vinegar
doppio vinegar 21 hour ago
what in the world this is the first time im watching this music video in like 4 years and im very confused
Parida Borbe
Parida Borbe 23 hours ago
Wow very nice Amizing
Jessica Leveque
Jessica Leveque 23 hours ago
Dj snake and David guetta
Joshua Cordova
Joshua Cordova 23 hours ago
Me gusta la musica quisiera que david guetta haga nuna musica con kygo
Robin Phillips
javiera Carol
I liked the rhythm and especially how they dance ❤️
Çiçek Tezcan
Şampiyonlar ligi anasını satim bütün herkesi toplamiş
Val Day ago
I remember when I was younger I would go around listening to this song feeling like an absolute badass. Ah, good times.
Majda Pezerovic
Aditya Saurabh
You're lying on the bed and listening the song
Nicole Maksemchuk
doms rise up
Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega
Let's make this music be reborn
Dhwani sharma
When people realise that nicki is the mentor of cardi b
Auahaanaak Suamnaja
This song is in just dance 2016 and I love it!
Molly Day ago
We all saw Bebe Rexha but didn’t know it was Bebe Rexha
aleksa Siljic
Unpopular opinion: Quarantine makes old songs popular again
Loren Geiss
Loren Geiss Day ago
Nagyon tetszik
Nisanur Civan
The league of champions
Emaly Troop
Emaly Troop Day ago
Was this how mad max fury road suppose to look like
Halima Patricia
I'm happy I grew knowing this queen
Nathan Anyayahan
who's here every time nicki minaj part yes i do the cooking remember kim arda?😂😂
Christine Larsen
Why isn't Bebe Rexha in the video?
Jody khattab
Jody khattab Day ago
Jenifer Lopez : i ain't cooking all day Nicki Minaj : yes i do the cooking
Pretty buoy Jones
Omg,I'm on a 2010's listening spree...
Enxhi Hoxha
Enxhi Hoxha Day ago
*OMG... It's better Titanium from David Guetta...*
the unicorn pony Carol b
How many people are watching this during quarantine??
Selenophile Music
Life's too short to pretend you don't like this song
Oh my Life
Oh my Life Day ago
Quem e Brasileiro(a) da like
sʜɪɴɴxx Day ago
When you search "yes i do the cooking" instead of "hey mama"
Steven Universe 4 Life
But Cardi is a queen *Oof*
IM Changkyun the little shit
Hamza Sheikh
Hamza Sheikh 2 days ago
Nicki said bebe rexha to me sing just to chorus baby
Hamza Sheikh
Hamza Sheikh 2 days ago
Nicki is looking damn hot here as always
Hamdoulila Dieux
Hamdoulila Dieux 2 days ago
Les français vous êtes où
Duda Panda Variedades
I love you
ᴀᴍʏ- 2 days ago
The beats in this song hit different.
mr world
mr world 2 days ago
bebe rexha your voice very clean and those vibrations
Madar Gareth
Madar Gareth 2 days ago
best times of 21st century
Franchesco Querubín
Excellent nice super
Nazlı Kelebek
Nazlı Kelebek 2 days ago
sa Türkler bi beğenin karşim :))))
Adrian Chan
Adrian Chan 2 days ago
Music from 5 years ago was just so much better I'm sure I'm not the only one listening to "old" music because of quarantine
Gamer ND
Gamer ND 2 days ago
Anyone sitting in the house and watching this because of the coronavirus?
Gamer ND
Gamer ND 2 days ago
Anyone here in 2020 :D
weeb o
weeb o 2 days ago
My native language wasn't enghlish. I swear to god the lyrics I had in my head were way to squashed. Also mama in my language lit. means mom.
Dennazz Crew
Dennazz Crew 2 days ago
Yes Nicki Does the cooking and she sings almost the whole song
PARODY 2 days ago
Hey mama😒😒😒😒😒😒
watermelon 's
watermelon 's 2 days ago
Admit, we never left
Andrea Roa
Andrea Roa 2 days ago
me recuerda a un capitulo de rick y morty donde viajan a una civilizacion que cuidaban a una gema o piedra
covers soon
covers soon 2 days ago
Actually nicki m voice is good like on singing
rapdog moso
rapdog moso 2 days ago
Kaylie Jay
Kaylie Jay 2 days ago
I like the start and the sound
Umid Yunisli
Umid Yunisli 3 days ago
Viorel Tampa
Viorel Tampa 3 days ago
Is awesome how very old and known songs still have listeners that check the comments.
RAUL JOFRE 3 days ago
Mad max
Anyone from 2080 cause we are having another quarentine :)
Hunny Khan
Hunny Khan 3 days ago
Bast song
Julio Moreno Salomé
Mucho Autotune
Gabriela Miranda P. Oliveira
augem na quarentena
Varvara Ntenti
Varvara Ntenti 3 days ago
finally they added bebe rexha s name in the title.
Yasmin Simao
Yasmin Simao 3 days ago
2015: BOP 2020: ICONIC
catycha100 3 days ago
I LOVE 😍 😍
Baby Nobody
Baby Nobody 3 days ago
Mad max reminds me this song😊😉
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