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David Dobrik takes a lie detector test. Was he born in Slovakia? How would he rank his vlog squad from best to worst friends? Does he think he's cuter than Cameron Dallas? Did Liza Koshy break up with him? How does he feel that his breakup announcement video is his most-watched video on channel? What's the worst RUvid comment he's ever read? For more David Dobrik check out his RUvid: bit.ly/1ZS52we
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David Dobrik Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair


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Mar 12, 2019




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Comments 18 067
roadtrip 3dits
roadtrip 3dits 49 minutes ago
This whole video made me want to cry for him
Bike Trails UK
"Was you sad when your family ate your pets" "No" Tffff😂
Makenna Queen
Makenna Queen 2 hours ago
"tHiS iNtErVieW iS sO mEaN" guys if David was truly uncomfortable and didn't want these answers out he would've told vanity fair and made them not post this. Calm down lmao
I’m going to change my name But for now
This was very weird the interviewer is has a creepy voice, the room is dark and scary looking, David looks very uncomfortable, and the interviewer in a way is bullying David!
Sam Hill
Sam Hill 4 hours ago
Wait no one gonna talk about the weed questions?
Fede Fortnite
Fede Fortnite 8 hours ago
1:35 like Jerome vaskie
Victoria Wu
Victoria Wu 8 hours ago
i don't like this, David looks so uncomfortable...
finger rey
finger rey 11 hours ago
idk why, but when the interviewer asking 'bout Liza to David, my heart hurts really bad
Cat Lady
Cat Lady 12 hours ago
What did he say at 2:15?
Hollyjaanee _
Hollyjaanee _ 16 hours ago
I wanna cry for him 😔 whoever said “I’m attractive to him in a weird way” how it’s not weird, he’s GORGEOUS absolutely amazing
Emily M
Emily M 16 hours ago
Why you guys got to do him like that?
Shouin 16 hours ago
Poor Scott and Todd smh
cathy Stout
cathy Stout 17 hours ago
In my opinion David dobrik is the funniest person on RUvid!
marley garrett
marley garrett 17 hours ago
He is so cute
Orbit !
Orbit ! 18 hours ago
The guy with the lie detector stared a David when he looked over
Ravenclaw Student
Ravenclaw Student 19 hours ago
Me: **reads title** Me: ...oh no
Λsuna 21 hour ago
You can tell David laughs when he is uncomfortable or there's something going on xD
S H Day ago
This was so painful to watch😭
Courtney Taylor
who else thinks that the guy interviewing is the only one high?
maya w
maya w Day ago
we didn’t see the results of when he was asked if him and liza were dating... *_hmm interesting_*
Hey Yep
Hey Yep Day ago
*LIE DETECTOR MAN: ArE YoU HApPy?* *DAVID:YeS...* *nOTicEs LiE* Broke my heart😥
cherrybloom Day ago
I didn't expect him to say that Zane is a sellout.
Watched uncle eat rabbit*
JKJammies Day ago
why they gotta do David like that
It’s Me
It’s Me Day ago
“Whoa HELLO!” 😂
julie arias
julie arias Day ago
So no one is going to point out how the needle moved when he was asked are you dating anybody?? I bet he is dating Natalie
Jayden Perla
Jayden Perla Day ago
Bruh he smokes weed?!!!
Farah Hernández
Is it me or there was too much tension in this particular interview?
Julie Laney
Julie Laney Day ago
Honestly the fact that he's trying to cover up his fear and sadness with laughter reminds me of me😂
Janessa Lee
Janessa Lee Day ago
Did anyone else notice that when the guy said are you dating anyone the monitor spiked and yet David said no smh lmao
Chloe Rose
Chloe Rose Day ago
I hated this
Siya Patel
Siya Patel Day ago
He’s so freaking cute like omg 😂😍😭
Sushipool Day ago
So we learnt that David likes guys with wives lmao 😂 Oh and his best friend is 50 😂
Sundar Thomas
Who ever does your audio needs to be fired
bruh Am TRYING
*This was kinda sad* *he looked like he wanted to cry*
Anna Villalobos
im in love with him wtf
Greg S Downer
He is so much cuter than a 6.
Kimberly XO
Kimberly XO 2 days ago
Emma isn’t funnier than David lmao 😂
venus 2 days ago
david is the cutest
Poor David said "do you got tissues" when talking about liza awwww
Kora Vlogs
Kora Vlogs 2 days ago
Omg that dude laughed at him for playing tennis
Lizbeth San Martin
I am weirdly attracted to him
DIRAK Gamer 2 days ago
Omg, why does he look so sad, this hurts to watch.
Tara 907
Tara 907 2 days ago
That last “no” was too cute 😁
Scarî 2 days ago
5:17 I was trying to guess who number 2 was and I was guessing random names... I thought if Todd... Now I’m freaking out...
I am a Potato
I am a Potato 2 days ago
I love how even though David is so nervous but he can still say jokes and be so funny🤣
Ana Sanchez (Student)
I feel so bad for him. Honestly i could tell how nervous he was during the whole process. When the detector detected a lie when he sad he was happy, i literally broke. 😢 David if you read this, i love you so much
Annie Shreeve
Annie Shreeve 2 days ago
15:36 that was so cute 😊😊
Aqua Finx
Aqua Finx 2 days ago
David smokes weed 😦
Mike Lind
Mike Lind 2 days ago
Dont understand the Logan paul part
Eve Besnon
Eve Besnon 2 days ago
This was so intense but he’s a very fabulous human I like him
Ada Jane De Alcantara
the person he think is funnier than him and he wants to keep a secret is definitely liza koshy
Cat Lady
Cat Lady 12 hours ago
Ada Jane De Alcantara omg it totally is I didn’t even think about that
Ada Jane De Alcantara
Ada Jane De Alcantara
Ada Jane De Alcantara
I didnt know he was born in slovakia LOL
Ceara Bostick
Ceara Bostick 3 days ago
David gave him self a 6? HAHAHA. Maybe it’s just me but I give him like a 9.9
Emily M
Emily M 16 hours ago
Ceara Bostick same
fart butter
fart butter 3 days ago
Vanity fair is copying his video right now!
Kizoh 3 days ago
Watching this hurt me.
Alyssa Pretzer
Alyssa Pretzer 3 days ago
Awwww my heart he is so cute
Kassie Rivera
Kassie Rivera 3 days ago
I love when David laughs and his tongue sticks out a little bit😍🥰
Jeremy Moret
Jeremy Moret 3 days ago
I thought this was messed up in so many ways, he’s super attractive for anyone really and funniest dude I’ve ever freaking seen on this platform and I’m a straight guy for those wondering. I didn’t really like most questions asked just immature for that old guy to be asking them.
Lesli Olivas
Lesli Olivas 3 days ago
idk why I can’t imagine David smoking weed.
Lesli Olivas
Lesli Olivas 3 days ago
Courtney lawless was his crush i heard he said her name was Courtney so I went to David’s followers and he’s only following 1 Courtney and Natalie is also following her David and Natalie went to the same school so.. ugh I don’t know if I’m making sense
Alexandra Jurado
Alexandra Jurado 3 days ago
I literally cried when he said it was happy but it was a lie 😓😭
Tamyriah Williams
Tamyriah Williams 23 hours ago
It wasn’t his breathing shut down for a little
Ingry Mendoza
Ingry Mendoza 3 days ago
They missed : are you dating Natalie?
My pp Small
My pp Small 3 days ago
Ilayda Gülcan
Ilayda Gülcan 3 days ago
You shouldn’t have kept the pieces in he asked to not put in, that’s rude. He felt so uncomfortable and i felt so bad for him! Some questions were so rude to ask tho. I feel bad for david and find this interview really sketchy...
God, he's adorable.
k moki
k moki 4 days ago
I think about what David said about Vine all the time. It really was for a group of people to enjoy and shouldn’t be revisited. Just watch the vines again!
Layla Souza
Layla Souza 4 days ago
When they were talking about the comments and stuff I felt so bad like I just love him so fricken much
annonymous caca
annonymous caca 4 days ago
This is really off brand for david (telling the truth)
Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz
0:51 I knew it!!! XD
Azorp 4 days ago
It took him so long to awnser if he was high😂
suzzette1980 4 days ago
He got nervious with two things: liza and being high....
Kore Mckay
Kore Mckay 4 days ago
How come no one is talking about how David smokes weed🌳
Kore Mckay
Kore Mckay 4 days ago
David like Courtney lawesss look on David who he is following on instagram
Frances 4 days ago
I started getting nervous for him LOL
Mac Williams
Mac Williams 4 days ago
I hated seeing how uncomfortable David was : /
Zychotic 2 hours ago
+Nicholas Fulkerson ur using xd in 2019 lmao
Mac Williams
Mac Williams 3 hours ago
dude I was typing fast, chill :|
Nicholas Fulkerson
Nicholas Fulkerson 4 hours ago
Uncomfertable XD learn how to spell!
Emily M
Emily M 16 hours ago
Mac Williams same
Sally Evans
Sally Evans 4 days ago
Emma Chamberlin tries too hard to be funny but fails don’t @ me
Damien_bfg 4 days ago
Lol he got his pets eaten and wasn't sad
Wendy Blankenship
DAVID u weren’t sad when they did that
Gregor A
Gregor A 4 days ago
He looks so uncomfortable 😣 aww poor David xx
Jaylene Luciano
Jaylene Luciano 4 days ago
He is so freaking cute!!!! I love him so much!!!!❤
Nic Crawford
Nic Crawford 4 days ago
Was kinda messed up how much he brought up David and Liza’s break up. Edit: WoW tHaNkS fOr ThE lIkEs 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Nic Crawford
Nic Crawford Day ago
Austin Day yeah but it’s going up fast and I did the WoW ThAnKs FoR ThE LIKeS font so it would be “funnier”
Austin Day
Austin Day 2 days ago
It's only 80 likes calm down 😂
Brooke Lauren
Brooke Lauren 5 days ago
This was just so entertaining!! Felt like a comedy show I couldn’t stop laughing. Love you David
Melody Dunn
Melody Dunn 5 days ago
i feel so bad when the guy starts asking about liza and david and showing him the pictures and stuff i just wanna give him a hug and try to make him feel better.
Lia 5 days ago
David Dobrick > Cameron Dallas
Shanaya Wyatt
Shanaya Wyatt 5 days ago
Why is David so cute😩😩 but can we not try to make him cry please
Alexander Hamilton
I confidently believe David Dobrik is the cutest human ever
Cat Lady
Cat Lady 12 hours ago
It’s impossible *not* to fall in loves with him
Kora Vlogs
Kora Vlogs 2 days ago
Alexander Hamilton what's up ham fam
Commander Keen
Commander Keen 5 days ago
He's so adorable I want to cry
Samantha Stams
Samantha Stams 5 days ago
“I won some things, what’s it to ya”
Annie Hernandez
Annie Hernandez 5 days ago
Sure hope I'm never here
the backhanded compliment thing is so sad to hear oh my god and 9:26 was so terrible he's too pure he doesn't deserve this!
Aly Archer
Aly Archer 5 days ago
I think it’s hilarious that he always tries to lie for these lie detectors, but can’t help but tell the truth😂
Emily M
Emily M 5 days ago
Is David ok?
Rebecca Lassman
Rebecca Lassman 5 days ago
Idk why I just felt like this interview was kinda messed up
Hollyjaanee _
Hollyjaanee _ 16 hours ago
Yea, they shouldn’t of posted it man it’s so sad
aechmea 18 hours ago
yeah, it was really rude to mention liza so much
Corbyn Be sson
Corbyn Be sson 5 days ago
That Liza part hit me really hard. I'm kinda sad now. 😢😭
Meliah Gabriela
Meliah Gabriela 5 days ago
I love how he got nervous talking about Liza!?!???!?
jphiil 5 days ago
why does he look like hes rolling on lsd in this
Nayeli Madhai
Nayeli Madhai 5 days ago
Guy asking questions: Ever slide into her Dms? David: No, she has a boyfriend *looks at the lie detector guy* Lie Detector guy: *shrugs*
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