David Dobrik Best Vlog Moments Autumn 2019

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David Dobrik's best vlog moments of autumn 2019, it is always fun to make and watch a full David Dobrik best moments edition, starring about all the members of the vlog squad like Corinna, Carly and Erin ;) Who is your favourite?
If you have any ideas or wishes for future uploads -
let me know in the comments :)

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Oct 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Marley Mescudi
Marley Mescudi 9 months ago
I swear, Heath getting his Lambo will forever make me tear up.
Drew Boyer
Drew Boyer 19 hours ago
No no no can I sit it in
Spy06 Day ago
I like how everyone was offended by Henry Kern lmao
Cjay Johnson
Cjay Johnson 27 days ago
Marley Mescudi I knew I wasn’t the only one that cried 😭😭🥺
Shuaa Juhdi
Shuaa Juhdi Month ago
Henry Kerns people who say what you just said show that you have no heart and also men who cry are strong enough to show emotion
it is me emilee ooo
@Henry Kerns yes they do. manly is kind of a strange word since it depicts a stereotypical view of how a man should be when all men should be respected as they are. (women also should be respected in the same light). bottom line, crying is good, and crying should never be viewed as weakness.
Camryn Artimisi
18:56. A king walked in the door
The lion didn’t pee, it marked its territory
Matt Venditti
Matt Venditti 3 days ago
Bro how is July autumn that’s full blown smack dap in the middle of summer.
Haideraide 3 days ago
7:07 best part Heath is fucking hilarious
gold digging
gold digging 3 days ago
When the couch caught on fire natile sounded like she was dd wife
Shamy Lynch
Shamy Lynch 4 days ago
The way Natalie falls got me dead😭😭😭7:33
Eric Gonzalez
Eric Gonzalez 5 days ago
Best part 7:34 😂
Voltzy. 5 days ago
Holy shit I died at 7:33
Esteban Calito
Esteban Calito 5 days ago
just realized. 8:22 they laugh is in perfect sync.
Curtis Maxwell
Curtis Maxwell 8 days ago
David I swear your the best person on the world
R M 9 days ago
does anyone know what vlog 0:19 is ??
Reynaldo Paredez
Reynaldo Paredez 10 days ago
While the guy from prehistoric pets got his thumbnail jason LOST his thumb nail
Froggy Playzzz
Froggy Playzzz 11 days ago
4:57 imagine he crashes it after 2 hours
LiL Ploppis
LiL Ploppis 12 days ago
7:34 hahahaahgaga i am dying
sam miller
sam miller 13 days ago
When he throw up I could not stop laughing and crying.!!
Kenzie Nicole
Kenzie Nicole 13 days ago
Addicting Tim
Addicting Tim 15 days ago
10:03 did anyone also here the heavy breathing in the background?
surprise central86
surprise central86 18 days ago
19:00 No one: Not a single soul: Jonah: EVACUATE EVACUATE
Jason Alo
Jason Alo 20 days ago
heath got himself a winner
Safiatu Bility
Safiatu Bility 21 day ago
P get p tea rr drrqdr hii pffq
rojan vonas
rojan vonas 21 day ago
What was Natalie doing with her hands
Ceo_Of_ Splitz
Ceo_Of_ Splitz 21 day ago
When Matt was saying we didnt wanna kiss Natalie when she started talking.. she looked like a BAD ASS BITCH i mean she always does but damn she had the attitude and everything perioddd
r10xt5 _
r10xt5 _ 22 days ago
"yea it's urs" me thinking that he isn't. Logan Paul so it is real
Carson King
Carson King 22 days ago
Bro David your such a nice guy
R3P 25 days ago
Natalie: he lifted his tail and went that one I honestly died hahah
Julius Rosen
Julius Rosen 25 days ago
Julius Rosen
Julius Rosen 25 days ago
Artemis Christodoulou
11:06 WTF is wrong with these people
Michael TheOne_
Michael TheOne_ 28 days ago
My name is mucha
svnnycloudz 28 days ago
Ofc Jonah was the one who puked 💀
Hamoudi Aboudi
Hamoudi Aboudi 28 days ago
holy fuck zane was close to hitting his fucking head when he fell in the water
Flxrlrxse 28 days ago
Jason laugh be like: a a a a a a aa a a aa a a a a a aa
Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia 28 days ago
That old man is on x games mode
G3N Z 29 days ago
Jason is amazing 😂
Awful Waffle
Awful Waffle 29 days ago
4:35 imagine he said sike lol that would ruin everything
francesco galgano
Noah Kuta
Noah Kuta Month ago
I hate this Jeff you cut out the best part at the end where he sees the car
Mason Beimer
Mason Beimer Month ago
I swear if I don’t see Mariah and heath get married imma be kinda upset lol
Adam Wold
Adam Wold Month ago
4:14 the girl in the back looks like bo burnham in drag
the vlog squad makes me soooooo happy it makes me depressed that ill never be apart of it
No One Ever
No One Ever Month ago
I wish i had this many friends...
Hannah Wade
Hannah Wade Month ago
Justin Parsons sr.
Heath is the most annoyingest and most traumatic and fakest on the vlog squad
Abdiel Hernandez
The "natalie you play an important role in davids life how is it that you take so many vacations" 😂😂
Happpy_Trigger Month ago
He is crying because he has to pay for insurance lol
Divyesh Shelar
Divyesh Shelar Month ago
jana hatem
jana hatem Month ago
Tod looked sad when corena was talking about like hmm with the vlog squad 11:00
Kiakoka Month ago
Jason's australian accent is on the point ngl
Belen Boyles
Belen Boyles Month ago
6:11 Natalie reminds me of lana rhoades hahahaha
Stitch Month ago
everytime theres a birthday i know alex is coming
J. D. L
J. D. L Month ago
I have absorbed his nutrients
Paige C.
Paige C. Month ago
9:51 is so cute omg
Shabir Month ago
am i the only one that thinks jesus christ from vidcon looks just like heath 😧
Davina Moeung
Davina Moeung Month ago
Jason with the lizard gave off Steve Irwin vibes
Aaron Espinoza
Aaron Espinoza Month ago
Heith is a bitch
Tanner B
Tanner B Month ago
I love Heath!! 😭😭
е к
е к Month ago
Kind of strange when you try to help to people who really need help, with several hundred buck when someone out there throwing money like shit to random people. Hah thats life.
FREE_sTaTic Month ago
Only material things can make people nowadays cry until they can’t😭❤️
llNAVA ll
llNAVA ll Month ago
6:20 prolly the funniest jason moment 😭😭
Ismael De Luna
Ismael De Luna Month ago
When jonah said EVACUATE!! got me dead😂😂
Stephanie Croke
Stephanie Croke Month ago
10:26 jeff sounds like john coffee
Tj Loved
Tj Loved Month ago
7:35 cant 💀💀
deez22 Month ago
Amir Spamz
Amir Spamz Month ago
5:54 me and my friend at 4 am when my parents are sleepint
sobbing reefer
sobbing reefer Month ago
“ummm...you have large...knees” -natalie (2019)
Ryan Witter
Ryan Witter Month ago
11:40 almost smoked his head off the corner
Polo V
Polo V Month ago
I liked the last seen what vlog was that
Arro_oo 1
Arro_oo 1 Month ago
After 1 month it’s David’s birthday
Cap'nNutty Month ago
11:39 He could've died
Cap'nNutty Month ago
6:10 "WHY DO YOU SO THESE THINGS?!" For content. Duh
Jayce Toupin
Jayce Toupin Month ago
if david had pranked heath with the lambo I would've actually cried
Abigail Graves
Abigail Graves Month ago
7:35 I laughed literally so hard!!! 😂😂
Cash Feldkamp
Cash Feldkamp Month ago
when jason was laughing at 18:25 I thought someone was behind me.
Cash Feldkamp
Cash Feldkamp Month ago
david and natalie are like iron man and pepper pots
Judith Cardona
Judith Cardona Month ago
levancho boxua
levancho boxua Month ago
2:30 the most iconic voice ive ever heard
T.O. Shiroma
T.O. Shiroma Month ago
7:35 is so funny
Lina Chehab
Lina Chehab Month ago
Drunk Erin 😂😂😂😂😂
DeCode 101
DeCode 101 Month ago
These videos always make my day
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