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Known for capturing the world’s imagination with his high-profile feats, David Blaine has set and broken several world records. The man famous both for his mystifying street magic, and his larger-than-life endurance stunts, he has the ability to impress anyone with his cool personality.
But, can you figure out his tricks?
So, be it his famous Frog trick, or biting a metal coin in half, in this video, we'll figure out the top secrets behind David Blaine’s greatest magic tricks of all time.
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Below is the featured list of David Blaine’s Greatest Magic Tricks Revealed:
At number 7: Biting a Coin in Half
At number 6: The Insane Card Trick
At number 5: Turning Coffee into Coins
At number 4: The Mind-Reading Trick
At number 3: Cigarette through a Coin Trick
At number 2: 360-degree Arm Twist
At number 1: Vomiting Live Frogs
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So guys, which magician is the greatest entertainer of all time?
And which topic would you like to see next?
Drop us a comment below.
Thanks for watching!


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Jul 7, 2019




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Comments 100
FactoFusion Year ago
So guys, which magician is the greatest entertainer of all time? And which topic would you like to see next?
Izabella Mcgrath
Izabella Mcgrath 11 days ago
Harry Houdini
Oliver Kolodziej
Oliver Kolodziej 24 days ago
Next can it be Zach king
Shobhit tripathi
Shobhit tripathi 25 days ago
Wrong explanations
Kuy Veng
Kuy Veng Month ago
I want to see Julius dein magic reveal
bob bob
bob bob Month ago
@Donald J. Trump Criminal Face Matches Jumpsuit can you provide evidence? I'm not saying this to like anger you, but because the stuff showcased here all seem plawsible to me and so I doubt he'd somehow be cheating. Articles, videos, whatever
Aidan Arroyo
Aidan Arroyo 3 hours ago
delete this....
Rex Banner
Rex Banner 7 hours ago
Smh. Give credit to the masked magician. Without him, you wouldn't have the secrets
Akshat 9 hours ago
Bing: David wants to know ur location
Jody 13 hours ago
Sewing his mouth shut and drinking kerosene and sticking an ice pick through his hand.. show us THOSE secrets...
Noodle King
Noodle King 21 hour ago
lmao plants vs goblins music
Sawyer Buchan
Sawyer Buchan 21 hour ago
Trisha Jacob
Trisha Jacob 22 hours ago
Your a legend your exposing their illusions and your face is covered but why Hahhahhahaa
walter Day ago
this guy is a walking cgi
Vikhyat Shastri
Somewhere in a parallel universe: A frog swallowed David Blaine
T Masselink
T Masselink Day ago
8:30 i find this very weird couse i can do it legit i can put my hand on the floor and turn it 360 degrees without tricks!
Keertesha Nathan
8:23y friend can twist her hand 360 degrees and her bone will sort of stick out under the skin
MY NAME Day ago
OK, I can do all of that stuff BUT NEVER THE FROG ONES
U just hating 🖕🏾
Watson Wallace
Watson Wallace 2 days ago
Amma try that coffee thing to my homies
william 2 days ago
Magic for me is the fact that i know it’s faked but I still can’t catch it
Jeff Sparky
Jeff Sparky 2 days ago
once you know the secret you've been duped
Jeff Sparky
Jeff Sparky 2 days ago
oh sure use the masked magician clip for coin cup trick
billy billy
billy billy 3 days ago
I don’t get the last trick that explanation sucked
Kathleen Crisfer
Kathleen Crisfer 3 days ago
Collin Lutz
Collin Lutz 4 days ago
I’ve seen this man stick a needle through his arm. While you may think that’s how he’s doing everything he does, you’re wrong. Many of his tricks are not tricks at all. If you sell your soul to Satan, you can do things nobody else can do. And as I expected, you didn’t explain how he shoved the needle through his arm right in front of Ricky Gervais. He even let him pull out out. No blood, no camera switch. You also didn’t explain how he removed a woman’s teeth and then put them back in by blowing in her face. Like I said most of these can be explained. But that’s not how he’s doing it.
HELL GaMerSz 4 days ago
It is easy to see and say But it is very difficult.
Ishaan Sajay
Ishaan Sajay 4 days ago
Swallowing live frogs is cruel!!!😡😡😡😡
ben hauger
ben hauger 4 days ago
That's a real quarter
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson 4 days ago
How do the frogs survive the strong stomach acid? The Frogs have a trick of their own. Lol
Raymond Charlyn
Raymond Charlyn 4 days ago
The average spear intralysosomally groan because grain culturally seal opposite a billowy community. pale, handy fold
Ermiyas Feleke
Ermiyas Feleke 5 days ago
I can twist my 360 because I was karatics
Paolo cassano
Paolo cassano 5 days ago
And because you so much need to winter them own that you have to break the assholes
I think.many Christians would call blain something demonic Watch with light hearted mind Keep healthy mind
Travis Scott
Travis Scott 6 days ago
The chunky trade bilaterally preach because peer-to-peer tentatively race before a puzzling rabbi. spotted, psychedelic flax
Seronin Aran
Seronin Aran 7 days ago
So for the multiple outs tricks on Hawkins, he had 52 'outs' ready? I get some of those are 'fun' (it's under the chair, it's behind the board , top/middle/not in the deck') but 52 amusing 'ends'? Find it difficult to believe they could hall have been entertaining.
Worbly Wibblings
Worbly Wibblings 8 days ago
When you actually have a frog in your throat
Kiynx 8 days ago
Human is beyond what we think
Keidren Perkins
Keidren Perkins 9 days ago
Karol Agudelo
Karol Agudelo 9 days ago
So.. the coin trick he sole a coin?From the lady....
nitin kapadia
nitin kapadia 9 days ago
At 7:04 the disable man is in my english digest I am in 8 standard
Devi prasad mishra
Leave magic the world records he has made shows he just built different.
ViruzZz 9 days ago
the frogs in his stomach: first frog: AYOO, Bro watcha doin' here u weren't supposed to be here! the other one: ayo he keeps eatin' us, theres no way out man.
Proud Rabbi
Proud Rabbi 9 days ago
Guy's a fraud!
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday 10 days ago
The trick @7minutes didn't tell us any way that trick was explained 😂😂
Hamlet Sardaryan
Hamlet Sardaryan 10 days ago
Drake 10:48
Arif 402
Arif 402 10 days ago
I think davit is the mask man....
Naufal Jifri
Naufal Jifri 11 days ago
so youre telling me the coffee coin trick was fake? so the homeless man wasnt homeless too i guess 😭
Bcurlee Entertainment
Y’all should do the disappearing deck
Eric Portillo
Eric Portillo 11 days ago
What about that girl's missing teeth!? Lol
Ibrahim Bulduk
Ibrahim Bulduk 12 days ago
what about the trick with Margot Robbie where he manages to find the word she read in an article ?? That was mind blowing
ME ME FICATION 12 days ago
0:27 Something's wrong in the left side, i can feel it...
Noah Roj
Noah Roj 13 days ago
Magic isn’t real, we should just be surprised how smooth he is
Jon John
Jon John 13 days ago
So the live frog trick is not really a trick but David was just doing normal real magic.
Norbi Gaming
Norbi Gaming 13 days ago
but it was the old man his cpoffe
Gaming Eagle
Gaming Eagle 14 days ago
He works with Jinns
MrFroogz 14 days ago
Pam Rodriguez
Pam Rodriguez 14 days ago
James Dagatan
James Dagatan 14 days ago
Prithu sharma
Prithu sharma 14 days ago
Reveal insane indian street magic
xgdghehgf ggegdhfue
Fun fact: Half of the viwers clicked on the vid because the tumbnail.
Le Val
Le Val 15 days ago
What about him levitating?
jonathan muyeki
jonathan muyeki 15 days ago
This man is on the different world 🌎
Julian Perez
Julian Perez 16 days ago
What happens at frogs lay eggs in his throat
Tylan Douglas
Tylan Douglas 16 days ago
Nobody wants to know the way he does it it’s just all fun and entertainment just let him be great
Dorext FaZe
Dorext FaZe 16 days ago
Deadpool: can't die Wolverine: can't die Wolverine and Deadpool were scared of nothing but that thing scares me David blaine: ha noobs iam the best I can't die
KreativesGehirn 16 days ago
Bobby Bones
Bobby Bones 17 days ago
Well he actually did a real mind reading trick with Margot robbie and what about the ice pick
Jjj Ffff
Jjj Ffff 17 days ago
So how the fk did he put a piece of sharp metal right through his arm and did not bleed?
NotCool GamingYT
NotCool GamingYT 17 days ago
Ex TiNCTiOn 18 days ago
Too many ads
Unzila Unzila
Unzila Unzila 18 days ago
Tricks are beautiful whether we know their methods or not
TokyoXtreme 18 days ago
4:42 “cupful of gold coins” = random pocket change
Andrew kim
Andrew kim 19 days ago
The willing humidity rarely drag because shears willy apologise forenenst a placid spandex. fast, parched herring
King JuLs
King JuLs 20 days ago
Boss please shoutout to Patricia Gaylle Mendoza.
Bryan Li
Bryan Li 20 days ago
I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually swallowed a coin lol
surreal romiics
surreal romiics 21 day ago
drake be like :| 0:26
Viktor Trotzek
Viktor Trotzek 21 day ago
the coin trick is surely not a top 7 david blaine trick...it's pretty common
Zakariyabmw 22 days ago
Teach me boi
Mack Milly11TV
Mack Milly11TV 22 days ago
But how was the card signed if he place the card under her hand first than sign ??????????
iLikeTheUDK 23 days ago
Damn, the third trick with the cup is disgusting. Taking a (partially planned) failling of the system right in front either one of its victims or (worse) someone who isn't but is dressed to look like one, and turning it into a spectacle. I hate these "viral" magicians
A Tortoise Named BIlly
im terrified
jacob pengson
jacob pengson 24 days ago
Magician is super fast
JorgiePlayz 25 days ago
Shobhit tripathi
Shobhit tripathi 25 days ago
Your all explations are wrong
Mr Beast 2 years ago
I got a chocolate add before thsi
Stephen Yu
Stephen Yu 26 days ago
how did she not feel that he put the card on her wrist
modernman goman
modernman goman 26 days ago
Dam it! I was waiting for how how he does the levitation trick.
Brother Chris rco
Brother Chris rco 27 days ago
Interesting Fact. When Blaine Regurgitated the Frogs, he missed one. Poor little guy, had to find his way out the Back Door...
Trevor Page
Trevor Page 27 days ago
David Blain makes other Magicians look Dull and boring. But they are tricks and skills. Lots of preparation.
Smiling Cute
Smiling Cute 28 days ago
So dere is no superpower in magicians
Theandre crawford
Theandre crawford 29 days ago
When he finds thiss video he will be pist🤣🤣
Nithin Sai
Nithin Sai Month ago
Wait, so at 7:24, there are essentially *52* different tricks ready?
:capalot: Month ago
bro facto just ruined all of david best tricks and u just ruined the tricks
Cgoggles Month ago
I can twist my arm 360° because I’m double-jointed
noobmaster 69
noobmaster 69 Month ago
If he use gimmic coin why he ask lady for give there coin?
GurPinder SiDhu
GurPinder SiDhu Month ago
I didn't get the card trick with Stephen Hawking
srajatji Month ago
7:40 Priyanka Chopra
Janno & Janna
Janno & Janna Month ago
i dont vomit frogs i poop frogs
sir oros the first
I love Stephen's smile
Coco Melon
Coco Melon Month ago
He's a different breed period!!!
Oliveira A.
Oliveira A. Month ago
Nursinta Manik
Nursinta Manik Month ago
im here though..
We have a saying in England and that is Fools and their money are easily parted lol 😂 Great tricks
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