David Archuleta - Crush (Official Video)

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I hung up the phone tonight
Something happened for the first time
Deep inside it was a rush
What a rush
'Cause the possibility
That you would ever feel the same way about me
It's just too much
Just too much
Why do I keep running from the truth?
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized
So mesmerized
And I've just got to know
Do you ever think
When you're all alone
All that we could be?
Where this thing could go?
Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it real or just another crush?
Do you catch a breath
When I look at you?
Are you holding back
Like the way you do?
'Cause I'm trying, trying to walk away
But I know this crush ain't going away
Going away
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Comments 80
Jinyvb xx
Jinyvb xx 2 hours ago
2009 songs are gold ❣️
Karishma Singh
Karishma Singh 6 hours ago
My childhood ❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻
EASY TRANSIT 14 hours ago
Juillet 2020
Anthony Bradford
Anthony Bradford 16 hours ago
I konow his parents are proud of him
peguy pianga
peguy pianga 17 hours ago
it is verry good i like
Mohamad Amirul Farahin Md Ali
Superb song 👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Michael David Oyco
Watching this July 2020 and his version of Heaven in American Idol is still stuck to me. Amazing!
Fahanie Day ago
In this video, hes is 19 years old. How fast time has passed
Bluerose anchor
STILL a great crush song 💗💗💗
Mayank Singh
Mayank Singh Day ago
This song hits the same still in 2020. Dav, you great bro.❤️🙌👏
popcorn 464
popcorn 464 Day ago
But this virus ain't going away-ay-ay 😭
Remuel Balan
Remuel Balan Day ago
Nostalgic 😍
Nu TV Day ago
ensay clemente
still listening? 2020
Harry Neohny
Harry Neohny Day ago
Around between 2012-2014 I used to listen to this song. Crushing on someone. Our lives moved on. I’m now in a very happy relationship with someone else. For all the guys out there crushing on someone and if you feel you won’t be with them, it doesn’t mean you’ll be alone. Because you’ll find that someone.
surendra manger
surendra manger 12 hours ago
I don't want to loose her.😭😭
GhostArmySquad 2 days ago
Great music and talent from a Mormon, we need more like him.
Maryam Abd
Maryam Abd 2 days ago
Those who grew up with this are my peeps #lit
Karoona Booteeah
Karoona Booteeah 2 days ago
My fav❤️
Hạ Ánh Nguyễn
Tôi thích bài hát này❤
Neto Mendes
Neto Mendes 3 days ago
29/06/2020. Um Brasileiro passando por aqui.🇧🇷🔊🎧😍
雪光 3 days ago
Can we have this kind of music this 2020? I feel like the quality of songs lately deteriorated already... I love this song so much. Takes me back to when I was in highschool.🥺❤
gamer zone
gamer zone Day ago
The artist like him are born once in a generation, I doubt we can listen similar songs in the next 10 years.
Brandon Xiong
Brandon Xiong 3 days ago
Damn, this song blew up this year lolol
TheReMorseCode 3 days ago
Isn’t he that dude from iCarly I didn’t know he was Real
krystal silva
krystal silva 3 days ago
Summer time chi 💖🌃💖 #2020
Jelsa FANlove
Jelsa FANlove 3 days ago
David Archuleta from iCarly!!!
Ben Simon
Ben Simon 4 days ago
I still remember him from American Idol.
Ben Simon
Ben Simon 4 days ago
I wish he still sang.
Kpn 4 days ago
I like your song and you kkkk💜
Kusum Rai
Kusum Rai 4 days ago
This is so nostalgic😢 i had this as my blackberry ringtone back in 2009
Soila Melendez
Soila Melendez 4 days ago
freelanzer borg
freelanzer borg 4 days ago
1:29 see that girl in the right side?. her hands on her face.. how??
{Bel phe gor}
{Bel phe gor} 4 days ago
ateeqahnorzan 5 days ago
Here on June 2020.
SLone3251 5 days ago
I had NEVER heard this song on the radio at all when it came out and saw this video popping up in my Recommendations for forever. Great song, really captures the pop of 2008. Sucks how this guy hasn't had any other hits since then.
abdifatah yæ4
abdifatah yæ4 5 days ago
Hell yess i searched for it and get it and enjoying it after a long time ♥️🔥
Awin Nashrudin
Awin Nashrudin 5 days ago
june 2020
clint mabatid
clint mabatid 6 days ago
2020 👍
smol! lyra
smol! lyra 6 days ago
I came from an Instagram edit lmao
Virakti Eung
Virakti Eung 6 days ago
Wanna go back ❤️ 2020 do U ever feel miss !
POPO WORLD 7 days ago
June 2020 Anyone??😍😍😍
POPO WORLD 7 days ago
Crush 2020 lyrics ruvid.net/video/video-euzD8E2tPR8.html
Reverse Exxect
Reverse Exxect 7 days ago
This chorus hits me at every angle
Reverse Exxect
Reverse Exxect 7 days ago
This chorus hits me at every angle
Reverse Exxect
Reverse Exxect 7 days ago
This is my jam
Reverse Exxect
Reverse Exxect 7 days ago
This is my jam
Sikta Iqomatul Haq
Years ago, i have a crush on a guy but i cant tell him i'm just too shy and i choose to admire him from a faar, that time i really love listening to this song.. he's married now and already have a child, im happy for him just... i still have this little pain when i know he's getting married
Ava Gallegos
Ava Gallegos 7 days ago
2020 squad here?
Hetalia South Korea
This hits me with nostalgia so hard😳😳😢💚
Hriiyizhuo Siikruna
I'm leaving this comment here for future generations
KIMM 8 days ago
Earth is healing when you guys came here for these old music during the pandemic.
Z&V 8 days ago
Kao Marady
Kao Marady 8 days ago
Suddenly, search this favorite song after 10 years ago, still my favorite💜
Ha Ru
Ha Ru 8 days ago
This song brings back a lot of my childhood memories. Puppy love indeed 😂✨ still lovin' this song💖
Jericho Dela Cruz
im missing this old days while this singers have the best song ever until now
Yes Or Yes
Yes Or Yes 9 days ago
😶 my first phone that i ever had have this song in the playlist... That't how i know David... 8 years ago
Nann Soy
Nann Soy 9 days ago
Ryan's Channel
Ryan's Channel 9 days ago
Does anyone here know who the girls in the music video are? They’re beautiful. Especially the blonde one.
Herculhes Ebol
Herculhes Ebol 9 days ago
who else thought of their crush while jamming to this song in 6th grade?
Happy Potato
Happy Potato 9 days ago
Blessing my quarantine with this song
Machmud Ibrahim
Machmud Ibrahim 9 days ago
+62 nonton
Carmela 9 days ago
11 years has passed. My crush for you David ain't goin' away ..
Xo_amber 133
Xo_amber 133 10 days ago
0% Violence 0% Sexual scenes 0% Twerking 0% Showing off Money 0% Insults 0% Racism 0% Flashing Jewelry 0% Bad Words 0% Autotune 0% Gold Chains 0% Poppin Bottles 0% Guns 0% Drugs and Alcohol 100% Perfect voice and Awesome Music 🎶🎶🎶🎶❤️
Karen Lopez
Karen Lopez 10 days ago
The golden age of American Idol
dewi :3
dewi :3 10 days ago
Oh well anyone in june2020? Just me ? Okay Imma leave now
f dlamini
f dlamini 10 days ago
LG 360
Norasi PHORN
Norasi PHORN 10 days ago
June 21, 2020
Papa's princesses
Papa's princesses 10 days ago
Love it 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
2daloo 11 days ago
sara sasa
sara sasa 11 days ago
🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭 ❤️❤️
Christopher Dawson
Christopher Dawson 11 days ago
My teenage song...i love it..❤️❤️❤️
The Starman
The Starman 11 days ago
Oh nostalgia
Domo Daruma
Domo Daruma 11 days ago
finiger pero minihal [[revie of france p03]]
Kamilla Avad
Kamilla Avad 11 days ago
Wow what a jam🥰🥰
Younggg Geekinn14
Younggg Geekinn14 11 days ago
Are u holding back like way I do
Fluffy Tendoz
Fluffy Tendoz 11 days ago
My crush is now my gf
Fluffy Tendoz
Fluffy Tendoz 11 days ago
Facebook bring me here😤♥️
Ahrgie Englisa
Ahrgie Englisa 11 days ago
Dat Nguyen
Dat Nguyen 12 days ago
timeless song
Journey Welborn
Journey Welborn 12 days ago
Was he really 12 when he sang this?! I looked it up and it said he was 12 but theres no way right?!
moussouni sissi
moussouni sissi 12 days ago
Wawww I'm so surprised 😍😍. I'm not the only one who came back to my favourite songs after long years
Hada Foxer
Hada Foxer 12 days ago
I love this song so much...
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