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Dave Chappelle took his son backstage to meet Kevin Hart and Kevin gave them a gift for whenever Dave is upset.
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Sep 13, 2019




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Comments 6 191
Oscar Rodriguez
Oscar Rodriguez 4 hours ago
I got that "your wish is my command" money 🤣
ShifaniReffai 5 hours ago
What makes Dave Chappelle so likeable as a comedian is that he's so freaking humble.
Arturo.alcala Green420
Dat isnt dave shappelle he aint even funny straight up got cloned..
Kirubel Amare
Kirubel Amare 17 hours ago
no u stfu money 🤣😂🤣🖤
Red Pill Nation
Red Pill Nation 19 hours ago
I can't wait to see id Dave's son makes into comedy and the reporter ask Dave's son who his inspiration was for becoming a comedian and he goes Kevin Hart....lol
Mark Jefferson
Omg Dave Chappelle 🤣 is hilarious.
Starr Young
Starr Young Day ago
Rihanna got “all y’all shit the fuck up money”
Sao Cungduoc
Sao Cungduoc Day ago
Dave Chappelle won Mark Twain Prize, though
Dave's the best! One thing good about him and Kevin is that they both make light of themselves...that's pretty admirable for comedians. Dave has a home here in Ohio in a little village and when he's there, he's just a "regular person"...he's always walking around the little downtown area and goes to the shops, restaurants and bars there. Just going out there I've bumped into him on a few occasions and he's always cordial, not stuck up with a security squad around him. There's a little pizza joint there and I was eating inside. When I came out, he was leaning on my car talking to his wife who had pulled up in her car. When he saw me and that he was leaning on my car, he started apologizing and making little jokes...I laughed it off and just shook his hand. Nice guy.
Dj Magik Mike
Dave shits all over Kevin. Old Kevin is funny
Youtube Commentator
Dave!! Where have you been?! Comedy needs this man!
Mugen Le Nomade
Lil song for y'all : ruvid.net/video/video-0KN2TdKnGQc.html
D Elston
D Elston Day ago
Team Chappelle!
Gab rielle
Gab rielle Day ago
4:45 I'd have to take a loan out for "shut the fuck up". "Shut the fuck up", that's Jay-Z money. "And Beyonce got, "No, you shut the fuck up"". Lmao
Kevin Carnahan
Kevin Carnahan 2 days ago
So cheesy
Kevin Carnahan
Kevin Carnahan 2 days ago
So good
Angie Darkwa
Angie Darkwa 2 days ago
Here because of Woody_thegreat 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kebuin Kebuin
Kebuin Kebuin 2 days ago
nice try clone
Niner Gang
Niner Gang 2 days ago
So allllllll of you people can really watch this and think that this is really Dave ? Sorry but I won't get on the sinkin ship.
Danellboy 2 days ago
Love this piece, so genuine
Danielle Patrice
Danielle Patrice 2 days ago
Jay Z got that Shit the F up money 💰 Beyoncé got that No you shut the F up money 💰 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he is funny 😆
Tupapi Soyyo
Tupapi Soyyo 2 days ago
There's something off about this guy...🤔 not the same dave
. 2 days ago
I want beyonce money
J G 3 days ago
It was Tuesday and he already had Sunday dinner... lmao
Gustavo Serrano
Gustavo Serrano 3 days ago
Kevin Heart does black comedy for white people
_vertueux_ femme_
...and Beyoncé got, no you shut the 🤬 up 💯🤣💯😂
vibe connoisseur
vibe connoisseur 3 days ago
As an Englishman I've never found many nearly any american comics funny . But I honestly think dave Chappelle is the best comedian ever 🤣
Niklas Henritzi
Niklas Henritzi 3 days ago
that was cooold blooded
Darren Evans
Darren Evans 3 days ago
Kevin Hart is funny because people say he's funny. He isn't actually funny. I would enjoy movies the same if he wasn't actually in them. I have nothing against him, I just don't care if he is there or not.
SmokingOn GeeMoney
It was Tuesday night, this mf was having a Sunday dinner 😂😂😂
youronly friend
youronly friend 3 days ago
netflix is awesome!
youronly friend
youronly friend 3 days ago
kevin hart fucking sucks!
Yajie Liu
Yajie Liu 3 days ago
The last bits tho... I got start saving man XD
Zach Van Harris JR
*I have “quiet please” at best money.. I don’t have “shut the fxck up” money, not yet*
Zach Van Harris JR
*Kevin Hart is a good comedian*
Hector Rodriguez Jr.
Ima Dave Chapelle fan 👌
Matthew Driscoll
Matthew Driscoll 3 days ago
This is a Bill Cosby story haha
Ned Flanderz
Ned Flanderz 3 days ago
Dave... Kevin ain't got shit on you in my book.
Apple Jelly
Apple Jelly 4 days ago
Yoooo did y’all see THE CAPTION 🤔
chris barrett
chris barrett 4 days ago
Kevin : $125 per ticket Dave : *shocked* I’m only $80 a ticket. Even though Dave is the better comedian. It goes to show how humble Dave is
Frozen Stag
Frozen Stag 4 days ago
Im sorry but if you need money to tell anyone to shut the fuck up then clearly you havent been saying it right
Leonard Tshimangadzo
I like his jacket
lacquan scott
lacquan scott 4 days ago
Reminds me of the Eddie bit on cosby
nizakat iqbal
nizakat iqbal 5 days ago
Sounds like Lil Wayne more than Drake. Also Dave, you'll always be better than Kevin. Trust. You're a legend.
Jamega 5 days ago
If $50 million is "Quiet please" money I'm probably a mute
My Channel
My Channel 5 days ago
Kevin Hart is not funny.
LUCKY SAULALA 5 days ago
DJ NEW YORK 5 days ago
NiiCO 5 days ago
I would have to borrow money from my girl just to tell her to “be quite”
Selam Tesfaye
Selam Tesfaye 6 days ago
the last part is golden
Jose German
Jose German 6 days ago
My wife has my money so you already know ......I SHUT THE F$#% UP all day ....Since I been with her I am Mute....LMAOOO!!!!! Hence why I love RUvid I type everything and express myself....LMAOOO
Cyntia Chew
Cyntia Chew 6 days ago
And Beyonce's got "No you shut the fuck up"🤣🤣🤣
30cheomu 6 days ago
Did anybody notice that dead dude in the front row with the cap on. My condolences to the family
Dolores Fernandez
“I was furious” 😂 love him!!
Wegadesk Gorup-Paule
Thanks for the good laughs bro
Reck James
Reck James 6 days ago
"Dad, Nick cannon is hilarious"
DaKa Studioz
DaKa Studioz 6 days ago
😆😄‼ #codezwebseriez
The Stick
The Stick 6 days ago
Damn kinda wanna here daves cover a drake song 😂
Laura Arnold
Laura Arnold 7 days ago
I love love love Dave!
Cj 7 days ago
all about salt induce
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