Darling in the FranXX: The Never Ending Ride

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Re-Uploaded to correct some stuff.
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Jul 12, 2018




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Just a Noob
Just a Noob 19 hours ago
“Maybe this show about angsteens piloting giant robots with butt seggs wasn’t a revolutionary show” Just maybe
Shut the fuck up
Bruvva 2 days ago
Have you read Berserk? Have you watched Clannad? Have you watched Your Lie In April? Your suffering means nothing if you haven't experienced the TRUE pain of these stories!
Weeb Guy
Weeb Guy Day ago
Woah.Berserk might be alittle to far.
Actually Not Pineapple
Darling in the fran...XX
First name last name
Roblox:so lets put zero two into our game
Nathaniel McMurray
I feel like this show is a perfect representation of anime. It sums up exactly what it is which is a crazy, nerdy, hyperbolized story with nothing and everything making sense at the exact same time. The art style and the characters hyperbolize every action and word said, with personalities being easily picked out. There are the classic tropes like the beach day episode, the love triangle, and the bad guys are actually good ending. And not to mention the classic anime fan service that anime fans at first are confused by, then start to like, then soon like but no longer focus on It. It’s nerdy with a crazy weird story line that only anime could pull off and then at the very end you have a crazy info dump, the entire thing becomes a dumpster fire, yet still sticks a landing with it being happy, but at the same time almost sad. The ending leaves you satisfied but also in a Lot of ways unsatisfied. This was probably a waste of time to write but like I personally like the show and a lot of people who shit on it are a bit nit picky to be honest. It’s good and people who don’t like it instead of just saying the obvious that the writers realizing they were running out of time just info dumped the viewers to save the show from complete failure, they mention that but go into other things that don’t actually matter that much unless your analyzing every minute of the show for an hour. Good show and I watched the whole thing in 2 days
Joan Manuel Capera Garcia
I actually liked the anime, just forget about all the mecha and sci-fi. It's a sol show.
Uchiha Rex
Uchiha Rex 3 days ago
Bro i am really glad that i visit and subscribe your channel you really deserve 10M bro 😂
eden cuevas
eden cuevas 3 days ago
wtf fuck and i watching
Mega Opinião
Mega Opinião 3 days ago
If there's no one turning super saiyan, then i'm not interested
Lewis Ricsi
Lewis Ricsi 3 days ago
ok but.....does evangelion have Zero Two?
Puzzle 4 days ago
PotatoLord 4 days ago
Hippity hoppity I wish the pain would just stoppity
Ranbo Mittal
Ranbo Mittal 4 days ago
People still really try and defend this show
Superpug Games
Superpug Games 4 days ago
The Geeky Preacher
For those of you who saw Darling in the Franxx and liked it, do you self a favor and watch Vandread, what I call the vastly superior prototype to Darling in the Franxx. It is amazing!
Blueprint CZE
Blueprint CZE 4 days ago
I needed this.
Jacob Haan
Jacob Haan 5 days ago
I lost hope as soon as they said that the final boss were aliens
Generation Zero
Generation Zero 5 days ago
Now I actually want to watch the show
Ethan DeVries
Ethan DeVries 5 days ago
Goddamn it. You always fucking get me with the random ass comedy
DuskZephyr 5 days ago
virm ape vape
Burnt Milkshake
Burnt Milkshake 5 days ago
get off my mans Guilty Crown
Drip Goku
Drip Goku 5 days ago
No season 2 is my worst nightmare
Damani Linton
Damani Linton 6 days ago
Fern Schoenberg
Fern Schoenberg 6 days ago
whoever came up with the ending deserves to be burned at the stake
NinjaMasterX 6 days ago
noah hager
noah hager 6 days ago
This show had so much potential but all of it was wasted
Person Person
Person Person 6 days ago
still wishing for a second season just so they can redo ep 20 onwards 02 and 016 so cute together reminds me of mirai nikki
Alex Smyroglou
Alex Smyroglou 6 days ago
don't ever call it "fran" again. U should be ashamed of urself
Dex Rektz
Dex Rektz 6 days ago
Pricewm5 6 days ago
I will always love this title whatever the problems with it are, and I always love this videos. LOL
Raspian Kiado
Raspian Kiado 7 days ago
5:14 I DEMAND ANOTHER! *smashes glass on floor*
Raspian Kiado
Raspian Kiado 7 days ago
4:24 This next half a minute, I laughed my ass off.
pPe 7 days ago
I know you are joking but the creative process and the deep meanings behind everything sounds on pair with eva
Abdul Rafay
Abdul Rafay 8 days ago
Kokoro's a Bitch, just wanted to say this
Godly Elite
Godly Elite 8 days ago
Your funny
Tim Majdouline
Tim Majdouline 8 days ago
i cant tell if its a joke or not XD
Tim Majdouline
Tim Majdouline 8 days ago
but i loved the anime anyway.
Sung Drip-Woo
Sung Drip-Woo 9 days ago
This is the most sarcastic video I've ever watched!
SEBS GONZALEZ 9 days ago
1:40 to 3:28 the most real part of the video (In case you didn't notice, Gigguk was sarcastic the whole time trying to show that FranXX is super based on (if not directly a copy) from Evangelion)
DANK Gaming
DANK Gaming 9 days ago
The only person I know here is Joseph joestar
Man Horn Head
Man Horn Head 9 days ago
I still haven't watched this yet. Those mechs really are cute.
ninja boom
ninja boom 9 days ago
Yup lord
Yup lord 9 days ago
Darling in the franxx explanation: What is love?
Yup lord
Yup lord 9 days ago
fuck off my wiafu
Trevurie 9 days ago
Yes, math solves everything
Angry Pirate
Angry Pirate 10 days ago
I thought for sure klaxosaurs were humans and that eaten humans would turn into klaxosaurs. The ending wasn't that weird, compared to Eva and TTGR it's pretty standard. Which other mecha shows has a character become pregnant? How about the drugs, brainwashing and memory wiping?
Omni bbx
Omni bbx 8 days ago
It was weird because of sudden twist without a backstory without much explanation on what they were. And the whole team left zero two and hrs alone to suicide. I thought they always stuck together but kn that fight they didn't
Jester 10 days ago
So your saying this is a insanely inferior version of Neon Genesis Evangelion
Duck wit a gun
Duck wit a gun 10 days ago
This is horny evangelion
Ian Watson
Ian Watson 10 days ago
It was very good then went to shit.
NoriXa 10 days ago
Everything aside the series is so good still today,
Shalu Pal
Shalu Pal 10 days ago
How to know that if the main character is in love or something like that in an anime JUST LOOK AT THE GIRL WITH BLUE HAIR EZZZY
cheeselord 10 days ago
9:49 lmao steins gate gg
Arjay Apale
Arjay Apale 10 days ago
Arjay Apale
Arjay Apale 10 days ago
Fuck that
Antonio 11 days ago
That Interstellar sound track hit too hard 😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅
elijah Brown
elijah Brown 11 days ago
How did you not know in Japanese when zero two when saids Darling she said daddy
Anonymous ジ Neko-lover
here there might be a million comments just like mine but here if you see this. this is a great anime go watch the first 5 ep's then if you don't like it you can say fu*k me. TBH idk who this guy is or if he gives real reviews lol but please go watch it lol
Omega Alpha
Omega Alpha 11 days ago
After all these years, I get it now. Years ago, Gainax produced an anime (EVA) gives us depression. Years later, Triggers want to cure our depression PTSD by giving us this anime, a sweet sweet love show....... But, honestly, this show gives me depression too. I mean your friends on earth having baby and chilling, you and your lover far in space killing alien and fight to death is not exactly the best ending you can hope for.
Krzycki 11 days ago
Darling in the franxx is nge on crack and without depression
Piker Joestar
Piker Joestar 11 days ago
Dude when I finished watching the series, I felt like throwing up.
Ian Watson
Ian Watson 10 days ago
It was so good. What happened?
Eric_17 _
Eric_17 _ 12 days ago
Frederick Taylor
Frederick Taylor 12 days ago
I'm trying to find a comment that says ichigo was best girl🤣
Omni bbx
Omni bbx 8 days ago
Honestly though. Imo she wasn't that bad. I mean I should of expected cuz it happens to at least one waifu in every show but. Idk. Ik it's a joke but some people kinda go a bit further
Παναγιώτης Πλατανας
Ok it may be similar but still darling in the franxx is much better that EVA
xe6h 12 days ago
the pink midget has the rinnegan
brave 12 days ago
Wth 0:40
isang malabong production
0:06 what anime is this ? asking for a friend
Kiryu Kazuma
Kiryu Kazuma 12 days ago
A silent voice
CFrayne51 13 days ago
This guys fucking hilarious
Jeff Peterson
Jeff Peterson 13 days ago
this makes me try to watch this shitshow ride
LaneFounder 13 days ago
Thumbnail:You wanna ride me, huh? Me:Yes
HighGalaxyNova 13 days ago
Bullshit fcing troll XD When i heard league of legends i just knew this was a troll
Vermilion 13 days ago
I thought he's about to meme-ing the byte of 87 lmfao
CATS_RULE9000 cats
CATS_RULE9000 cats 13 days ago
Slayer Okcbmx
Slayer Okcbmx 14 days ago
6:46 funny timestamp
Dragonator 14 days ago
this made me cringe and laugh at the same time
The Random Guy On Internet
how the fuck that become league of legend ???
Ian Watson
Ian Watson 10 days ago
Zaedan Jared Vros Ranot
Darling in the fran x x ?
Nani Jayakody
Nani Jayakody 14 days ago
ffs gigguk makes me laugh every bloody minute!
Shards IOS
Shards IOS 14 days ago
Lol this is funny
salazar mk2
salazar mk2 14 days ago
I love this guy
Low Wee Sing
Low Wee Sing 14 days ago
ilLusion 14 days ago
when the man talks about league of legends I was amazed how he did that so smooth
samuelju2 14 days ago
A1 pictures, Trigger, Hayao Miyazaki, Fox News, Cannabis Science Inc. Wreck*It Ralph, Sesame Street HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
aedrian 15 days ago
So in short... Budget evangelion with a higher budget than evangelion. Makes sense right?
Timo Tius
Timo Tius 15 days ago
4:29 I will always remember this
zeth dominic lacerna
irma luitjens
irma luitjens 15 days ago
sick shit hahahahhaha
Lelouch vi Britannia / ZERO
I've seen DitF and Evangelion. And yes DitF kinda copied Evangelion. But I personally think that DitF is a better show than Evangelion.
little giggle
little giggle 15 days ago
Omg fate stay night wut I didn’t know that it was popular omg
I_am_Neoo 15 days ago
i love u
InsprLeaf 15 days ago
015.. the amount of people who think Ichigo is best girl.
Donuts n Stuff
Donuts n Stuff 16 days ago
4:19 where the other 14 at
Christian Reno
Christian Reno 16 days ago
1:01 What anime is that ?
Donuts n Stuff
Donuts n Stuff 16 days ago
guilty crown I think
Faid Really
Faid Really 16 days ago
7:33 i think "where there's a will, theres a willy" would be better
Tristan Leal
Tristan Leal 16 days ago
reynaldo jr. lopez
reynaldo jr. lopez 16 days ago
its like pacific rim right?
Anime fan
Anime fan 16 days ago
Im a anime beginner , soooo should i watch it ??
Anime fan
Anime fan 10 days ago
@Ian Watson ahhh.... ok ok , im actually thinking to watch darling but since there are so many negative reviews , i got confused to watch or not thanks for advicing bro :)
Ian Watson
Ian Watson 10 days ago
Yes. But stop at episode 15. The show goes so down hill after that that you just shouldn't go eney further. Don't watch past it. I wish I knew it but now it is ruined. Other then that it is amazing before it goes to shit. Tell me what you think.
Nathan Versluys
Nathan Versluys 16 days ago
Darling in the franks is good
JUMPYM 16 days ago
Yes we all know that na will never win worlds
Dirk Doogenstein
Dirk Doogenstein 16 days ago
*laughs in EVA 4.0*
Infiniteiconn 16 days ago
4:25 LOL
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