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Dark Places · Hollywood Undead
Day Of The Dead
℗ 2015 Interscope Records
Released on: 2015-03-31
Producer: Jorel Decker
Composer Lyricist: J-Dog
Composer Lyricist: Johnny 3 Tears
Composer Lyricist: Charlie Scene
Composer Lyricist: Danny
Composer Lyricist: da kurlzz
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Dec 12, 2018




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Comments 28
Emily Boggs
Emily Boggs Month ago
Play this at night while you are walking outside
Vikram M
Vikram M Month ago
Charlie is so condescending in this song and i love it
Goose 3 months ago
Johnny needs to calm down. Good night
Rene Luck
Rene Luck 3 months ago
Duck faces duck facez
Allison Chandler
Eri 3 months ago
this was the type of music i would listen to when i used to be in a classroom.
THE KGB 7 days ago
Half the reason I don't have friends lmao
the one and only
Andrew Folwell
Andrew Folwell 2 months ago
Alina Nenciu
Alina Nenciu 2 months ago
@Osyris King p.
Alina Nenciu
Alina Nenciu 2 months ago
@Eri ¹¹1
Hider Trabby
Hider Trabby 3 months ago
blue deathshot
blue deathshot 11 days ago
@Μαλακας Κουραδακιας when you call him a 5 year old but he joined 7 years ago and you joined 8 months ago 👁👄👁
Μαλακας Κουραδακιας
stfu 5 year old :)
Jack Carver
Jack Carver 4 months ago
Great motivational song!
Jake Saunders
Jake Saunders 5 months ago
At the start of the track u can hear it if u listen closely worship Satan worship Satan a few times it's in there
Jake Saunders
Jake Saunders Month ago
@Emily Boggs i know i get messy but its in there
Emily Boggs
Emily Boggs Month ago
@Jake Saunders that was really hard to read
Jake Saunders
Jake Saunders 2 months ago
Put head phones on ucan hear it wispered e to six timesvery quiteif ucant hearit then u must b deff cuz its right in the first min listin to darlplaces upcut trust me lots more words slided in u just have to listen
Belphegor 4 months ago
Jake Saunders
Jake Saunders 5 months ago
Worship Satan
Ethan Hudlow
Ethan Hudlow 5 months ago
Is there a instramental for this song?
moms spaghetti
moms spaghetti 5 months ago
I dont think they like who they were signed to
Sarah Swanson
Sarah Swanson 5 months ago
I love how it says Parental Advisory; Explicit Content. Also I just now realized that I sadly won’t be able to listen to any of their/your songs when I give birth to my triplet boys
Kris Lynn
Kris Lynn 2 months ago
Doesn't hurt to listen to your preferred music. I've also got 3 kids. They love this music, and I think they've turned out pretty good. The eldest ships out this Tuesday, and my youngest is playing his own music at the local pub. Middle well.. Not sure what she is doing these days. Last I heard from her she had a job in london. My kids are amazing, and I treasure them with all my heart. Don't be afraid to listen to your own stuff around them, you won't regret it.
Damian Bisha
Damian Bisha 3 months ago
Get second set of triplets ASAP and make a band out of them, after undead will rot we need equivalent for future generations
Cyber Note
Cyber Note 5 months ago
Does anyone know the vst and the insrument of the intro bell stuff?
Ethan Hudlow
Ethan Hudlow 6 months ago
Wish they made a video for this
Ethan Hudlow
Ethan Hudlow 4 months ago
@Christiaan Buoy anytime man
Christiaan Buoy
Christiaan Buoy 4 months ago
@Ethan Hudlow Eh Your welcome mate
Ethan Hudlow
Ethan Hudlow 4 months ago
@Christiaan Buoy oh I've seen this but it's not an official video it's a fan made video but it's amazing to watch it but thanks for looking man I appreciate
Christiaan Buoy
Christiaan Buoy 4 months ago
@Ethan Hudlowruvid.net/video/video-lL16PnbzR6c.html
Ethan Hudlow
Ethan Hudlow 4 months ago
@Christiaan Buoy any links?
Tomasz Patrzyk
Tomasz Patrzyk 7 months ago
J dog is making western spy squat.
блин! 6 months ago
Western spy detected...
A Person
A Person 6 months ago
Heels in sky, western spy.
Error In The Abyss
Error In The Abyss 6 months ago
Wow, he can't Slav squat? Sad.
Jake Saunders
Jake Saunders 8 months ago
Worship Satan worship Satan worship Satan worship Satan worship Satan
Joel Escamilla
Joel Escamilla 9 months ago
I heard a lil bit of Eminem in this song
john the wick 1000
john the wick 1000 4 months ago
I thought it was Eminem at first
Vigilantic 8 months ago
Joel Escamilla bruh
Kacper Gasidło
Kacper Gasidło 10 months ago
So cool! I often listen this when I am sad
Joshua Barnes
Joshua Barnes 11 months ago
41 people want to fight a Lion
Debra Hurley
Debra Hurley 11 months ago
nah they want to fight an undead army
Alexa Bessee
Alexa Bessee Year ago
Three reasons the song is good: 1. It just is 2. The flute runs 3. *Charlie*
Andrew Folwell
Andrew Folwell 2 months ago
@Alexa Bessee i here chimes at the same spot
Alexa Bessee
Alexa Bessee 2 months ago
Andrew Folwell okay, put a time stamp of what you’re hearing and when bc what I’m hearing in the beginning is a woodwind, not chimes
Andrew Folwell
Andrew Folwell 2 months ago
@Alexa Bessee i do percussion so i am right
Alexa Bessee
Alexa Bessee 2 months ago
Andrew Folwell I’m in band too pal, I play the flute, I know it when I hear it
Andrew Folwell
Andrew Folwell 2 months ago
@Alexa Bessee you sure abought that i am in band prety sure i know
- Woofles -
- Woofles - Year ago
"I c a n t s t o p s a y i n g d i c k"
Belphegor 4 months ago
Love your pfp
h. mcgaha
h. mcgaha 8 months ago
Goes along with way simple repetitive lyrics!
Henry Hathaway
Listened to this song when i was in a dark time..been a while since i listened to them but i will always be an Undead Soldier
Broice Year ago
The first Hollywood Undead song I heard. Fucking amazing, so much nostalgia.
milkncooki_ 6 months ago
@Broice I think they were meaning glad you're back to this song. I could be wrong but, I'm pretty sure that I am in fact correct.
Broice 8 months ago
@Vigilantic Not to be rude but who the fuck are you
Vigilantic 8 months ago
Broice glad you’re back
Dear asshole who disliked; Turn on your location, I just wanna talk :)
Candace Servetnick
That one dislike bothers me
Error In The Abyss
Error In The Abyss 6 months ago
@slavic dumbass haters are evil.
slavic dumbass
slavic dumbass 6 months ago
@Error In The Abyss oh no
Error In The Abyss
Error In The Abyss 6 months ago
@slavic dumbass wait, 106-
Error In The Abyss
Error In The Abyss 6 months ago
@slavic dumbass 90 now
slavic dumbass
Shit theres 15
[ARON] Dipshit
Hey came here cuz the extreme Undead is a transphobe piece o shit and I don’t wanna support gis shit
Broice Year ago
@[ARON] Dipshit Damn okay, glad I decided to start coming to the official channel for higher quality audio when I did then
[ARON] Dipshit
Willow_For_Now nice profile pic' btw :3
[ARON] Dipshit
Willow_For_Now basically someone on instagram proved that the guy who runs The Extreme Undead channel was transphobe so I came here because I don't want to support this persons content :(
Broice Year ago
yo wha
Xtone029 Year ago
What happened?
Dragon Master The EdgeKing
Has any horror movie have this in it's soundtrack?
Dan Perrozzi
Dan Perrozzi Month ago
Fast and the Furious 7 I believe has this song in it.
Oisín Lynch
Oisín Lynch 5 months ago
Leoo Adi if u think about it every slasher as a goal then again it’s only to kill then again child’s play would be a good idea because chucks not just trying to kill he’s trying to take Andy a body so that’s kind of a goal
Leoo Adi
Leoo Adi 6 months ago
But it has nothing to do with horror movies dude. Maybe beside the sound in the beat. The lyrics do not. I v come way to far for this , I v worked way to hard for this but we live in dark places. If I was to put it in a movie it would be movie about someone going towards some goal and maybe after some set backs he goes back on track , than this song would match. That's my opinion hehe
NO KOMPOT Year ago
Dragon Master I hit skip ad after all so I don’t know
Spookyboi 9000
My favorite song on the album
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