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"I've never felt that excited about anything in my life, ever, and I've been proposed to and that wasn't even the best day of my life, this was." says Sophie Turner, future Mrs Joe Jonas and the star of the upcoming Dark Phoenix about experiencing wellness routine, Goat Yoga, for the first time.
The actress, who plays Sansa Stark on the hit show Game of Thrones abandoned her usual fitness regime of boxing to take on a new adventure for VOGUE. Tune in to watch the results.
Directed by Andrew Rothschild

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Apr 11, 2019




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Comments 3 423
Souvik Mandal
Souvik Mandal 2 days ago
This is not Indian yoga, there is no such type of yoga in actual yogic culture. All other countries are corrupting 5000 years old real yoga culture. All are making there own type of yoga.
ActuallyNathalie 5 days ago
She’s so beautiful omg!
rahul gupta
rahul gupta 14 days ago
Western country following and coping indian hinduism culture then they turn name of tradition and claim it is American not Indian.like yoga.
Glad you seen
Glad you seen 21 day ago
2:55 its me there☺️
juneauz 21 day ago
She's a prettier version of Jodie Foster
Vikram Sharma
Vikram Sharma 23 days ago
Ggoat vibes..😉
Panda Fitness
Panda Fitness 24 days ago
Every white girl in comment section: "Omg her chest expands when she breathes, literally ME"
True Charming23
True Charming23 Month ago
Christine Leroy
Christine Leroy Month ago
She looks her father, he loved the animals.
Jeremy Cornwell
Jeremy Cornwell Month ago
Beastialty is a sin
Isabel Anne Falstad
Her tum tum is yum yum. She look good. That goat yoga really works.
Olívia Funo
Olívia Funo 2 months ago
she's hilarious lol
1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content
I wonder what kind of doctor that told you not to do yoga
wangzhou1234 2 months ago
I NEED to know where she got her yoga outfit from.
Lauren Banuelos
Lauren Banuelos 2 months ago
“i’ve been proposed to and that wasn’t even the best day of my life, this was.” why is her personality just like the best personality a person could have?? wow she’s my favorite person in the entire world, i’m in love with her .
Jayanth Prasad
Jayanth Prasad 2 months ago
I wish I could have been that goat
Hwang Bryan
Hwang Bryan 2 months ago
Sophie Turner is fxxking beautiful
Gordon Beck
Gordon Beck 2 months ago
I love how she just throws any grace out of the window lol. She's a real one
Si Tukang Domba Kambing
How to teach goat and what variety?
asep abu hanipah abu abriel
My girl
Saphrix 3 months ago
Just hear to see that booty.
yurieu 3 months ago
way better than the eight season.
Tracy Peressini
Tracy Peressini 3 months ago
When you play the game of thrones, you win or die!
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 3 months ago
Remember guys. She's a DARK PHOENIX star
Jaydip Tank
Jaydip Tank 3 months ago
Sansa stark Queen in the north
Anton Komel
Anton Komel 3 months ago
I would be better to watch a robot trying to stick an iron bar in its ass. At least the robot would not be babbling stupid insanities. Pity the goat didn't shit on her face.
tarun singh
tarun singh 3 months ago
trying to create new style of yoga but that is goat shit more and more you do goat yoga and more and goat will shit..
Melissa Dolores Gutierrez Oliveros
JoJo K.
JoJo K. 3 months ago
SHE'S FROM GAME OF THRONES that's where she's from not some boring Phoenix junk
Actionbastard 3 months ago
Magazines are for faggots. I don't read them. Never have. Why the fuck is this in my recommended section?
Manu 05
Manu 05 3 months ago
She’s the queen of the north remember that
حسين الكربلائي
الواحد لو ياخذ مثلها لو ميزوج ابد
Abhishek Butola
Abhishek Butola 3 months ago
why im so obsessed with white skin ? Racist 🙄 who cares.. i 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 it
Abhishek Butola
Abhishek Butola 3 months ago
TOFU Elemental
TOFU Elemental 4 months ago
0:34 asking the real questions
Dagob 4 months ago
i was expecting something else with that pose when i came here ... guess i was wrong
Kaan Çakır
Kaan Çakır 4 months ago
1950: we will have flying cars in the future 2019: Goat yoga
Prashant Ghimire
Prashant Ghimire 4 months ago
this is better then dark phoenix
Danniel Fishler
Danniel Fishler 4 months ago
You are welcome to watch a different , interesting & surprising perspective to the end episodes of Game of Thrones: ruvid.net/video/video-lfFJ1FwjQYc.html You will need some patience to go with the video in order to discover it is not just regular talking, and yes I have some strange accent Lol ...but a very deep insight. Hold yourself patient and discover deeper truth. There is a deep spiritual message in the ending episodes of GOT. It worth going with this video all the way through
malee 386
malee 386 4 months ago
she‘s seriousely one of the funniest people ever
Starboy 1902
Starboy 1902 4 months ago
Tall, has no ass, but she is still beautiful
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson 4 months ago
Devil's coming for that soul, Sophie.
rocky sharma
rocky sharma 4 months ago
U have to know .GOAT is favorite food of DRAGON..🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️. dany on the way 😂😂😂
senior fluffy
senior fluffy 4 months ago
Dire wolf is doing yoga with goats nice
sri ram
sri ram 4 months ago
Sophie is a star. Truly.
Targaryen #
Targaryen # 4 months ago
Next time : wolf yoga
JohnE 4 months ago
It would be better to call her GOT star, Dark Phoenix did terrible and will a blight on her career
Delphine 93
Delphine 93 4 months ago
Sophie is very beautiful 😭😍🔥
Martin 4 months ago
Game of Goats? Goats of Thrones?
Evan Miles
Evan Miles 4 months ago
What's ronaldo and messi doing there?
Ariel Viggiano
Ariel Viggiano 4 months ago
stupid satanistic mediawhore
Fir Ps
Fir Ps 4 months ago
Dark Phoenix??? That's little bird!
Luis Uc
Luis Uc 4 months ago
Fuck! She's so....
Olivia Caroline
Olivia Caroline 4 months ago
So funny. Love her❤️❤️
Rafaela Lima
Rafaela Lima 4 months ago
shes so funny omg i want to be friends with her so bad
Enibofun Edori
Enibofun Edori 4 months ago
Well, i dont see artem anywhere.
Ederd Stark
Ederd Stark 4 months ago
Its a joke if you think goats dont want to eat your hair. Especially if its long. Why not try lambs?
XXXTentacles 4 months ago
Damn she really said this was better than getting proposed to
Nico 98
Nico 98 4 months ago
Damn, she's hot
loving life
loving life 4 months ago
"That's how I look when I run as well."
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