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Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Dark Phoenix!
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The X-Men franchise has been running for nearly two decades, and it all culminates with Dark Phoenix, a storyline that the movies already covered in 2006. Once again, Jean Grey goes absolutely bonkers with power, but this time Wolverine isn’t around to stab her. The movie has a pretty awful score on Rotten Tomatoes and definitely raises a lot of questions. Like what’s the deal with the aliens, are they bulletproof or not? Why was Quicksilver dismissed from the movie so quickly? What was up with that Phoenix moment in X-Men Apocalypse? Why do these movies keep jumping forward a decade each time? Is Magneto supposed to be 62 years old, and if so, why is a 42-year-old with no make-up playing him? Why did they show Mystique dying in the trailer?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the pitch meeting that led to Dark Phoenix! It’s super easy, barely an inconvenience!

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Comments 80
Mimi MildSauce
Mimi MildSauce 4 hours ago
I'd rather save adstronauts
Camaro chronicSS
Camaro chronicSS 15 hours ago
Make me happy I never seen this one
The Movie God
awesome movie 10/10.
The Isles Kid
The Isles Kid 2 days ago
Loved that it’s the 90’s line
Case 2_0
Case 2_0 2 days ago
Wait, this movie actually happened?
Dime Baggins
Dime Baggins 4 days ago
This feels like a guy who's only watched the movies, trying to theorize how the next movie would go
Cappy 22
Cappy 22 4 days ago
X-women....."Girl power!!"
Brother Bruce
Brother Bruce 4 days ago
Which character am I supposed to care about now?
Abdul Jah
Abdul Jah 5 days ago
My theory is that the reason why this movie wasn't good is because it assumed that everyone in the audience would already be deeply invested in the Jean Grey character and that the Phoenix stuff was more inherently interesting than it was. The successful Marvel movies don't do that -- they don't assume that you already love the characters and they take the time to get you in their side before asking you to fall for them.
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 5 days ago
I think screenwriter guy’s mom must have been one of the strippers from Gypsy: “Ya gotta have a gimmick!”
Using MAKE-BELIEVE instead of Make-up is TIGHT
Chicago MRS
Chicago MRS 6 days ago
"It's the 90s."
Edi Callier
Edi Callier 7 days ago
Hearing him say "it's the 90's" definitely threw me back to his 90's time travel show on his channel
nicky TATS
nicky TATS 8 days ago
Damn I totally forgot this movie existed
Zero Object
Zero Object 10 days ago
because the actress is completely wrong person for this role! )) she was very boring in the GOT too )) I have no idea why casting chose her...
davyoscare 11 days ago
1:11 did not age well
visitor55555 11 days ago
42 is 62 if you round up a couple of times... :D :D :D I choked on my coffee!
PakiUSA 12 days ago
'Yeah well they are going to name it after the girl who killed her' LOL
Lawrence Massro
Lawrence Massro 13 days ago
Bad foreshadowing of game of thrones Should of listened XD
[deleted] 13 days ago
Yoshi Dinono
Yoshi Dinono 13 days ago
You know what would be crazy? If Marvel Studios used a third Dark Phoenix storyline reboot to introduce the mutants to the MCU, and they nailed it like the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. That would be insane.
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife 14 days ago
surprise surprise, Instagram level actress can't carry a movie by herself just because she was in GOT
Alonso Madariaga
Alonso Madariaga 14 days ago
Funky dank synths Ryan: Its The 90's (;
Austin Wilwayco
Austin Wilwayco 17 days ago
2:39 Me when Mystique died
Spencer's Awesome Videos
How hard is it to make a good X-Men movie
Connor Meinken
Connor Meinken 18 days ago
This has aged as a fine wine would. Bravo good sir. Cheers.
samir belaaziz
samir belaaziz 19 days ago
1:30 ''Okey, so it's the nineties'' Nice easter egg
Alvin Samuels
Alvin Samuels 20 days ago
The double eyebrow raise! @1:52 TIGHT!
Tommy Hickie
Tommy Hickie 21 day ago
How’s there no comments about the “It’s the 90s” reference
The Puglas
The Puglas 6 days ago
because that was like 70 years ago, if you round up several times
PosiVibe !!
PosiVibe !! 24 days ago
What's the deal with the large eyes on all pitch mtg thumbnails?
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye 24 days ago
Still wasn't as bad as the Last Stand, that's the highest compliment I can pay.
Colt Classics
Colt Classics 26 days ago
"Fair enough. So it's the 90s." *Ryanverse intensifies*
VC YT Month ago
Good movie this, enjoyed it - in fact, as a writer i noted , it was 2 stories in one !!
Devil 26 days ago
It was really was just one.
FOOD IS A COLOUR haha losers
It’s the 90’s
Noir Anime
Noir Anime Month ago
I'm gonna need you to get wayyy off my back on this one!!!
Aaron A
Aaron A Month ago
I haven't watched any of the Marvel movies. But I love Ryan so much I watch these anyway.
Melissa Jones
Melissa Jones Month ago
And alien spaceships and then they are going to take over the world O-ok
BAT-TALK! Month ago
When last stand is better than this film
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye 24 days ago
It really wasn't.
Devil 26 days ago
Except it isn’t since this is way more faithful to its source material and actually has character development.
When Jean kills Mystique. "audience cheers"
JohnnyO34 Month ago
I liked Dark Phoenix. No Rotten Tomatoes score can tell me what to like! My 10yo nephew liked it too.....so.....yeah....there's that.
Multikalwin Month ago
X-Men story progression... It's like taking Marvels story line and lobotomizing Tony Stark, curing Banner and making Thor's banishment/removal of powers permanent. Good job DC! You nailed it. That's exactly what we wanted. (X-Men Last Stand)
Will Power
Will Power Month ago
Last Stand was A lot better
Yeshua Month ago
Have you ever read the Dark Phoenix Saga?
Sandie Month ago
The reference to the GOT ending 🤣
Jon Marshall
Jon Marshall Month ago
These are great. How about a Dante's Peak episode?
Hunter Makoy
Hunter Makoy Month ago
This is basically EWW but without being so pretentious and pedantic that it makes me want to murder the host.
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow Month ago
Just watched it. It’s all allegory and shots.
mugflub Month ago
How have I only just discovered this channel? I'm stuck in a binge...
Alex Maurice
Alex Maurice Month ago
Whatt magneto and Charles finally kind of got along end of last movie. Wow umm. K.
Marcos Chavez
Marcos Chavez Month ago
The whole movie should have just been a whole Dazzler concert...
Twiggymaster666 Month ago
Did anyone actually like this film
J Gunzler
J Gunzler Month ago
Outer space is fun
Armin D
Armin D Month ago
5:28 that face lol
Freewheeler !
Freewheeler ! Month ago
Truly, we live in the Golden Age of Crappy Hollywood Movies.
Ammiel Borras
Ammiel Borras Month ago
It’s the 90’s
Jonathan Chicorli
Using Rotten Tomatoes in your final screen shot? I guess even the greats have to slum it once in a while.
A horny Cat
A horny Cat Month ago
i never noticed they did the 10 year skipping thing until i saw it online all i knew was the james mcavoy films took place around the 70´s
Andy Thomas
Andy Thomas Month ago
Heck, I wasn't interested before but now I want to watch it. 😜
Dries Hoogmartens
Please Please PLEASE do Lord of the Rings (each movie apart) for Pitch Meeting. Pretty pretty please
joesomenumbers Month ago
There was a X Men movie last year?
Extinguisher10 2 months ago
I heard how bad this movie was and I thought there was no way it could be so bad........and then I saw it.
Grace Muusa Sikombe
Grace Muusa Sikombe 2 months ago
Magneto looks good for 62
hardnewstakenharder 2 months ago
Jokes aside, a lot of the action was tight.
Marcel Zachary
Marcel Zachary 2 months ago
Hey Pitch Meeting please do Noah and Exodus very bad Biblical films.
GoatNinja 2 months ago
How could you miss that they brought back the same writer from the last stand, and let him direct this time too
Meghan Pineda
Meghan Pineda 2 months ago
Can you do a Three Amigos pich meating
Tino5135 2 months ago
Sophie Turners closeups of her screaming are so stupidly cringey. Let’s be honest she’s not a great actress
Furqaan Khan
Furqaan Khan 2 months ago
X-Men goes to space to save astronauts and Jean absorbs solar wave.......Superman all-star much?
Christopher Jeffers
Christopher Jeffers 2 months ago
ShojoBakunyu 2 months ago
What a terrible end to a franchise.
Yeshua 2 months ago
Serious question: Have you read the Dark Phoenix Saga? Because it seems to be that people are totally missing the point of the movie.
Joshua Black
Joshua Black 2 months ago
🗑 😂
Yeshua 2 months ago
Have you read the Dark Phoenix Saga? Serious question.
Esdor Coldwater
Esdor Coldwater 2 months ago
This movie is Fantastic Four.
Yeshua 2 months ago
No, it’s pretty close to the first half or the Dark Phoenix comic.
NetAndyCz 2 months ago
So, how old are characters in this movie, I am confused.
D3vil Gaming
D3vil Gaming 2 months ago
It was bound to fail, she cant act at all and in GoT ended up being a plank of wood
alwaysxnever 2 months ago
I loved this film, but frankly the lack of even trying to age up the characters was a bit distracting.
charbel chagoury
charbel chagoury 2 months ago
The dad and mom part doesn't make any sense because in xmen 3 both the mom and dad are alive and we see a scene with them
Otaku Gurl 4 Lyfe
Otaku Gurl 4 Lyfe 2 months ago
His smile at 5:38 made me aw so hard!
Otaku Gurl 4 Lyfe
Otaku Gurl 4 Lyfe 2 months ago
Between Nightcrawler and Quicksilver, they wouldn't really need anyone else.
DRGNF8 2 months ago
Blixx 2 months ago
Dark phoenix sucked
Devil 2 months ago
@Blixx Did you know that the Hellfire Club were originally going to be the villains for the movie? The ending with Jean flying off into a space was setting her up to eat a star in the sequel.
Blixx 2 months ago
@Devil oh yes i meant the movie..i have around 300 comics from the 90s..the original infinity saga i have complete in plastic. the comics are way better..and I'm not one of those who say the book is better than the movie but comics are.
Devil 2 months ago
Did you read the original Dark Phoenix saga?
Moondancer Targaryen
"So it's the 90s" That sounded like that time traveling reporter segment this guy does.
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