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This is the story of one of the X-Men’s most beloved characters, Jean Grey, as she evolves into the iconic DARK PHOENIX. During a life-threatening rescue mission in space, Jean is hit by a cosmic force that transforms her into one of the most powerful mutants of all. Wrestling with this increasingly unstable power as well as her own personal demons, Jean spirals out of control, tearing the X-Men family apart and threatening to destroy the very fabric of our planet. The film is the most intense and emotional X-Men movie ever made. It is the culmination of 20 years of X-Men movies, as the family of mutants that we've come to know and love must face their most devastating enemy yet -- one of their own.
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Written and Directed by: Simon Kinberg
Produced by: Simon Kinberg, Hutch Parker, Lauren Shuler Donner, Todd Hallowell
Cast: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Evan Peters, and Jessica Chastain
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Dark Phoenix | A Phoenix Will Rise | 20th Century FOX


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May 13, 2019




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Comments 3 536
danny gregory
danny gregory 8 days ago
Pitch black-ninja tracks
Luke M
Luke M 29 days ago
I wish everyone in the movies signed off on Dark Phoenix like the original Avengers cast signed off on Endgame. And of course it all ends with Hugh Jackman's signature. That would've been a big plus for the movie.
Chris Corley
Chris Corley Month ago
My rating? A+ grade / 5 stars. Excellent! This is the best X-MEN film so far, and deserves an Academy Award nomination for outstanding Visual CGI Effects and Hans Zimmer score. _c. 🎥
Jerry De Jesus
Jerry De Jesus Month ago
Pueden escribir español
Eiyal Fogel
Eiyal Fogel 2 months ago
Man what a shitty movie. Honestly the whole x men franchise is bad and by doing this endgame trailer to a like 6 movie franchise just shows how lazy they are.
Chris Corley
Chris Corley Month ago
X-MEN are mutant strong.
Neyde Spears
Neyde Spears Month ago
There were 12 X-Men movies (not counting new mutants) and 2 TV series, only 3 movies could be considered as bad as the trilogy of Thor or Iron Man 3 and this saga was not planned to end here, Disney forced Fox That this movie was the last one and Disney also made this trailer! Idiot!
Lune Moon
Lune Moon 2 months ago
Ok so when I saw this trailer, I was so busy listening the lines that I didn't notice that at 1:28, the new character looks like she's choking Jean in the fire. I could be wrong but that's what it looks like to me.
danny gregory
danny gregory 2 months ago
Only thing that was disappointing about this film is that quicksilver and magneto being son and father wasnt concluded
Magdalini Marga
Magdalini Marga 3 months ago
I love you Cyclops!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Kei 3 months ago
Wolverine a.k.a Hawkeye
nelly cordobova
nelly cordobova 3 months ago
Proč stále dáváte programy jako v televizi jsou také jiné filmy a hlavně pirodu s pralesa a zungly děkuji za pochopeni diky
Tuyết Hoa Vũ
Tuyết Hoa Vũ 3 months ago
Sansa Stark's descendant :))))
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عبدالله 111
عبدالله 111 3 months ago
Cahya Nur Rahmah
Cahya Nur Rahmah 3 months ago
First of all, I’m pretty much aware that there are lots of bad reviews out there. I’m sure that you’ve seen them as well. The thing is, “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” is not as bad as what critics are saying. In my opinion, this film is better than “X-Men: Apocalypse” and the previous Phoenix Saga adaptation, “X-Men: The Last Stand”. ”X-Men: Dark Phoenix” clearly shows that Sophie Turner is strong enough to carry this film, she’s amazing. Even though the script for the film is a bit generic, not to mention that there are some cringeworthy ones. The first and the second act of the film are a bit slow, however, things are getting 180° different in the third act. By different, I mean in a good way. The entire soundtrack of the film is excellent, as the entire score is composed by Hans Zimmer. From the recurring cast, James McAvoy’s Professor X and Michael Fassbender’s Magneto got their awesome chemistry as usual. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are also amazing. I can finally feel the chemistry of Tye Sheridan’s Scott with Sophie Turner’s Jean. It’s also nice knowing that Kodi Smit-McPhee’s Nightcrawler and Alexandra Shipp’s Storm finally deserve more spotlight. The newcomer Jessica Chastain, she’s good but her villain role is weak, and I’m not talking about her powers. It’s just I can’t feel her role as a villain. Here’s an advice, keep your eyes sharp to see some cameos of X-Men’s familiar mutants from the comics. In the end, despite what the critics are saying, “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” is still quite enjoyable and entertaining. A decent way to end FOX’s X-Men franchise, kinda. 7/10 If you’re wondering for a credit scene, the answer is no, there are no mid or post credit scene for this film. #XMen #DarkPhoenix
Chris Corley
Chris Corley Month ago
@To Release is To Resolve You're another lying troll sell-out. I watched it, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix is excellent XCU material. ☕
Luke M
Luke M 3 months ago
Don't listen to haters and Disney shills like To Release. Dark Phoenix is worth your time and money more than Captain Marvel.
To Release is To Resolve
Nope, it is garbage. Beware folks, this movie is not worth the money. I have never been so bored in an X-Men film until I saw this movie.
danny gregory
danny gregory 3 months ago
Please, anyone know the music?
Orimfin 3 months ago
영화에 가면
영화에 가면 3 months ago
ㅠㅠ.....좀만 더 잘됐으면
Korky 3 months ago
Meh :/
Fernando Palacios Aliaga
A Bad critics will rise
Magdalini Marga
Magdalini Marga 3 months ago
Fantastic !!!!!!!! X-MEN 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mutants are very real , they are among us 👦👧
Meme Dozer
Meme Dozer 3 months ago
Dark phoenix vs captian marvel
Chris Corley
Chris Corley Month ago
Dark Phoenix is the true billion dollar hit.
雞chicken 3 months ago
Lady Sansa what are you doing here?
boi u ded
boi u ded 3 months ago
How in the hell are they going to beat her
Phoenix Gacha
Phoenix Gacha 3 months ago
0:53 Me when I see a tarantula.
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker 3 months ago
best actors to play role hugh jackman wolverine heath ledger joker jim carey the riddler robert downey jr iron man micheal keaton old bruce wayne (batman beyond) tobey maguire spiderman who agrees
Ebolacrash 3 months ago
sweet another "woke "super hero movie
Chris Corley
Chris Corley Month ago
Was there an alarm clock in the movie?
Deduction 3 months ago
תעשו לייק אם אתם מישראל! 🇮🇱
Alec McInnis
Alec McInnis 3 months ago
well that was easily the best trailer
MrKing8050 3 months ago
The last one before they move into the MCU, they belong to Disney now ☹
Ed 3 months ago
She's a TERRIBLE actress. Not wasting a penny on this movie.
Luke M
Luke M 3 months ago
Brie Larson is a terrible actress. Sophie is pretty good.
Hamza Jabbar
Hamza Jabbar 3 months ago
Sansa u should've used these powers against the white walkers
Thasira Nallaperuma
Thasira Nallaperuma 3 months ago
SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gourisankar Bhatta
Gourisankar Bhatta 3 months ago
Well they just spoiled the movie at 1:28. Pretty much the whole plot.
Seva Wimar
Seva Wimar 3 months ago
I think she's a scarlet witch
ShieldManH 3 months ago
is that my boy peter parker?????????????????????
meh yeh
meh yeh 3 months ago
I don'T KnOw WhAt TO dO 🥁
meh yeh
meh yeh 3 months ago
Heaven of Apocalypse
X-MEN Endgame
Atharva K
Atharva K 3 months ago
The little bird has grown. She is a dark phoenix now
Douglas Snyder
Douglas Snyder 3 months ago
This does seem to be the end of the X-Men franchise. The only question is, will it go out with a bang??
N 7
N 7 3 months ago
marissa de vela
marissa de vela 3 months ago
I hope the runtime of Dark Phoenix is much longer than what is rumored, because i'm really excited to watch this. I would love to watch a long Dark Phoenix movie.
Declan Corey
Declan Corey 3 months ago
Best trailer for Dark Phoenix #XMenForever
IS Channel
IS Channel 3 months ago
Dark Phoenix : i am the strongest mutant Legion : HOLD MY BEARD
abhinand tv
abhinand tv 3 months ago
Katta waiting for x-men dark Phoenix🔥🔥
Riskiadi Hermawan
Riskiadi Hermawan 3 months ago
SD N 3 months ago
When does Marvel studio buy Fox???
RavenRing - Gameplays and more!
X-Men: Dark Endgame
Sara Waithera
Sara Waithera 3 months ago
Oh My God!!! Sophie Turner I always love your calm and collected character!
Refi Atmaja
Refi Atmaja 3 months ago
Refi Atmaja
Refi Atmaja 3 months ago
Akainu Sakazuki94
Akainu Sakazuki94 3 months ago
Dark Vador : Master, I recently found the perfectly apprentice. Palpatine : Are you sure ? Dark Vador : The Dark Side is strong on her Palpatine : Good, this is the opportunity to prove how powerful the Sith can be. Now, bring her in. I want to see her on my own eyes Dark Vador : Yes my master
DMLX Gaming
DMLX Gaming 3 months ago
1:39 Fox pretending The Last Stand never happened. lol
Yagel Ivgi
Yagel Ivgi 3 months ago
1:17 fox talking about x men movies
Sreeprakash Pv
Sreeprakash Pv 3 months ago
First Dany became the mad queen and now the Queen in the North is following her footsteps
PHOENIXX MYTH 3 months ago
Yes we will rise From the DARK there will be light 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Victor_K 3 months ago
So that's how the Starks survive Winter...
Bhupesh Chouhan
Bhupesh Chouhan 3 months ago
So this was Sansa Stark getting ready for all this time
جيسيكا شادي
#EmiliaClarke😍 would have been ideal for the character ofJean Gr 😭 y🖤🔥
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