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Many websites, apps, and operating systems added dark modes in 2018. So is it now possible to enable dark mode on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome - EVERYTHING? And why would you want to?
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Jan 17, 2019




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Comments 8 689
Kyoko 6 hours ago
Im not sure why but when i use dark mode it also applys to file explorer, this didnt work on my old laptop, they run the same version of windows
Mushfiqur Rahman
Mushfiqur Rahman 4 days ago
use this instead www.deviantart.com/ezio/art/Gray-2014-dark-theme-Windows-8-1-Update-1-Upd-11-418541637
Some Person
Some Person 5 days ago
Is it weird I like dark mode on full brightness?
Rayan Ighil
Rayan Ighil 6 days ago
Samsung galaxy phones had dark mode before it was cool
Deyvson Moutinho Caliman
I always hated youtube's white background, I can't believe I didn't know that.
Johnny's Videos
Johnny's Videos 7 days ago
Dark mode your intro from now on it nearly blinded me at night
Lord Saruman
Lord Saruman 7 days ago
If you set everything to dark mode in the office at work you might as well stand on you desk and shout "I AM GOOD AT COMPUTERS! PLEASE COME TO ME WITH ALL YOUR PROBLEMS." Can confirm.
Skol Rooster
Skol Rooster 11 days ago
I only use apps with dark mode
M R 11 days ago
Jesus that laptop has a ton of sebum all over it
betofc89 15 days ago
Windows 10 already have it's Explorer windows in dark mode.
INDIVELOPE 15 days ago
my filesystem is black in win10 dark mode.
Ankit Lal
Ankit Lal 17 days ago
Can Instagram get educated here..
miyo 17 days ago
i really need an dark mode for itunes :( i prefer using it over spotify, but looking at it when its dark is giving me eye cancer T_T"
MysteryMii 17 days ago
On Mac, iTunes has a dark mode now.
Alejandro Cárdenas Carrillo
dark mode is not only useless, it is stupid!
Luke Beauchamp
Luke Beauchamp 23 days ago
So for once Apple actually does sometimes better.
عبد الباسط الوحيشي
Sucks for pocophone users
FrukinYT Animiert
FrukinYT Animiert 24 days ago
My file explorer has dark mode
Marc R
Marc R 26 days ago
I love f.lux for eye strain relief and have been using for like a decade :)
T.Watcher 28 days ago
Why isn't this video in dark mode?
Captain Misan
Captain Misan 29 days ago
Is dark mode really something that is very hard to implement? We are living in the age of technological revolution where app developers are trying to impress us with dark mode or so called 'night mode'. They are like "Here you go...the most awaited, revolutionary dark mode". Its ofcourse useful...I am just saying it is not a thing that is worth advertising, it should have been brought before.
Excel Month ago
Meanwhile lazy asses at facebook still haven't implemented dark mode in Messenger app.
shodanxx Month ago
March 2019, file explorer is now dark
RebSike Month ago
web designers are being bribed by power companies to make sites brighter so that consumers use more power, wake up sheeple
elijah grills
elijah grills Month ago
darko mode or mo brightness
Sauron Dark mode
Find darkness on Chrome webstore and Firefox addons with Sauron. The dark lord awaits you.
CM Rock
CM Rock Month ago
One UI in Galaxy S8/S9 have Night Mode.
Beans Iban
Beans Iban Month ago
Damn my dark ass
rarevfx Month ago
Edit to Android DarkMode: The Samsung OneUI does make it dark on every Stock App and Settings
Mammutbrot Month ago
Blind mode: dark text on a dark background.
shallallaa Month ago
Opera has dark mode, best browser alltså, in the world.
I’m stupid, but
the best dark mode on any device is mac os Mojave dark mode. no android or winows dark mode can compete with it.
I’m stupid, but
im not waiting until june to get dark mode on ios so im jailbroken lol
My Name
My Name Month ago
Everyone is doing it because they think that the dark mode will run faster
Jaded Empath
Jaded Empath Month ago
Ultimately it's not " is objectively better!!!1!" but an issue of CONTRAST - you consistently use your computer in a brightly-lit environment with invariably sunny days outside, a white background with black text will be easier to read, and better on your eyes, etc. But if you use your computer in a dim-lit room at night, 'inverse video' of white text on a black/dark background will be better. Back in my 8-bit days, I found my word processor (WordStar)'s two default white-on-black and black-on-white colour schemes too intense in contrast to comfortable use, so I settled on a dark blue (navy?) background with muted cyan text - still had enough contrast to read clearly, but avoided the eyestrain. Of course, the other issue of POWER USAGE is going to be more objective; a CRT trying to display a white background (essentially with every phosphor lit) WILL use more energy in a single refresh than one with a black (unlit) background, and similarly with OLEDs and the like.
Völundr Frey
Völundr Frey Month ago
Dark mode usually looks rather ugly on most pages and apps. It's really just software dev tools like text editors and IDE's where they do it right.
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Brian Maurice
Brian Maurice Month ago
In chrome on my desktop (after some recent update) defaults RUvid to light mode and I can't figure out how to default it back!
fanofCOH Month ago
Never knew about Dark Reader, excellent suggestion Linus!
C Month ago
I use the RUvid vanced app with true black mode, not the stupid grey theme of the stock app
Adam Warlock
Adam Warlock Month ago
As a developer making a note taking app with dark & night mode built in
Joe G.P.
Joe G.P. Month ago
white text on a black background is one of the most tiring things for my eyes, which is why i don't use windows' dark mode and why nobody else uses it either, Linux has that done so much better
Gordon Cooper
Gordon Cooper Month ago
Red on black has been known to be easier for dark conditions for centuries. Drivers looking at a bright white screen have issues finding an exit or seeing traffic.
Rose Allen
Rose Allen Month ago
LG has a really solid system wide dark mode in its custom droid skin, and support for going totally black and white in all apps.
Shotcrete Shower
For anyone wishing for a consistent explorer WITH dark mode, lots of other themes and fully customizable UI, try Directory opus. Best software I ever bought.
Henri Oberle
Henri Oberle Month ago
Maybe we should all read things named books. They are not so bad to the eyes and they can make you more intelligent.
Даниил Грунин
I don't get it. Is it better to use night mode or dark mode? Or both? I mean, I'm okay with this yellowish book-like color, f.lux turns the coloring off when in full screen and I don't have OLED because I have a laptop and obviously OLED laptops are a minority. I mean, dark themes are kick-ass. Especially when it comes to Vivaldi, Awesome WM and VS Code/Community. But... Win10's dark theme is... kinda weird.
DanTechBoy Month ago
There is a hidden dark mode for File Explorer To unlock this hidden feature, Open Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update and click check for updates
Shudzy Aesthetic
Shudzy Aesthetic 2 months ago
It fits me beccause my soul is dark
Thaaanks for the format!!!
esperCELL 2 months ago
*Dude......just fucking turn down your monitor brightness WTF??? There are presets in monitor, use them*
esperCELL 2 months ago
*WTF are you talking about linus? my file explorer already have dark mode since months ago*
priya 2 months ago
is dark reader safe?
Tsulo Koza
Tsulo Koza 2 months ago
Reducing brightest level and night mode is the best for healthy eye in my opinion instead of dark mode.
Mr. Man
Mr. Man 2 months ago
Thank You for your amazing video Linus. Here's how to enable dark mode in Windows 10, Chrome and in RUvid: ruvid.net/video/video-AihW3JSqiMs.html Be a subscriber if you find my content worthy of your time. Thank You!
youtube star
youtube star 2 months ago
Dark mode is the new trend, Am i right?
Sonu MsVr
Sonu MsVr 2 months ago
Lovers of the dark like here 👇
TNT Tim 2 months ago
yeah i just use it cuz it looks better
Mihir Ranjan
Mihir Ranjan 2 months ago
Well we have a pretty good dark mode on OnePlus Oxygen OS.
Gil Eli
Gil Eli 2 months ago
WindowTop is a tool that allow you to make any application dark even without native support. It is very nice and included in the free version
Yameen 2 months ago
I can't wait for the day you'll get sponsored by durex.
Krombopulos T
Krombopulos T 2 months ago
Just let me know when Windows File Explorer gets Dark mode. that all i want. Everything else i figured it out. Just need File explorer
Victor England
Victor England 2 months ago
Dark mode also saves battery on any screen. The black pixel means that the pixel is turned off. I removed my wallpaper and put a black background, against my girlfriend's will, and my phone now lasts a whole day.
lasarousi 2 months ago
If your software has no dark mode, I simply won't use it.
The One And Nearly Only
This video got dark quickly
Why does Linus keeps his nails so big ?
Jatin Chaudhary
Jatin Chaudhary 2 months ago
Use pitch black
Ethan Hill
Ethan Hill 2 months ago
Chrome has started the dark mode experiments on Android.
Lucas Metello
Lucas Metello 2 months ago
Deepin linux has a good dark mode.
wasup23tube 2 months ago
sky blue letters on hot pick background
extrasupermorgen 2 months ago
Dark mode is for vampires!
ADITYA 2 months ago
I remember windowsblinds
Nick Nick
Nick Nick 2 months ago
Well rooted Android is best among all
Jason Godwin
Jason Godwin 2 months ago
I prefer the "turn off the lights" ext in chrome. all colors easily customizeable
Zachary Sturgeon
Zachary Sturgeon 2 months ago
I have really bad eye floaters, and I can see them much easier on a white background. Dark mode has been a revelation for me.
Teenage Gamer
Teenage Gamer 2 months ago
I use RUvid Vance, the dark mode on that is literally black. It's amazing. The Pinterest app needs to catch up.
29110sc 2 months ago
the asus rog phone has a dark mode by default in the UI unless you pick the asusZen UI
Lucas Assunção
Lucas Assunção 2 months ago
Even Xvideos have a Dark mode and facebook dont.
Calvin Liang
Calvin Liang 2 months ago
Lol this video thumbnail,did linus really bought morpheus sunglasses for memes or what?
eivis13 2 months ago
Did Linuses wife cheat on him with a whiteguy? Jk
Edgar Larios
Edgar Larios 2 months ago
Tech is going emo.
tao nicon
tao nicon 2 months ago
have eye surgery then lets talk with out dark mode i could not work
A. K.
A. K. 2 months ago
opera has one too
DYNAMIC乃 BLOOD 2 months ago
I'm watching this in dark mode
Jonas Ruppen
Jonas Ruppen 2 months ago
What Laptop is Linus holding there?
Tim Wassenaar
Tim Wassenaar 2 months ago
Who watching at night and actually was blinded by those white screens
Tm X
Tm X 2 months ago
RUvid in dark mode looks 1000 times better than the original white look.
Anirudh Iyer
Anirudh Iyer 2 months ago
*Windows explorer already has dark mode.*
Prathamesh Majgaonkar
I use "Kiwi Browser" which has built-in dark mode... I believe its based on Chromium (the parent project for Chrome Brower as well). Plus, having a OnePlus device has its benefits due to OxygenOS which always had a great support for Systemwide Dark mode.
Mollie I. R.
Mollie I. R. 2 months ago
I use dark mode because I like the way it looks
STOPITYOUTUBE 2 months ago
Dear every web developer in existence: Make body{ background: #1a1a1a } the new standard please. We only needed white screens in the era of CRT monitors.
Muzika je boh a spása, Hedviga je piča zdá sa
White was bad for CRTs
Chris Solano
Chris Solano 2 months ago
This is a dark video!
Super gamer Boy
Super gamer Boy 2 months ago
I use dark mod because of the eyes and it looks cooler than light mod
klaasch86 2 months ago
Windows Explorer does support dark mode..... WTF Linus ? Even when this video was posted the update was already released with dark mode for Explorer....
MH 2 months ago
Does working on an old-school IBM greenscreen count as dark mode? :)
shayne whydoihavetohavealastnamegoogle?
I think Androids "Blue Light Filter" deserved an honorable mention. It's like flux but uses a blue hue instead.
shayne whydoihavetohavealastnamegoogle?
Never trust a person who doesn't use dark mode
Lyndeno 2 months ago
The file explorer has dark mode now.
CockatooDude 2 months ago
The real reason we all want dark mode is to feel like hackers even though we know jack shit about hacking.
Michael18751 2 months ago
Love it! Helps my eyes
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