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Many websites, apps, and operating systems added dark modes in 2018. So is it now possible to enable dark mode on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome - EVERYTHING? And why would you want to?
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Jan 17, 2019




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Comments 8 338
🙄kyu Day ago
Love hearing about new research challenging the conventional black text on white background wisdom. Meanwhile I was using the stylish Firefox extension with the blackify userstyle waaaay back in 2007 to Dartmoor the whole www 😅
ninja cookie
ninja cookie 5 days ago
if you really want to dark mode everything i recommend you use dark reader
Lettherebegames 5 days ago
for anyone wondering, file explorer does now support dark mode
Zhaxxy 11 days ago
why is dark mode not defull who the fuck wants a retina buring display for no reason?
GroßeNase 13 days ago
I'm from the light side of the Force, I don't trust you damn siths
Ihsahn Åkerfeldt
Ihsahn Åkerfeldt 15 days ago
You forgot saving battery life
Longfang_1 16 days ago
I never really noticed how much my eyes were bleeding until i turned dark mode one, then i realized that it wasnt light mode that did that
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez 18 days ago
dark mode is soo much easier on my eyes. but i cant get the facebook dark mode chrome plugin to work correctly.
Dragon Master
Dragon Master 18 days ago
I just turned dark mode off my youtube and it looks so weird...
PerplexZ 19 days ago
Dark night mode
Dilandau88 20 days ago
Everyone knows Light always triumphs over Dark.
Matt Tyson
Matt Tyson 21 day ago
It does for me😂😂 2019 everything has dark mode. Still waiting for Snapchat though.
Eduardo Assalim Vilaça
Dark mode is great on Note 10.
Chris Chong
Chris Chong 21 day ago
I think Midnight Lizard is better than Dark Reader.
Drew Crawford
Drew Crawford 22 days ago
OMG!! Windowblinds! Loved it!
GoodGuyChase 24 days ago
Lies, my files application in Windows is dark.
Mr tõšhibã
Mr tõšhibã 25 days ago
When i came on youtube I nearly got blinded
ImpactoDelSur Enterprise
If you're on chrome and wants a reliable dark extension use Dark Reader. Best I ever used.
Madushan Jayawardane
I am moving from Facebook to Tweeter because Tweeter got Dark Mode.
Professor MAWillett
I can’t read light mode. The text in light is generally not black, it’s grey. Can’t read it. Need the dialog boxes dark as well.
Keerthi Chandra
Keerthi Chandra 26 days ago
Explorer already has dark mode, maybe it was brought in, in the may update
haizay 28 days ago
Use light mode
hyperannn 15 days ago
Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis 29 days ago
I've applied a few chrome add ons to dark mode various sites thst are white like messenger. Plus windows dark mode is excellent now the explorer goes dark too.
Velizar Peshev
Velizar Peshev Month ago
Firefox has no dark mode -.-
David Riggs
David Riggs Month ago
Jason Constantine
Ummmm My windows 10 has had a dark mode in explorer since July ...www.jasonconstantine.com/Dark_Mode.jpg In addition all my Android Apps have a Dark Mode ...lol When the fuck did you make this video Linus 2017? Jesus christ....
TurnTheGameOn Month ago
How did I not find Dark Reader until today.. you saved my eyes Linus, thanks!
Month ago
i have been using dark mode on literally everything for a long time now. if not gray, then atleast dark blue i installed custom rom on my phone just dark mode everything. feels much better. the thing about myopia i am not sure, but i do have -4 glasses and cant read text past 15cm without them...
Cube Smithy
Cube Smithy Month ago
Super glad that file explorer does have dark mode now!!!
Randy Butternubs
I use light mode cause I go to bed at a reasonable hour, unlike y’all
dekaaizer Month ago
Bro u only use darkmode, even my soul is in darkmode.
Matteo De Vellis
A study on how staring at bright white screens is damaging for your eyes, shows its report on a bright white screen. The irony
Dawid Jandzinski
Without glasses dark mode helps a lot
Edmund Chen
Edmund Chen Month ago
Lol their store has them in underware I was dying.
Rijo Abraham
Rijo Abraham Month ago
Whose using Darkmode (youtube) and Dark Reader together? See the magic you will only hear linus.
Lucas Month ago
Twitter needs to change it's "dark mode" from blue to straight black.
Simranjeet Singh
my phone has a amoled panel so i need every thing dark, saves battery and less strain on eyes only if u have a amoled display on ur smartphone and ya full dark mode is available on android 10
Benjamin Farrington
People who don't use dark mode are barbarians!!
Sammy Arts
Sammy Arts Month ago
So basically this the ad tech tips ( of course there is a in add xD)
William Babapulle
3:55 file explorer just got dark mode support
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