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Many websites, apps, and operating systems added dark modes in 2018. So is it now possible to enable dark mode on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome - EVERYTHING? And why would you want to?
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Jan 17, 2019

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Comments 8 349
Melk Lima
Melk Lima 4 days ago
For Ubuntu Dark GTK
Qlns Ma
Qlns Ma 7 days ago
dark mode is the best.
Cabalhin 8 days ago
Hello Darkness my old friend
Tyler Morgan
Tyler Morgan 8 days ago
i'd love to make a mod on an old pc case
Loskundos 12 days ago
Bc There are no comments or I just doesn't saw any. Where did you get that google docs dark mode. I was searching for one like that, but that one I found has a wierd color frame glitches.
Flufflebut 13 days ago
Dark mode is better b/c: 1) less screen lit = a lil less battery usage 2) light in darkness is more easily detectable than the reverse. This is part of why biologists love fluorescent microscopy to detect minute ppms in solutions, and physicists use this fact too in their own measurements. Eyes are remarkably good at even detecting a handful of photons in the dark. 3) more options is always great 4) the cons listed in the video such as overusing screens being bad for eyesight, also apply for black on white screens, so are a null points for comparisons
Nick Buhl
Nick Buhl 16 days ago
Apple now has a true system-wide dark mode
Izaaak 20 days ago
people who use light mode on discord
Pavel Patzelt
Pavel Patzelt 23 days ago
I just use high contrast mode in Windows 10 to solve the bright explorer
Junny Lai
Junny Lai 24 days ago
Fuck convention setting, save our eye! Dark mode is the best, and i dont need some dude to tell me why i need it, make a guide to teach user how to turn all window display to dark mode, for good.
Dylyn Walter
Dylyn Walter 26 days ago
Gnome is dark AF. :p
Halucid 26 days ago
>looks at watch to check month
Edo Brca
Edo Brca 27 days ago
No ad blocker in you tube,google!dolphin is better!
Kilarith Duskleaf
No talk of stylish/stylus ?
jay t
jay t Month ago
Actually it's one reason I cant use iPhones, not sure if they do now but 10 years ago Windows Phone had it sorted. When windows phone went south changed to android as it does dark mode well.... just means I'm used to this now so apple won't get a look in. Also OSX only just got around to it so will stay with windows.
jay t
jay t Month ago
I'm dyslexic, pretty much a godsend to have white on black.
de brebeuf
de brebeuf Month ago
fun fact: dyslexic people have an easier time reading with white text on black background. I learned this from the very credible source of the Percy Jackson series when I read it like 10 years ago.
Whole Food Plant-Based Man
Next episode: *_I used dark mode in everything for a week. This is what happened to my brain_*
Whole Food Plant-Based Man
I even have dark mode turned on my glasses to automatically darken outside.
Whole Food Plant-Based Man
Dark mode is easier to read text. On Foxit Reader, I use a yellow legal pad color to read text, and I can read and skim text faster.
mpinganzima claudine
Hacker .com
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
Love you, Linus! The effect doesn't apply to pictures and I'm so glad to have that theme. Significantly less stressful to look at and wonderful for my Dark Soul of course :"D
Elma Gomez
Elma Gomez Month ago
Zewwy Month ago
Chrome takes windows Dark Mode setting... mhmmm yeah!
Elijahvpet Month ago
This really helped me realize something. I have been using a white screen for 6 years and have not known I have been damaging my eyes that bad
Reduyan Arefin
Reduyan Arefin Month ago
One ui dark mode is awesome
Osiris HD
Osiris HD Month ago
I hate sponsor s on vids but u do them at the funniest times lol
Thomas Conrow
Thomas Conrow Month ago
I doubt that what you look at can change the shape of your eyeball. (Myopia is caused by the shape of the eyeball).
coffee fish
coffee fish Month ago
use blue light glasses
Allan Revoy ARKNET
Win 7 use high contrast setup the way you like it, and have a win 95 look if I need white background, including explorer. I setup a dark theme with grey font to take off the edge instead of white, @ night I have a lamp on for some light to reduce eye strain. Looks like that PS dark mode. I tried win 10 and not being able to play with my system fonts among other things turned me off, not to mention lots of apps that I have collected from 1995 and up wouldn't run on win 10. The only thing that I did like about win10 was being able to pause file transfers, and in picture viewer your animated gifs would work. But I will stick with win 7. I remember window blinds, it could be a resource hog at times. They should just make a os for andriod, window , linux, with all the proper darking.
RayanStuff Month ago
I Hate Discord Light Mode
Once again Apple offers the more complete solution that “just works”. P.S. Dark mode is bae!
Trevor Black
Trevor Black Month ago
I personally prefer not to enable dark mode, it is great especially in the dark, but when you have lighting around you it is unnecessary.
InputPassword Animations
if i see my sister watching youtube i'll go up to her and change it to light mode cause dark mode is fucking gross
Aquilesquev 29
Aquilesquev 29 Month ago
DarkReader extension is nice, however, it slows down all pages... at the end you have to uninstall it....
Shreyansh Pandey
Your future is bright if u use dark
Chuzz Bot
Chuzz Bot Month ago
win 10 explorer in dark mode through insider program is bliss.
Smoke-This Month ago
Hah.. I've ALWAYS set things to "dark mode" before there was a dark mode, just cuz it's more comfortable.
Draco Developer
Draco Developer Month ago
If you have a monitor like mine with failing capacitors (bad enough as-is) then having dark mode enabled makes it quicker to start up from a cold boot for some reason (since it's an LCD display which should always be using the same power for the backlight).
Jessy Cormier
Jessy Cormier Month ago
Comment from the future: Windows 10 explorer now has dark mode Chrome 74 respects windows 10 dark mode settings the future is getting darker....
Richard Dougherty
I looooooooove dark mode. Bring out your darks! That sounded a little weird.
Steven Morrison
Steven Morrison Month ago
Does anyone remember the OG dark mode for web browsing? Google's own "Blackle" search engine.
Massiveitsyeboicj YT
It's simple why I choose dark mode. I'm a lil emo boi
TheVergil Dante
TheVergil Dante Month ago
Huawei p20 pro has dark mode and it works perfectly...
Matthew Lea
Matthew Lea Month ago
I use classic mode for Chrome.
Liam McLeod
Liam McLeod Month ago
Spotify doesn’t get enough praise. The first company I can remember which just made it default
eddydreamz Month ago
LovePlanes Month ago
UHMMMM, Windows 10 now supports dark mode for file explorer!!!!!! I know, I'm late for the vid but the no dark mode for file explorer claim annoyed me
k Month ago
i only read things that are yellow on lime green
frncois jacobs
frncois jacobs Month ago
HI this RUvidr has a way of adding dark mode to crome it works great ruvid.net/video/video-6frUBO3NEYU.html
Eduard Baleanu
Eduard Baleanu Month ago
T D Month ago
Non rooted android download Swift Installer fdom play store for system wide darkmode
kOF.Readie Month ago
File explorer does have dark, I’m using it RN, if I how I got it but I do have dark mode in File explorer
Wutipong Wongsakuldej
I wonder, would you want to make Word documents in black background :-/. Printing that document would consume a lot of ink.
Connor Oud
Connor Oud Month ago
April 2019, Chrome now has a built-in dark mode.
Alex Gieder
Alex Gieder Month ago
I like Samsung's One UI night mode.
Ratiocination Month ago
Windows has Dark Mode for File Explorer now. At least it does on mine.
black guy
black guy Month ago
i wish night mode would only effect whites and other bright colors without making black have a brownish tint.
Sh Mj
Sh Mj Month ago
I use night mode plus Dark mode
Benjamin Lewis
Benjamin Lewis Month ago
Windows insiders get dark mode for explorer
Benjamin Lewis
Benjamin Lewis Month ago
Website in light mode: Dark mode is good; light mode is bad for your eyes
sirmyself Month ago
I dark mode everything on my pc by putting everything in a bright theme/ mode and starting the windows magnifier and activating the color invertion. for videos and images on a web browser, I installed a chrome extension call "Color inverter 2" which simply inverts back the colors of pictures and video on a web page.
Ian Newbold
Ian Newbold Month ago
update to windows 10 1809 for dark mode explorer, it came last october
SirTheGHOST Month ago
*Checks safari on phone at night* *Gets flashbanged*
pelimeniking 3
pelimeniking 3 Month ago
I use dark mode just because it's cool
Robin Hood
Robin Hood Month ago
But i've already got dark mode in october 2018 update for file explorer
Nintendope64 Month ago
Yes but when this video was posted (Jan 17) they couldn't get the update yet, as Microsoft rolls out updates in waves that last a few months. I wasn't able to get it until February.
Myles Hamlyn
Myles Hamlyn Month ago
Windows Explorer does have dark mode.
John Paul O S
John Paul O S Month ago
Can someone explain me how my chrome out of nowhere went dark/black mode without installing the addon?
The young Conservative
U forgot Pornhub and xvideos
Alex Goehring
Alex Goehring Month ago
Using dark mode rn
Karel Carbonneau Montpellier
I'll be using dark mode in everything till the day I die because it looks better feels,better and doesn't blind you at 11:00 PM.
Scott Newood
Scott Newood Month ago
Mark Zuckerberg wants to know your location ...
Whiskeys Smile
Whiskeys Smile Month ago
They must've seen this... file explorer is now dark!
ickng456 Month ago
im still in high sierra, i want to switch to mojave becus of dark mode but i heard that it takes up more battery life, is that true?
LolItsDawson Month ago
Just an update for Android dark mode it's better then it was but you will need to update to Android Q's beta or wait for the full release
NZgamer Month ago
If it comes it dark mode, I'll use it.
TheCrazyGamer 2 months ago
Use dark mode when your battery is low and it's getting dark
Emerald Bros
Emerald Bros 2 months ago
legend has it that if you turn on ultra violet mode your eyes will begin to create water
RANDOMZ 2 months ago
3:59 When you see something you DIDN'T want to see.
Shea_o 2 months ago
Black is the soul.
NikOz 2 months ago
Flame 炎
Flame 炎 2 months ago
Im not sure why but when i use dark mode it also applys to file explorer, this didnt work on my old laptop, they run the same version of windows
Mushfiqur Rahman
Mushfiqur Rahman 2 months ago
use this instead www.deviantart.com/ezio/art/Gray-2014-dark-theme-Windows-8-1-Update-1-Upd-11-418541637
Oranges 2 months ago
Is it weird I like dark mode on full brightness?
Rayan Ighil
Rayan Ighil 2 months ago
Samsung galaxy phones had dark mode before it was cool
Deyvson Moutinho Caliman
I always hated youtube's white background, I can't believe I didn't know that.
Johnny's Videos
Johnny's Videos 2 months ago
Dark mode your intro from now on it nearly blinded me at night
Lord Saruman
Lord Saruman 2 months ago
If you set everything to dark mode in the office at work you might as well stand on you desk and shout "I AM GOOD AT COMPUTERS! PLEASE COME TO ME WITH ALL YOUR PROBLEMS." Can confirm.
Skol Rooster
Skol Rooster 2 months ago
I only use apps with dark mode
M R 2 months ago
Jesus that laptop has a ton of sebum all over it
betofc89 2 months ago
Windows 10 already have it's Explorer windows in dark mode.
INDIVELOPE 2 months ago
my filesystem is black in win10 dark mode.
Ankit Lal
Ankit Lal 2 months ago
Can Instagram get educated here..
miyo 2 months ago
i really need an dark mode for itunes :( i prefer using it over spotify, but looking at it when its dark is giving me eye cancer T_T"
MysteryMii 2 months ago
On Mac, iTunes has a dark mode now.
Alejandro Cárdenas Carrillo
dark mode is not only useless, it is stupid!
Luke Beauchamp
Luke Beauchamp 2 months ago
So for once Apple actually does sometimes better.
عبد الباسط الوحيشي
Sucks for pocophone users
N1kolas Memes
N1kolas Memes 2 months ago
My file explorer has dark mode
Marc R
Marc R 2 months ago
I love f.lux for eye strain relief and have been using for like a decade :)
T.Watcher 3 months ago
Why isn't this video in dark mode?
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