DARK KNIGHT Breakdown! JOKER Analysis & Easter Eggs (Nolan Batman Trilogy Rewatch)

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The Dark Knight (2008) full movie breakdown! What details did you miss in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight -- from Heath Ledger's masterful performance as the Joker, and how game theory inspired his plan... to the duality between Batman and Harvey Dent / Two-Face, and how Nolan's imagery quietly exposed that parallelism? To celebrate the tenth 10th ANNIVERSARY of the movie's premiere, Erik Voss rewatches The Dark Knight scene by scene and explains the missable craftsmanship that makes the movie unforgettable. What clues hint at the Joker's possible origin? Does the Joker hide in plain sight without his makeup earlier in the movie? What are the connections between The Dark Knight and its influences, like Michael Mann's Heat, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, and Alan Moore's The Killing Joke?
BATMAN BEGINS (2005) Breakdown: ruvid.net/video/video-obbylLw338s.html
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012) Breakdown: Coming next week!
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Jul 18, 2018




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Comments 100
HeLL HoRZe 16 hours ago
Also, nobody got 50/50 second street reference?
Empires Productions
It was shot in Pittsburgh
AwesomeLuigiGamer 99
Why do I feel like the turtle shirt is a reference to the achievement to injustice gods among us also the achievement is timeout
Ragna Ross
Ragna Ross Day ago
#2 watchmen
Zero Name
Zero Name Day ago
....but that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY
Ricardo Soto Robles
Logan and Joker would be the runner ups but not close to The Dark Knight
mrslime0102 Day ago
Cesar Romero: Childish Joker Jack Nicholson: Funny Joker Heath Ledger: Smart Joker Jared Leto: Retard Joker Joaquin: Sad Joker
Marcos Gibson
Marcos Gibson 2 days ago
IMO, Keaton was the better Batman, but Bale was the better Bruce Wayne.
Legends of Austin
I just released thAt Gordon is also Sirius Black
Sodaholic 3 days ago
21:40 I thought it was acid. Considering you even referenced the long halloween, where we see an almost exact replica of that scenario, it seemed more likely to me that it was acid.
Douglas Davidchik
It’s telling that this video is 15+ minutes longer than the last one.
Aaron Max
Aaron Max 5 days ago
I can't stop thinking that the Joker is the hero in the movie
crazyedd707 6 days ago
The joker was also "just too much fun"
Jacksepticeye 2.0
4:23 but that's just a theory a gaaamme theory
LiquidRuby 7 days ago
When you said "Game Theory" i thought you meant MatPat's channel.
William Griffis II
Never have I loved a character as much as I do the joker. You see ICP or others trying to be a cheap imitation of this mastermind. This is by far the best portrayal of the joker and every Halloween I still put on my wig "cheap purple suit " and walk out with a smile on my face.
Graeme Muller
Graeme Muller 7 days ago
as a marvel fan , no marvel movie can top off this master piece . and also i watched the movie a few times and there are a few stuff u missed , just saying .
Ryan Kowlasar
Ryan Kowlasar 7 days ago
Checking back it looks alot like Heath Ledger and Officer Ramirez having dinner
Tracey Barry Hunt
I think I watched this movie 20 times as a kid and I can still rewatch it and have a good time
Ishan Basu
Ishan Basu 9 days ago
Heath Ledger > Jouaquine Phoenix don’t @ me
Noeline Van Schalkwyk
Noeline Van Schalkwyk
Noeline Van Schalkwyk
Chicken or Vicky's
Chicken or Vicky's 11 days ago
Found this on somebody's "beat my meat" playlist. Wtf ?
Lime Green
Lime Green 11 days ago
The 2019 joker movie is horrible garbage. It’s such a kids movie. The dark knight is awesome.
greig cueto
greig cueto 10 days ago
you're not a clown, you're the entire circus
TinySpidey 13 days ago
Yes the explosive really Got delayed but joker was supposed to look back at the detonator and be sad that was intentional not improvise
Khalif Official
Khalif Official 13 days ago
it would be stranger... but Oscar doesn't even deserve this movie
Khalif Official
Khalif Official 13 days ago
"The Dark Knight"...... Hmmm, it should be African-American
Devon Murphy
Devon Murphy 14 days ago
Rip Heath Ledger you will always be my favorite actor! Thank you!
Rhonda Strawser
Rhonda Strawser 14 days ago
nt30001 15 days ago
Glasgow Kiss 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🗡 👄
Druwskiii 15 days ago
20:51 the accent is hilarious 😭
Druwskiii 15 days ago
7:50 - 7:58 that’s such a cool little detail
ProSnowyy 16 days ago
If anyone has seen Friday night dinner, “PUNK ROCKERS”
Harrison Kelm
Harrison Kelm 16 days ago
What if you were just at home or something and you hear a giant explosion and just see a building blowing up
DJCraft 17 days ago
Joker advice group chat: Leto be like: Bruh how did ya do such a great f*cking job?! Heath: I’ll help: let’s put a smile on that face!!!! Leto:#### *Jared Leto has been removed from the party*
Original Name Variety Channel
Wasn't 'Some men just want to watch the world burn' quoted in Cars 2 or something?
White Wolf 7472
White Wolf 7472 17 days ago
Original Name yea
crazy4aday 17 days ago
pixielove1223 17 days ago
the actor playing gambol also played spawn
Drew A
Drew A 18 days ago
this is the best video on the best movie
Hector 18 days ago
Mercielago is in Italian in spanish its Murciélago
An3 18 days ago
Nolan has some cool ideas but the guy uses the "ticking clock element" (literally) for pretty much every action scene he's ever wrote. Seriously, every scene in this movie is hurry up or something bad will happen...
An3 18 days ago
Right... Good thing Batman didn't kill the Joker. Only to kill Two-Face like 2 mins later? What a satisfying ending. The Joker got Batman to kill someone. Yay!
An3 18 days ago
I have a face scar. My lip was split open leaving it in 3 pieces. After they sowed my face back together, I couldn't stop licking the stitches inside my mouth and I still do it without thinking.
Pritam Kayal
Pritam Kayal 18 days ago
I always see Batman as the Immovable Moral Code and the Joker as the Unstoppable Chaos...
M Stone
M Stone 19 days ago
The joker would be so proud of what the world has become today
Sky's the Limits
Sky's the Limits 19 days ago
The only reason i still live in chicago is because it was filmed here
Cole D88
Cole D88 20 days ago
The sky fall thing is part of Batman’s special move in injustice 2
pixielove1223 17 days ago
it was called "sky hook."
Anonymo 20 days ago
The camera wants to make us dizzy
Mike Barry
Mike Barry 20 days ago
so much detail
Anonymo 20 days ago
This movie is PURE adrenaline. Love it!
Caleb Waln
Caleb Waln 20 days ago
Wtf you mean what're hockey pants? Do you not know what football pants baseball pants etc are? 🤣
chrispy fried chicken
The only thing I want is for a cut of this movie to include Batmans original dialogue
Exquis 21
Exquis 21 21 day ago
I watched this a 1 am. *WORTH IT!*
The_Mlg_God1210 22 days ago
Watching this July 18 2020, happy anniversary
Andre Rad
Andre Rad 22 days ago
I am watching this (no shit) 6 minutes till midnight on July 18. 6 minutes!
Erik Finkel
Erik Finkel 22 days ago
Joker Batman playing chickens very similar to the Tim Burton finale joker's trouser gun against the Batwing
Batzi 22 days ago
I’m watching this at 3 AM in the morning. July 18th, 2020. 12 year anniversary.
Erik Finkel
Erik Finkel 22 days ago
You would think the joker wouldn't hold someone's mother medical debt over...
Erik Finkel
Erik Finkel 22 days ago
Also in Tim Burton's Batman museum scene the only painting Joker saves is Figure With Meat by Francis Bacon
FWC Mirage
FWC Mirage 22 days ago
dont @ me but this is the best joker imo
Red Jay
Red Jay 23 days ago
This is one of the greatest movies of all time and Nolan is one of the greatest directors of this time
BDS Studios
BDS Studios 23 days ago
47:53 is my favourite part
laundry basket gamers
“Trying to make us feel sympathy for the Joker” Yep. That happened in 2019
TheJerryYouTube 21 day ago
And it worked
Nicky Shadows
Nicky Shadows 24 days ago
Highly enjoyed this video
Randic_ 25 days ago
Heath may lord bless your soul, you are my all time favourite actor, i hope you rest in peace. Amen
Rickey Bernard
Rickey Bernard 25 days ago
Can't ignore the fact that the Joker is adept at handling all types of weaponry.
SirRiffsAlot 25 days ago
Norman Baczkiewicz II
Joker is antiva and the people on the boat are republicans & dems
An Errant Knight
An Errant Knight 28 days ago
When Bruce used the motorcycle during Loeb’s funeral parade was similar to the end of Year One. Bruce saved Gordon’s son wearing a motorcycle jacket & helmet.
Aesthxtic Sxshi
Aesthxtic Sxshi 28 days ago
Oh you miss one easter egg The winter soldier 42:57 folks
Good Sonic
Good Sonic 29 days ago
Forget Endgame, The Dark Night is the best superhero movie of all time. It even one-ups Guardians of the Galaxy.
Black D0g
Black D0g 29 days ago
"The fulton surface-to-air recovery system, I'm familiar with the theory."
chrizzz Month ago
Lower the threshold on the noise gate, and extend the release time. You're losing syllables.
Jack Hayes
Jack Hayes Month ago
Yes And Superman II
TheFacelessGod Month ago
Not dry ice, was acid in the bottle
Derp Month ago
The three girls are each a Disney princess. Jasmine, Belle and Ariel.
Name of the Rose
20:00 No. Eminem is quoting To Tell the Truth as is Joker
•Unico Music•
DC is better then marvel Fight me
this video is exactly like my english class *what the teacher thinks the poet means* vs *what the poet really means*
Joshua Mawuli
Joshua Mawuli Month ago
Captain America Civil war
Sam Month ago
But we know something for a fact that if this boat thing was some in reality...... People on the boat might have tampered with the explosives in the engine room tryna diffuse or neutralize those rigs or some Or leak that fuel in the ocean or throw that whole thing off or idk I dropped out of college
CounterBison 116
Make me want to cry when I watch it it’s so beautiful every detail is amazing
French Toast Man
Joker was an anti-villain in the Dark Knight Change my mind
Justice Graceful
anyone else catch that copycats rhymes with jockey pants
Jamal Afroz
Jamal Afroz Month ago
One of the best movies are batman tri and endinity
Jamal Afroz
Jamal Afroz Month ago
DC :- batman trilogy Like👍 Marvel:- endinity Comment💬💬
Jamal Afroz
Jamal Afroz Month ago
One of the best movies are batman tri and endinity
corrupted_choas- YT
This movie was shot in iChicago Me: no wonder Gotham crazy af
TheVideo GameBoyy
The hospitals delayed explosion was definitely planned.. Nice try tho
bel410la Month ago
You see Morgan Freeman in this scene, see it's a reference to every other movie Morgan Freeman has been in.
Yusha Memi
Yusha Memi Month ago
Watched it in IMAX yesterday. Masterpeice, honestly.
barriolimbas Month ago
Rooftop scene is from Long Halloween, Gordon, Batman and Harvey plotting to take down the mob, and like in the comics, Harvey is lost to the cause becoming a villain.
Tydoseroblox26 Month ago
Do the Batman 1989 Film
madhu mathew
madhu mathew Month ago
he's licking to recreate the condition "tardive dyskinesia" which occurs in patients who take antipsychotics
blountman747 Month ago
Tyler Jackson
Tyler Jackson Month ago
Spiderman far from home
Devin Paul
Devin Paul Month ago
Imagine if this trilogy had like endgame fight scenes
wrinkleneckbass Month ago
At the 15:20 mark, I wonder if the money on the ground had any significance. Two stacks of bills, then 3 stacks, then 2 stacks, then 3 stacks.
Magnus1964 Month ago
Nestor Carbonell played “Batmanuel” in the live action Tick series on Fox in 2001.
Murali dharan
Murali dharan Month ago
Captain america wintersoilder
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