DARK KNIGHT Breakdown! JOKER Analysis & Easter Eggs (Nolan Batman Trilogy Rewatch)

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The Dark Knight (2008) full movie breakdown! What details did you miss in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight -- from Heath Ledger's masterful performance as the Joker, and how game theory inspired his plan... to the duality between Batman and Harvey Dent / Two-Face, and how Nolan's imagery quietly exposed that parallelism? To celebrate the tenth 10th ANNIVERSARY of the movie's premiere, Erik Voss rewatches The Dark Knight scene by scene and explains the missable craftsmanship that makes the movie unforgettable. What clues hint at the Joker's possible origin? Does the Joker hide in plain sight without his makeup earlier in the movie? What are the connections between The Dark Knight and its influences, like Michael Mann's Heat, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, and Alan Moore's The Killing Joke?
BATMAN BEGINS (2005) Breakdown: ruvid.net/video/video-obbylLw338s.html
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012) Breakdown: Coming next week!
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Jul 18, 2018




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Ethan Bondick
Ethan Bondick 22 hours ago
The overjoyed haircut primarily search because current kelly kick pro a witty pleasure. strong, sassy twine
Michael Goodwin
Michael Goodwin 23 hours ago
Luke Watchorn
Everyone knows that Batman & Robin is the real best superhero movie.
Paradox G
Paradox G 2 days ago
NO superhero movie has EVER come close to topping The Dark Knight.
Dominik Łączkowski
3:00 poster spiderman 3
Joe Rogers
Joe Rogers 5 days ago
Captain America civil war.
Annette Green
Annette Green 8 days ago
TheJokerGalaxy 9 days ago
With Heath Ledger! Nolan made the Movie a Tragedy🔥💯!
Blazing gaming 29
Blazing gaming 29 12 days ago
lol this is my favourite movie and it came out on my birthday
Marshall Jones
Marshall Jones 12 days ago
The next Batman movie should feature " the Ventriloquist/scarface puppet" And "clayface" the shapeshifter
Michael DeMento
Michael DeMento 13 days ago
The Godfather II is the only correct answer.
Karl S.
Karl S. 14 days ago
You miss a few Things. At 14:06 Its a strange Situation. Because every time when the Joker makes a Joke, nobody laughs. But every time when he i serious, everybody laughs. Wich is a strange Situation.
Katie Burd
Katie Burd 14 days ago
This was super well done, loved it! Didn't think I could love Heath Ledger, Chris Nolan or this movie more.
Robbie Anson
Robbie Anson 14 days ago
Because of that duality they are brothers or I should say half brawlers it would help if you actually do the storyline from the movies like this Joker Joker 2 Batman begins The dark Knight The dark Knight rises Batman the movie Batman returns Batman forever Batman and robin It would help if you actually do a timeline I bought it
Erwin Broekhoven
Erwin Broekhoven 15 days ago
The detonator scene wasn't improvised this is a common myth about the movie. It makes sence explosives not firing correctly would be extremely dangerous if that happened the set would be cleared immediatly
noah thomas
noah thomas 15 days ago
Obi Wan
Obi Wan 16 days ago
2021 anyone ?😅
Mr Requis
Mr Requis 16 days ago
One of the greatest super hero movies of all time
Michael Traveny
Michael Traveny 16 days ago
its actually supposed to be pronounced raesh. not meaning to be rude
Nihongo Umai
Nihongo Umai 19 days ago
Joker = Chaos (fair?) Two-Face Harvey = Fate (fair?) Batman = Big Brother (fair?) These are archetypal characters
jw. online
jw. online 20 days ago
The reason batman said Rachel after his interrogation with joker is because batman didn't choose Rachel to save, he chose Rachel to die. Because joker earlier said that killing is making a choice.
tansb04 21 day ago
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Adam Grissom
Adam Grissom 22 days ago
That’s just a theory, A GAME THEORY. Like if you understand what this is.
Neil Shorey
Neil Shorey 22 days ago
the tongue movements look liked Tardive Dyskinesia, usually associated with long-term antipsychotics. like Thorazine and Haldol
Meme Ninja
Meme Ninja 22 days ago
Favorite movie
Unlicensed Paramedic
Payday 2 First World Bank Joker edition
Herman malika
Herman malika 27 days ago
The round pen conspicuously arrange because lace pathologically influence among a half denim. fascinated, natural croissant
Sebastien Starbuck
Sebastien Starbuck 27 days ago
I’ve seen this video so many times because this movie is so cool
Zhiliang Lu
Zhiliang Lu 28 days ago
The elfin vest theoretically rule because crown tinctorially scrub lest a adjoining workshop. joyous, enthusiastic politician
stephen paterson
It's called a Chelsea smile your thinking of a Glasgow kiss which is a headbutt
Scary Dreamer
Scary Dreamer Month ago
32:00 I loved that you pointed this out. My high school English teacher always told us that true masters of art know when and where to break longstanding rules.
Candice Santiago
Nothing can top The Dark Knight. Or come anywhere close to it.
Carolyn Church
Carolyn Church Month ago
Its pronounced raysh al goul not roz
Eddie Brock
Eddie Brock Month ago
Hold on they should have also looked at mark Hamill portrayal version of the Joker
Demented Dirt
Demented Dirt Month ago
Love Joker / Heath 💚🃏🃏🃏💚💚💚
Original Ghoul
Original Ghoul Month ago
So kiddies, Heath Ledger's Joker represents Chaos where Joaquin Phoenix's Joker represents Anarchy! So that is why we dont compare the two performances because they are not equal but separate and thus Heath's Joker and Joaquin's Joker will go down in history as the greatest Joker, see I have no desire to be a director and I understand that, well my soul burns with Chaos so maybe that is why it is so clear................. Enjoy Oblivion!!!
Andrea Watto
Andrea Watto Month ago
4:49, I saw the spiderman 3 poster.
Jarrod Steve
Jarrod Steve Month ago
The nutty mouth cranially change because fox presently imagine besides a tiny wedge. splendid, domineering supply
austin sylvester
The Dark Knight trilogy is my favorite trilogy ever, I have 2 favorite trilogies, Dark Knight Trilogy and The Godfather Trilogy
kaimeng quek
kaimeng quek Month ago
A nice coincidence here portraying joker as a dog. In a southeast asian Chinese dialect, siao gao(mad dog) is someone that dont play by any rules..a crazy ass.
kaimeng quek
kaimeng quek Month ago
Applies the Game theory. But hey thats just a theory, a game theory. Thanks for watching.
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
The ugliest toenail electronmicroscopically strip because rail histologically drag excluding a periodic locust. stormy, undesirable cattle
G1MMED3M BEANZ Month ago
Actually I've watched this too many times
P Month ago
wow I didn't realize just HOW brilliant nolan is.
Merc_ Month ago
36:54 Extra trivia: Joker being like a dog is the same as the cynic, Diogenes - who was dubbed the dog. The word cynic also comes from kunikos or cynicus, which is to be dog-like. Joker is idealistic, not materialistic, as a cynic would be
aSmallB01 Month ago
4:25 its also a youtube channel
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Month ago
Hey the turtle tee is awesome
김성철 Month ago
I always thought the people on the boat had their own detonator so if they decided to detonate it, they would blow themselves up. Seems like something sadistic the Joker would do.
miaubella Month ago
no one has been able to top batman, Heath topped the joker, the best.
Samantha Williams
My reaction to the dark night 🤯😍
Chlo Ashe
Chlo Ashe Month ago
It’s D C
Sallie Allen
Sallie Allen Month ago
Did I just watch 40 mins of this at 2 am? Bruh I just realized how long this is
Space Tardigrade
17:35 Joker 2019, yes we do indeed.
olawunmi popoola
I always thought the people on the boat had their own detonator so if they decided to detonate it, they would blow themselves up. Seems like something sadistic the Joker would do.
Roblue Let’s Play
Fun fact Heath ledger had to lick his lips because his makeup kept falling off.
Heavylevy578 Month ago
Great video!
Pamela SHERMAN 2 months ago
To face when he blink his other eye did not blink
Nikki Newbie
Nikki Newbie 2 months ago
Can anybody explain how The Joker had so much inside knowledge at the beginning of the movie? He knew one of the banks to hit with the mob's money in it. He knew when and where the Mob bosses were going to meet and crashed their party. I understand that a lot of the inside knowledge and help he gets in kidnapping Rachel and Harvey is after he is working with the mob and has access to Maroney's information and resources but BEFORE that takes place how does he know so much?
Dani Valentine
Dani Valentine 2 months ago
Those 2 notes playing are called a Sheppard tone. Its not exactly like you said, but you should look it up, its really interesting.
MeLLo flame
MeLLo flame 2 months ago
4:20 its also a other yt
LeftHand Monarch
LeftHand Monarch 2 months ago
My theory about Joker is that he was a soldier who was captured and tortured with a Glasgow smile. When he wasn't rescued, he forced his way out and saved himself, realizing that the world didn't give a damn about him. That's why he wants attention so much- to remedy the imbalance. And that's why he terrorizes Gotham, having seen the methods of those who captured him. That's why he was so familiar with the motions and uniforms of soldiers during the funeral ambush. That's why he mentions a "truckload of soldiers blowing up."
Pim P
Pim P 2 months ago
keep coming back to this video
Anonymous Catman
Anonymous Catman 2 months ago
I have a family member who did the decals for the swat vans in the movie
grace rose
grace rose 2 months ago
Heath Ledger's joker: the joker's dynamic with batman Joaquin Phoenix's joker: the joker's psychology Jared Leto's joker: the joker's cosplay
Nate Brady
Nate Brady 2 months ago
in my opinion, i think the dark knight rises is the best, not because its incredibly unpredictable, but it shows a great amount of chaos, and it shows a really good turn of events during the climax. yes, the dark knight is iconic, but i think the dark knight rises is a masterpiece.
whistle blower
whistle blower 2 months ago
I literally cried
Malcolm Eyman
Malcolm Eyman 2 months ago
Me: (sees two face) Also me: oh shit!
jayjedijunior 2 months ago
Ngl I think dark knight rises is better
Zetsuke4 2 months ago
Wow !
ihyannah davis
ihyannah davis 2 months ago
alan walker
Shlok MADAN 2 months ago
I love that im watching a 45 minute video at 3am in the morning
Shlok MADAN 2 months ago
I love that im watching a 45 minute video at 3am in the morning
Innocent Green
Innocent Green 2 months ago
"What superhero movies have come close to 'The Dark Knight'?" I still say the animated "Batman: Under the Red Hood" is one of the most enjoyable Batman films ever. Even if it is a cartoon. Live action though? Easily "JOKER." It doesn't "top" Heath Ledger's Joker anymore than the filling of a donut "tops" the pastry. It somehow compliments, and yes, completes the character of the clown prince of crime.
Aaron Brandon
Aaron Brandon 2 months ago
So what's the reason again for Batman not to save Rachel when he clearly said he's going to Rachel's?
Brian koz
Brian koz 2 months ago
I wonder if Nolan sees these videos and thinks “I never tought of all this , awesome “
crush41gb 2 months ago
I always wondered who's thumbprint Bruce found on the bullet. Joker is never without gloves.
Nikki Newbie
Nikki Newbie 2 months ago
I almost need to watch it again but I THINK it was the fingerprint of one of the Joker's henchmen. Doesn't Bruce have Alfred run the print through the police's system where he matches it to a known criminal with a last known address? Isn't that the part where Bruce rides his (regular) motorcycle to that address where he finds the real honor guard of cops tied up in an apartment that overlooks the parade/procession for Commissioner Lobe? Yes I think you are correct that Joker never takes off his gloves but more importantly than that, when they "catch" Joker and lock him up in the MCU, Gordon states that Joker's prints are not in the system anywhere nor are his dental records and his clothes are custom. There is no way to identify Joker at all in any database.
Bryan P
Bryan P 2 months ago
Do an analysis of Jared Letos joker next!!!
gjh 2 months ago
I just watched a video from the make up artist who worked on a ton of shows including this movie,. It was really good
mr nobody
mr nobody 2 months ago
0:38 no I've watched the dark knight 19 times
Avi Gindratt
Avi Gindratt 3 months ago
This has to be one of the greatest movies of our generation. Heath Ledger was brilliant.
Hybrid 225
Hybrid 225 3 months ago
I want another Batman game
Dalton Austin
Dalton Austin 3 months ago
Anyone else notice that 24:59 sounds JUST like Jack Nicholson?
chad kohl
chad kohl 3 months ago
He says hockey pads not pants
Austin Foust
Austin Foust 3 months ago
The closest to topping the dark knight is Spiderman 2
Ken Forsythe
Ken Forsythe 3 months ago
tea spill
Kieran Potter
Kieran Potter 3 months ago
In my opinion winter soldier is the only other film that comes close to the dark knights prestige
Nikki Newbie
Nikki Newbie 2 months ago
In some aspects I agree. Winter Soldier does stand out in the MCU. But you really don't have the psychological depth and dynamics between the characters going on in that movie. But the action sequences and fight scenes are amazing. And you have to give a "shout out" to Robert Redford in that one. He brought just the right touch of menace and humor. But overall, The Dark Knight STILL feels like it could be more real than the Winter Soldier.
John Willis
John Willis 3 months ago
Best magic trick ever!!!
Vincent Candela
Vincent Candela 3 months ago
I always thought the gang ant the beginning was Nolan’s version of the red hood gang where joker blackmails people to do what he wants and kills them of to get what he want or if the plans go sideways
Gus Grau
Gus Grau 3 months ago
Heath didn’t perfect his joker in a motel by himself. He was trying all sorts of mannerisms, lines with the cast on set. According to Michael Jai White, who was actually there. And for others who don’t know: on set he was really outgoing ~
Mel Chase
Mel Chase 3 months ago
Thickner, wasn't he Adam, Bonny's husband in mom
sandman_sam 3 months ago
The hospital scene wasnt improvised. It was set to be that late. ,
Jackson Brewer
Jackson Brewer 3 months ago
fun fact: i used to live in chicago and my dad is an extra that you can clearly see in 3 scenes of the movie
Keven Delgado
Keven Delgado 3 months ago
What if joker 2019 is the leadger joker he wears face paint he talks about an abusive dad that they talk about in joker 2019 and a wife that he never had
Blake Skerritt
Blake Skerritt 3 months ago
it's not close but logan is the closest thing were gonna get to the dark night
Jack Cairns
Jack Cairns 3 months ago
I think that nolan is such a smart director he knew what he was doing when it came to two face, and he did it perfectly. And no, nothing has topped it, even the joker stand alone movie, though it was close it will never be better
CodeNameTitan 3 months ago
marci e lago thats how its pronounced
Blake Young
Blake Young 3 months ago
I find it sadistic of the Joker to say that Rachel was at Harvey’s address and vice versa. So whomever Batman chose to save, he would be forced to save the other and lose who he really wanted to save.
lewis sanderson
lewis sanderson 3 months ago
i never understood the hype for this film. but no means is it a bad film, i like it a lot. i just don’t think it’s as incredible as everyone says? like everyone puts it on this pedestal that feels undeserved? idk.
lewis sanderson
lewis sanderson 3 months ago
by no means* ffs
Dingo Dave
Dingo Dave 3 months ago
The "Glasgow smile" is also known as a "Chelsea grin" 👍🏻
Smell Baddie's Media
spiderverse is a close second to tdk. mayb even logan
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