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Levi high jeans
Sitting right keep that ass up
Instagram flex basic hoes
Getting gassed up
Niggas in my face boy bye nigga back up
I’m a city girl it’s only right that I act up
It’s the way I act up
Drink my water and my fruit so everything be snatched up
Getting rich for dummies u should read it get yo cash up
Ask me if I give a fuck I wouldn’t give my last fuck
Let’s call this a boo check
I jus pulled up with my new flex
She love to call me baby
Got Her other nigga like why u do that
I know how to make niggas mad
We hop out and swag
Bitch I got the bag
She got on the jeans that sit high on the waist
Like to throw up that four when I’m grabbing her ass
Yeah u know how i do
I done found a new bae
My new boo take like 2 to 3 showers a day
I’m still coo if I lose all my followers today
Before i knew about music I found me a play
I told her to sneak my lil gun in the club flirt with the security act like u bae
U got them
Levi high jeans
Sitting right keep that ass up
Instagram flex basic hoes
Getting gassed up
Niggas in my face boy bye nigga back up
I’m a city girl it’s only right that I act up
It’s the way I act up
Drink my water and my fruit so everything be snatched up
Getting rich for dummies u should read it get yo cash up
Ask me if I give a fuck I wouldn’t give my last fuck
Don’t act like u don’t know who i am
I’m who I am
And u a fan
I’m up u not
That’s where we stand
New Ap watch
My wrist on glam
Rainbow diamonds
toucan Sam
Don’t want ur nigga
Come get ur man
Don’t want yo nigga come come get ur man


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Mar 18, 2020




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Comments 80
Mari Mar
Mari Mar 2 days ago
I believe you didn't have sex with dababy.
Leah the littlest!!! !
DaBaby like backing up while she tryna crush on him
SCP-939 15 days ago
Danileigh fine asf lol dababy shoulda hit that lol
Chamara Dillard
Chamara Dillard 19 days ago
I'm dababy blood cousin and I dont even give a fuck. LIKE LET IT GO NIGGA.
Chamara Dillard
Chamara Dillard 19 days ago
Ya niggas some HATIN ASS BITCHES. So what they fucked. If they didn't you would still think they did. So if you finna comment this does her no justice you a dumbass and should stop cause dani dont give a fuck about you guys. You ain't them. You wouldnt say it to they face. So wtf you hatin for. Ole bum ass niggas. Fuck out the comments nigga
ALI BACALL 22 days ago
je t'aime DaniLeigh tu et parfaite ce trop ma belle
Love and Kindness
Dani Leigh the New Female G.O.A.T
Malik Month ago
DaBaby dont put his feet on the ground when laying on the ground 😅🔥🔥
MELLY_ T Month ago
Wavy Nisha
Wavy Nisha Month ago
I know y'all see ha shoes- 2:07
Mrs Shamier Hines
She look too muscular and no boobs
Laurel Hwata
Laurel Hwata Month ago
Poor girl, DaBaby didn't give her one lil bit of attention. She was trying so damn hard
juanyel white
juanyel white Month ago
So it would be hott for Danileigh and Beyonce to create a song and video together.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tika L.
Tika L. Month ago
So this is when she thought they had a moment lol she feel for him to damn quick... the boy got charm though he had Raven Symone blushing lol
Aries Lanae
Aries Lanae Month ago
b simone kept herself together way better😭
Madison Burton
Madison Burton Month ago
wait so on the cover on apple music det wasnt her booty? i feel catfished
Michael Najar
Michael Najar Month ago
Why didn’t they actually drive?
DeoxDedox YT
DeoxDedox YT Month ago
Wonder how much the feature was 😂😂
Matt U
Matt U Month ago
What kinda movie tho??
Oshawn James
Oshawn James Month ago
I like the way Da Baby be keeping bitches in check and on his dick from lizzo, Dani leigh, B.Simone, his baby momma...I heard his baby momma who he still fucks around with a lot because the love they had and his side bitches are straight dicktimized that this nigga doesn't claim nobody while he crushes on Ashanti and flirts with Raven on Ig live...he's the new Drake though!!!!!!!! ... I be happy be happy when a girl is shorter than me too lml
Abby Month ago
Is she even black?
vava vogue
vava vogue Month ago
Ok team natural 🙌🏾
Fortnite killer Fortnite killer
i love high jens
Cee Dot
Cee Dot Month ago
Ok Chrissy I see you ma. Keep doin ya thing
Kiarrah Month ago
Damn , I never do this but holy fuck, all of you are hating ass jealous ass people . You’re all just mad that she has a fire song with your dream man apparently and you don’t lol. Your attitudes are disgusting. She’s beautiful and through the roof talented! Try spreading some love sometime !
Kashanni Davis
Kashanni Davis Month ago
The same idiot who had a problem with Tammy 😒😒😒
True life
True life Month ago
Its not baby it fat
eternalbutterfly 888
I like danileigh but she too clingyyyy. Like dammnnn can ya boi breathee lol. The vid was creative at tho. 💪💯🖤
Dragon Verduzco
Dragon Verduzco Month ago
scarlet's little laugh at 2:06
putasy Month ago
it has to be the camera quality that got dani looking like that..
Ciara smith
Ciara smith Month ago
Team 😎😎
Renee Howard
Renee Howard Month ago
I swear he can't get any cuter Edit They say she fucked hon for a feature... AND!!! I'd smash his short ass for no feature. 💁
Excite Month ago
Ngl they should go out they look good together
Chauncey Chauncey
Love this bro definitely
Chauncey Chauncey
Shitttt she getting thicker 😱😱😱😱
Chauncey Chauncey
Lit 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chauncey Chauncey
Super lit 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
MsFears Month ago
She seems like a try hard.
Marlaya Walker
Marlaya Walker Month ago
I’m sorry B Simone and da baby👅🥰!!! Is every thing😭...
Syntoria McMillian
she look like a dude🥴 .
Apsara __
Apsara __ Month ago
Dababy with those dimples daaamn
Team Breezy
Team Breezy Month ago
Cherry looks like Justine Skye, just Gorgeous
Kiyla Month ago
Nobody: Me: Thinking its Called *Level High*
Amna T
Amna T Month ago
Defo not Beyoncé jay z type shit
Kayana Gonzalez
Kayana Gonzalez Month ago
He just probably hitting that
Nayaaa Jenner
Nayaaa Jenner Month ago
she look better in the EASY video with lol she look like she got her body it’s her stomach look weird
Gods Watchn
Gods Watchn Month ago
Lmao... these girl is weird.
WonderWoman Month ago
She flirts too much, he don’t even want her. But I do love this song & video
YeezyVII Month ago
you already know Dababy hit that
2 k
2 k Month ago
She look like my grandmother 👵🏽👵🏽in the thumbnail
Rhonda’s World
Sikeeeee 🤣🤣
Yudono Mynam
Yudono Mynam Month ago
Nope Can't tell y'all were fucking at all...
P*Gorgeous Month ago
They are Fucking....this is Proof
Rose Month ago
She’s a 4
kaiboogie1 Month ago
He's just so happy to be taller than someone 😂
leslie dobber
leslie dobber Month ago
Y' all just being mean judging how dani looks,cant we all just appreciate 4 the awesome music video they made .come on guys she doesn't look that bad,she's kinda cute plus she's crushing on this guy by i have 2 admit they make a great couple🙌🙌🙌
Arianna Brown
Arianna Brown Month ago
Dani got fat
MustWatch Live
MustWatch Live Month ago
She got fat quick
Hameedah Mustafa
lovey Month ago
I see shady comments. Let this girl be. If his baby momma a clown ,especially after another child by another woman then it's on her. Dababy's circus isnt her issue.
laylay beautiful
I'm convinced, anybody can be a star at this point. The End!!!!!
BookieLover Q
BookieLover Q Month ago
Danileigh gave dababy dat fye poom poom and he didn’t call next morning 😂
Tiana Gray
Tiana Gray Month ago
It wasnt fye then lmao
Madison Dampier
Madison Dampier Month ago
i would think on some Me-Me and DaBaby type shit LMAO hop off that nigga he has never wanted you or ever led you on. your to pretty to be desperate sis thirsty is not a hot color on you and them black girl braids but i mean who asked lmaoooo . ask DaBaby how's is Me-Me AND THERE KID THAT THEY HAVE TOGETHER THIS IS WHY I HATE WANNA BE BOSS BITCHES Y'ALL HOES IS MESSY AS HELL TALKING ABOUT BEING A WOMEN BUT WANNA MESS UP OTHER PEOPLES WORLDS BITCH GET YOUR TITTIES DONE AND TAKE MEGAN THE FUCKING STALLION'S CLASSES cause that's a bad bitch period.
La Original
La Original Month ago
I can’t even blame her for lettin him smash. I bet it was amazing.
Ashlee Long
Ashlee Long Month ago
juanyel white yeah girl! It’s the whole thing with her going back and forth with his baby mama. But it hasn’t been too long. The word is that it was around the time that she choreographed “Bop” that they started kickin it
juanyel white
juanyel white Month ago
Wait a minute guh...they smashed omg. When???? How long ago was this? Sorry im late.
Ashlee Long
Ashlee Long Month ago
Lmao!! LISTEN!! You just made me spit out my coffee omg 😂😂😂😂
Kimberli Jones
Kimberli Jones Month ago
It was. She fell in love.
MoNatural Tingz
MoNatural Tingz Month ago
I Don’t Know why she so pressed for baby with his ugly ass she can do better
Briana Hatchett
Briana Hatchett Month ago
Y’all really calling Dani ugly like she not gorgeous asf fr LOL. I swear one person see a comment and jump on the bandwagon
ttrawww 23 days ago
That’s subjective lmao 🤦🏾‍♀️
Big Papa
Big Papa Month ago
@Jalesia Johnson Yh like ur better🙄
Aries Lanae
Aries Lanae Month ago
where are those comments?💀
Jalesia Johnson
Jalesia Johnson Month ago
Have you seen hr without makeup and lashes? Whewww
Tiana Gray
Tiana Gray Month ago
She's not ugly she's just very basic looking and overhyped because of her curly hair and bright skin and she looks VERY different without filters like VERY different
Toyotarou Month ago
She lookin real thick, i prefer her 15 pounds lighter.
Paola Juarez
Paola Juarez Month ago
she was all over him and kept looking at him while he out here blowing up and chasin the bag😂 girl don’t get played
Exxotic kween
Exxotic kween Month ago
🤦🏾‍♀️ another white gurl trying to be blk
Who Is Lo
Who Is Lo Month ago
Exxotic kween girl I-
IamSade Month ago
Is she the mystery girl that dababy got pregnant
CD HM Month ago
She’s obsessed with da baby
Tropical Woods
Tropical Woods Month ago
Speaking of Levi High Shout out to my lil Cousin Levi cause he high right nah, continue to help him feel tht way. He got time but one day he will be joining ✌. The song n video, tight wrk! Shout to Da baby I fucc with him Just heard of Danileigh so continue to soar high n flyy Love. More muzik like this, lets get it
MedTHC Ontario
MedTHC Ontario Month ago
I jus wanna know who that 'babysitter' is in DaBaby's video babysitter! 🙀🍑
Who's Asking??
Who's Asking?? Month ago
Stealing a bank??? Hmm...
skelleton Month ago
The director lady looks l'île she hates her job
Alisha Rae
Alisha Rae Month ago
Dani is all tryna get close to him, holding his hand. Dababy keeps backing up. He fr gonna break her heart lol
Zo Bell
Zo Bell Month ago
Kimberli Jones how
Kimberli Jones
Kimberli Jones Month ago
He did already
Kleasha Jones
Kleasha Jones Month ago
Aw so this bitch wanna be baby momma number 3.... Smdh she’s to talented for that weak ass shit, especially with his big mouth ass 🤦🏾‍♀️
Dosye Klase Mizik
She start showing chest
Benz Queen
Benz Queen Month ago
That’s embarrassing girl he didn’t even look at you but you lingering around
Yolanda Coleman
Yolanda Coleman Month ago
@Benz Queen frrrrrrrrrr
Benz Queen
Benz Queen Month ago
Yolanda Coleman he issssss I really don’t want her in this because even though she wanna love and accept all his flaws and new kid but not gonna have the same loyalty she need to RUN. I know she gotta know better not billionaire B with a book honey nooooooo she better be just getting that money up.
Yolanda Coleman
Yolanda Coleman Month ago
@Benz Queen Yess girl that's exactly what she is.Ive been there done that and it's no fun and at the end,the sidechick always gets hurt and the man still is messing around with the babymama(s) and it's just a hot mess overall and at the end of the day, Da baby playing Danni,his babymama,and hell he even playing B.Simone too🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Benz Queen
Benz Queen Month ago
Yolanda Coleman She represents the typical GIRL falling in love with a guy and is a willing to be a FULL BLOWN side chick just to be keep any spot with him hoping for the #1 spot one day. Ignoring all the red flags and gut feelings she will learn one day🤷🏽‍♀️
Yolanda Coleman
Yolanda Coleman Month ago
@Benz Queen right I feel bad for her but she most likely knew the man had a baby mama that he was still messing around with.......🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🗣
LeTesha DeLeon
LeTesha DeLeon Month ago
Them ain’t aliens thas meme pulling up on they a$$ 😂😂😂😂
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