Daniel Radcliffe Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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'Miracle Workers' star Daniel Radcliffe takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. Does Daniel Radcliffe have tattoos? Which Harry Potter movie is his favorite? Where did Daniel meet his girlfriend? Is Daniel on social media? Daniel Radcliffe answers all these questions and more!
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Daniel Radcliffe Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED




7 фев 2019

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Комментарии 16 429
EveryChevyChase Час назад
It must be terrible to peak at 13 years old.
Anie To
Anie To Час назад
I loved the paparazzi thing^^
MHDumah88 Час назад
Ok I like this guy. He's funny.
sans the magical man
sans the magical man Час назад
Harry Potter was epic
Jason the Power Ranger
Jason the Power Ranger 2 часа назад
He looks like either he's dying, or he died on the inside
J E 2 часа назад
He looks like he died 1 day ago, all the time
ludouble9 2 часа назад
hmmmmmmmmm.... Harry Potter seems to know a lot about this person called Daniel Rdcloff radcleff or whatever. Thats weird you creep
Agent Legend
Agent Legend 3 часа назад
You are my favorite British actor. (Only because of Harry Potter though.) I also see the Cursed Child tomorrow.
Yvonne Hoff
Yvonne Hoff 3 часа назад
He's more like book Harry Potter than the film version he played was. Incredible.
Arhip4ick Immobiluse
Arhip4ick Immobiluse 3 часа назад
Miraculer Fan
Miraculer Fan 4 часа назад
YOU ARE HARRY POTTER? What do you mean "Im not naturally cool person"?
Potato -exe
Potato -exe 4 часа назад
One of my best friends is obsessed with Harry Potter and it can be really annoying. She can name like more than half of the actors and all of the movies. She also watches like all of the movies every weekend and has like all of the lines memorized. (she also read all of the books many times)
Pujan P
Pujan P 4 часа назад
7:50 was great lmao !!
Digantanil Khasnobis
Digantanil Khasnobis 4 часа назад
We want him as Wolverine 💪💪🤘🤘
Aqsa Malik
Aqsa Malik 4 часа назад
he is good
Geek Girl
Geek Girl 4 часа назад
The dislikes are the paparazzi
Spring! x
Spring! x 4 часа назад
I was born on the 23rd July 2005. Daniel Radcliffe was born on the 23rd July 1989. aMAZING.
Aeolus Anemoi
Aeolus Anemoi 5 часов назад
Harry “Wolverine” Potter A claw and a wand.
Stephen Valentine
Stephen Valentine 5 часов назад
That Brexit jab tho lol.
Amaris Garcia
Amaris Garcia 5 часов назад
He still reminds me of harry potter
Bruno Chirelli
Bruno Chirelli 5 часов назад
Who is this Daniel Radcliffe that british Harry is talking about?
Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma 6 часов назад
wrong.. you are harry potter
Canamox El Leal
Canamox El Leal 6 часов назад
Harry Potter Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
nisbatris 6 часов назад
his eyes are so round and huge i thought it was a filter the whole time
SidRulz100 7 часов назад
Daniel Radcliffe, a Lions fan? That would explain why he's in Gryffindor house.
Fox art Anime
Fox art Anime 9 часов назад
Harry you looking so cool when Wear glasses! (Laughs)
Pseudonym 9 часов назад
Daniel did look like moaning myrtle in the movie tbh. I remember always thinking that when I watched the movie lol
RED STUNTER 123 9 часов назад
Super Shinobeee
Super Shinobeee 10 часов назад
Will The Cursed child movie ever come out
No one
No one 10 часов назад
why did this video popped when i searched tseries vs pewdiepie??? 😂
Ena 10 часов назад
he's hilarious :D Wolverine hot wash, I'm dead
เรา เอง'ง
เรา เอง'ง 10 часов назад
I want supthai
Unicorn 10 часов назад
Tbh I'm gonna be honest 😂 up until a few years ago I thought Daniel radcliffe played moaning myrtle just because of like the glasses and ye😂
einom123 10 часов назад
5th is my favorite too!
Sumit Vijaykumar
Sumit Vijaykumar 11 часов назад
that was a good one.
Neelie Nat
Neelie Nat 12 часов назад
Sorry daniel radcliff my hogwarts house is green slytherin
Noa Animations
Noa Animations 12 часов назад
6:20 Does Daniel Radcliffe like Emma Watson ? YES ! Production Team : **CUTS HERE AND REMOVES THE CONTEXT!**
Noa Animations
Noa Animations 12 часов назад
He sounds and look like a legit youtuber.
faiz ikhsan
faiz ikhsan 12 часов назад
You a Hairy Wizard.
Norman Ruthfred
Norman Ruthfred 14 часов назад
"Don't be to tall" *is 6'1"* Do I really tower over him?!? 0w0;
roaring witch797
roaring witch797 14 часов назад
TabithaTV 14 часов назад
I am really dumb saying this but uh, growing up watching Harry Potter NONE of them swore, (except the adults. Later on in movies they do but yea) Den Daniel swore. Kill me ;-;
Roochka 14 часов назад
I love how he notices all the grammatical errors in these questions. Also, not gonna lie, I've had a gigantic crush on him probably since I saw Harry Potter 3 in theaters in the US. It helps that he's less than a foot taller than I am because I am tiny. 3 and 5 are my favorites.
J ClarKent
J ClarKent 15 часов назад
5.5 feet is 5 foot 6 haha
Samantha Little
Samantha Little 15 часов назад
I love him. He’s me with being the grammar police.
Tiny Crystal
Tiny Crystal 15 часов назад
“If you see somebody pretending to be me, feel free to give them sh-“ I love this dude LMAO
John Martinez
John Martinez 15 часов назад
I think your a great actor. I like your movies. Cheers mate
Tavas 16 часов назад
Most of the people I know like the 5th book
Coykat YT
Coykat YT 16 часов назад
Hes so old yet his voice sounds the same. oml.
Chloe Hraiky
Chloe Hraiky 16 часов назад
ah he is adorable I love his personality
super Jenius11
super Jenius11 16 часов назад
Nice I’m taller than Harry Potter
Magni Ironblood
Magni Ironblood 16 часов назад
He is cool and all but I was expecting him to mention what I searched for as it said "Hey dis is related to your search" Screw you youtube you liars.
Jabba Da hut
Jabba Da hut 17 часов назад
These muggles are asking to many questions!
Cyborg317 17 часов назад
Get a Harry Potter lightning scar tattoo
Savannah S
Savannah S 17 часов назад
Daniel Radcliffe is mostly water and carbon
Antonella Voccola
Antonella Voccola 18 часов назад
I was wearing a gryffindor jumper
Brody Hunter
Brody Hunter 18 часов назад
ur a furry harry
Ev Nygma
Ev Nygma 18 часов назад
Daniel is in my repertoire of impressions
Bleeps H
Bleeps H 18 часов назад
He looks like harry potter
Chloe - TsMsCt Videos
Chloe - TsMsCt Videos 19 часов назад
OMG. Is that the Harry Potter guy 😮? He’s got kinda old outta nowhere 😂.
Casey Moore
Casey Moore 19 часов назад
Me:0:59 My mom: I know
UntamedGamer17 19 часов назад
Daniel Radcliffe looks like Harry Potter
Meghan Bussinger
Meghan Bussinger 19 часов назад
This was posted on my birthday
Zerefu 20 часов назад
"What is Daniel Radcliffe?" "A wizard"
totally not a wolf
totally not a wolf 20 часов назад
"Hi I'm Daniel Radcliff" Me: *NO, YOURE A WIZARD HARRY!*
Kaiden Williams
Kaiden Williams 20 часов назад
0:15 they spelt it wrong, if favourite not favorite but I am not American so.
Luke Burgess
Luke Burgess 20 часов назад
Hello m already to tall I’m only 9 and I’m 4,6
AdraicStarks 20 часов назад
I never realized how much I need Daniel to be the next Wolverine...
Tuva Pettersen
Tuva Pettersen 20 часов назад
Stephen McCulley
Stephen McCulley 21 час назад
Loved I think it was a 4 part British series where you played a naive doctor in the middle of nowhere.
Luluck4 '
Luluck4 ' 21 час назад
Hes hot.
Luluck4 '
Luluck4 ' 21 час назад
Harry potter and the most burning questions
G0DLY SKiLl 21 час назад
8:17 oh so he didn’t live under the stairs
mai 12
mai 12 21 час назад
“What is Daniel Radcliffe?” Daniel : “ mostly water and carbon “
Animation Simba
Animation Simba 21 час назад
Snape:headmaster, I am afraid of the dark lord has returned Dumbledore : are you serious?! Snape : no I am severus
Aviator625 21 час назад
Shotgun Dragon
Shotgun Dragon 22 часа назад
What?! *He's not an actual wizard??*
Matt Lordan
Matt Lordan 22 часа назад
the 5th is my favorite, too
Clevsta Gaming
Clevsta Gaming 22 часа назад
Your a wizard harry I'm not naturally a cool person
jurandfantom 22 часа назад
that was...nice to watch
Courtney Satterley
Courtney Satterley 22 часа назад
"Daniel Radcliff is mostly water and carbon"
Rachel 'RTNightmare'
Rachel 'RTNightmare' 22 часа назад
Oh my goodness this boi is so sassy and I love it.
Randomness Inc.
Randomness Inc. 22 часа назад
0:58 *_-Mood.-_*
Naomi K
Naomi K 22 часа назад
So I just assumed that he was tall, I'm taller than Daniel Radcliffe and I'm only 14, that's crazy, I'm like 5' 7", anyways, I've always loved Daniel Radcliffe and when I saw this video in my recommended I was like "yes, yes, yes, a million times yes"
Vishambar Chauhan
Vishambar Chauhan 23 часа назад
Oh, ive got one! Can Daniel really act? Cause he ruined harry potter for me with his stone faced expressions
Uncaged_Wolf 23 часа назад
Hagrid: "Your a wizard harry" Harry: "Your a hairy wizard" Hagrid: ... Harry: ... Btw yes i stole this joke so don't even comment it.
Perri Cranfield
Perri Cranfield 23 часа назад
Does anyone have a problem with his attitude
klchenry День назад
I want to marry this man
Blendinn День назад
I met David Yates at a house party once
Windrunner 00
Windrunner 00 День назад
Guns for hands..... Does anyone get it?
Sophia Keen
Sophia Keen День назад
His accent is agghhh😍😍
T4silly День назад
His sassiness is the best~
Taikamuna День назад
Why didn't he just remove the tape with his magic powers
Muhammad 'Izzat Saufi
Muhammad 'Izzat Saufi 7 часов назад
Bcs he in the muggle world ;)
GGCP JGAM 8 часов назад
Uncaged_Wolf I always see Justin Y
VepiumOfficial 16 часов назад
Oh hey your here too
Uncaged_Wolf 23 часа назад
Are you the new justin Y because im seeing you every where now.
Kai Jones
Kai Jones День назад
Wow this guy would make a great actor for Harry Potter
Fiona Brandt
Fiona Brandt День назад
On the first question, I totally agree with Dan!!!!!!
Gooogle Cooper
Gooogle Cooper День назад
lol he will never ever escape Harry Potter.
Gooogle Cooper
Gooogle Cooper День назад
He seems nice.
ya yeet
ya yeet День назад
Wow this guy looks like harry potter XD
Neave Moore
Neave Moore День назад
7:50 your a wizard harry
MA plays
MA plays День назад
hah i liked it XD i have watched your movies so many times and i read the books
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