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A celebration of Daniel’s time with PokerStars, we showcase 10 of the greatest hands he has played on PokerStars shows.


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May 24, 2019




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Comments 80
船曳鷹青 Day ago
このおしゃべりおじさん、負けた時も楽しそうや 別のとこのコメントであったけど、まるでMCUトニー・スターク
mastyer0fReality 3 days ago
"Oh you need an eight, that'll be sick". And it was...
Jesse Leavitt
Jesse Leavitt 4 days ago
jackson is gay!
Jesse Leavitt
Jesse Leavitt 4 days ago
well i think he is into jokes named bailey also
Black Thunder
Black Thunder 4 days ago
I think I finally understand that every thing you do at the poker table conveys information
bosscarnage4 5 days ago
They probably think of him as the annoying guy but he's the smartest guy on the table
88 Fuzzy
88 Fuzzy 6 days ago
10:50 I love this guy
Gash 6 days ago
Daniel: don’t bet too big or I’ll run away Kevin: *bets a lot* Daniel: *folds* Everyone: *Surprised Pikachu*
Chris Kindler
Chris Kindler 6 days ago
shlomi has a big one
Pierre Carrelet
Pierre Carrelet 6 days ago
@ 26:14 Commentator let one rip
Flight Legit
Flight Legit 7 days ago
He is definitely counting cards
Yiqun Yang
Yiqun Yang 8 days ago
How come you don't like this guy?
Frank Espitia
Frank Espitia 8 days ago
Commentator: this will get him into trouble. Negreanu: wins.
Caleb Sevick
Caleb Sevick 8 days ago
A year ago today dang lol
billy reeve
billy reeve 10 days ago
Erik seidel looks like the type of man who kidnaps kids and buries them under his house
Wathy Imsong
Wathy Imsong 10 days ago
Kevin is so irri
illegitimate0 10 days ago
The ending made it sound like Daniel was dying.
Sherab Musix
Sherab Musix 11 days ago
6:12 is the best poker table of best people .....
Gavin Roberts
Gavin Roberts 11 days ago
Edward Norton?
john tucker
john tucker 12 days ago
Now I know these people are pros but WHY WHY WHY do they blame the dealer?? the dealer....who does not shuffle the cards, that's done by machine, all they do is deal them, are they that stupid that they actually think its the dealers fault in some way? or just unwilling to accept they lost?
Elliot Gamble
Elliot Gamble 13 days ago
Daniel seems like the really cool uncle
My Random Thoughts
My Random Thoughts 13 days ago
His name is Mike Kasowski what a legend
Annette Russell
Annette Russell 13 days ago
Take advantage of virus by raising there take the hundreds of millions wasn't enough no wonder Daniel left he knows they are criminals
Annette Russell
Annette Russell 13 days ago
PokerStars are crooked
King Joffrey
King Joffrey 14 days ago
Phil Ivy reminds me of Tyler1, just sayin
jester pew
jester pew 14 days ago
He's so annoying 😂
Lorenzo Farinotti
Lorenzo Farinotti 14 days ago
Absolute legend! 💙 Very nice video bro 😉😎💪👋
Lorenzo Farinotti
Lorenzo Farinotti 14 days ago
Absolute legend! 💙
michael merrelli
michael merrelli 14 days ago
A gracious loss
michael merrelli
michael merrelli 14 days ago
Kid poker the best
brianna saari
brianna saari 15 days ago
He is like the only poker player I like
Jash Media
Jash Media 16 days ago
That woman is right. Don't ever talk to Daniel. That is one of his information-retrieval methods. That is why he talks so much. But ofcourse its also just fun.
jamestoni 16 days ago
if there was a movie to be made about DANIEL NEGREANU there is only one guy for the role. Edward Norton
jamestoni 16 days ago
DANIEL NEGREANU has such an infectious personality
Hayrullah Altın
Hayrullah Altın 16 days ago
black man so funny
17 days ago
22:55 “Phil needs a six” Why does he not need an eight? An 8 would give him three of a kind which is higher than 7’s?
15 days ago
I got you. I’m new to poker so I’m trying to figure things out.
C Cab
C Cab 15 days ago
Daniel would get a full house threes 7s two 8s. Phill would have only 3 of a kind(full house> three of a kind) His only chance was splitting with a straight.
Hey Guys Its Me Jeremy
I lost it at picket 10s with the 10 on the river
Harambe420 on the Interwebs
Always wondered who he reminds me of and it just hit me, he looks like a 50% more normal JOE EXOTIC lol
Isaac Geier
Isaac Geier 18 days ago
This man just said “both men playing slow but Daniel is playing slowier
Nathalie 19 days ago
He sounds an awful lot like Ben Shapiro
Dash LaLonde
Dash LaLonde 19 days ago
That last hand was funny, just shows Daniels' strength.
Robster 19 days ago
It would have been worth every chip on the table to knock his fucking teeth out.
Sketchie 20 days ago
Why is he so humble?
Krean Valentine
Krean Valentine 20 days ago
such a chill guy to play with
JaySharp604 20 days ago
Canadian! Of course.
Rainer Wahnsinn
Rainer Wahnsinn 20 days ago
23:07 Why couldnt he get a 8? Set of 8 beats set of 7 right? He must have 6 outs
gz 21 day ago
Goes to show why kevin hart isnt even funny. Tries too hard to be funny.
siv 21 day ago
Love how excited he was for that other guy's 8. Even if he was faking it, still nice
King McDonald
King McDonald 21 day ago
God is paying back that first responded for his service.
Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega 22 days ago
Now its the sith Lord against Jajabings the king 😂😂😂😂😂
Andy Chia
Andy Chia 22 days ago
Negreanu let Kevin Hart win.
Chithorix 22 days ago
10:40 can someone explain how Daniel would have won besides the pair?
Chithorix 22 days ago
Imagine getting beat by Kevin hart
Chithorix 22 days ago
Imagine saying your name is McDONALD
Always inspires your decisions making power in Poker. Hope once I will also find some 😀😀😀😃😃😃😅😅...
Maelthas Divine
Maelthas Divine 23 days ago
Daniel trolling Phils family was absolutely hilarious.
Andrea Solinas
Andrea Solinas 23 days ago
One of the best poker player ever, if not the best, love the way he play poker
Owen Mills
Owen Mills 24 days ago
Daniel is the modern Doc Holliday but without the TB
totalbottle 24 days ago
Negreanu: You had ace king? Tony G: "ye" Negreanu: I did not think you had ace king. lol
MegaSanneman 24 days ago
fy fan va dåligt
Furness Prime
Furness Prime 25 days ago
He had so much style before he got his hair work done.
Furness Prime
Furness Prime 25 days ago
Watching Kevin Hart play poker is-- not my favourite thing. He does great stand up though.
Mike Fleming
Mike Fleming 25 days ago
Daniel makes poker fun to watch. One of my faves. Anyone else and I might hit the mute button.
Christian Meglio
Christian Meglio 25 days ago
I am do glad that Daniel has a side job to his role in It's Always Sunny.
The Crab Person
The Crab Person 26 days ago
13:49 never seen Hellmuth smile that much
Buil Dinit
Buil Dinit 26 days ago
TALKING DUDE INTO FOLDING KK..........................SWEET
Buil Dinit
Buil Dinit 26 days ago
MrMustacrackish 27 days ago
Isn't it wild that someone can win 15 years my salary on something as silly as this
twinsdude5 27 days ago
Active virtual poker group, multiple tables every night, buyins/payouts done via venmo+cashapp. DM!!
STR8 BLESSED TS 27 days ago
When tony g loses he always blames the dealer
Mark Prankerd
Mark Prankerd 27 days ago
im never folding kings when he mentions kings
Emmet G
Emmet G 27 days ago
Good to see the chap win a million
Falk Hammermüller
Falk Hammermüller 27 days ago
I miss high stakes poker ...
Iphy M
Iphy M 27 days ago
hes so canadian
AntonDoesMusic 27 days ago
There's all sorts of bullshit I can tolerate at a table in tournament, but the most obnoxious thing by far is when someone starts blaming the dealer. It really makes you look so childish.
Rylee Hunsaker
Rylee Hunsaker 27 days ago
The original Tiger King
apollion888 27 days ago
he's worth $50 million in 2020, well done Danny Boy
mauricio zayat
mauricio zayat 28 days ago
please make a movie where Ed Norton plays Negreanu
MC cashMax
MC cashMax 28 days ago
i can't wait for a movie to be made about Daniel, he seems like an interesting subject
Caustin Beckner
Caustin Beckner 29 days ago
Daniel is Worm from the movie Rounders in real life except he is actually good a poker
Decent Angle
Decent Angle Month ago
McDonald really had his duckface on point that day
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