Daniel Caesar - Get You ft. Kali Uchis [Official Video]

Daniel Caesar
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"Get You" ft. Kali Uchis is available now everywhere!
Apple Music: smarturl.it/GetYou
iTunes: smarturl.it/iTGetYou
Spotify: smarturl.it/sGetYou
Google Play: smarturl.it/gpGetYou
TIDAL: smarturl.it/tGetYou
Written by Daniel Caesar & Kali Uchis
Produced by Jordan Evans & Matthew Burnett
Music by Jordan Evans, Matthew Burnett, BADBADNOTGOOD, Ian Culley & Wes Allen
Mixed & Mastered by Riley Bell
Director: Liam MacRae
Co-starring/Band: BADBADNOTGOOD
Thanks to 507 Antiques
Follow Daniel Caesar:
Website: danielcaesar.com
Facebook: facebook.com/dannyixxi
Twitter: twitter.com/danielcaesar
Instagram: instagram.com/danielcaesar
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/danielcaesar


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Dec 1, 2016




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Comments 100
maria nto
maria nto 50 minutes ago
Fannie Thomas
Fannie Thomas 2 hours ago
That voice puts me in trance.
Ice Ice Ice
Ice Ice Ice 10 hours ago
I came here after i heard the indian version by Nik Makino
Astral Xployts
Astral Xployts 10 hours ago
imagine love live serve if u know what i’m saying
Lo Thun
Lo Thun 11 hours ago
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .
Abby Calvert
Abby Calvert 14 hours ago
it seems that these types of music get better when you start to like someone
Shayna Jordan
Shayna Jordan 15 hours ago
I've come back here every month for 3 years. This will always be a song I have to savor.
Bad Bitty
Bad Bitty 16 hours ago
Imagine this -you and your best friend go on a laye night walk through a park and u slowly start falling for each other. You know you love them but you dont want to admit it. You sit on a bench and just GAZE into each others eyes...the rest of the story is up to u ;)
Vickie Adams
Vickie Adams 17 hours ago
Such an unusual looking fella (he looks like he just got out of bed, still has his jammas on) with a voice of silky passion.
Alexander Guzman
Alexander Guzman 17 hours ago
Travis cott sanging good
No No
No No 20 hours ago
Random selection of the day was a good one. After reading comments I can only imagine the cringey tik toks this video has influenced
Xan Fem
Xan Fem 20 hours ago
Messi King
Messi King Day ago
This song hit different when I spark up my blunt!
Adilyah Bat ELOHIM
Thank you for the dedication my beloved one... Corry ❤😍🥰
Adilyah Bat ELOHIM
Thank you my beloved Ish Corry. You mean the world to me...❤😍
Mrs500 Day ago
This is more than a song, did he ever bring a mixture of emph & yeah , #silkyness!
Matias Ventei
Isah Yu Ampang
tangina ng kanta na to
Gerard Rico
Gerard Rico Day ago
This song hits different on late night drives when it's raining
Deany's Son
Deany's Son Day ago
I sleep to this shit.
raekel kate
raekel kate Day ago
as you should !
Marco Escobado
the girl at 0.21-0.24 kinda looks familiar but I can't recall
Scandelis Day ago
God damn man, you have a phenomenal voice. I hope we hear a lot more from you.
raekel kate
raekel kate Day ago
fr i love him sm
Luv Vision
Luv Vision 2 days ago
Such a smooth groovy vibe 💘 got me
Otaku Tings
Otaku Tings 2 days ago
Bro i dont have no real crushes nor do i care tbh but this song stimulate my imaginary relationship with a fictional character
Amani Mungai
Amani Mungai 2 days ago
2x is literally a funky dance song
james elmer r. kuan
Through drought and famine, natural disasters My baby has been around for me Kingdoms have fallen, angels be calling None of that could ever make me leave Every time I look into your eyes I see it You're all I need Every time I get a bit inside I feel it Ooh, who could've thought I'd get you Ooh, who would've thought I'd get you
Jeslorraine Villanueva
imagine this playing in your prom while dancing with your crush.
Janel Oracion
Janel Oracion 2 days ago
me at my room sigig lundag dahil sobrang ganda🥺🥺🥺
Chooks Togo
Chooks Togo 2 days ago
Tiktok brings me here😂
anakaren castillo
Going to the dark place.. in 3...2...1.....
Louis Mendez
Louis Mendez 2 days ago
Very pressed kali’s part isn’t longer😞😒
Anta Lo
Anta Lo 2 days ago
cant believe this came out in 2016 ...
LilJon12 3 days ago
This song is like finally finding your soulmate and you're just in a dreamy ecstasy and you can't believe it's even real
Robin Abram
Robin Abram 6 hours ago
Keep Hope Alive....This Might 1Day Be True!
Kaio Kam
Kaio Kam 3 days ago
Completely different vibe at 1.25x
Lilian Costa
Lilian Costa 3 days ago
thats amazing, i can feel this music touching my soul and making me feel peaceful and calm
Red Kapo
Red Kapo 3 days ago
We’re is she at
Sandra Edith
Sandra Edith 3 days ago
This si the onE!! Baby👹
Teri De Gale
Teri De Gale 3 days ago
Soon to be my wedding song on 20.12.20
ecleretic 3 days ago
does anyone know what kind of camera they used for this it's such a beautiful mv
Mary Torres
Mary Torres 3 days ago
who would've thought i'd get u?
Eriq Galvan
Eriq Galvan 3 days ago
MARECHAL FF 3 days ago
Essa música é muito foda mano, ela mexe cmg com menus sentimentos 😪💔
SLAPBOXING 3 days ago
The girl in front is really into it
Pj Flowers
Pj Flowers 3 days ago
U can only make love with someone u truly love
Alexandria Faye Acaba
this song got me falling for someone who I haven't even met yet...
charlie panganiban
charlie panganiban 16 hours ago
bgblkb 3 days ago
Gamer. Zinho
Gamer. Zinho 3 days ago
Cadê os brasileiros ?? ❤️✝️
MATHEUS _SWAG 4 days ago
amo essa musica MDS
KISS LOVE X.X.X 4 days ago
ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.
Nguyenviet Thanh
Nguyenviet Thanh 4 days ago
b23R 4 days ago
1.25x speed
Taíssa Vitória
Taíssa Vitória 4 days ago
h3nt7a1 lov3r
h3nt7a1 lov3r 4 days ago
Imagine finding your soulmate at a Daniel Caesar concert .... that would be nice honestly
Josiane Fortunato
Very Good!!!
Rosemary Grice
Rosemary Grice 4 days ago
Now this is some grown music right here an relaxing
michellee v._
michellee v._ 4 days ago
from club iris loool
Bruno Serdan
Bruno Serdan 5 days ago
Love this song🔥
Mintyjei Jung
Mintyjei Jung 5 days ago
Here because I'm a fan of SB19 and Sb19's Ken is a fan of Daniel Caesar and now I'm loving this man's great songs😍
Sara Casca
Sara Casca 5 days ago
LYRICS Through drought and famine, natural disasters My baby has been around for me Kingdoms have fallen, angels be calling None of that could ever make me leave Every time I look into your eyes I see it You're all I need Every time I get a bit inside I feel it Ooh, who would've thought I'd get you? Ooh, who would've thought I'd get you? And when we're making love Your cries they can be heard from far and wide It's only the two of us Everything I need's between those thighs Every time I look into your eyes I see it You're all I need Every time I get a bit inside I feel it Ooh, who would've thought I'd get you? Oh yeah, oh yeah babe Ooh, who would've thought I'd get you? And I'll take some time Just to be thankful That I had days full of you, you Before it winds down into The memories, it's all just memories La-la-la-la-la If you've got someone you like (Don't you love when I come around) Somebody just tell somebody If you've got someone you like Feel something that's right Somebody just tell somebody (build you up then I take) Ooh, who would've thought I'd get you? (Oh yeah, oh yeah babe) Ooh, who would've thought I'd get you This feels like summer Boy you make me feel so alive Just be my lover Boy you'll lead me to paradise
ÂKCODM 5 days ago
Hey Cyn, if your seeing this I hope you know I love you, Always And Forever!
Jazz Smith
Jazz Smith 5 days ago
A vibe for real 😌
Mike Hennigan
Mike Hennigan 5 days ago
Check out the documentary "They Fight"......on FS2. Shout out to South east Washington DC. This song is part of the soundtrack.
Alhi Stephanni
Alhi Stephanni 5 days ago
No me cansó de escucharlo, excelente música!
M&T LIFE 5 days ago
I dont care howww old this song gets imma still play it
Lola Smith
Lola Smith 5 days ago
This song make you want to be inlove neutral love
prodigywyd 5 days ago
Natan 5 days ago
Caramba veyyy q sommmm
RAFAEL FF 5 days ago
Fuck where are the baianos
RAFAEL FF 5 days ago
Porra cadê os baianos
he's better than brent faiyaz prove me wrong i'll wait
kiih marques
kiih marques 6 days ago
it's a sin to love this song I think I'm addicted I keep thinking about my boyfriend I'm thinking about making a surprise for him, he lives far away I love him💖
nicole villarva
nicole villarva 6 days ago
This song makes me blush thinking of my non existent boyfriend ):(
Sauhan 6 days ago
Sherita Davis
Sherita Davis 6 days ago
The video goes hard. It’s doing something to me. ❤️ It’s like some late 90’s ish.
Hidekel Taveras
Hidekel Taveras 6 days ago
I didn't even know that i need this song but i did...
On Crack
On Crack 6 days ago
This is my shit Anissa Deleon I fucking love you !!!! If you see this. You're for me !! I love you sm your the girl of my dreams I love you so fucking much ill do anything for you baby
On Crack
On Crack 6 days ago
On Crack
On Crack 6 days ago
Anissa deleon I fucking love you
No 6 days ago
Damn no Kali uchis part in this :/
Lenguyen Huytruc
Lenguyen Huytruc 6 days ago
Veronica Collin
Veronica Collin 7 days ago
This a nice song love it
Brandocious 7 days ago
This song is so dope...but goddamn the people in the video look annoying.
JepoyDraws 7 days ago
How can you unlike this masterpiece. Lol. 30k people with bad ears.
M. rizky febrian
M. rizky febrian 7 days ago
can someone tell me who is she 0:14
Leech King
Leech King 7 days ago
legit thoiiught this was polo g when i seen thre thumbb nail lol
Rosemond Banor
Rosemond Banor 7 days ago
i deadass found this song by searching oooooooh who would’ve thought i get youuu-
CPA 7 days ago
What happened to this nigga?
Denilson Nedy
Denilson Nedy 7 days ago
The best song ever
Danilo Ramos
Danilo Ramos 7 days ago
Ainda sinto sua falta, preta. A música não tem a mesma vibe sem você aqui do meu lado.
Sanaa forte
Sanaa forte 7 days ago
This is such a vibe but it really kills the mood when u kind out that Daniel Cesar is a colorist 😔
Lav G
Lav G 8 days ago
He must be some sort of genius
KID ANTRIM 8 days ago
I want someone to look into my eyes and hold my hand with pure love & adoration. My heart doesn’t deserve anything else. To give my heart to someone who will cherish it, is a wish I have inside of me.
Kpop Forever
Kpop Forever 8 days ago
Am i the only still listening to this in 2020
Kpop Forever
Kpop Forever 7 days ago
@Irene Sanchez lol 😂
Irene Sanchez
Irene Sanchez 7 days ago
nah lol
Ferraxi - Kun
Ferraxi - Kun 8 days ago
Whenever I get High or drunk I’m definitely listening to this or high by Doja Cat
Azra Deniz
Azra Deniz 8 days ago
i love this song damn its so good
Nathan Butler
Nathan Butler 8 days ago
I lustrous this every night
un baiat
un baiat 8 days ago
I remember 3 years ago i was listening to this and everybody was like its soo bad but now that they see it on tiktok they just love it ONLY REAL DANIEL CAESAR FANS CAN LIKE THIS
Esther Segura
Esther Segura 7 days ago
No, not only his (old?) fans can like this. More people can and, thankfully, more people do. Isn’t that wonderful?
Jan Caliper
Jan Caliper 8 days ago
Is it weird if I love to listened to this music while making love with my imaginary gf??
ExoticRedEye 8 days ago
its nott
Generation News
Generation News 8 days ago
Why is everybody just now finding this song, when it came out in 2016??
Ellethy 8 days ago
This song makes me cry about my girlfriend I’ve never had
Z1KRY 6 days ago
so damn sad💀
Jay2_Famous 8 days ago
Damn it is sad tho
ยุทธนา ไกรอ่ํา
doesn‘t smell like caca to me señor
for some reason this song is giving me early 2000’s vibes😳
Shay M
Shay M 8 days ago
samee! I've thought that ever since the song released and it's also cuz of their cool ass laid back outfits
My medecine " This Song" thanks Daniel Caesar
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