Dance Moms: The Group Has ANXIETY over Facing the ALDC (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime

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The Irreplacables' high level of stress leads to canceled solos and low concentration on their group routine in this clip from Season 7, Episode 23, "There's a New Team in Town Pt. 1". #DanceMoms #KalaniHilliker #ChloeLukasiak
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"Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.
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Nov 14, 2019




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Comments 469
Lifetime 2 months ago
Can't wait to catch up on your favorite Lifetime shows and movies? Stay up to date on upcoming premieres at mylifetime.com/schedule
Morgans Toy Chest
Morgans Toy Chest 25 days ago
aliciameagher61 the aldc won
Katherine Shiland
Katherine Shiland 2 months ago
Check this out: " mi bebe empieza hablar"😂
aliciameagher61 2 months ago
Which is what team hun?
aliciameagher61 2 months ago
Ok....so who won??
Hannah Xxxxzzz
It’s sad to see how much Abby has hurt them
Emily H.
Emily H. Day ago
I don’t think they know what anxiety is. 💀
I love how Christi was concerned for Chloe, but still gave her space unlike *cough* *cough* Jill
GurlInpink 2 days ago
Kendall is a crybaby.
msfullofHart 2 days ago
Hmm a group of teenage girls all emotional the same week? Wonder why....
Chandler G
Chandler G 2 days ago
ok but kalani looks so pretty
Akuysa Williams
Akuysa Williams 2 days ago
When do dancers tell dance teachers what to do?
D Schuster
D Schuster 2 days ago
Kalani is so pretty!
DeAndre 2 days ago
Oh My God Kendall finally got a solo and actually turned it down.
GachaBean 3 days ago
"I don't want to show my emotions on here" Camera man: *zooms in* "Hm WhAt DiD sHe SaY?"
noodleaddict 3 days ago
i gotta say, i love this dance teacher
Anna Larsson
Anna Larsson 3 days ago
Kendall clearly has bad anxiety :(
Sofia Escobar
Sofia Escobar 4 days ago
kendall is literally having an anxiety attack this whole video:(
abby lorain
abby lorain 4 days ago
Years and years of competing for abby lee miller has made these kids break down just thinking of seeing her again.
{ Can't Relate }
{ Can't Relate } 5 days ago
I feel like I can relate to Kendall on a personal level.
Mia Vlogs !
Mia Vlogs ! 8 days ago
Jill: there’s a lot of pressure on my little Kendal “
Katie’s Random Life
Who’s your favourite girl?
Alice Blackstone
Alice Blackstone 9 days ago
Kendall: Abby would never let us do a dance like this. Me: umm does electricity sounds familiar???
Alice Blackstone
Alice Blackstone 9 days ago
@Jersey Leigh that's true I forgot! 😂
Jersey Leigh
Jersey Leigh 9 days ago
Alice Blackstone Kendall never did electricity she wasn’t in season 1 she came in season 2
Samrat Sharma
Samrat Sharma 11 days ago
Does anybody know the name of the music from 00:08 to 00:36
Annastacia C.
Annastacia C. 11 days ago
The camera man seems disgusting and grimey to me
Martavia Carter
Martavia Carter 12 days ago
These kids are punks 🙄
babble 12 days ago
“i don’t wanna share my emotions on here!!” *shoves a camera in her face*
Ashleigh Galletes
Ashleigh Galletes 14 days ago
Wait what studio r they in when there not in Abby’s studio
Caitlin Byrne
Caitlin Byrne 14 days ago
I think Jill pushes Kendall a little to hard sometimes if Kendall doesn’t think it’s right to do a solo then she shouldn’t do it, it’s her choice not her mother’s
Ali Rios
Ali Rios 15 days ago
I’m confused.... I thought khloe left season 4?
Gilbert Diaz
Gilbert Diaz 16 days ago
Kendell: i dont want to do my solo Jil: umm get in there and lern it Kendell: but i dont ok Jill: ok give that solo to me i will do it my little kendell is better than that though
nick gurr
nick gurr 4 days ago
u can’t spell
Sophie Sargeant
Sophie Sargeant 19 days ago
I have bad anxiety and I can never get over it (usually) unless I tell my mam because she faces anxiety aswell, it always makes me feel better and I feel so sorry for Kendall as she has no one to go to when she has anxiety and it’s the worst thing ever
Lia Nowix
Lia Nowix 19 days ago
See here’s my opinion Abby was of course really mean to them and didn’t always treat everyone right.But I hate the other choreographers that came in the show in s7 Cause when Abby was mean everyone knew what was coming and she had her way of being mean but when the other choreographers would “critique” the girls it always seemed (to me) so harsh. And I always felt like they were being kinda “rude”. And when Abby and the other moms got into fights it was regular and they all were mad at each other but when the other choreographers argued with the moms nothing ever got nearly as heated at it was almost like they just put them on this pedestal but they gave them very strange and kind of “unique” (let’s go with that) choreography and helped them very very little with their careers whereas abby made all these girls who were from Pittsburgh and little dancers into huge household names, girls who are insanely successful And only the Lukasiaks and Frazier’s can give them any ounce of credit? And they still barely do. 😔
garcia211 22 days ago
The lady is a jerk
Sarah Sanusi
Sarah Sanusi 22 days ago
They’re emotional because they’re TEENAGE girls!
saima houqe
saima houqe 23 days ago
This advice and communication is something they never had from Abby during tough times
Marty McGuinness
Marty McGuinness 24 days ago
No one: Jill: waddup
Bian Cabelluzzi MakeUp
When Chloe said “I just wanna leave her speechless” I really felt that.
Janey Benyameen
Janey Benyameen 26 days ago
Chole needs to grow up she has to stop crying
R1 Wavey
R1 Wavey 27 days ago
Kendall’s slowly becoming one of my favourite because she knows what’s right and is responsible But her mother is another story 😅
Blue Sturkey
Blue Sturkey 28 days ago
These dance teachers are disgusting. All of them. These poor kids need their emotions validated not to be in constant fear of Abby. Went from one choreographer ruling with fear right to another.
Alp Aktug
Alp Aktug 29 days ago
“Abby would never let us do a dance like this” Abby: *electricity* Btw this is no hate against Kendall and know that I love and support all the members of the Irreplaceables. I also know Kendall wasn’t there for electricity.
Latina_Ny Grace
Latina_Ny Grace Month ago
"I don't want to show my emotions!" Honestly I felt that really hard 💙
TeeJay Le Tran
TeeJay Le Tran Month ago
My studios competition team literally dances in heels everytime they do a sassy jazz dance, which is common
Alida Roberts
Alida Roberts Month ago
Tbh I used to think that Kendall was a brat and was mean but now I honestly think that Kendall just has bad anxiety and is actually very nice and just does not handle pressure very well
Lisa Moore
Lisa Moore Month ago
Christi is the best mom ever and Chloe doesn’t deserve what Abby did to her!
Mim C
Mim C Month ago
It shows that Abby used to severely stress them girls out
Hiba Toukhai
Hiba Toukhai Month ago
It’s so annoying how Jill is always like “oh let Kendall have a solo, LET HER!!” Repeatedly but when she does she pulls it
Hiba Toukhai
Hiba Toukhai 11 days ago
Ava Alyaovlu
Ava Alyaovlu Month ago
Jill did NOT pull the solo Kendall did
Renee Swann
Renee Swann Month ago
Pms and anxiety and stress has taken its toll on these young ladies.
Sunny Sunset
Sunny Sunset Month ago
Wait so I’d didn’t watch the episodes before this and can someone explain wtfs going on like why are they vs ing there own studio or did Abby leave to another studio like waaaaa
Billie eilish Is the best
They all need to learn how to give people personal space
Ivorie Gibson
Ivorie Gibson Month ago
Did Jill say "what up"?
Cayla plummer
Cayla plummer Month ago
Jill goes what up😂😂
Jay chis
Jay chis Month ago
Abby really broke these kids....
jungkook's thighs
@Bridgewater Sassy Well yeah but Mostly because of Abby.
Bridgewater Sassy
@jungkook's thighs Yeah, but its not just Abby, them being on reality was pretty tough too. No Privacy
Jazzabelle Vivian
@jungkook's thighs That's not making sense...
jungkook's thighs
jungkook's thighs 17 days ago
@Kevin Jared I mean, I never knew Making fun of somebody's hair, skin color, And Eyes Is Being a strict teacher.... stop making excuses That's full on Bullying, Abby not only yells at them for *crying* but she keeps making fun of Things The girls were born with and can do nothing about it, she made fun of Nia's hair, Nia's skin color, Chloe's lazy eye, and she also called a snake And a sneack, i Mean if you call that being strict then go get some help.
Kevin Jared
Kevin Jared 22 days ago
Wow. So this is what it has come up to. A dance teachers being strict to the girls and just wanting them to be the best dancers is being blamed.
Dat Dood
Dat Dood Month ago
I honestly think the girls need to stop trashing Abby. She supported them for years and this is how they pay her back.
katski melon
katski melon Month ago
Well I live you girls but I stick with abby💛✨
Mac Month ago
Kendall simply is not a good dancer. Sorry.
rachel grace
rachel grace Month ago
jesus christ all i see everywhere is kendall crying poor girl was probably under so much stress growing up
Arwen Undomiel
Arwen Undomiel Month ago
Is it just me or is Christie a lot more mature and a better mom since coming back
Amie Montgomery
Amie Montgomery Month ago
Amie Montgomery
Amie Montgomery Month ago
Heather Rose
Heather Rose Month ago
Say what you want about Abby, but they don't win without her.
Amber Nicole Massey
Why so much Jill, this show should have been Jill the dance mom.
private account
private account Month ago
they lost.
Gurlll i got anxiety everyday lol
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