Dance Moms: The Dancers STAND BY SARAH Through the DRAMA (S8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime

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The ALDC moms' beef with Michelle's ties to Studio 19 disrupts rehearsal , causing Sarah to get upset in this clip from Season 8, Episode 14, "The Return of Studio 19". #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller #SarahGeorgiana
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Aug 22, 2019




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Comments 3 254
Lifetime 5 months ago
New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!
baby alive's and me baby alive's and me
Tahamina Khatun
Tahamina Khatun 5 months ago
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson 5 months ago
These mothers make you don't even want to watch this tv show anymore.
Kayla Ortiz
Kayla Ortiz 5 months ago
could you make your episodes free to watch without a tv provider for all dance moms episodes. I have watched up to season six but season 7 needs a tv provider
Samantha Lavin-Agutu
I know you’ll never reply but I’m SO annoyed that ep 8 isn’t even out in the uk yet😡😂🍉
Trinity Gore
Trinity Gore Day ago
I feel bad for Michelle
Jade Walker
Jade Walker Day ago
Brady is so sweet!!
Rebecca Yin
Rebecca Yin Day ago
Morgan Ivers
Morgan Ivers 2 days ago
Sarah obviously has anxiety like jeez girl breathe
arferret 2 days ago
These mothers are behaving absolutely appallingly
Rajeigh Keller
Rajeigh Keller 2 days ago
Presley’s mom is a jerk. NO parent should behave like that. She needs to be told to back off and mind her own business
- Nobody
- Nobody 3 days ago
*litterly one person is arguing* Sarah:OMG STOP IM GASPING FOR AIR IM GUNA DIE
Shannon 4 days ago
Idk who that woman in the yellow tube top is but someone should really smack her.
kelsi higgins
kelsi higgins 4 days ago
Soooooooo roude
Cami Smith
Cami Smith 4 days ago
Brady your so thoughtful and kind WE LOVE YOU!!
Ryan Coffey
Ryan Coffey 4 days ago
I luv Brady! 😁
Emily Sims
Emily Sims 4 days ago
Brady: "That's not the way we wanna do this right?" Nobody:... Brady: "RIIIIGHT.......okay.."
Megan Pug
Megan Pug 5 days ago
Oh my gosh Brady is so freakin nice😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😇
Ariannabday zandi
Brady: “All she wants to do is have no drama, but of course with these moms that can’t happen” I love Brady🤣😂
thecraftykingdom king
Literally nobody: Stacey: pUt ThAT oN clEAranCe BEcaUsE nOBodY iS bUYiNg thAt
thecraftykingdom king
Stacey: You’re acting like a two year old, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Stacey, you’re the only one here acting like a 2 year old
alison P
alison P 6 days ago
Brady’s the best
thecraftykingdom king
This is actually pretty disgusting. They literally look like high schoolers bullying an underclassman.
olivia 6 days ago
Brady is so cute he’s one of my favourites on the team Right? rIgHt!
Cheesy Puffs
Cheesy Puffs 8 days ago
Lol the boy though :that’s not the way we wanna do this Nobody:...... Brad:right right..okay 😂😂
A’Tirah Mitchell
I like how Brady’s only man trying to stop the drama
mimi begum
mimi begum 8 days ago
Tbh I still miss the drama from before like holly mellisa Christi Christy Kelly Jill and the kids I miss them especially when they compet against candy apples😂😂😂
Queen Kailee Sparkles
Leave Michelle alone your making Sarah have a panic attack
Danielle Dufour
Danielle Dufour 9 days ago
I love Ann she is so nice.
White Niamh
White Niamh 9 days ago
That lil boy just fixed my heart ❤️ 🥺😩
JustJordo 10 days ago
These moms are actually acting like highschoolers
Mary Patterson
Mary Patterson 10 days ago
all the moms are acting like kids and the kids are acting like moms plus a dad
D Schuster
D Schuster 10 days ago
Those mothers are such bullies. What the heck?
Presly Stein
Presly Stein 11 days ago
I hate everyone but shara and michell
Lauren Choi
Lauren Choi 11 days ago
kita 11 days ago
Bunch of stuck up bully moms.....
Sara Young
Sara Young 11 days ago
The kids have more respect than their parents how sad
Anson Daniel
Anson Daniel 12 days ago
I love Brady he is so sweet and smart
Kimberlee Clingerman
I got something for all those mothers out there who put making money from a show over the well being of their kids. Here's a message y'all are horrible parents!!😡
Jieselle Mills
Jieselle Mills 12 days ago
I love how Brady’s the doctors phill of the kids group
XxSummerxX 12 days ago
Just because you don’t want to do something doesn’t mean you’re afraid of it. I don’t want to move to France, but that doesn’t mean I’m afraid of France
Baphomets Child
Baphomets Child 12 days ago
The one blonde mom in the yellow dress makes me angry
Amaan Ali
Amaan Ali 12 days ago
The moms are so rude. I feel so bad for Michelle. She is literally trying to protect her child and herself but she is getting bullied by these moms.
Lilli Lear
Lilli Lear 12 days ago
Brady is my favourite and he’s such a nice person, he was trying to calm everyone down and everyone was ignoring him, he was trying to be nice 🥶💙
Anika Jadia
Anika Jadia 13 days ago
Michelle didn't even do anything wrong, at least in this video, and everyone's attacking her, like back off.
Yasmina does Things
When no one answered Brady he just answered himself. Brady is just a mood
øē gracy ēø
øē gracy ēø 13 days ago
Brady is the new Holly
T.r.i.n .i.t.y
T.r.i.n .i.t.y 14 days ago
Brady’s the new Holly 😂
Sophie 1232
Sophie 1232 14 days ago
Sarah is so pretty omgggg
devlyn doster
devlyn doster 14 days ago
pressley’s mom literally kills me
Jen Elizabeth
Jen Elizabeth 14 days ago
I’m not the biggest fan of Michelle... but Jesus, these moms.
nikol 14 days ago
I am soo uncomfortable watching Ashley showing so much skin. I am 100% supportive and I believe that everyone should do and wear whatever they want, but Ashley is just too much. she dresses like a teenager and sometimes comes with shirts looking like bras. I don't think it's a great example for her daughter (who is already acting like her mom and not In a good way) but that's just my opinion.
Itz_ Minahs world
Itz_ Minahs world 15 days ago
When Sarah was putting her hair in a ponytail I thought she was getting ready to fight
danie cliffe
danie cliffe 15 days ago
Why is it up to Michelle to call and tell them to leave her alone? She left the studio that should be the end of it? Why are all the moms putting it on her to solve their problems with a rival studio 🙄
Cutie3XBaby 15 days ago
Caleigh L.
Caleigh L. 15 days ago
caZ galAXy
caZ galAXy 15 days ago
Poor Brady, the only one trying lighten up the mood 😓
chicken nuggets
chicken nuggets 15 days ago
Why are mothers so mean to Michelle like she didnt do anything
Natalia Janerka
Natalia Janerka 15 days ago
Who els like the og team better?
Ali J.
Ali J. 16 days ago
What is wrong with all the moms. Michelle didn’t do anything wrong, she can’t be forced to do something and she can’t force the other studio to do or stop something. All of the other moms are crazy and ridiculous, they need to stop. 😤smh
Luche Pan
Luche Pan 16 days ago
SheisCaliSoul 16 days ago
Nobody’s talkin bout the Black mom just sittin there & minding her business , that’s me ... Wait nvm she spoke up lmaooo that’s me too
Panda 4life
Panda 4life 17 days ago
Brady is just so nice
Makayla Owusu
Makayla Owusu 17 days ago
Brady is trying to make peace and all the girls might think he's kinda annoying
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