Dance Moms: The Dancers STAND BY SARAH Through the DRAMA (S8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime

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The ALDC moms' beef with Michelle's ties to Studio 19 disrupts rehearsal , causing Sarah to get upset in this clip from Season 8, Episode 14, "The Return of Studio 19". #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller #SarahGeorgiana
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Aug 22, 2019




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Comments 2 375
Lifetime Month ago
New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!
baby alive's and me baby alive's and me
Tahamina Khatun
Tahamina Khatun 27 days ago
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson 27 days ago
These mothers make you don't even want to watch this tv show anymore.
Kayla Ortiz
Kayla Ortiz 29 days ago
could you make your episodes free to watch without a tv provider for all dance moms episodes. I have watched up to season six but season 7 needs a tv provider
samxnthaesthetic 29 days ago
I know you’ll never reply but I’m SO annoyed that ep 8 isn’t even out in the uk yet😡😂🍉
Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake 5 hours ago
*leaves* STOP BEING A COWARD *goes with them* Get out get out
Night_ Haunter
Night_ Haunter 8 hours ago
Honestly those other moms except michelle are the cowards... leave her alone... heartless bi*ches
Keeley 13 hours ago
I am on Michelle’s side but I don’t think it was necessary to dob on the other mothers to Abby.
Maxwell 15 hours ago
The kids resolve conflict better than the adults 😓
Natalie Stahulak
Natalie Stahulak 17 hours ago
Anyone else think Brady’s cute? No just me ok.
The Office Sis
The Office Sis 21 hour ago
Brady is adorable 😂🖤
celine burrell
celine burrell 21 hour ago
when they do more fighting than dancing
Nobody: Brady: riiiiiight? riiight, okay!
Shmalp Skeet
Shmalp Skeet Day ago
This is crazy its like watching the old dance moms, I can even see these moms taking up the same roles as the other ones
Romeo Day ago
Im uninformed and Michelle still looks like a snake to me, but so do the other moms. Can someone raise points to me calmly so I can understand?
psoleil g
psoleil g Day ago
I just wanna know why Michelle was denying that she went to talk to Abby about the moms when that’s exactly what she did
Oh so your those type of women
Dylan Gratehouse
I just wanna day that this all would be solved with the moms NOT ALLOWED TO COME
Ava Streeter
Ava Streeter Day ago
The moms act like 2 year olds
Naomi's Vlogzzz
Right?... *everyone walk as away* RIGHT!
lifeofsarah Day ago
Cassie Day ago
Wow those moms are mean
Jessica Frey
Jessica Frey Day ago
It’s so sad cause you can tell Sarah has anxiety. She often stutters or hyperventilates when she is put in certain situations. I bet dancing is the one thing that calms her nerves and these moms are trying to take it away from her :(
Sierra Areellin
Bro the difference between the first time Kisha walked into the studio cut to now is crazy. She looks sooo unhappy now and exhausted and stressed....oooof
reagan fitzwater
Andrea EssEmm
Awww, Brady trying to keep the peace!
Victoria Fraser
Victoria Fraser 2 days ago
This show is so stupid. Its fricken dance, you learn how to twirl and flip and yet these parents are fighting about fruit. They think that their child's success is also theirs but it ain't
SimplySofie Bella
Brady the calm meditator🤗
RoDuckyYT 2 days ago
I would love to just set those mums straight and say life could be so much than, oh I don’t know, your kid didn’t get a solo or isn’t at the top of the pyramid or something like that...just be lucky your child can do something like that and can walk and has the chance to live their dream.... I mean ffs
Anasthetically alive
why are the kids more mature than the actual adults
Taylor Berry
Taylor Berry 3 days ago
It sounds like she is saying we f word for your kid
Kiko Amari
Kiko Amari 3 days ago
Bruh Brady is a real one🥺
Kenna Reed
Kenna Reed 3 days ago
Poor Sarah she doenst reserve all this hate.
Izzie Cargill
Izzie Cargill 3 days ago
i cant wait for one of the kids to walk in on the moms fighting and yell at them and cancel them lmao
Patryk Wadolkowski
shes the cutes
Gabriela I. Guerzon
I cant imagine the amount of anxiety Sarah must have bc of Studio 19 and the mom fights.
gebewebe 3 days ago
They should make a dance dads
Bri Taylor
Bri Taylor 3 days ago
I don’t even watch this season but I love Brady... it also breaks my heart that the GIRLS are turning against each other... in other seasons the moms would fight but the girls would never get involved or fight with each other, and now the kids are just like the mothers... it’s sad
Carson Gaming
Carson Gaming 3 days ago
ashley needs to shut up
Krii Chan
Krii Chan 4 days ago
Brady's too pure for this team
Athalia Gonzales
Athalia Gonzales 4 days ago
Is it just me or is this not just like Chole and Christie all over again
yagirlkaylee 4 days ago
who are these people 🤣😂
Mia And Claire
Mia And Claire 4 days ago
So much drama!!!!!!!
Isabella Ramos
Isabella Ramos 4 days ago
Ok I was tryna get to sleep BUT MICHELe
Alexia Escoto
Alexia Escoto 4 days ago
Shay Singh
Shay Singh 4 days ago
Mom in the yellow dress is the Regina George of the group. And not in the good way.
Emilia Huls
Emilia Huls 4 days ago
Brady is literally so sweet!
Mary Greer
Mary Greer 4 days ago
The other moms are being so unfair to Michelle
Melvin Ramos
Melvin Ramos 4 days ago
Can Ashley just shut up and leave Michelle alone
Kaitlyn Williams
Kaitlyn Williams 4 days ago
Brady has such a kind heart
Hunty 5 days ago
Carolina Cardini
Carolina Cardini 5 days ago
you can kinda tell michelle was bullied in school when she was younger :(
Jazmin Green
Jazmin Green 5 days ago
Brady: "That's not how we wanna do this. Right?" *gestures answer* Every one else: *Hannah and Presley literally walk away* *silence from everyone* Brady: "Right!"
Sophie Metz
Sophie Metz 5 days ago
What the heck!!! Why is it Michelle's fault??? Really??? These grown women need to grow up!! I feel so sorry for Sarah and Michelle. But thank you Brady for specking up!!!
NoTimeToExplain 5 days ago
This is worse than high school
Sheira Hormozi
Sheira Hormozi 5 days ago
michelle is the melissa of the team where all the moms attack and she goes to abby and the moms attack her even more.
Alexia Hernandez
Alexia Hernandez 5 days ago
I feel so bad for Sarah and her mom. The moms are a bunch of bullies
Andie Hideroa
Andie Hideroa 5 days ago
Brady is such a sweet person he melted my heart ❤️
Matt Dickerson
Matt Dickerson 5 days ago
I feel so bad for these kids....they are all bright and talented and the moms act like complete animals. I understand protecting your children, but they need to tone it down.
Brielle Alexa
Brielle Alexa 5 days ago
Brady is the nicest
CoachElla 15
CoachElla 15 6 days ago
Awwww Brady’s so so so sweet. I feel like he always finds the bright side of things.♥️
JA'MAYA GRAHAM 6 days ago
Brady is such a peacemaker 💕
Ilovegaming! 6 days ago
Brady is the kind of kid I want.
Ellie Castillo
Ellie Castillo 6 days ago
Brady: That's not the way we wanna do this, right? Nobody: Brady: RiGhT!
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