Dance Moms: The Dancers STAND BY SARAH Through the DRAMA (S8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime

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The ALDC moms' beef with Michelle's ties to Studio 19 disrupts rehearsal , causing Sarah to get upset in this clip from Season 8, Episode 14, "The Return of Studio 19". #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller #SarahGeorgiana
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Comments 80
Lifetime 7 months ago
New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!
Cathy Sandy
Cathy Sandy 14 days ago
baby alive's and me baby alive's and me
Tahamina Khatun
Tahamina Khatun 7 months ago
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson 7 months ago
These mothers make you don't even want to watch this tv show anymore.
Kayla Ortiz
Kayla Ortiz 7 months ago
could you make your episodes free to watch without a tv provider for all dance moms episodes. I have watched up to season six but season 7 needs a tv provider
Sunny_BloomxX 16 minutes ago
If that was my mum being bullied i wouldve standed up for my mum and screamed my lungs out
Isabella Lastra
Isabella Lastra 4 hours ago
Brady: right?!? 𝑪𝒐𝒎𝒑𝒍𝒆𝒕𝒆 𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒆𝒏𝒄𝒆.. Brady: RIGHT! OKAY! 👏🏻
lex 7 hours ago
they're acting like michelle hasn't been doing anything like??? has she not begged and pleaded with these women to leave her and her studio and her kid alone??? are they dumb????
Jay Expresso
Jay Expresso 8 hours ago
They literally were forcing her to call studio 19 because they didn’t expect her to stand up for herself. I bet if Michelle called them, someone would’ve went down and told Abby she was talking to studio 19.
Tasnim Jannat
Tasnim Jannat 11 hours ago
What did michele do stip shouting at her
Ella Haim
Ella Haim 15 hours ago
Let’s talk about how kind Brady is
Everyday is Fun with McKenzie
It is so funny that the new girls mom just totally ignores all the drama
Taghreed S
Taghreed S Day ago
What are the moms are doing uh
Rie and Big Rie and Big
Her tattletailing made me think of Mellissa smh
Rie and Big Rie and Big
Her tattletailing made me think of Mellissa smh
Kayla Hunter
Kayla Hunter Day ago
I kinda think it's childish to go and say the other people are bullying this grown adult . And this is coming from a ten year old
Rania Gierdien
I-I can’t believe these moms either! For once I actually agree with Abby! I cant believe them! They should really just ask if they can take it outside not do it inside which creates all the drama. This is my opinion ok if you have a different one then just keep it to yourself☺️thank you😁
Lana’s foxy Land
Omg I swear I hate all this drama drama drama
Madison Berkshire
michelle is the worst she’s psycho and so is her daughter
tolemariam tolera
Nicole Catalfomo
Nicole Catalfomo 2 days ago
Wow so much drama
LAXFOR LIFE 2 days ago
Brandy is so sweet to everyone on the team! ❤️ 💕
Aerin Gotts
Aerin Gotts 2 days ago
i love brady omg
Ballinggang Productions
michelle can’t handle a whole studio like that. it’s gonna cause more drama and what if they don’t even listen. if the moms are worried so bad why don’t they call the studio and tell them to back off? those moms are acting like middle schoolers 💀
Simply Rachel ♡
I love Brady he’s so awesome!!! ♥︎
Natalie Lane
Natalie Lane 2 days ago
My brothers name is brady
Caitlin Andriello
Brady the peace maker
Keeley Swift
Keeley Swift 3 days ago
brady is the most wholesome human every
Francesca Micallef
I don't get why they were pressuring her to call but Michelle shouldn't have gone to Abby to tattle because that made her lose any trust the other mums had in her.
Addieee 3 days ago
Brady has such green eyes I just noticedd
helena dandy
helena dandy 4 days ago
brady is such an angel
Chloe Gohlke
Chloe Gohlke 4 days ago
The kids are being way more mature than the adults.
Haamira Albarati
Haamira Albarati 4 days ago
Madisyn Slade
Madisyn Slade 4 days ago
Your mom called my mom this and this and this
Mackenzie Garren
Mackenzie Garren 4 days ago
The drama is a part of the meaningful dance moms
Danielle Misuriello
Tricia, Ashley & Stacey are such bullies out of all the moms.... like leave Michelle alone!!
K D 4 days ago
Abby: This show and this dance are not about the mothers Me: Isnt the show called dance MOMS
Raniya A. Qadir
Raniya A. Qadir 4 days ago
They are acting like bullies... Grown women with kids acting like *bullies*, for gods sake 😳🙄
levanah solomona
levanah solomona 4 days ago
I love how Bradley’s so frickin positive 🥺
•sn wy•
•sn wy• 4 days ago
Brady: "right?" *no response Brady: "right!"
Makayla Williams
Makayla Williams 5 days ago
It’s very stupid how Michelle is being sent rude messages by the owners and the moms are trying to help her, yet she lies and snitches to Abby that they are bullying her when they are saying the truth and trying to help her like, ARE YOU AFRAID? like make up your mind 🙄🙄🙄
Janet Roche
Janet Roche 5 days ago
Stacey is being a bully.She is acting the way the she claimed the moms treated her in the other season but she is acting like a mean girl and trying to be a leader and she thinks she can do this because she was there longer than the rest of them
Ayla Perez
Ayla Perez 5 days ago
Stacey is just mean
Candy._. Luvr
Candy._. Luvr 5 days ago
2:55 it’s okay Brady, the viewers heard u
Nikhita D.
Nikhita D. 5 days ago
If they need to call someone why dint they ask for the number and call themselves 🙄
cizz orz
cizz orz 5 days ago
This is staged
KATRINA ROOKS 5 days ago
I love how the kids are soo supportive of one another and will help each other out when they need it it's very sweet😊😊😊😊
Itskylie E
Itskylie E 5 days ago
Stacey thinks she is the boss mom She just want Lilly to be like maddie to Abby that's why when Brady left she was so happy that she could even kill an elephant
Time to Spell some tea
Preselly should stop being maennnnn
Dance moms Drama
Dance moms Drama 5 days ago
I honestly feel so bad for Michele but I hate the blonde girls with the yellow dress she is like a bully I hate her I wish she gets kicked out while Michele laughs at her
Jasmine G
Jasmine G 6 days ago
Poor Sarah. As a child I would have hated to see my mom getting tagged team by a whole bunch of older women. Imagine the stress on that little girl while having Abby on her head applying pressure. There moms are nuts.
Marie Lickly
Marie Lickly 6 days ago
Brady: right No one: Brady: right
GQ 79
GQ 79 6 days ago
3:44 I'm in the same position with my friends
-*Sunflower*- 6 days ago
I love Bradys positivity
michelle miller
michelle miller 6 days ago
Michelle isn't starting the Drama it's the other Moms
Taylee Kay
Taylee Kay 6 days ago
Y’all bullying Mitchelle
Eman World
Eman World 6 days ago
Kids are more mature than adults
Speedrun Gaming OFFICIAL
its very confusing the kids are more mature than the parents...
Brenna Belasco
Brenna Belasco 6 days ago
Brady is adorable I can't Like, RiGhT
Allyson Mo
Allyson Mo 6 days ago
Brady seems like a really nice kid🙂
Harmonizer 6 days ago
Has anyone else realised that Sarah does her hair over and over when she is nervous or upset?
Ayiyin Liyaa
Ayiyin Liyaa 7 days ago
The next generation of Holly is Brady
Hailey Aurora
Hailey Aurora 7 days ago
I love how Brady says ThEsE mOmS
lunesviolettes 7 days ago
How old are these moms? They act like they’re all five and in kindergarten
Rob Nolan
Rob Nolan 7 days ago
Brady: that's not the way we wanna do this right? Nobody: *Girls walk away* Brady: right
JaNiyah_vlogs 7 days ago
doese mean ugly mom
Gacha Unicorn
Gacha Unicorn 7 days ago
these moms crazy
Emma Maskrey
Emma Maskrey 7 days ago
I feel sorry for michele
hannah mcculley
hannah mcculley 7 days ago
They are adults that are acting like 13 year olds
Maddie L
Maddie L 8 days ago
Brady: that's not the way we wanted to do this right? Nobody: Brady: right!😂😂
Alisson Fierros
Alisson Fierros 11 days ago
Bro they are all literally making fun of her it’s so wrong
Xian Jie
Xian Jie 11 days ago
This is like every fight about someone snitching on something someone did and causes a fight.
Oliver Roche
Oliver Roche 12 days ago
Brady’s a nice guy
Terisa Nicole
Terisa Nicole 12 days ago
Anybody else notice that Sarah is the only one not wearing ALDC clothing? Sarah's the new Chloe. 🙁
Mauria Cummings
Mauria Cummings 12 days ago
Notice how GiaNinas mom is being so unproblematic and didn’t go downstairs to yell at Michelle
Avocado Forever
Avocado Forever 13 days ago
Ellie Anderson
Ellie Anderson 13 days ago
Poor Brady doesn't understand girl drama🤣
Mélanie Lepage
Mélanie Lepage 16 days ago
those mothers are cruel and rude all the time and yet they have lovely childrens
Lisa Van Berg
Lisa Van Berg 17 days ago
Dude these new moms all they do is fight fight fight fight fight the old moms got along pretty well in the last few season I think ALL of these moms don’t really belong at the Aldc I think they’re rude and i like the og moms better
CRISPY FINGAS 18 days ago
I want a friend like Brady and Hannah PLEASE LORD
Fatima Gaviola
Fatima Gaviola 19 days ago
I feel bad for sarah
Fatima Gaviola
Fatima Gaviola 19 days ago
I feel bad for sarah
Carlee Ranae Gaytan
Why does Sarah keep taking her hair out?? I live how Brady is so positive
Zy'Aira Blackmon
Zy'Aira Blackmon 21 day ago
Michella is forced to stand up
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