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Jun 11, 2019




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hollywoodclips22 5 months ago
Hey everyone! I just posted a brand new video on my main channel reviewing Sabrina Carpenters new song, "In My Bed" Such a bop, check it out here! ruvid.net/show-UC-B7YNLMTxIz2sksx7mU1ag
Kaitlyn Natale
Kaitlyn Natale 5 days ago
hollywoodclips22 hiiiii I love 6ou
SKYLER Boren 2 months ago
@Guillermina Rodriguez I love your video but I don't know what is song I love your channel and it's so fun and I wake up watching it
Abbyxmarriie 3 months ago
Girl power Rama
Girl power Rama 4 months ago
Is this real
Julie Tabuena
Julie Tabuena 4 months ago
Guillermina Rodriguez and b
xoxCoffee Popxox
Abby doesn't know how serious a panic attack can be does she?
Evellyn Guedes
Evellyn Guedes 2 days ago
Porque ela chorou ?
Ashley Lamb
Ashley Lamb 3 days ago
Am I the only one who wants to slap Abby? I have anxiety disorder and have panic attacks often, so it’s not Lily’s fault.
Elin Alkefjäll
Elin Alkefjäll 4 days ago
Im sorry bit Abby needs to chill
Carl Briggs
Carl Briggs 4 days ago
This group of moms are just not like the others. They have no real friendships among each other. The kids are great dancers but the mother's are just simply stage moms, and it's not fun to watch.
xxDoozle Fairyxx
xxDoozle Fairyxx 4 days ago
Oh my god Abby shut up its a panic attack jeez
Nathan Sanchez
Nathan Sanchez 5 days ago
I hate panic attacks
We are the challengers
Lily: is literally hyperventilating Abby: okay let’s move on!
HufflepuffHogwartsStudent 112
Abby looked so disgusted. Poor girl can’t control panic attacks
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 5 days ago
I feel so bad for this child
Adrian Laposi
Adrian Laposi 6 days ago
Abby needs to care NOW
Why does the thumbnail look like Brady is slapping Lillianas belly or is just me or my phone
Honeys World
Honeys World 7 days ago
Poor Lilly
Asami Miyaka
Asami Miyaka 7 days ago
She just wants attention... such a bruh moment
Sarah LaFlair
Sarah LaFlair 8 days ago
I mean I know abby wants her dancers to be good but not everyone is perfect. She shouldn't be surprised when they mess up or panic!!!
Sarah LaFlair
Sarah LaFlair 8 days ago
Lilliana: panic attack Abby: Look of disgust
Vanessa C
Vanessa C 9 days ago
Panic attacks = no fun
Heidi Garcia
Heidi Garcia 11 days ago
Abby is a bitch because she doesn't care of nobody 🖕🖕
Lyonne Jansen
Lyonne Jansen 13 days ago
Brady calm her down so sweet
Harriet Plumpp
Harriet Plumpp 13 days ago
Lilly has a panic attack Abby:😑😑😤😧 LETS MOVE ON
pamela sherman
pamela sherman 13 days ago
That is a joke
Claire Monaghan
Claire Monaghan 14 days ago
Poor lily
Bitch 16 days ago
Abby- ‘Far too much pressure on her kid’ Also Abby- ‘She needs to keep her head in the game, game face on. ReAdY tO cOmPeTe.’ Hypocriteeeeeee
Julian Tan
Julian Tan 16 days ago
Wait a minute did Brady touch Lily’s stomach?😳
delaneymarie 5 days ago
He was checking to see if she was breathing
kanny jalloh
kanny jalloh 16 days ago
abby is the most meaniest person
Maurine Wanjiru
Maurine Wanjiru 18 days ago
Why are you bad to her😔😔😔😔
Brian Atkin
Brian Atkin 19 days ago
Lily- Has a panic attack Abby-🤯🤭😮
Jas Podo
Jas Podo 24 days ago
I love Brady hesy my favorite dancer he's so supportive and always wanting to help people when there hurt or Abby put them down
Zoi Papadopoulou
Zoi Papadopoulou 25 days ago
These woman are using their children to make money. God will judge them for that.
Maisie & Gracie
Maisie & Gracie 26 days ago
Lily: *has a panic attack* Abby: 🙄go get a drink of water
ginax marie
ginax marie 27 days ago
Anxiety and panic attacks are the worse
LoRiN loZaDa
LoRiN loZaDa 27 days ago
That’s called ASTHMA I have it too, you need a inhaler
Runnii u dk
Runnii u dk 27 days ago
Stacey is Melissa Tricia is Holly Joanne is Christi Michelle is Kelly Erin is Leslie Ashley is Christie (Asia's Mom)
Emma Steffens
Emma Steffens 28 days ago
That episode triggers me soo much! That is not a classic New Zealand Haka, that is an African American dance. The Haka has screaming, face tattoos and looks nothing like that!
Carlee Beth
Carlee Beth 28 days ago
I don’t blame Abby for her reaction! Lily was just exaggerating even if she wasn’t she just makes out Abby the mean person all the time 😑
Nynse Rasmussen
Nynse Rasmussen 28 days ago
I have had a panic attack in PUBLIC with MY CLASS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET...
MAYA Vlogs
MAYA Vlogs 28 days ago
Literally Abby doesn’t care
K-pop it’s Life
Abby d’ont care 😒😂❤️
JJ loves to ship
Is it bad that Lilly is me when I was worried about something in colorguard. And sorry for making this comment after so long that this video was let out I just now saw it.
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