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Jun 11, 2019




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Hey everyone! I just posted a brand new video on my main channel reviewing Sabrina Carpenters new song, "In My Bed" Such a bop, check it out here! ruvid.net/show-UC-B7YNLMTxIz2sksx7mU1ag
Nada Claree Paniagua
Hi I was eaely
Amelia cornwall
Amelia cornwall 2 months ago
I got so worried when Lilly started to cry 😭
Mariana Larosa
Mariana Larosa 3 months ago
Yookchiquii 4 months ago
My name is Sabrina
FaZe_ CosM1c_
FaZe_ CosM1c_ 6 months ago
Fake ass shit
Avigail Marcus
Avigail Marcus 14 hours ago
The corigrapher has always been there to say in through your nose out through your mouth
Insha Ejaz
Insha Ejaz Day ago
Liliana : I can't breathe Abby : 😶😑🤨😐😮
Gacha Anna
Gacha Anna Day ago
Poor Lilliana awwe its nor her fault her mom is putting far too much preasure on her😤😤😤
Kate Edquilang
O my goodness I can't help it I can't stop imagining the feeling
Mark James
Mark James 2 days ago
Glad I’m not having kids
DAISY Esteban
DAISY Esteban 3 days ago
What happened
a n g e l
a n g e l 3 days ago
Stacy Watches and see what abby says about her... excuse meeeee
bOLAJI NURUDEEN 3 days ago
That has happened to me before .
karina vsp
karina vsp 4 days ago
do y’all see how Brady put his hand on her chest to make sure she was breathing, that is a true friend 😤✊
котик лов
She cood digh
Vibes With Zara
Vibes With Zara 5 days ago
Lilly just doesn’t deserve this that is all I have to say
Caylee McAdow
Caylee McAdow 6 days ago
Her face haha
PINKI BAJAJ 6 days ago
Man Abby is so rude
Janet Wheeler
Janet Wheeler 6 days ago
I hate abby lea
Amina Yousuf
Amina Yousuf 6 days ago
Lily: I can’t breath Her mom: SHHHHHHHSSHHSSH
roxana revelli
roxana revelli 6 days ago
I dont like lilli-ana
Miss. Kylie
Miss. Kylie 7 days ago
Lilly: **can't breathe** School nurse here's a ice pack and mint tiktak Lilly: **Still can't breathe** Me: ...
Hala Dib
Hala Dib 7 days ago
dawood malik
dawood malik 8 days ago
I have some time but it is like the end of my life I feel how she is feeling right now and it is not good ok well I am a kid too so it is not good for kids
Evie Matthews
Evie Matthews 8 days ago
Abby says nicely: OK go drink some water and calm down Abby when Lilliana leaves the room: Rolls eyes and sighs in frustration
Alan Alaa
Alan Alaa 8 days ago
Ramya Headspeth
Ramya Headspeth 9 days ago
I love how Brady put his hands on her rib cage I think Brady 💜 lilly
Ella Frielinghaus
is dance moms real or is it like acting?
Boni Lrza
Boni Lrza 9 days ago
The fact that abby just sat there not caring is so iconic
Tricia Jaensch
Tricia Jaensch 10 days ago
E’s daily Life
E’s daily Life 11 days ago
Lilly: I can’t breathe School nurse: blue paper towel?
Aviyana Benware
Aviyana Benware 11 days ago
Abby is like wt is wrong Lmao
faZe zek
faZe zek 11 days ago
Hi Lilly are you ok of having a panic attack 😱😭😘🤝💋
KayKay24Green 12 days ago
This whole show is ridiculous. Parents living through their kids, forcing them into schedules and pressures they're too young to be able to responsibility handle. And to achieve what, exactly? An award? Reality TV fame?
Stephanie Lue-Kim
Stephanie Lue-Kim 12 days ago
I love how the whole team is like are like by here side like her brother and sisters
Tea Spill
Tea Spill 13 days ago
lily: cant breath jill: *jumps from ceiling* this is an opportunity for my kendall
calli 13 days ago
i honestly feel like they shouldn’t have filmed this, they should have stopped and helped her. i feel so sorry for her
Isabella Lamothe Bella's Playhouse
lilliana mom is puts to much presher on her abby what are you doing pushing presser on every body
Wilma Deluna
Wilma Deluna 13 days ago
Lily:i can't breath Abby: here mom is the point of this! Me:lily had a panic atack and abby still like whats wrong with here😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Habiba Sakr
Habiba Sakr 14 days ago
It’s weird that Stacey keeps on picking on Brady and fun fact he and his mom are the most ones who care about lily 😶😶😶😶
Sahana Harsha
Sahana Harsha 6 days ago
Habiba Sakr exactly and Elliana and Sarah and Paris and pretty much everyone who gets attention other than her child at any point.
Habiba Sakr
Habiba Sakr 6 days ago
Sahana Harsha Stacey is jealous of Brady
Sahana Harsha
Sahana Harsha 6 days ago
Ikr there was even another episode where Tricia complimented Lilly by pretty much saying she was the whole package and rather than taking it as a compliment and saying thank you,Stacey goes “I don’t want to hear that Lilly has advantages because between Brady and Lilly,Lilly’s the underdog.” even though what Tricia said sounded like a genuine compliment and in no way,shape or form was she saying it implying that Lilly had an “advantage “,if you want to see that video btw,search up”Abby kicks Michelle out”
Humreet Dhatt
Humreet Dhatt 14 days ago
I have panic attacks all the time I know how it feels
Deena Tanner
Deena Tanner 14 days ago
Kendall blu blu don’t be mean👎👎👎
Riley Apple
Riley Apple 14 days ago
this proves that Abby’s choreography might be amazing but it’s too much like it’s just movements over and over again and there is no stopping
Mocha ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
( lily breathes heavily ) Me: gawd wats happening gurl Lily: I CANT Me: u CaNT wAt? Stacey: take a deep breathe through your nose Me: wHy?! Lily: I CANT ITS NOT WORKING Me: aCk- Me: (pauses vid and runs around in circles while saying aCk- after 1 min)
katherine faith
katherine faith 15 days ago
iTs nOt wOrKiNg i cAnT (no hate to lily i just found what she said funny)
{ Lari_Th3Llama }
{ Lari_Th3Llama } 15 days ago
Lilly: *cant breathe* Abby: *confused pikachu face*
eaglesgroup2012 15 days ago
This WITCH coach shouldn't teach kids with her dinosaurs' voice !!!!!
Loren Rose
Loren Rose 15 days ago
I feel so bad
Amber Warnke
Amber Warnke 15 days ago
They shouldn’t have put this in air
Thea Maisie
Thea Maisie 17 days ago
“it’s not working, i can’t” this hurt :(
Maggie LIANG
Maggie LIANG 18 days ago
Lily: has a panic attack Abby: doesn’t do anything
David Dobbs
David Dobbs 18 days ago
Oh my God my my daughter had a panic attack over breathing
Brooke Rodriguez
Brooke Rodriguez 19 days ago
Notice how they’re making money off these girls’ pain
Victoria the Slytherin
Brady is a smart kid. He put his hand on her rib cage to see if she could breath.
Jennifer Tyler
Jennifer Tyler 20 days ago
so much pressurenon lilly
BrxkenVibez 20 days ago
Abby was absolutely disgusting and disappointing the fact she had the nerve to say ‘ok let’s move on’
Megan Oliver
Megan Oliver 20 days ago
I, like Lilly, have panic attacks, mainly when someone is sick or throwing up. I react the same way sh3 does. Has Abby said what she said to Lilly to me I would have been even more upset. What Brady did to Lilly to help her broke my heart. My best guy friend looks like Brady and he would have done the same th8nh
Kateri Golden
Kateri Golden 20 days ago
What was brady doing
sydnie navaho
sydnie navaho 20 days ago
My question is why is Abby sitting there blaming Stacy for her stress when she the bulk of her stress. This is a reason why I don’t really like Abby 🤦🏽‍♀️
Christina Hamilton
all abby cares about is winning and perfetion and all she does hen it comes to something like this is blame the parent 24/7 and than after the little apisode abby is like now get your head back in the game focus....blah blah blah.......i need to see perfection.
Christina Hamilton
The fact that when lily, maddie or mackenzie would have a panic attack and abby would have been like are you okay go out and calm down and get a drink of water. But with the other girls abby would have go mean, rude or aroggant, like she always does!
Jason Dehora
Jason Dehora 21 day ago
Khloe Kennedy
Khloe Kennedy 22 days ago
I swear Jill is about to sapatage lily
Random Asmr And Tik Tik videos
This Show is so toxic
greg martin
greg martin 22 days ago
she’s a liar
Christine Cedrone
Christine Cedrone 23 days ago
I think Brady knows how to deal with panic attacks better than Abby because he makes sure that his teammates are ok after they get stressed out because of the moms and Abby. Abby didn't help the girls when they had panic attacks, let me list all of the examples: Nia (s2) Paige (s3) Kendall (s4) Lilly (s8) Hannah (s8) Sarah (s8) Maddie (s5) Jojo (s6) Brynn (s6) Makenzie (s3) Chloe (s1) Here are the times when Brady helped the girls: Lilly's panic attack (ep 2 s8) Sarah freaking out with her hair prop and Brady, GiaNina and the others calmed her down and told her that it wasn't her fault (ep9 s8) Lilly thinking that she messed up the whole group dance by missing a move so Pressley wouldn't get hurt, and Brady and the others said that she didn't mess the dance, and Brady said that sometimes she is going to have bad days in the group pep talk (ep4 s8) And speaking of pep talks... Brady calms down Pressley and Sarah when Sarah was getting angry with everything going on and Brady said that the girls didn't need to fight and that's not how they should handle their problems and in his interview Brady said that he will make sure that the girls would love and support Sarah through everything. Even though Brady helped the girls the producers made them say crap about Brady and I find that cruel and YES Brady is my favorite s8 cast member and I also love the other members of the team too, but out all of them I think Brady should replace Abby as a dance teacher in season 9 (if it does happen)
Christine Cedrone
Christine Cedrone 23 days ago
Lilly: *has a panic attack* Brady: *puts his hand on her stomach to make sure that she's ok*
Jenny Jones
Jenny Jones 23 days ago
Llillinna It’s. Fine. Okay. Can. Somewone. Feel linninna. Forhead
Doctor OhYeah
Doctor OhYeah 24 days ago
Who else is now breathing hard
Wiki2709 24 days ago
Lilly: has a panic attack Abby: 👁👄👁 👀 ok lets move on
Joud Ghassan Abdullatif Alasad
Abyy lee is the worst dance theacher
Joud Ghassan Abdullatif Alasad
Oh you remind me of the panic attack that I had at my takoando when I was 6 I am know 8
Layla Rowland
Layla Rowland 25 days ago
Abby was so over it and thought she was faking . Abby needs to care more about things like that
Catherine Louise
Catherine Louise 26 days ago
It’s ok Lilly you can still breathe lucky your nose is not broken
Rosie Cookie Gacha
Rosie Cookie Gacha 26 days ago
Are you kidding me? Abby, seriously. A child is having a panic attack and your just gonna say "Lets move on" 😡
Abi Henderson
Abi Henderson 26 days ago
I think Abby said let’s move on to take the attention away from lily as well as keeping to a schedule, the last thing you want in a panic attack is everyone staring at you
Adisa Brkic
Adisa Brkic 27 days ago
I had a panik atack today
Sarah Ayoubbb
Sarah Ayoubbb 26 days ago
Science Me
Science Me 27 days ago
BTW lily did not have a panic Attack. My mom is a phycologist and that is called a tantrum.
Adama Jalloh
Adama Jalloh 27 days ago
Christina Menendez
Christina Menendez 28 days ago
Lilliana ketcmen
Emma Tindale
Emma Tindale 29 days ago
sofia mason
sofia mason 29 days ago
Lily, “it’s like popcorn falling around” lol
Valentina Ornelas
Valentina Ornelas 29 days ago
Im glad she’s alive
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