Dance Moms: Jill Blames Ashlee for Their Failed Prank (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime

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The moms' pajama prank they try to pull on Abby fails, and Jill feels like Ashlee is taking advantage of that in this clip from Season 6, Episode 10, "Abby Lee Horror Story". #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller
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Mar 18, 2019

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Comments 1 629
Lifetime 2 months ago
New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!
Twinsann Two
Twinsann Two 5 days ago
Minnie Saavedra
Minnie Saavedra 24 days ago
Please see my mom was Hi can I please send the picture to the new girl Please see if you I would Hi can
Emily molina
Emily molina Month ago
Chanell Toma oh ok thanks
Chanell Toma
Chanell Toma Month ago
Emily molina I think this channel
smia last factory
im really exited
Jaimelynn Renova
Jaimelynn Renova 28 minutes ago
I love dance mom
Marlee Beacom
Marlee Beacom 2 hours ago
I love how Jill was saying that Ashlee should’ve let the girls dance but if Jill was the only one there she would’ve done the same thing Ashlee did..? . . . . . . . . Like if u agree ⬇️
Stuff Stuffer
Stuff Stuffer 3 hours ago
Your👏🏾Kids 👏🏾Are 👏🏾Not 👏🏾Someone 👏🏾Else’s 👏🏾Problem
Kamiyah McDowell
Kamiyah McDowell 4 hours ago
virtual Godess
virtual Godess 6 hours ago
Why did the producer lied to Abbey about the Girls tho ? Its his fault
I Don’t Know What To Call This
I don’t like Brynn and Ashlee, but I see how Ashlee’s at fault lmao.
Nia Dani
Nia Dani 14 hours ago
Ashli is being mean to everybody
R C 17 hours ago
well I mean it’s not Ashlees responsibility to let the girls dance and they should have just came in time, what they did was so petty
animeclub unknow
animeclub unknow 18 hours ago
Welll holly disappointed me Glad i always supported Ashlee
Mallory Green
Mallory Green 23 hours ago
I NEVER agree w Ashlee but on this one I am. Jill isn’t making any sense. Even if Ashlee knew about the prank she wouldn’t be able to allow the girls to be filmed. She isn’t their mother so she can’t tell the producers it’s fine to film them
Voice Of Reason
Voice Of Reason 23 hours ago
Holly don’t even look like she wearing pajamas or nothing she looking like she about to go on a fashion show
eepmew Day ago
Who else hates Jill just me
Rinchen Aaya
Rinchen Aaya Day ago
I feel bad for Ashlee cuz they don’t include her in things, and then they blame her
Somehow, Abby seems like the only sane one here..
Grace Lewis
Grace Lewis Day ago
i hate Ashlee
Alexandra Lee
The kids are not allowed on camera without their mothers. *shows kids without their mothers*
T W Day ago
How is it Ashlee's fault if she didn't even know about the prank 💀
Unesa Palloshi
I hate ashllee that's sooo uglyyy🤮🤮
Rubynn Rubez
Rubynn Rubez 2 days ago
How in the world did their plan fail because of Ashlee?! I usually don't agree with Ashlee, but now that I do, I'm starting to side with her on this one. 😑
Meja Kihlström
Meja Kihlström 2 days ago
Ashlee is a botty hole
0:52 Ashlee:I just don’t have no clue. Brynn:Don’t have no clue??😂😝🤪🤣😂😅
Cat Noir
Cat Noir 2 days ago
All of u are evil 😂😂😂😂
Isabel Sandoval
Isabel Sandoval 2 days ago
Imagine if Yolanda was with these moms that would be baddd Ashlee would probably get choked out MULTIPLE times lol 😂
Melissa 2 days ago
Finally an ep where i see jo jo
Tajae Holder
Tajae Holder 2 days ago
They're always blaming ashlee... wtf
Emma kelleher
Emma kelleher 2 days ago
Where was Kira?????????
Churr Bro
Churr Bro 2 days ago
I hate Jill and Kendall
Scarlett 2 days ago
3:59 Abby is me in the middle of my friends arguing 😫
Robot Gaming
Robot Gaming 2 days ago
I only watch this show for the fights lol
Famous_ Ahmaria
Famous_ Ahmaria 2 days ago
The producers just want to moms there for drama smh 🙄
TalkToUAsia 3 days ago
If I was one of the moms I’d probably be the silent Asian tiger mom and just hang with Holly
Ariana Hudson
Ariana Hudson 3 days ago
No a fence but ashlee is so annoying and she talks too much
pop pop
pop pop 3 days ago
Dont have no clue
Jazmin Gallegos
Jazmin Gallegos 3 days ago
The parents are so immature
JJ R 3 days ago
The ONLY time I will say Ashlee is right
Cle_Howard 8
Cle_Howard 8 3 days ago
I’m no Ashlee, the other girls are there but they are not allowed to be on camera or dance . Get you facts straight
Blue The Hobbyhorse
Dance dads
Hasti Fattah
Hasti Fattah 3 days ago
what part of "the kids aren't allowed on camera without their moms" does Jill not understand?! she can seriously be so stupid and annoying sometimes
Black Hammer
Black Hammer 3 days ago
These chicks are so stupid. Kids under 18 can be filmed without the permission of their parents!🤦‍♂️
Sahara Hussain
Sahara Hussain 3 days ago
Wth is Jill on about 😂
Addison Klyne
Addison Klyne 3 days ago
brynn laughing at ashlee saying “don’t have no clue” was the best 😂😂😂
Shannon Mcmurtrey
okay but we all know if the roles were switched jill would’ve done they same thing that ashley did
Kamryn Richards
Kamryn Richards 3 days ago
why are they like this to ashlee?? i’m not usually a fan of her but seriously?? like ashlee is 100% right in this situation.
Jasmine 3 days ago
At least Ashlee had some time for herself so that she didn’t have to argue with the other moms
Xxxtentacion 19
Xxxtentacion 19 3 days ago
No cap Ashlee low key fine
Erika Magallanez
Erika Magallanez 3 days ago
4:28 *Me third wheeling and one insults the other*
Grace Liu
Grace Liu 3 days ago
I love the aldc but I think ashlee is way over blowned and crazy.
Max 3 days ago
Aliyana Brissett
Aliyana Brissett 4 days ago
I hate Ashlee but at this point I think Jill is the mean one she's taking it all out on Ashlee when she did nothing the moms should off been there for the kids instead of pranking Abby
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