Dance Moms: Group Dance - "Electricity" (Season 1 Flashback) | Lifetime

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Watch the group dance "Electricity" from Season 1, Episode 2, "Wildly Inappropriate". #DanceMoms
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Dance Moms
Season 1
Episode 2
Wildly Inappropriate
"Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.
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Feb 5, 2018




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Comments 3 640
craisins 86
craisins 86 Hour ago
Lol why are they doing stripper moves, this is so uncomfortable, parents where are ya?
Haystack Leon
Haystack Leon Hour ago
They look so shmol 🥺
KobCy Dipcy
KobCy Dipcy 5 hours ago
The mom's facee:😧 Melissa: 😀
Ott family
Ott family 16 hours ago
I liked nia
Becky Potter
Becky Potter 17 hours ago
As someone who has been involved in her 2 granddaughters dance competitions - there is absolutely no way that this was the first time the moms saw the dance! No way were they surprised or shocked either. This is just another scripted reality TV show!
Alexa Torres
Alexa Torres 19 hours ago
I don't like this dance at all it's too uhhh 0/10
LSP LPS 20 hours ago
Okay but what was worse Electricity or The Last Dance 😂
erena castillo
I don’t know why, but I laugh every time I watch this😂
0:43 The 2 girls were like TFFFFFF
I think they were too young to realize how inappropriate their costumes and the dance was.
ღ Ashimari ღ
The only thing that is actually wrong with this dance is the timing, it's cringy how off it is at times
Elloise Branley
Elloise Branley 2 days ago
To be fair it would not of been such a controversial routine if it was done when they where in the teen devision
Gacha Pix
Gacha Pix 2 days ago
This should’ve been the irreplaceable last dance and should’ve got mackZ Maddie Paige and Brooke back as they were older
101 AL tamagotchi
At 0:34 that judge is like what the f am I doing with my life 😂
Samuel Solano
Samuel Solano 3 days ago
Poor Mack Z
Emma T
Emma T 4 days ago
Omg when they opened their legs I- 😭😭 their like 7 or 8 😰
ĞÅBÝ CHÅŇ 4 days ago
Cristi incomoda melissa asombrada 7u7
Yuma Chapman
Yuma Chapman 4 days ago
ChRiStI’s FaCe ThO 😂
Timmy Trieu
Timmy Trieu 4 days ago
I actually like this dance apart from Nia smacking her but. IF it was performed when the girls were older.
The UwU Factory
The UwU Factory 4 days ago
0:48 What the hes holding a camera?
Алёнка Коробка.
Боже,дед счастлив,спасибо рекомендациям ютуба.
Jadexharrington 5 days ago
To this day this dance is still more appropriate then the last dance💀😂
Møøn Łight
Møøn Łight 5 days ago
I mean it's not that bad. I have performed a lot worse dance so. And what about all the gymnastics. Can those moms see gymnastics the same way. I mean come on, i get they are kids but it's not that bad. If i would have performed this dance i would show this to my ex-bf first 😂
sophie hu
sophie hu 6 days ago
abby trying to make these girls thicc be like
Ella Tereposky
Ella Tereposky 6 days ago
To me, Brooke’s hair in this dance is..........
miriam 6 days ago
i feel awkward for the judges
Gia Viveiros
Gia Viveiros 6 days ago
All the moms are like this🤭and then all you see is Melissa like this😄
Delaney Lovick
Delaney Lovick 7 days ago
All of the dancing from 1:02 onward actually wasn’t that bad? Idk I feel like if the whole dance had have been like that it wouldn’t be _nearly_ as controversial as it is now.
XxXBlue_Moon_DogXxX 101
The judge at 0:34 had my laughing 😂
Isla Brown
Isla Brown 7 days ago
0:55- when your playing flee the facility on roblox and the beast is level 200
Ghost Button Bunii
1:16 Melissa: OMG haha so cute Abby was right about this one! Christi: Dear god
Jayla_queen 8 days ago
THIS remind me of means girls.. Melissa is the crazy room that likes the dirty dance
ˣᵖᵉᵃ ᵇᵉᵉˣ
1:17 when my teacher says we have a test
Jeremy Elek
Jeremy Elek 9 days ago
0:53 😮
1:02 was so cool for some reason
Alanis3A1B 9 days ago
Before, when this came out, I didn't know why people was upset with this dance. I really like it and tried to imitiate (I was as young as them). But now, years later, I realized that maaaaybe it's not an appropiate dance for little girls...
꧁Aя¡_ Gคмεяpłคყร꧂
Nia lo arruinó todo
Leah P
Leah P 11 days ago
Chloe owned this dance she loved this you can tell and the last dance too
Olivia King
Olivia King 12 days ago
she literally complained win the girls were older and they did the last dance but there way younger and she lets them do this we all know she's just mad because she didn't create the choreograph the last dance TEA
melissa wells
melissa wells 13 days ago
I’m a dancer in one of her dances we had to wear this 👙👠
Nicoletta Macsurak
Nicoletta Macsurak 13 days ago
Nia looked lost in the back at times she was probably torn between her moms feelings and pleasing Abby 😩
Cody Archambault
Cody Archambault 13 days ago
I felt like Abby lost her mind when she decided to this in Amish country.
alex lawless
alex lawless 14 days ago
i don’t think the dance was bad just the costumes
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday 14 days ago
I thought the costumes were cute but the choreography....omg
Blxssed シ
Blxssed シ 14 days ago
0:45 They said, "IMA BUST IT OP-" No. You are not gonna bust it open, you are gonna bust it CLOSED.
IarllaBibi EMO
IarllaBibi EMO 14 days ago
Ashley Barboza
Ashley Barboza 15 days ago
say what y’all want chloe was in her element and she killed that hoe
arikalamari 15 days ago
Reminds the of little miss sunshine xDD they are all hypocrites
Katerina Congi
Katerina Congi 15 days ago
1:16 Melissa-😃
Fio 001
Fio 001 15 days ago
Este baile sí fue inapropiado, no se que edad tienen pero tal vez 8 o 9 años. Pero "the last dance" ese sí fue hermoso, las chicas ahí ya eran grandes y tenían el talento más refinado
Gacha_Cookie 198
Gacha_Cookie 198 17 days ago
0:48 did anyone see the judge t the right
Katherine BTS
Katherine BTS 18 days ago
Después de 8 años fue y siempre sera uno de mis grupos favoritos
Cake Pop
Cake Pop 18 days ago
This dance was too mature for them, it should’ve waited
Angle 19 days ago
Christis face with hollys face KILLED ME LOL but obviously I can see why they reacted that way
Rere Clark
Rere Clark 19 days ago
That judge at 0:34 is like yikes
Gacha Pix
Gacha Pix 20 days ago
this shouldve been the dance for the last series that all the girl were in cos they were older
Allison R
Allison R 21 day ago
Okay that guy at 0:48 has a big camera and is taking pictures .. Kinda pervy
mysweetjordan sweetpea
I think this dance is better than Fantastic
Ava G Varrette
Ava G Varrette 22 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks that if they did this song around the age when they did the last dance it would be so much better?
Audrey Gearon
Audrey Gearon 22 days ago
I actually would have loved this dance if they were older
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