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Check out the development of "Country Cuties" from practice to performance in this Dance Digest from Season 3, Episode 40, "Do-Si-Do and Do-Si-Don't". #DanceMoms
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"Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.
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Comments 80
Terri Joseph
Terri Joseph Hour ago
Riya _FunPlayz
Kenzie didnt do *so* bad. Its so hard to hand stand over 8-10 girl with pigtails, she also has to breathe while doing that.
Aoife O'Kane
Aoife O'Kane Hour ago
Christi is just like sooo savage **cool glasses go on**
Hassen Hussein
Hassen Hussein 3 hours ago
Could i join
Kenzie Blizzard
Kenzie Blizzard 10 hours ago
Abby don't be so rude
Vera Lidyaeva
Vera Lidyaeva 12 hours ago
Did you notice At 0:41 Asia put her hand down on the Ariel but the other girls didn’t
Pikachu Squad
Pikachu Squad 13 hours ago
Anyone else notice how Asia’s mom just thinks Asia is the best
Simply Rachel ♡
Simply Rachel ♡ 18 hours ago
Melissa literally jinked there dance
Anna Snoddy
Anna Snoddy 22 hours ago
I felt bad for kensie but she is so cute
beeboy H
beeboy H Day ago
Christi: I hope Abby screams at us today Also christi: I am feeling a bit empty inside Legendary🤣🤣
Savannah Lavigne
Abby so rude to the kids I feel so bad for them
Glow Aesthetic
How about Abby do a hand stand over to girls in pigtails
bubble bean gacha
Gianna it not there fault if someone’s hair is out it was a accident they can’t do anything about it so it not Mackenzie fault or the people she slipped On
Willa Xun
Willa Xun Day ago
this was the dream team ngl
Niamh rennick
at least she walked over the girls like she's only a kid Addy I wanna see you walk over girls'
Sam Morgan
Sam Morgan 2 days ago
she didn't ruin the number Mackenzie's my favourite
Melanie Philip
Melanie Philip 2 days ago
Abby thinks it’s soooo easy and she can’t even do that like jeez why don’t you try it??
#jossy 2 days ago
omg christy,"i haven't gotten yeld at,i feel empty"
Sierra 2 days ago
3:03 omg Mackenzie juts liked full on kicked that girls hair outta the way 😂
Lydia plays
Lydia plays 2 days ago
Abby: stop screaming
Liana Skackauskaite
That's cool
Makayla Williams
Makayla Williams 3 days ago
Why do they always say “oh abbys gonna y’all at me now?” Like it’s ok she can’t do a thing today, she’s disabled. :)
Sara Silberman
Sara Silberman 3 days ago
abby:mackenzie screwed up the whole act ~falls wile walking over 200000000000 billion girls~ me:cant do a handstand
Oswah chaudhry
Oswah chaudhry 3 days ago
notice how they win every time. This is staged
Emma M
Emma M 3 days ago
I feel so bad for mak z because she is the youngest one there and Abby wants her to handstand over everybody else like WHAT?........
payton arnbrister
Abby calm your nappy mouth :]
Panda&Carli Playz
MacKenzie fell in the recorded version not the judged version. hallelujah 😂
Carl McIntosh
Carl McIntosh 3 days ago
Abby you all really rude and bad
Madafaka •
Madafaka • 3 days ago
Is nothing difficult now? I swear every time they say: "It’s not that hard" "It’s not that difficult" "It’s easy"
Isac Clack
Isac Clack 3 days ago
No offence but i wouldnt let her yell at my child like that
Ava Baxter
Ava Baxter 3 days ago
Kenzie and maddie are so pretty
mill mo
mill mo 4 days ago
Ma favourite dance
luna uhh
luna uhh 4 days ago
okay but are we just gonna ignore how sweet gianna qas to kenzie when she fell on the rehearsal
Esteban Hernandez
Esteban Hernandez
Be nice Abby
lily beauchemin
lily beauchemin 4 days ago
jeesh, paige got so tall compared to last season!
Sanjana Veggalam
Sanjana Veggalam 4 days ago
Christi- I don't know why Abby is calling us down, but I hope it's to yell at us. I haven't been screamed at today.....I'm feeling a bit empty inside
Amy Bee
Amy Bee 5 days ago
Nia looks so adorable in this outfit💕
GamesWithJulia 5 days ago
If you listen closely at 3:35 , you can hear Mackenzie say, "I slipped on someone's hair!" She didn't fall because she was tired, she slipped on someone's (maybe Paige's) hair.
bubble bean gacha
GamesWithJulia that ain’t paiges fault
Tillie Coleman
Tillie Coleman 5 days ago
Soph Mueller
Soph Mueller 5 days ago
Moms who are watching this if your kids in there even if you get a lot of money DO YOU WANT PEOPLE YELLING AT YOUR KIDS?!
Chloe Fowler
Chloe Fowler 5 days ago
Jill fits in with this number. She even has the hat
Am. I the only one that sees that holly never swears
Sienna Ross
Sienna Ross 5 days ago
0:19 Chloe 😂
Mr Donut
Mr Donut 5 days ago
Amin Aboukir
Amin Aboukir 5 days ago
I feel like nationals are every week
Zodiac art 123
Zodiac art 123 5 days ago
You should be nicer to the kids just a little bit Iike went to cry or something
Peter Lens
Peter Lens 6 days ago
Ik ben Abby ik ben Abby aby
Lola Xo
Lola Xo 6 days ago
Abbys hands @ 2:30 had me dead 😂😂
ganga subba
ganga subba 6 days ago
Why are you so mea
Whitney Hess
Whitney Hess 6 days ago
Every time a girl has met Abb so mad and much me show girl is ourif she goes s***and is she doesn't get off our studio she will never ever come back to our studio and if she doesn't ever she owe so much to a kid's parents and she always ever everybody else to stay. I don't know why moms want to come down at the the the kids sing singing the kids and crop top crop top and booty and then carlowden statemcartoons good onstage and she wants three times three times in a row and a beastsurprise for her cuz cuz cuz she actually watch the movie and the and thewe have to do it and if we don't do it we have to do it again we do not like that when Abby talks to back to our kids all mad and frustrated and it was she when she treats Jojo siwa she goes on stag11265
Whitney Hess
Whitney Hess 6 days ago
I was just going to be cuz we want them something and other one was like six times in a rownow we want to get in the wee one again no money and if she is she doesn't get to see you
Dan Holland
Dan Holland 7 days ago
Who am I 👀 👄
KylaW 7 days ago
Bruh she slid on someone’s hair
patriciaolo_elloImNew :3
Wow Asia did really good!!!
Addison Minder
Addison Minder 7 days ago
I love you videos so much I watch them over and over again that's why I am on this video typing
Kassin Torres
Kassin Torres 7 days ago
every time when a girl mess up Abby get so mad and don't like abby with her fat self
Laura Dominguez
Laura Dominguez 7 days ago
Alicia Parry
Alicia Parry 7 days ago
Walking over a lot of girls she was probably gunna fall because there hair is on the floor and a bit of hair was out
Regine Cruz
Regine Cruz 7 days ago
How come you couldn't make one of the big girls do it no hate I'm just saying
Unicorn Fluffy lol
Skinny Sis
Skinny Sis 8 days ago
Abby: You didn’t take your time to go into that hand walk Abby if she took her time: WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You don’t have time to take your time! YOUR TIMING HAS TO BE RIGHT ON THE MONEY
Jayana Tinsley
Jayana Tinsley 8 days ago
stink mean you smell like purefum.
Jayana Tinsley
Jayana Tinsley 8 days ago
Abby ownly like Maddie and she stink.
Jayana Tinsley
Jayana Tinsley 8 days ago
every time abby come she is so weird
Hadassah Browne
Hadassah Browne 8 days ago
Christi : I rlly hope Abby is going to yell at us. I haven’t been screamed at today. I’m felling a little empty
Angel Jimenez
Angel Jimenez 8 days ago
Angel Jimenez
Angel Jimenez 8 days ago
I have abby
Kyrsten Young
Kyrsten Young 8 days ago
Christy - i haveny been screamed at today, im feeling a little empty inside😂😂
brydieloves roblox
Who's ur fav
Eddika Espinoza
Eddika Espinoza 9 days ago
Smile brooke
Eddika Espinoza
Eddika Espinoza 9 days ago
I love this one its my favorite i love the scary ones as well
Jaeda Galvan
Jaeda Galvan 9 days ago
Abby is just so rude she’s trying to get McKenzie to do something that’s really hard like she slipped on somebody’s hair did you think of that because you’re making a put everybody’s hair in a pigtail into cell
Jaeda Galvan
Jaeda Galvan 7 days ago
Honestly those girls are scared of Abby because every single time they look like they’re going to cry whenever they mess up that shows you how scary Abbie is
Natalie MejiaBarahona
Trinity Buck
Trinity Buck 9 days ago
I live in Buffalo New York
Gacha MusicWolf
Gacha MusicWolf 9 days ago
Poor MacKenzie.They won first place so why be mean?!RIP
Jayliah Green Abegglen
the moms always say my kid is the best on this team its because she's your daughter
ake marc
ake marc 10 days ago
Christi is so funny.. "I haven't been screamed at today I'm feeling a little empty inside"
GamerGirlBird 10 days ago
Melissa:Mackenzie has been nailing it in rehearsal but where it counts on the stage.
Baberaham Lincoln
Baberaham Lincoln 10 days ago
“Mackenzie, you screwed up this routine” Abby, that’s technically your fault, you made her do a trick you knew she couldn’t pull off
bubble bean gacha
Sona Saran no one messed it up for her how can someone move there hair out of the way for Mackenzie in a dance number what do you want them to do get there arms and move it for her so its no one fault
Sona Saran
Sona Saran 8 days ago
Mackenzie could pull it off, she has before. it’s just that someone else messed it up for her.
Laura Rodriguez
Laura Rodriguez 10 days ago
I love Kenzie
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