Dance Moms: Dance Digest - Blue Moon vs. T.K.O. (Season 7) | Lifetime

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Abby assigns Lilliana and Elliana competing solos when the OG dancers and moms walk out in this digest from Season 7, Episode 21, "Ashlee's Big Decision Part 1". #DanceMoms #EllianaWalmsley #LillianaKetchman
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Nov 11, 2019




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Comments 190
Lifetime Month ago
Can't wait to catch up on your favorite Lifetime shows and movies? Stay up to date on upcoming premieres at mylifetime.com/schedule
Lps Bunny
Lps Bunny Month ago
Bloop she always does it great and she always proves herself , why can’t Abbie see she trying her best x
Bloop Month ago
Why does ellie always get treated like trash, she is doing great in. My opinon.
Ana Luiza
Ana Luiza Month ago
Could you do portuguese
Lps Bunny
Lps Bunny Month ago
Lifetime omg the girls actually got good solos!! We have a breakthrough x
Abby Guajardo
Abby Guajardo 11 days ago
And a new Maddie in town she the new Maddie and Kalani
ROMEO ADOM 16 days ago
I thought Lily was the new nia not kalani. Jojo adored kalani.brynn was Maddie. Eliana was............eliana
ROMEO ADOM 16 days ago
Jill: wait they have a solo and not my little Kendal this a democracy
Eloise Howard
Eloise Howard 17 days ago
Who else loves ellianas good side
MaddieXKenzie Productions
Wait, that’s not the music for Blue Moon
Jared Chriss
Jared Chriss 19 days ago
Eliana is nice
Flash Eagle
Flash Eagle 20 days ago
Blue moon was just amazing
Juan Perez
Juan Perez 23 days ago
Just one
Fame Queens ALDC
Fame Queens ALDC 24 days ago
Elliana is one of the best dancers that has been on this show, I'm glad she left because I don't want it to ruin her passion
Caoimhe Mcwilliams
Caoimhe Mcwilliams 24 days ago
I feel like Elliana is a better dancer but she never got good choreography on the show
Briana Wood
Briana Wood 25 days ago
I honestly feel less drama with the little girls
Misha Olivia
Misha Olivia 25 days ago
Why do I feel like Blue moon was meant for Kalani and T.K.O was meant for Kendall, but she just made them a little different so they fitted Elli and Lilly better?😂
Niall Taggart
Niall Taggart 26 days ago
Chloe was in the front at the very end with claira
Jasmine Klassen
Jasmine Klassen 26 days ago
It was an unfair battle
Yolanda Tapia
Yolanda Tapia 26 days ago
Any one else see the moms in the back when they said they were alone
Cloe Couture-Gagnon
If you look at Yolanda She was happy for Lilliana
Sophie GREY
Sophie GREY 27 days ago
I love lilli
Lesly Vazquez
Lesly Vazquez 27 days ago
Unicorn Playzzz
Unicorn Playzzz 27 days ago
Did anyone realized Ellie’s bow were mini jojo bows
Amelia Stapley
Amelia Stapley 27 days ago
I definitely do not see lily do the T.K.O dance in my opinion
Fluttershy mlp
Fluttershy mlp 25 days ago
Maybe because she's not good enough
Mēêp Mørphš ಠ_ಠ
Jordan Sparks
Jordan Sparks 27 days ago
Seriously? Why even bother uploading this clip if you're going to put literally 8 seconds of the dances in it.
Pamela !
Pamela ! 28 days ago
elli is so much better than lilly . abby did elli dirty .
Rosalia Hutchinson
Rosalia Hutchinson 28 days ago
Lili was given stuff that kalani would do but not as difficult
Judy Cantu
Judy Cantu 28 days ago
Imogen Lowe
Imogen Lowe 28 days ago
I’m sure I saw lily have sickled feet and unpainted toes but Ellianna I saw all pointed toes x
nataliazh 05
nataliazh 05 29 days ago
Elianna always speaks her mind and i love that
Ronnie Leavey
Ronnie Leavey 29 days ago
Does anyone know what the second song of Blue Moon is called??? Literally no one can find it anywhere😭
saesha chawla
saesha chawla 29 days ago
Who watching dis in season 9
Lola’s Craft Station
Elian a is so sweet and kind, but Yolanda....
Joangela Casimiro
Joangela Casimiro 29 days ago
I enjoy getting a sunburn, I rather get a sunburn than wast my life. 😁
Annabelle Rya
Annabelle Rya 29 days ago
I thought that Elliana and Lilly were the only 2 there. But Maisy was wearing a costume in the scene
Happy Mel
Happy Mel 29 days ago
They left maesi out
Alyvia Merida
Alyvia Merida 29 days ago
“My kid is in here becoming a better dancer while yours is outside getting a sunburn”😂
Rachel Cole
Rachel Cole 29 days ago
OMG Stacy , ellianna has beaten Lilly in all the most prestigious and real award compatitions ! Like the TDAS and many others!
Bernice Cheung
Bernice Cheung Month ago
why does stacey want lilly to be like kalani, like why not maddie, maddie dances just as well as if not better than kalani and is abby's favourite?
Tomi Alalade
Tomi Alalade 29 days ago
Bernice Cheung Because Kalani is a better dancer than Maddie and Abby also really liked her
Bernice Cheung
Bernice Cheung Month ago
ellie: you did great lilly: i agree, i thought i did really good loll but yess lilly did great in her solo
Ronnie Leavey
Ronnie Leavey Month ago
So was Blue Moon originally going to kalani??
Becca Bender
Becca Bender Month ago
The blue moon choreo was too much for lilly tbh
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