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Abby assigns Lilliana and Elliana competing solos when the OG dancers and moms walk out in this digest from Season 7, Episode 21, "Ashlee's Big Decision Part 1". #DanceMoms #EllianaWalmsley #LillianaKetchman
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Nov 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Lifetime 7 months ago
Can't wait to catch up on your favorite Lifetime shows and movies? Stay up to date on upcoming premieres at mylifetime.com/schedule
Skye Dorward
Skye Dorward Month ago
cat cupcakez
cat cupcakez 2 months ago
Lps Bunny
Lps Bunny 7 months ago
Bloop she always does it great and she always proves herself , why can’t Abbie see she trying her best x
I’m bloop
I’m bloop 7 months ago
Why does ellie always get treated like trash, she is doing great in. My opinon.
Ana Luiza
Ana Luiza 7 months ago
Could you do portuguese
Kaz X
Kaz X 11 hours ago
Why are the big girls are gone
Mariana Peña
Mariana Peña 2 days ago
They should have done a duet instead of compite between themselves
Via L.
Via L. 2 days ago
I’m very happy that Lilly won! She definitely deserved it, but I still think Ellie and Maesi did awesome, especially given their poor choreo
Makarand Yadwad
Makarand Yadwad 3 days ago
this comp. is rigged even though Elli was gived bad chorogrephy she made ot sooooo good and lilly was given amazing choreo and mada it look ok elli should have won
Makarand Yadwad
Makarand Yadwad 3 days ago
no hate pls but i really think lilly's solo was ok plus i think she is not that good at it
Veronica Pointer
Veronica Pointer 4 days ago
Even Maddie and Kalani placed in 3rd and 4th with musical theater dances. In my opinion, I love musical theater dances, and yes they are entertaining, but at a dance competition musical theater is not as competitive as a contemporary or lyrical dance.
Elise Nguyen
Elise Nguyen 4 days ago
Everyone says that Lilly always get’s better choreography. I agree but only for this solo the rest of her s7 solo’s weren’t as good as Ellie’s.
Jess Lui
Jess Lui 17 hours ago
Karina Gonzalez
Karina Gonzalez 7 days ago
is amazing 😮
Kennedy Smith
Kennedy Smith 8 days ago
What happened when Jordan Matter made a video and brought Stacey and Yolanda back together after “The strangling issue”
Jade Ashlly
Jade Ashlly 13 days ago
look how Yolanda ang Stacey complimenting each other's daughter, but now on season 8 I just don't know what happened 😂
Beatriz Rodríguez
Beatriz Rodríguez 14 days ago
Awww Elli was supercute!
summer lilly
summer lilly 15 days ago
Abby those older girls don't need you they pulled of so many wins without you you need them!
Mimi Wash
Mimi Wash 15 days ago
Tbh There was no Lili and Elli rivalry. Their moms thought there was and then created it
{ Lari_Th3Llama }
{ Lari_Th3Llama } 16 days ago
Season 7 was a kinda broken season-
Baby Aleesha 🌺🌺
"My solo is called TKO which stands for the knock out (fists)" Ellianas really adorable uwu
Addison Imler
Addison Imler 23 days ago
When Ellie did her interview her bun was a little ummm big
Catherine Louise
Catherine Louise 24 days ago
You look so cute Ellie and lilly
Catherine Louise
Catherine Louise 24 days ago
You look so cute Lilly and elle
AFSEL Dur 24 days ago
I love lily and elliana they are so good and nice
Sarah Dakota
Sarah Dakota 25 days ago
Taran Banwait
Taran Banwait 29 days ago
Who was Shocked when you knew Elliana and Lilliana has the same birthday
Faith Allan
Faith Allan Month ago
Does elli gave mini jojo bows in ?
Isabel Criniti
Isabel Criniti Month ago
Ellie so cute “ I gonna be sad that the older girls are gone but I’m super super excited that miss Abby is back because I love miss Abby so much” 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Especially Ezme
Especially Ezme Month ago
Me: that girl will never be kalani
-lila jean-
-lila jean- Month ago
Did anyone notice Nia in the crowd?
Angelina Nguyen
Angelina Nguyen Month ago
Ellianas solo did her dirty you count obviously tell Lily was going to win
Eiry Thomas
Eiry Thomas Month ago
It’s crazy how tiny and skinny they are!
Penelope roberts
I ❤️ dance moms
Mimi Wash
Mimi Wash Month ago
Yolanda: I am really happy with Ellie's solo But Yolanda! It's not about you being happy with the dance but it's about Elli being happy and if she is then you should be too
David Rendon
David Rendon Month ago
Emma Frate
Emma Frate Month ago
Who else thinks that Lilly’s music sounded like Harry Potter?
Melissa Goode
Melissa Goode Month ago
Elliana frothing the attention ... Ie Abby yelling 😂😂😂
freya cookie
freya cookie Month ago
Stop giving lily hate on her solo there both equal
Sara Month ago
Eliana solo is much better and Eliana is better dancer 👍
Taleesha Pike
Taleesha Pike Month ago
Lilly was 8 or 7 tho and eliana was 9 so lilly was more acro so yeah
Sisima13 Month ago
They made Yolonda look crazy in dance moms, but I feel like she’s not really like that
sienna Month ago
wow stacey is being nice to yolanda and yolanda is being nice to stacey? that’s a rare sighting
shøw_gīrl 12
shøw_gīrl 12 Month ago
Español? ↓ En mi opinión es mejor elliana
Tia Royal Show
Tia Royal Show Month ago
Ellianna is the cutest! 😩❤️ (so is Lilly) but ellianna is a sweet heart she never deserved all that Anxiety at a young age🥺
Skye Dorward
Skye Dorward Month ago
Morgan Marshall
Morgan Marshall Month ago
Can’t y’all just be happy that Lilly won? I feel like every time Lilly wins and she is against Elli, people criticize Lilly. They are both beautiful dancers!
Jess Lui
Jess Lui 17 hours ago
Ikr Ellie fans are so offended when lilly beats Ellie, they’re like ‘ellie should have won cuz she has the best technique on earth’ but it’s over already so why going back to Ellie should win
Erins Looms and tutorials
Why does it look like yolandor is wearing a black wig
Jenzheygaille Alcayde
Did anyone see theres no judjes
Taleesha Pike
Taleesha Pike Month ago
They dance twice 1 with and 1 without the judges
Nadra Mohamed
Nadra Mohamed Month ago
Lilly is provably gonna win.
Nadra Mohamed
Nadra Mohamed Month ago
Lilly is really good at dancing and she’s flexible.
CallMehClouds Month ago
I feel both of them are amazing! The choreography is just different for both of them, although I can understand why Lilly won, as she had a more musical, mature dance, and elli still had one of those "sassy" kid ones if anybody knows what Im trying to say.
Sophia Perez
Sophia Perez Month ago
Does anyone agree Lily looks like Stacy and Ellie looks like Yolanda? It is impeccable the resemblance even thought they are related. 😱😱
Taleesha Pike
Taleesha Pike Month ago
Are you joking or are you for real
Chamsuken Lol
Chamsuken Lol Month ago
Moon walk vs tik tok ahahah
Taleesha Pike
Taleesha Pike Month ago
🤣 what I thought
Ren Leah
Ren Leah Month ago
I think Lilly is the new Maddie
Taleesha Pike
Taleesha Pike Month ago
For sure
Mmmay Month ago
Elly and Lilly were so cute when they were younger! Does anyone agree?..
Katie Luke
Katie Luke Month ago
Abby looks like super nanny?😂
James Charles
James Charles Month ago
Stacey pulls out Samsung phone from so long ago: Lilliana: is on her iphone 8 plus
Irena Sargsyan
Irena Sargsyan Month ago
This is why I hate Abby she always choreographs Eliana solos trashy and childish but give Liliana the hardest solos when Eliana left the studio her solos were absolutely beautiful Eliana deserves more than what Abby gave her in this is why I hate Abby and I wish she was never a dance teacher cuz she literally sabotages poor Eliana. That's why people like Eliana so much because she's so hard-working and even though people hate on her she never gives up Eliana deserves a way more than Lilliana 100 times more
Claire Vanderau
Claire Vanderau 2 months ago
eliana is so annoying and extra
AngeLa Marie
AngeLa Marie 2 months ago
Stacey is annoying by saying "there is a new Kalani in town". Why not make the first Lily not another Kalani. SMH...
AngeLa Marie
AngeLa Marie 2 months ago
Well Yolonda clapped for the other girl when she won.
AngeLa Marie
AngeLa Marie 2 months ago
After this episode I don't like Stacy. She is acting like her daughter is better then the rest of the girls.
Lucy Hathaway
Lucy Hathaway 2 months ago
nobody likes Yolanda 😂
xoxo - Lily Allan
xoxo - Lily Allan 2 months ago
Lilly is amazing ESPECIALLY in season 8 but Stacey, no one will ever replace kalani in my heart
Baby Aleesha 🌺🌺
Eli and Lilly's friendship is like Maddie and Chloe's friendship but it's not Abby's fault that their friendship is tearing apart it's their moms
Via L.
Via L. 2 days ago
Their actually still great friends :)
Peachy Aldc
Peachy Aldc 4 days ago
Wdym? Abby is the one tearing them apart
Mackenzie Gallagher
Mackenzie Gallagher 2 months ago
Ellie won first in her age division junior 9-11 and Lilly won first in mini 6-8
Juliette Dalii
Juliette Dalii 2 months ago
Its so sad that Lilly and Eli used to be best friends and remember when Jordan natter reunited them and they klinker again but now they are just being set up as rivals
Millies Vids
Millies Vids 2 months ago
I think im the only one who loves Ellies solo I personally love musical theatre.
Serena Gacha
Serena Gacha 2 months ago
Why do they call them Elliana and Lilly? It should be Elli and Lilly, or Lilliana and Elliana!
Ria Kooner
Ria Kooner 2 months ago
Stacey thinks everything is about Lilly, she 5hinks that because Lilly did a older girl dance that Lilly is going to be comparable to Kalani
Gbks Gbks
Gbks Gbks 2 months ago
I have the dress that Ellianna is wearing lol
Peddie Lover
Peddie Lover 2 months ago
I’ve been in this dance industry since I was 2. Competing since I was 4 and every competition so far EVERY SINGLE ONE I’ve worn fake eyelashes. Yes I’ve been wearing fake eyelashes since I was 4
Aziz Salim
Aziz Salim 2 months ago
Lilly is so so cute
jj x
jj x 2 months ago
honestly i think i would give them the same score they were both amazing
Milena J
Milena J 2 months ago
Oh gosh, I am really sick of these moms attacking Yolanda. Lilly and Eliana, they both have a solo, but Stacey HAVE TO SAY that Lilly is on pressure to win, that she is more important etc. And when Yolanda only opens her mouth the other moms are like: "YoU aRe YeAlOuS!". Like, she didn't even said anything yet, but she is yealous. Come on!
Mia Foor
Mia Foor 2 months ago
The dances should have been switched the feel like tko is more Lilly and blue moon is more ellie
Mia Foor
Mia Foor 17 hours ago
Jess Lui oí feel blue moon would have fit ellie better and tko would have fit Lilly better that’s just my opinion
Jess Lui
Jess Lui 17 hours ago
Sorry but it isn’t. I can’t imagine that. Lilly and Ellie don’t fit in every single dance, choreographers choreograph the dance for the dancer
T J 2 months ago
Am i the only one who sees a weird kid at 4:03
Addison Rayl
Addison Rayl 2 months ago
Can we just talk about how beautiful Lily’s costume is
•CrazPup •
•CrazPup • 2 months ago
I’m season 7 Yolanda and Stacey were like best friends
Lexi Kolocouris
Lexi Kolocouris 2 months ago
1:20 the bun thoooo
tinydancer 5678
tinydancer 5678 2 months ago
Ummm im not getting a sun burn 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣
Alex Miller
Alex Miller 2 months ago
everyone in the comments is saying Elli is a better dancer than Lilly. i have no memory of Elli getting a perfect score. not giving hate to Elli, she is also amazing. Lilly is incredible. she had her arms TIED TOGETHER and did some pretty amazing tricks, this was in season 8. they were given a different genre, Elli may be better in musical theater than Lilly. Lilly has been trained in a lot of ballet, which is much different than musical theater. with the same dance same costume same EVERYTHING then you can judge who is a better dancer. Lilly made the choice to stay competing while Elli picked a much different path, like Clara and tda. both of them are incredible and wouldn't be on the show if the weren't!
Hannah Mccormack
Hannah Mccormack 2 months ago
Everyone’s saying how Ellie should have won but we don’t know if Ellie actually messed up in front of the the judges because we don’t know what some of the moves are supposed to look like
Faze Faze
Faze Faze 2 months ago
Stacey and her android
Rupanti Hoque
Rupanti Hoque 2 months ago
stacey: theres a new Kalani in the town.. me: fr comparing ur kid to a dancer like Kalani would be an insult for ur kid pls
naf 2 months ago
why do the moms always try to replace the old ones ughhh like be urself ffs
Ami L
Ami L 2 months ago
Elliana is so cute “i love miss abby”
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