Dance Moms-"ABBY WANTS BDA DISQUALIFIED!"(Season 6 Flashback)

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Aug 5, 2019




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Comments 80
hollywoodclips22 11 months ago
Hey everyone! I just posted a BRAND NEW video reacting to Sabrina Carpenter's "In My Bed" music video! Check it out here xo ruvid.net/show-UC-B7YNLMTxIz2sksx7mU1ag
coronavirus Month ago
No one cares we are here for dance moms not you so can you please stop putting "sneek peeks" of your vids they keep scaring the hell out of me
Stephanie Bradshaw well she does and she loves her so take your negative attitude somewhere else
Kelsey’s World
Kelsey’s World 4 months ago
Yoooooooooo haha just bein funny!
Newb Style
Newb Style 4 months ago
Wow cool
Newb Style
Newb Style 4 months ago
@hollywoodclips22 when Abby yells at the girls and then they win
Kelly Kalleberg
Kelly Kalleberg 3 days ago
I swear the girl from BDA is the girl from Tall Girl....
Little Luci
Little Luci 12 days ago
I thought they were going to be disqualified because Abby would say “WE DID A ROUTINE CALLED THE WAITING ROOM THEY COPIED US” XD
Elle 13 days ago
No one deserves to be treated how Ava and her mom were treated by Abby lee
AdorkableKatie 15 days ago
Like, if your a studio owner... you should know the rules.
Thao Vo
Thao Vo 17 days ago
My cousin: Eva looks like the tall girl from the movie Tall Girl Me: ARE YOU DUMB STUPID OR DUMB HUH?!🤨😅😳😡
safiya walton
safiya walton 17 days ago
It's crazy how Abby will always come for ava but she's the one doing movies and stuff
Magical_Pickle1114 20 days ago
Jeanette: there is no way a hamster ball dance is gonna be our dance *”Hamster ball dance”* *Wins* Me: dead 😂
mjm080808 24 days ago
Holly gets on my nerves
Mahogany Batiste
Mahogany Batiste 26 days ago
Abby is a nasty woman
Step Chickens unite
I am just cringing so hard XD
Taylor and Tessa
Taylor and Tessa 28 days ago
Hi Edit: hi
judith Zurita
judith Zurita Month ago
I love how abby is filming
Elise Keller
Elise Keller Month ago
Bda stands for bad dancer accomplishment sorry I had too
Alfred Flores
Alfred Flores Month ago
Colleen Clark
Colleen Clark Month ago
I died when she called it the hamster ball dance. 😂😂😂
Natures Jewel
Natures Jewel Month ago
They literally copied the ALDC's waiting room dance, like wtf?
Vincent & Alex Gilbert
Wait... didn’t ALDC do “the waiting room”....? Staaaalker.
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Month ago
that thumbnail tho... *mOOd*
Duke Delao
Duke Delao Month ago
Ava looks like tall girl the movie
Mackenzie Jackson
Abby really took out her phone I'm dead 🤣😂
Dulce Mendez Lopez
Idk why it took me so long to realize that Ava from Dance Moms and Ava Michelle are the same person! She is the one in the Movie Tall Girl right??☹️☹️
Dulce Mendez Lopez
Idk why it took me so long to realize that Ava from Dance Moms and Ava Michelle are the same person! She is the one in the Movie Tall Girl right??☹️☹️
Clarissa Delgadillo
Did anyone else notice that the girls said sorry to Ava about Abby
Amy Crawford
Amy Crawford Month ago
Who else is danceing on bda
sarah escalante
sarah escalante Month ago
That thumbnail tho -_-
Jaden :3
Jaden :3 Month ago
Did anybody notice when Jeanette was talking to her students you just see jessalyn just watching them like a creep. It's not just me or no lol 😂
Alyce the Soccer Champ
Hi people 👋😀😁😃
MadieDoodle Month ago
BDA stole that dance from the ALDC because the ALDC did a dance called tge waiting room
Sweetened Edits
Sweetened Edits Month ago
Can I say one thing they stole this choreography and song and concept from the dance Abby and Gia choreographed for Nationals named “The Waiting Room” and also for your personal channel video I don’t think that’s ok to go “are those Republicans” it could be considered offensive
Puppy Twins Macias
I person scrolling through the coments
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Month ago
can we just talk about of the thumbnail tho....... mOoD
Kaufman 2 months ago
Rules are Rules people
Taco Pizza
Taco Pizza 2 months ago
0:47 I love how Abby is just videoing it
Thalia Bell
Thalia Bell 2 months ago
Who saw Abby filming when the competition owner and Jeanette were talking? Lol she’s hilarious
Payton C
Payton C 2 months ago
everybody: let them dance! *chants* abby: *films*😂😂😂😂 im dying >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>press if u are too
Jentany 2 months ago
Delay of game..Abby is crazy
Jessica A.L
Jessica A.L 2 months ago
Hey look. It’s tall girl
Tommy Loveless
Tommy Loveless 2 months ago
Tayes Girls
Tayes Girls 2 months ago
I dont know why but I dont like ava or jeanette
Hanna Djadja
Hanna Djadja 2 months ago
Is the girl from tall girl in the group
ii_butterflysquad 123
Abby was just filming them when there was a full on camera crew
AngeLa Marie
AngeLa Marie 2 months ago
Well Jeanette you should be quicker with the dumb chairs.
Jen Jardim Hamilton
Jen Jardim Hamilton 2 months ago
BDA kids:”We worked all week for this dance”,We can not be disqualified “ ALDC kids:”Our parents fight and our dance is gone.😭”
Juliana Gosiewski (Student)
Why was Jess backstage??!
Shaye Meaney
Shaye Meaney 2 months ago
I have been doing stage crew for four years, this was set up. With that many people it would have taken a minute maximum
Katie's Channel x
Katie's Channel x 2 months ago
I couldn't stop laughing at the fact Abby was following Jeanette recording it all 😂
Zaynah Aziz
Zaynah Aziz 2 months ago
BDA are so bad at dancing even ALDC are better
Cyanna Costello
Cyanna Costello 2 months ago
Ava face was ugly as heck and she was like omg abby 😒
Jess Lui
Jess Lui 2 months ago
All around Sara’s world !!
Ava Are you the girl from tall girl????
Sun Flower
Sun Flower 2 months ago
Elizabeth Sitkie
Elizabeth Sitkie 2 months ago
They should keep the masks that the bubble dance was wearing! It is for Corona Virus🤣🤣
Chloeee Loll
Chloeee Loll 2 months ago
That gurl was wearing Size 13 Nike's Men's size 13 Nike's 😂
Ashby Clough
Ashby Clough 2 months ago
well the hamster ball dance did beat them
Ffm _posavina
Ffm _posavina 2 months ago
The best thing is that abby was filming it😂😂
Kimberley Burton
Kimberley Burton 2 months ago
WOW! You’re not even gonna put episode name or number? Hats off to you.
Frida Isabella Caldera-Cordero
The kid:we worked all week for this dance Me: you worked all week oh poor kid Me: Abbys girls work all week hundreds of times
Serena Marcello
Serena Marcello 2 months ago
0:49 abby’s ready to post this on social media of them getting disqualified
Alice Byrne
Alice Byrne 2 months ago
There is about 23 people in the audience 😂
Sima Gaunt
Sima Gaunt 2 months ago
Wait this is aldc national dance.
Buster Buster
Buster Buster 2 months ago
1:38 - Angry Jody
Tanisha Penn
Tanisha Penn 2 months ago
I love how Abby followed her and recorded her at the same time 🤣
Crimson Cloaked Reaper
Tierney YT xxx
Tierney YT xxx 2 months ago
1:39 had me laughing
Victoria Jasso
Victoria Jasso 2 months ago
Abby recording the fight
Lauren Johnson
Lauren Johnson 2 months ago
Which season with big fight? 1. Christi Vs Abby and Melissa because Maddie had 2 solos 2. Jill vs Abby because Abby didn’t like Kendall’s solo coustume 3. Jill vs Cathy vs Abby which was the authentic water fight 4. Kelly vs Abby | physical fight 5. Kira vs Abby because Abby wouldn’t let Kalani in the group because of her age 6. Stacey vs Yolanda | physical fight 7. All the moms vs Ashlee because of Ashlee’s reaction to the group dance 8. Michelle vs Abby because Abby wouldn’t let Sarah Dance
Jenniffer Marrs
Jenniffer Marrs 2 months ago
Abby videoing Jeannette being disqualified 😂 ❤️
Sophia Gust
Sophia Gust 2 months ago
Sucks for u jodi
Lauren Klein
Lauren Klein 2 months ago
random BDA kid: WE HAVE WORKED ALL WEEK ON THIS DANCE me, whos dance recital was cancelled due to corona, after working all year: yeah sorry I'm trying to find some sympathy and um I cant rn
Toti Muayad
Toti Muayad 2 months ago
The only thing worse than the corona virus and qureinten is wearing size 13 nikes MENS SIZE 13 NIKES😂
Mikey D
Mikey D 2 months ago
Hamster Ball dance lol 🐹
Chun Nee Toh
Chun Nee Toh 2 months ago
Ava is so badly and thin and tall
Addie 2 months ago
Anyone else notice at roughly 1:38 nia, joji and kenzie we watching her talk in the backround like: bish what u talking about
Edits xwdym
Edits xwdym 2 months ago
Ava looks so mean
Rhiannon Patterson
Rhiannon Patterson 2 months ago
I love how Abby video tapes it lol
Jazmin Johnson
Jazmin Johnson 2 months ago
It’s tall girl 👧🏻
Abi Henderson
Abi Henderson 2 months ago
If it was real and the were crazy enough to take more than 2 minutes to set up chairs they should have been disqualified, I’ve seen teams disqualified for less and it’s up the competition to enforce the rules they put in the sign up forms and contracts. Chances are Abby wasn’t the first person to comment how long it was taking she is just the only one with a microphone and a camera crew 😂
Annaliese 2 months ago
There not BDA their BDO because bdo we find ways
DeAndre 2 months ago
Why didn’t each child walk out with a chair Common sense
H D 24 days ago
I had a routine with 4 ballet barres and the dancers brought them out
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