Dance Moms-"ABBY WANTS BDA DISQUALIFIED!"(Season 6 Flashback)

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Aug 5, 2019




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Comments 561
hollywoodclips22 4 months ago
Hey everyone! I just posted a BRAND NEW video reacting to Sabrina Carpenter's "In My Bed" music video! Check it out here xo ruvid.net/show-UC-B7YNLMTxIz2sksx7mU1ag
Stephanie Bradshaw
No 1 cares about Sabrina Carpenter
Random Vids
Random Vids 4 months ago
Hey it would mean the world to me if u would subscribe to my channel
hollywoodclips22 4 months ago
@Tamikaforlife love u too!
Scottwilkie18 9 days ago
Jessica Foley
Jessica Foley 11 days ago
I am crying. Abby was filming them when Jennet was talking to the judge!😁😂😂
Brienna Pratschner
Brienna Pratschner 16 days ago
I am so glad that the children were allowed to dance, isn't that what this is supposed to be about anyways...the kids?
Gacha Life roblex and other Grace
Jeanette no way the hamster ball beat us. Me I'm a new judge and I say hamster ball wins
Unspeakable Boys
Unspeakable Boys 17 days ago
Talk girl what the!!!!!
Iqrah Rajas
Iqrah Rajas 18 days ago
How is the weather up there
Victor Contreras
Victor Contreras 20 days ago
Tall girl is dance
onelittlelisa 24 days ago
Well guess what I work 2 months for a compitió
Shrika Sajja
Shrika Sajja 25 days ago
Who saw JoJo in Jeanette’s team Edit: I just realized that the whole team was just standing there waiting for there waiting for their chance to dance
None of Your business
You are way too obsessed with these girls. You need a new hobby.
Sophie Doodless
Sophie Doodless 27 days ago
At least Abby doesn’t have to wear size 13 nikes. Oh wait sorry MENS size 13 nikes
lrpennington13 29 days ago
The kid WE WORKED ALL WEEK FOR THIS DANCE me in cheerleading we worked three months for are Competition
Grace Elmasry
Grace Elmasry 29 days ago
Wait she is from tall girl
Unicorn Queen
Unicorn Queen 29 days ago
Who agrees with me that holly on dance moms alway clomplains what Abby says or does
Rose Gaming
Rose Gaming Month ago
I just hate Ava and Jeanette
Nightcore Fox
Nightcore Fox Month ago
ok but do you wear MENS size 13 nikes??
XxEmmaxX Month ago
0:55 Abby recording 😂😂
Minnie Plays
Minnie Plays Month ago
No wonder Ava looks so new
0 0
0 0 Month ago
Size 13 Nikes men's size 13 Nikes tell girl i like her but she his a bad attitude and i like her on the movie not in real life. like if u agree
Potato_ Girl
Potato_ Girl Month ago
Me: *Reads the title* Me AGAIN: ME TOOOO!!
Nicole Violino
Nicole Violino Month ago
Oh no what if she throws her size 13 Nike’s
Enedina Jacobo
Enedina Jacobo Month ago
Ave is from tall girl 😊😊😊😊😲😲😲😲🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Evie Robertson
Evie Robertson Month ago
You seen the film tall girl with Ava in it
dasty Month ago
the competition owner was angry the whole time, did y’all notice? like he was right there with abby, she didn’t do any convincing, i think she just encouraged him lmao. plus i mean... a minute and forty five seconds is a lONG time to set up a row of chairs. like they could choreographed the number so the kids could’ve taken them out or something....
shawn c
shawn c Month ago
Haha she looks like a horse and she makes sounds like at horse at 1:38 seconds lmao
Skylar _edits
Skylar _edits Month ago
I wear size 13 Nike’s men size 13
Ioana Vasilescu
Ioana Vasilescu Month ago
It is the girl from tall girl!!!
Ducks & Potatos
Ducks & Potatos Month ago
Is that... I’m A hIgH sChOoL gIrL wEaRiNg 13 SiZeS, MENS sIzE 13 nIkEs BEAT THAT
金映月 Month ago
abby filming the drama is a big mood.
marissa angelo
marissa angelo Month ago
hey should be disqualified i agree BDA is bad news
James is sister cancelled
1:38 The girl with the size 13 Nikes looks pissed
courtney schroder
Did anyone else see Mackenzie apologizing to Jannette backstage. Kenzi’s always been my favorite
Maddison Walker
Maddison Walker Month ago
The hardest part of this is wearing men’s size 13 nikes
DogAreTheBest101 Hello
Wait a minute Why is Jo-jo mom back when Studio19 is back there?!;(
DogAreTheBest101 Hello
I’m sorry but I’m team Abby on this one they have them set up before the curtains opened!
Dina Ardalan
Dina Ardalan Month ago
Tall girl Ava
Astr-ollie-gy Month ago
*sees a spider My mum: 1:41
ennysanusii _
ennysanusii _ Month ago
mEnS SIze THiRtEEn NiKeZ
sunflower _gacha
the girl from tall girl
Roblox girl
Roblox girl Month ago
Sorry, I heard jeon jungkook-.- I heard wrong LOL
jadey bieber
jadey bieber Month ago
Avas face
Raelyn Month ago
you think your life is hard ? i’m a highschool junior wearing size 13 nikes... MENS 13 nikes
Elizabeth But Not The Queen
Ava: “You think your life’s hard? I’m a high school junior wearing size 13 Nikes. Men’s size 13 Nikes. Beat that.” Abby: “I had cancer”
Terry Owens
Terry Owens 2 months ago
At 1:37 Kenzie was apologizing so sweet
Annikah Cuellar
Annikah Cuellar 2 months ago
bruh they're acting like it's abbys fault that it took forever to set up a freaking line of chairs cmon now
Emilce Diaz
Emilce Diaz Month ago
She's the one who was making a huge problem.
Krissy Adu
Krissy Adu 2 months ago
Are those....MENS size 13 Nike’s????🤢
Softball Player #11
Softball Player #11 2 months ago
it must be because she is wearing MENS size 13 nikes
seeet sweet
seeet sweet 2 months ago
The girl in the thumbnail kinda looks like Johnny Weir.
CrashvanderSpek 21
CrashvanderSpek 21 2 months ago
In color/indoor guard you can have points deducted (or even be disqualified) for: 1. Overtime (taking too long) 2. Props left on the floor (includes confetti and the like)
Mahina Wong
Mahina Wong 2 months ago
my thoughts: Its against the rules but then they aren't DQ. Bull-
Defy Games
Defy Games 2 months ago
Is that tall girl? From the Netflix show “I wear size 13 Nike’s, you think your life is hard”
OliviaG 2 months ago
Defy Games yeh
roasted potatoes
roasted potatoes 2 months ago
You think your life is hard, I'm a junior wearing size 13 Nikes. MEN'S size 13 Nikes. beat that.hahahahaha
emily Itzel
emily Itzel 2 months ago
size 13 nikes 😍
unicorn squad
unicorn squad 2 months ago
The tall girl at 1:47 looks like the girl from th e film tall girl
milo cimbur
milo cimbur 2 months ago
They are talking about Abby with all the ALDVPC right behind them
Garrett Deppe
Garrett Deppe 2 months ago
*when it takes 5 minutes to set up 7 chairs in a straight line*
Brook'Lin Thurman
Brook'Lin Thurman 2 months ago
Didnt anyone else peep that she was from tall girls
Simply Addison
Simply Addison 2 months ago
Ava is afraid of Abby so why is she so tuff
Ayman gh
Ayman gh 2 months ago
Tall girl
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