Dance Moms - Abby Brings A Cake For Maddie + Jill Can’t Accept Nia’s Earnt Solo (S4 E01)

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Abby brings in a cake for Maddie for her victory at Nationals 2013 and Jill still can’t stand that Nia has a solo and Kendall doesn’t.
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Nov 2, 2018




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Comments 867
Maryam Hernandez
Maryam Hernandez 4 days ago
Jill always talks about Kendall when someone wins the nationals like why 😑😑
David CUEVAS 4 days ago
Every gril fr9m dance moms dies Jill this is a very oportuniedi for kendell
Abigail Kay
Abigail Kay 5 days ago
Jill really annoys me she can’t be happy for other kids - maddie falls during her solo and all she says is “this is a perfect opportunity my little Kendall “ and know she’s trying to take nias solo away . She’s selfish and rude !
Velma Squish
Velma Squish 7 days ago
If Jill was in charge of the Abby lee dance company first of all she would name it the Jvdc stands for Jill vertex dance company and Kendall would be on the top of the pyramid every week and Kendall would be the only girl having a solo
GALAXY _ 7080
GALAXY _ 7080 7 days ago
Well Jill it’s not Kendal’s birthday 😂😂😂😑😬🙄🥶🤡🤡👿👻💀
Brenda Arellano
Brenda Arellano 8 days ago
Abby always have to love Maddie it only Maddie
Ayesha the idiot
Ayesha the idiot 8 days ago
Jill is like my little kendal lived unfairly
Catrin Nowaczek
Catrin Nowaczek 9 days ago
"kendall came second to maddie Where's her cake" She didn't win dumbass that's why she didn't have a cake.
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez 10 days ago
I do not like Kendal or her mom
Ella Bella
Ella Bella 11 days ago
Ew. Jill is disgusting. Sorry to her supporters 🤷‍♀️
Allyson Rojo
Allyson Rojo 12 days ago
Jill is so jealose 2 place is a loser
Terrie Barton
Terrie Barton 13 days ago
Love you Maddie
Tejas Patel
Tejas Patel 16 days ago
Hi Abby My Name Is Vidhi Patel I Will Come To Dance Moms Later This Year
Itz Brxqqt Blue
Itz Brxqqt Blue 16 days ago
Am I the only one thinking what falvor the cake was and did they eat it?
Chloe Chetetcuti
Chloe Chetetcuti 17 days ago
Abby.i know maddie is the only girl I won’t be replying Years later. Replaces maddie for Lilly Me dying on the floor like b### WHAT LOL
Tanice Nunez
Tanice Nunez 19 days ago
Is Jill hungry for a cake? Buy your own honey. Jill wants Abby attention on Kendall but she don't get in that head of hers Maddie is the best. 💜💜💓💓
Aestheticfeels 11
Chloe won season 2 nationals and she didn’t get a cake
Brianna Duncan
Brianna Duncan 22 days ago
El 11
El 11 28 days ago
nobody absolutely nobody: Jill: wHaT aBoUt My LiTtLe KeNdalL?!?
Romance King
Romance King Month ago
Jill shut the f*** up
Fugal Matata
Fugal Matata Month ago
Abby chose Maddie to be her favorite and OH BOI DOES SHE REGRET. A hundred percent she wishes she liked Sarah instead
Janice Reyes
Janice Reyes Month ago
But kindle don't deserve one Maddie is better
Hannah#love princess Princess
Maddies birthday celebrated Jill: Where’s Kendall’s cake for her birthday ..... it’s in a couple of months Mellisa: It’s her birthday Jil: Kendall’s more important Melissa: Maddies the favorite
E.T Lekhesi
E.T Lekhesi Month ago
😂"Where is Kendall's cake?"
Jin Uchiha
Jin Uchiha Month ago
Evreyone: *breathes* Jill:kEnDaLl DeSeRvEs A sOlO
kgilman1000 Month ago
Could I have some birthday cake 🍰🍦🧁🍰🎂🍩🍪🍨
Caitlin Frew
Caitlin Frew Month ago
who else thought that it was maddies b-day???????????????
Artur Kaz
Artur Kaz Month ago
Jill: wheres my little kendalls cake she came right after maddie! Me: OMG😂😂😂😂
Ashley Nelson
Ashley Nelson Month ago
doob doob
doob doob Month ago
Kendall didn’t get a cake cuz she got 2nd Jill needs to calm down
xxgachafoxxx Month ago
Abby:maddie is the only girl i wont replace. *replaces with sophia
chiragbasnet92@gmail.com Chirag
I love Abby. She is obviously mean to the kids and she shows how biased she is clearly but she loves all the girls and she taught all of them so much. The girls have such perfect posture and amazing dance skills thanks to Abby.
Najma And Yalda
Najma And Yalda Month ago
Kendall is not a brat het mum is
mouniramadar Month ago
Jill can’t shut her mouth two seconds like it’s all about her
Juliet Gilbert
Juliet Gilbert Month ago
No one: No one at all: Jill: but my Kendal came second...
Meghan Cavanagh
Meghan Cavanagh Month ago
What happened to "everybody's replaceable" Abby just said Maddie won't be replaced 😂
Yardena Stark
Yardena Stark Month ago
What did they do with the cake
“Where’s Kendall’s cake?” Me: dude....it’s maddies bitrthday
Credence Lyrical
The camera quality in season four just seemed very odd to me.
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