Dance Major Reacts: Irene & Seulgi "Naughty" (놀이)

Grace Grimms
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Jul 20, 2020




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Fiji Jeon
Fiji Jeon 3 days ago
SM ARTISTS 👍💯💯Visual ✔ Performance ✔ Talent ✔ MV ✔💖
Fatalitygirl1990 5 days ago
Wow... ADTR opening? I sub.
harutoutoo 23 days ago
ikr the dance is really hard but i'm still studying it 😃🔫
Jj ang
Jj ang 26 days ago
It's not hate but it talks too much
Felix Henderson
Felix Henderson 28 days ago
환장하네 29 days ago
말이 너무 길어ㅜㅜ
Role Victor Sudaria
a reaction channel that does not scream and pretend to like someone just for clicks??? someone who actually process their thoughts calmly and with style while also being charismatic and funny??? WIGLESS!
Eva Month ago
Here's my take on a dance cover: ruvid.net/video/video-bgREp6eOSxQ.html
mebrure ay
mebrure ay Month ago
Are you real
Brillant Gimutao
luv this.
Nikki Rodriguez
Nikki Rodriguez Month ago
Are you Reveluv too?? 🥺
kennen 274
kennen 274 Month ago
check ky27 for the dance of this song
Dogë-hime Month ago
Please react to Stray kids
100 subs with no videos
I know the dance
Seulgi's Double Chin
After watching so many reaction videos, I came up from the theory that the whole album, they were doing the "twin" kind of style. Monster - Twins that visited each other at their dreams and appear as nightmare. And for naughty - Twins from another dimension. Notice that Irene looks/came from a city with buildings. From the intro and to the outro. And Seulgi looks/came from idk where tho. From that star-like galaxy background and suddenly they clash to each other. And to the outro when they part ways, Seulgi heads to the right side which had mountains (?!) or darker area opposite from Irene. I just noticed this.
kcesar Spanish
kcesar Spanish Month ago
Este vídeo me ha ayudado a entender mucho sobre el baile. De hecho utilize muchas ideas de este vídeo para poder hacer una reacción personal en mi canal. Si os interesa pasaros por mi canal. 😆
Chinta tata
Chinta tata Month ago
Please help me for watch this MV ruvid.net/video/video-mkYwq_CKpywa.htmltch
Wai Ow Ow En Ji Ai
Usually when i watch video of people reaction to red velvet's video, i always focus on red velvet 😅 but yours is different, i focus on your face, you looks so pretty and nice
Mar Za
Mar Za Month ago
Love this
KPOP RPD Month ago
clicks on video... hears ADTR... a KPOP fan and an ADTR fan?? subbed...
Fatima___sh Month ago
There’s a group that covered this song and they killed it!
kiky Month ago
RV really set up the highest bar for girl group...
J Month ago
Now, I sort of want to see her reaction with Loona's Butterfly-
J Month ago
@Grace Grimms!!!!!! Definitely checking it out! Thank you!!! :] Edit: I just actually checked it. I can't believe I've already watched it months ago, yet didn't recognize you. lol As always, thank you for the great content!
Grace Grimms
Grace Grimms Month ago
I actually have a video posted reacting to Butterfly by LOONA :)
gowons asr
gowons asr 2 months ago
truly incredible i am so proud of them
Marcio Moerbeck
Marcio Moerbeck 2 months ago
When I was much younger this was called "Vogue"... did we change the name of the dance?
Grace Grimms
Grace Grimms 2 months ago
I’ve learned from some of my watchers that vogueing, waacking, and tutting can be confused or closely related in dance :) Naughty is definitely tutting, which is a hip-hop practice. Vogueing and tutting can be pretty similar because they both involve specific hand and arm movements and shapes, and a lot of the time vougeing and waacking are done together. I was pretty confused at first, but my viewers helped me :)
solarity 2 months ago
Harmonia Mahira
Harmonia Mahira 2 months ago
"It'd be alot for audience to look at, it'd kinda be sensory overload." I just got it now. Maybe that's why SM use monochrome theme, because irene and seulgi already serve gorgeous visual and INTENSE performance so the neutral costumes will balance it. SM knew WE CAN'T HANDLE IT.
Keith Cheng
Keith Cheng 2 months ago
Naughty is one of the best dancing MVs I've watched in 2020. Proud of my girls ❤💛🐰🐻
It gets worst
It gets worst 2 months ago
the intro girl XD
Jiyuu Chizukeki
Jiyuu Chizukeki 2 months ago
Could you do a follow up video reacting/commenting on to 'Naughty' dance covers :O ? Would love you to check out my groups cover and rate it as we were total beginners to tutting and would like some tips :0 ruvid.net/video/video-DUlBjFoZAsE.html
Sloane Slaughter
Sloane Slaughter 2 months ago
White girl....please stop.
K.R. Sprnova
K.R. Sprnova 2 months ago
This is BoA vibes. Queen BoA is proud.
TapiocasTeas 2 months ago
>video starts >0.5 seconds in >"OH MY GOD- OH MY GOD-" girl, us too.
gave all my b,s&t to Zuko
I found ONE youtuber that ISN'T cringe and exagarating while reacting to kpop. You got one subscriber more!
Fewer Tundra
Fewer Tundra 2 months ago
The video starts 7:09
tiff 2 months ago
thank you so much for the shoutout to black dancers and lgbt dancers for creating the styles of dance highlighted in this choreo!
Traduz Online
Traduz Online 2 months ago
the MV of "Naughty remix" is so Magic!
Esther Reis
Esther Reis 2 months ago
React clc helicopter please ♥️
Adam Fong
Adam Fong 2 months ago
Great reaction and explanation of this awesome MV! It is so complicated but they make it look so simple and effortless!
MyKauah 2 months ago
14:45 "omg back dancers and color" KKKKKKKKKKKK me
MaroonTearLilium 2 months ago
I dont really know what vogueing is. While I dont know much about it, I have seen waaking (waacking?) a few times before, and this doesn't look like it.
Saitou 2 months ago
I little tip, don't watch the lyrics video from this channel, they are stealing money from the idol with fake copyrighted song at the end
Grace Grimms
Grace Grimms 2 months ago
I saw them getting exposed, but after this video was posted. I won’t use them in the future ❤️
Charles Zackary
Charles Zackary 2 months ago
Chung Ha "Stay Tonight" please!
N I N E 2 months ago
I don't know why I'm so mad they spoiled the dance style :v I think cuz I wanted to see her react to that :(
Kiarah Draws
Kiarah Draws 2 months ago
The description had me xD
나 Dhika Aqillah
나 Dhika Aqillah 2 months ago
Irene 30+ yrs old :)
alimar marsar
alimar marsar 3 months ago
Why irene wearing black now at the end?
Mike Goguen
Mike Goguen 3 months ago
wow your pretty quick to put them in a box after watching like 10 seconds, you should react to old kpop that you have seen a few times,that is unless you like the taste of your foot
Agata Highstein
Agata Highstein 3 months ago
She's so pretty, imma add my thought here once I watched the whole vid but atm that's my comment edit: ok so I don't have specific thoughts but I loved it. it was a really fun and entertaining video. im also a dancer and its nice to see someone with those kinds of insights react to this.
Kyra Steward
Kyra Steward 3 months ago
Have you reacted to Stay Tonight by Chungha?? The choreo is killer
Kyra Steward
Kyra Steward 3 months ago
Grace Grimms darn... i would’ve loved to see it. Your criticism is nice to listen to.
Grace Grimms
Grace Grimms 3 months ago
I have, but people were getting mean in my comment section so I put the video on private :)
emoegg18 3 months ago
the adtr at the beginning of a kpop video threw me off but it was a pleasant surprise
red velvet wap
red velvet wap 3 months ago
Please react to Red Velvet's Look dance practice!!
Daniel Perks
Daniel Perks 3 months ago
omg you look like life with mak lmfaoo
Vaff angool
Vaff angool 3 months ago
Did anybody else have to pop away for a second for a refresher on that Ariana Grande song?
Novia Azzahra
Novia Azzahra 3 months ago
10:40 "How is she like 30?" Me: Well, Asian
Inquisitve m
Inquisitve m 3 months ago
this was your highest rated video with over 142k views...wow! you've come a long way
TheCrewRox 3 months ago
I tried to do the hand movements and learn them but like dude, i cannot remember all of that and my hands just dont move like that lol
Miss A
Miss A 3 months ago
good day! pleeeeease react to this ruvid.net/video/video-THIBts5Jor8.html (demo choreo for Monster) when I found out about this u were the first one that popped into my head, it would be great to hear ur input. thanks xo
Nicole Hernandez
Nicole Hernandez 3 months ago
The songs gives me ZARA (the store) vibes like I would be waaking and tutting all over the place 😂
Negrito Lindo
Negrito Lindo 3 months ago
first second was like: Look that cute baby face aww...damm that husky voice Madame
L 3 months ago
As much as I love all of the other releases this summer like Maria and pporappippam, Irene and Seulgi were definitely the best, just the talent needed for all of this is insane
Nguyen Nguyen
Nguyen Nguyen 3 months ago
You prolly have sun in virgo or mercury in virgo . The way you articulate screams virgo
ravendog101 3 months ago
The interaction between Irene and Seulgi, they're such sisters. Oh and supper is ready btw 17:56
Ms. VoidWolf
Ms. VoidWolf 3 months ago
RedVelvet gives us sensory overload every album 😂
joshieng TV
joshieng TV 3 months ago
well go react to MORE THAN YOUTH they already had a dance cover.
-Behind the Mask -
-Behind the Mask - 3 months ago
Imagine if Momo dressed as Jabami Yumeko and another idol dressed as Hirari Momobami covered this dance 👀 something mysterious about the characters, the show, and the song all mesh for me. And it’s a killer anime, highly recommend.
yumihs2 3 months ago
ok first of all you're so pretty
Celeste Jangmi
Celeste Jangmi 3 months ago
You look like a doll😳
John Allison
John Allison 3 months ago
when that guy said "super is ready" at 17:57. I felt that.
hinata ganados
hinata ganados 3 months ago
Please react to a filipino boy group called SB19 with their songs Alab, Go Up and Tilaluha. They just released their 1st digital album titled Get in the Zone, check it out. Thank you and stay safe❤
Eros Agape
Eros Agape 3 months ago
Well congrats sis, the dance covers are out
If you like watching this style of dance, try watching old clips of this vouging couple called AyaBambi, they used to these girlfriends (yes in the gay way) that specialized in their special type of vouging very similar to this! Unfortunately they have since broken up romantically and professionally, however their dance videos are absolutely amazing to watch
Twice Junkie
Twice Junkie 3 months ago
If I may ask, what earphones or mic are you using? Your voice is so clear lol. Great video c: I really love Red Velvet and Irene-Seulgi are my top members!
Eilidh Mackay
Eilidh Mackay 3 months ago
The SM instagram has some videos of other artists covering a bit of the dance from the chorus as the Naughty Challenge - i think Hyo has done it and Jeno and Jaemin from NCT Dream
Hi it’s Naia
Hi it’s Naia 3 months ago
Tutting is definitely its own style...
Daniela Jocelyn
Daniela Jocelyn 3 months ago
I love your voice lol
Daniela Jocelyn
Daniela Jocelyn 3 months ago
Also your hair is so smooth 😩
Hi_Yuriko 3 months ago
I agree with your comment it's really hardly difficult and very unique styles
Hi_Yuriko 3 months ago
Thank you so much for your reaction for naughty MV of Red velvet♥ This is really a hard choreo and they slayed♥
Yacinta Andreana
Yacinta Andreana 3 months ago
Is it weird if i just focus on her hair? It looks shining
Annelise Lim
Annelise Lim 3 months ago
I also love it that they don't do identical moves. They dance together together
Artsy_Az 3 months ago
In terms of covers, *The Boyz* And *NCT Dream* had some members cover it (I'm a sucker for bg doing gg choreo) and they SLAYED IT 👌
뭐?최연준?그럼 난 최스빈!!!
나 얼빠 아닌데 돌판 계속 바라보면 가끔 머글들 얼빠 만드는 사람들 있음 그런 얼굴들이 있는 듯...나도 그리 되가는가....
뭐?최연준?그럼 난 최스빈!!!
야 이 언니사기아니냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 다른 사람들보다 조회수 진짜 높다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 사람들 다 얼빠야 ㅋㅋ 나도 물론 이 언니가 좋음 ...규독함....ㅋㅋ
Kara Camille Delonas
As a music major I disagree with your opinion on the song itself. To me, the song stands out as much as the dance does. No, they're not doing any fancy melodies here, but some songs focus more on melody, some focus more on rhythm. This song is more rhythm oriented. And it gives me old-school pop vibes like Janet Jackson. This song is gold, just like the incredible dance that goes with it.
Blas_de_lezo 3 months ago
best analysis so far
Yuriy Graborov
Yuriy Graborov 3 months ago
Korean vogue dance
Olive 3 months ago
Every time I hear your intro I always think, man I really hope she knows where that's from haha. I really hope you listen to ADTR cause I would never have expected it haha
ransxu 3 months ago
Chung A is a baby. You need to meet Mother BoA she is celebrating her 20th year in the industry 💛
Neue Ära
Neue Ära 3 months ago
I'm not a dancer in any way, but this is probably the most impressive/cool dance I've seen from Red Velvet, and that says a lot because their performances are always amazing! Oh and I like this song more than Monster, but we are all have different tastes he he!
Kay 3 months ago
this is one of the most SM songs sm was released in a whileeee and I'm so glad!!
nic 3 months ago
you know that the dance choreo is difficult when lisa rhee hasn't uploaded a dance tutorial on her channel
lvz shii
lvz shii 2 months ago
KpopTrashRightHere 3 months ago
Okay but so true😂😂😂😂 after i saw the dance i immediately looked for lisa’s cover cuz we all know how quick she is and to my surprise there wasnt one😳😳 but forreal soooo true😂😂😂
GetHealthyWith _Subha
Check more than youth. They did a great job covering this song
L i
L i 3 months ago
do you notice seulgi at the back of irene she's actually bend forward while doing the moves to match Irene's height.. so detailed👌 and also the choreography is so hard it needs alot of focus but seulgi and irene can still manage to sing live and do some adlib esp seulgi
Tayln 3 months ago
I love how she's saying how hard the dance is and I'm over here thinking about doing this as my dance midterm... and I don't even know vogue or tutting. Well, good thing I'm learning this 7 months in advance.
Tayln Month ago
@tana's shook extensions I'm not sure if I'll upload it on here for sure. I might if I end up getting a good grade. I've already learned the dance but am going to wait until my midterm.
tana's shook extensions
Please please upload or record your performance
Kit&Kat Month ago
i hope you do well :)
CrownedClown By The King
Good luck~
Ich liebe Bäume Weil Baum
Good luck :D
:3 4 months ago
Grace: *reacting to the video* Me: *stares at the RuPaul poster on her wall*
Belle-Eyre 4 months ago
Love your outfit and analysis, their dance is so symmetrical, they are portraying mirrors! Arms choreographies are AS HARD as footwork. Gfriend’s Apple and Loona’s Butterfly intro were also pretty smooth.
Storm Garen
Storm Garen 4 months ago
At this moment there is only one dance cover HHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
Simmer Entertainment
The vibe is actually like Greedy tho, no wonder they've covered greedy before their sub unit 😍
Rainbow Unicorn
Rainbow Unicorn 4 months ago
Someone already made a cover lol, we were even shock the choreography was so on point even the outfits i love it very much Edit: here's the link ruvid.net/video/video-OHaexebrs0k.html
ejharriette garcia
ejharriette garcia 4 months ago
I just love this RUvidr. 🤍
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