Dance Battle with Noah Centineo

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Noah Centineo and Jimmy take turns using a dance generator to make up random high school-themed moves on the spot, like the "Dirty Dancing when the Chaperone Ain't Looking."
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Dance Battle with Noah Centineo


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Apr 30, 2019




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Comments 1 190
Monika Sachan
Noah....Not easy to handle him..
James Wallen
James Wallen 2 days ago
He-man got some moves.
Sketched Stella
Sketched Stella 3 days ago
Oh no its Noah Scented Mayo
Lady Dyke Vader
Lady Dyke Vader 4 days ago
The lava lamp one looked weirdly good
Leah Chaimov
Leah Chaimov 4 days ago
this is gollddddd
shout_out_to_ Hero_FT
I love youuuuu!!!! Oh hi jimmy.
Une Congolaise
Une Congolaise 5 days ago
Fatima Merchant
Fatima Merchant 5 days ago
Vini Oktaviani
Vini Oktaviani 5 days ago
Ami NE
Ami NE 5 days ago
i love uuuuuu
Gloria Demaio
Gloria Demaio 6 days ago
Fortnight is going to take this Dans
Gloria Huang
Gloria Huang 6 days ago
" making eye contact with everyone but the person you're slow dancing with" been there, done that at my prom LOLOL
Ann-Sofie Heart crystal
Damn what I love Jimmy Fallon he does such interesting and fun things. it's so fun to watch him on youtube and fun to see what he thinks of with artists and actors.
Rosa Riva
Rosa Riva 7 days ago
Yes dance for me noah XD
Blessi J
Blessi J 9 days ago
Noah really doesn't talk much he just laughs.... Not complaining though 😅
Orpv. 12 days ago
*Laughs at how cute Noah is* Whispers to self * I need him in my bed ASAP* 😏
Eomma of Jung Hoseok's Babies
Making eye contact with everyone except the person you're dancing with is me around my crush every single time ...
Karla Camila
Karla Camila 12 days ago
Noah is my crush 😍😍😍
rakshita gautam
rakshita gautam 13 days ago
Remember when the stranger things boys did this
Feeh olioti
Feeh olioti 14 days ago
My noah ❤️
ichisuke ryu
ichisuke ryu 14 days ago
Gawd i didnt realised how tall he is!!
Jessica Gowans
Jessica Gowans 15 days ago
If the science room lava dance doesn’t become the new floss I’m sewing all high schoolers
idonthaveausername 17 days ago
He kinda looks like a better version of my 23 year old teacher
Vanilla_Lilla 22 days ago
Lmao this is *clearrrly* rigged for noah but i'm not complaining.
braafheid rachel
braafheid rachel 22 days ago
Noah is such a good dancer
Harmony C
Harmony C 22 days ago
I am just trying to figure out how many souls were lost during the dirty dancing 😩
Janai Coelho
Janai Coelho 23 days ago
meu namorado aí
Ankita Gupta
Ankita Gupta 29 days ago
jade rises
jade rises 29 days ago
Noah is fantastic but wearing all black makes him look like a huge spider
Talyne Lima
Talyne Lima Month ago
Meu Deus! Lindo!
Teodora Daskalova
I see so much Noah fans in the comments 😂
Enigma Pop star
Enigma Pop star Month ago
He's fucking gorgeous 😍🤤
MA Stoltenborg
MA Stoltenborg Month ago
Noah Centineo 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Funnsized Month ago
Noah must be protected at all cost
Maria Elisa
Maria Elisa Month ago
wow, Noah wearing black is very perfect, nossa...
Izzy X
Izzy X Month ago
Look at those long ass legs, fucking legs for days
The Decrypter Creature
jimmys actually a great dancer
S K Month ago
So dawn cute 👏🏽
its just dina
its just dina Month ago
That Girl
That Girl Month ago
4:13 literally me and the guy I danced with at school "prom" HHAHAHA
elani gutierrez hernandez
4:10 jajaja
Ashley Katekovich
Am I the only one who was patient enough to pause the vid to see the other dances??
Ellen Montezuma
Ellen Montezuma Month ago
Noah Dança muito 😍😍😍
magic miraXx
magic miraXx Month ago
Ok but uhhh why does Noah look so hot in the thumbnail 😂😂👌
Ruby Cox
Ruby Cox Month ago
I only come here to see how many girls are in the comments idek Noah
Josie Ward
Josie Ward Month ago
Noah is so cute!
majo vcarcamo
majo vcarcamo Month ago
Who love when the cast of stranger things are un the show? I REALLY LOVE THE CAST OF STRANGER THINGS
Vanilla_Lilla Month ago
Zehan Awze
Zehan Awze Month ago
Do that with Harry Styles 😂
Narju Uddin
Narju Uddin Month ago
Noah getting all the the dirty dances KILLED ME💀💀💀💀💀
Monalisa Baruah
Monalisa Baruah Month ago
Jimmy danced like Joey in all i know to a musical theatre🤣🤣
sara malik
sara malik 2 months ago
I love him
LOLA ORTEGA 2 months ago
cupofcoffee 2 months ago
Noah looks like Mr bean in that outfit
Brenda Hernandez
Brenda Hernandez 2 months ago
Shola Hanson
Shola Hanson 2 months ago
Lily Fraley
Lily Fraley 2 months ago
Noah is legit the cutest human ever
Rayane Ferreira
Rayane Ferreira 2 months ago
Noah 🔥
Norah Alsubaie
Norah Alsubaie 2 months ago
I hate him!
Moni Claud
Moni Claud 2 months ago
I wonder when Noah will give me a lap dance
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